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Gampion LM5347

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Reviews on G 25347 Gampion

Advantages: The most important thing is that it is repairable and well received! My first day the cable to start the mower jammed. Hand, key, 30 minutes and it works. No seals. Durability enough to chop small branches, moles and cones!

Disadvantages: Comes out of an out of tune factory. Requires adjustment of clutch and engine stop. Mower for a man because 45kg is the best.

Comment: Unexpected plot of 15 tomorrow in 2 hours is fine! Bag full of 70L in 2-3 minutes with high grass! THIS. 5 minutes – garden wheelbarrow with a hill of grass clippings. Tired of taking it out.

Advantages: described below

Disadvantages: No obvious complaints.

Comment: A powerful and handy lawn mower. Only suitable for plots. The pits are better not to use on a site with stones to avoid breakage. Chose Champion L5347 for a number of features: high performance, the possibility of mulching (very practical), a simple height control and for myself self-propelled mechanism. At the beginning of last summer, but there are no questions. Runs considerably with no interruptions. The start-up of the mower could be easier, I think a woman would have more difficulty handling it.

The advantages: It worked well for two seasons, no problems.

Weaknesses: The steel on the blade could be harder, I often have to sharpen it, but I only mow grass on 8 acres.

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Comment: The official service of this company is terrible! Don’t expect any help!

Advantages: Power, American Daiga,

Comment: Lots of good oil or American and change at least 25 hours. Consumption meter if you don’t have stumps when mowing. If you take a self-propelled mower to speed up grass harvesting, get a tractor right away

Advantages: No extra wheel drive for my 8 acres. Very quiet compared to my dead MTD. Large power tillers available. Convenient mowing height adjustment. There is mulching. On cold engine starts without problems with carburetor air flaps. Handy kickstarter with handle on “handlebar” – no need to bend over unnecessarily to reach. Nice design.

Weaknesses: Mowing height adjustment lever and kickstarter cable answer to the right. On the left side, it’s scary to get through the bushes and damage the gas tank, which is not covered in any way.

Comment: Put it in, changed the oil, very happy with it. Steering frame didn’t dissolve for about 10 hours. Feels the most comfortable. The layout, with the gas tank on the left and not protected by a shroud, is not the best – you have to be careful when mowing bushes. The steel of the knife is quite decent, the knife is not deformed on the tracks after several collisions with the concrete and is not too dull. The filling is enough for two mowing the area of 8 acres with the numerous obstacles in the form of bushes, trees, pergolas and other things. I am satisfied for now.

Advantages: price, big rear wheels, powerful, jumps well, easy to clean – the water supply is available.

Disadvantages: the belt cover does not cover the drive disc and in this hole gets grass, you have to regularly remove and clean. As already mentioned, the emissions for normal mowing need to be tied up without a bag. Noticeable vibration. The bag has two layers and between the layers is filled with fine mulch, it is simply impossible to shake it out.

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Comment: I would like to add a little. Lubricate the cable with regular machine oil, I pumped a few cubes, now it works smoothly, easy and no problems. It’s really big, compared to the apparently big 50cm is just a tank. The problem with the rear discharge is solved by flipping the plate included to the other side. Maybe that was the intention, but I doubt it) The vibration is a little annoying, I’ll see how it is after the run-in. The black thing on the handle is a cup holder. haha). Starts very easily, my 12 year old daughter starts without a problem, she drove with it))) the fact that you can drive comfortably into the barn on large rear wheels (high sill), the previous scythe struck when lifting Peredok with the pelvis on the floor. Feels like the consumption is small, mastered 10 hundredths at the gas station.

Advantages: power blade width wheel size

Disadvantages: Problems with quality reliability in the warranty service

Comment: As it turned out, I was unlucky: brand lawn mower worked for 30 minutes and a week later did not start in the house. I personally had to get into the spark plug, and then disassemble the carburetor, which turned out to be jammed with a float. “And so repeated 37 times.” Impossible to use, I really regret selling my previous hammer, which ran like clockwork for 5 years. That speaks volumes about the high percentage of defective devices.” He adds that when you tried to contact one of the service centers listed in the warranty, you were denied because “I didn’t buy a lawn tag,” which of course says something that contradicts the concept of “the service center guarantees “Violates.” . Impressions are accordingly disgusting.

Advantages: powerful, cuts well, quickly. Good for large areas, 5×6 fields or long clearings between trees. Provided everything is straight or with the right bend.

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Disadvantages: maneuverability, weight, good plastic in the engine. Room for hibernation.

Comment: Bought it in ’15, never climbed on it and it all works, I only printed the oil change scheduled based on mowing time. Once discovered and divided by scheduled hours. Taking care of a lawn or clearing takes time. Automatic grass pickup saves it. But there should be no boards, rocks, etc. lying in the grass. After mowing, use a self-cleaning nipple with water to wash everything out. P.S. If the area consists only of hills, it is better to remove the sand and weeds and then seed the lawn.

Gampion LM5347. Review, Instruction, Reviews

According to the manufacturer, it is a technique with a Russian soul. It is produced by the company in St. Petersburg. However, the direct meeting of the LM5347 champions takes place in China. The main advantage of the master LM5347 lawnmower is the high quality of the entire device at a reasonable price.

Champion LM5347 lawn mower

Engine power is 6 hp. The LM5347 LM5347 lawnmower can operate in three modes: vegetation in the grass box, side release and mulching. The last one is where the grass grows and is released sideways to maintain another surface fertilization and improve future plant growth.

This machine can easily handle an area of up to 20 acres.

Champion LM5347BS Sel f-Propell lawn mower can be used for professional purposes by supply companies and landscape firms.

Advantages of the Shampion LM5347
  • Easy start-up;
  • Reliable components;
  • High energy;
  • Long-term company life.
Disadvantages of the LM5347 LM5347 lawnmower
  • Demanding for fuel.

Model modifications

The Russian company offers three models of Gampion LM5347 lawnmower with appropriate prefixes BS, BS and EBS.

Gampion LM5347B Bass Bay Modifier Champion LM5347EBS

They differ in motor manufacturers, while the characteristics remain the same:

  • The LM5347 is equipped with a Champion G20VK engine.
  • The LM5347BS is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 675is engine;
  • LM5347EB is equipped with a B&S 675exi engine, which differs from the previous one with an electric motor.
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Champion mower is self-propelled. It is driven by the rear wheels, which provides the best cross-country capability. Lawn mowers do not need to be constantly pushed to work, they drive themselves, and you only need to push them in the right direction.

Easy operation of Champion lawnmower

Easy start system (SS) is installed on the mower. Thanks to it the device starts as smoothly as possible, without jolts and idiocy.

The grass cutting height can be adjusted to the desired height from 3 to 9,5 cm. With a single entry width, 53 cm of area can be cleared in one go. Champion LM5347, LM5347BS and LM5347 have a light and reliable nylon thread grass catcher box.


Power type petrol
Power, hp 6,0
Engine capacity, cm3 196
Fuel tank volume, l 1
Spring height, mm 20-80
Mowing width, mm 530
Grass box volume, l 70
Mulch Yes
Weight (kg 45

User manual

The owner’s manual is supplied with each lawnmower. An electronic version of the instruction manual can be found here. Your browser does not support frames with which you can download the Gampion LM5347 (BS. EBS) Lawnmower User Manual.

When working on the Champion LM5347, LM5347BS and LM5347 lawnmower, you must always wear the proper protective equipment: goggles, rubber gloves, coveralls and closed shoes.

Protective gloves when working with plastic safety glasses with a lawn mower

If you’re working on downhill or sloping surfaces, you need to be especially careful because the mowers are drawn in and can slip. In these cases, it is recommended that you work from the bottom up.


Every owner of Shampion LM5347, LM5347BS and LM5347EB SETEMER SECTAGE LRASEMENTS lawn mowers should check bolt tightening before starting work. At the end of the job, clean the machine of residual leaves, dirt and grass.

For this purpose, the unit has a tap on which the hose is put slowly and the lawnmower is automatically cleaned.

It is recommended to fill the engine only with high-performance AI 92 or AI-95 fuel. Lubricant must meet the SAE 30 classification.

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“This machine is designed to work on large areas. I have about 6 hectares of lawn, this machine is pure dust. Took the big model to get the job done quickly. Don’t forget to refill the oil! I didn’t have any, poured in 10W-40 and went to school like kids. Also had difficulty with the grass catcher, the instructions do not describe how to put it on, but in fact it is elementary. Don’t forget to remove the plug before plugging it in. Disadvantages: disgusting instructions in Russian for the engine, it will be difficult for little girls.

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