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People looking for garden and dacha furniture regularly encounter problems that most retail outlets have:

  • Poor quality. Many manufacturers believe that dacha furniture should be designed on the leftover principle: poor raw materials, weak designs, boring design, poorly thought-out ergonomics.
  • Lack of time. Moving from one shopping site to another, comparing samples, problems with delivery of the purchase – these factors do not give any comfort for the selection process.
  • The inadequacy of the design to the task at hand. Based on the conditions of use, garden furniture should be made so that it can withstand undesirable operating conditions. This rule is not always respected.

The solution to the problem can be the purchase in the online store. It does not require a lot of time, problems with logistics are simplified to a minimum. And without this simple process – comparing offers and the final choice easily crosses the line. The site contains a search engine with an advanced parameter filter. A large assortment of different manufacturers is presented in a wide price and style segment. In addition to photos, each heading offers a detailed description with which you can get the most accurate idea of the motif.

Physical presence at the transaction is not necessary. There are several payment options, delivery service helps to sort out the convenient option for the customer. If there are any difficulties of informational or production nature, it is always possible to get online consultation by phone or e-mail. Coordinates of managers are listed on the contact page of the site.

Buying garden furniture online is also advantageous for the seller. He does not need to maintain additional exhibition space, which is mandatory when organizing a traditional retail outlet. These costs are excluded from calculations and prices, so garden furniture has a lower cost when shopping online.

Taking and Buying Dacha Furniture

Before you buy furniture for dacha, you need to formulate the requirements that you must meet. First of all, it is not a design or species characteristic, but the name of the general direction of the design. We are talking about style. A dacha is not always a modest cottage that gets lost under the rural disconnect. Often there are solid villas, living space and area of the house, which sometimes surpass, sometimes are urban properties. A GULF is an apartment that allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

At the same time the furnishings must meet the same requirements of comfort, ergonomics, visual appeal as in the city version. Only its style should exclude memories of city apartments. In terms of interior design, furniture for a summer apartment can have a touch of provincialism, confidence and simplicity. This does not preclude an appropriate and obligatory concern for comfort. The house is a living space, a quiet space, not a glade of kitsch or a dumping ground for new currents of applied art. A certain eclecticism is possible, but neglecting the utilitarian side of the problem is unacceptable. Extremely comfortable and measured.

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Where does garden furniture live?

All garden furniture must be able to withstand a long stay outdoors. Hence the peculiarities of design and materials used: it is necessary to ensure resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations, resistance to ultraviolet radiation. You can often find teak wood – artificial rattan, the elements of which are woven from vines.

Garden furniture should not push from the site to the outside world. Its task is to push back, merge with the environment and not cause dissonance. Hence the use of natural tones, the repetition in the design of natural colors.

Rarely does anyone buy garden furniture that is heavy and bulky. It can often be moved around the site, brought in bad weather and taken out of the room and simulate places of view. Lightweight and sturdy elements that a person knows how to handle are preferred here. Quick-release parts are often used: cover, cushions. They are easier to clean or replace without distracting the main structure.

garden furniture

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Guidelines for processing of personal data

1.1 This document sets out the guiding principles of “Crocus” JSC regarding the processing of personal data (hereinafter – the Guidelines) and has been created in accordance with Article 18.1 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Personal Data” No. 152-INT. of 07.27.2006 (hereinafter – the Law).

1.2 JSC Crocus, INN 7728115183, located at: 143402, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Krasnogorsk, ul. Internatsionalnaya, 18 (hereinafter the Company) as operator of personal data, processes and protects personal data in order to observe human rights and freedoms in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Personal Data” No. 152 of 07.02.2006 (hereinafter the Law), and other laws and statutes in force in the Russian Federation.

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1.3 The Company understands the importance and value of personal data and therefore ensures its reliable protection.

1.4 These guidelines apply to all personal data that the company receives from individuals as part of this process:

  • Purchases and/or intentions to purchase goods, works, services that are sold through “Your Home” hypermarkets, as well as on the website;
  • Promotion of goods, works, services sold through hypermarkets “Your House”, as well as on the website, including the organization and conduct of loyalty programs, marketing, advertising campaigns, studies, surveys and other activities.

1.5 These guidelines apply to personal data obtained both before and after the introduction of these guidelines.

2.1 Personal data is all information about a directly or indirectly defined or identifiable person.

2.2 Subject of personal data – a person who provides personal data to the company.

2.3 Processing of personal data means any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with or without the use of automation means with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, performance, implementation, extraction, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), anonymization, blocking, erasing, destruction of personal data.

2.4 Security of personal data – is the protection of personal data against unauthorized and (or) unauthorized access to it, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, provision, distribution of personal data, as well as against other unlawful acts in relation to personal data.

  1. Purposes of processing of personal data

3.1 Personal data is processed by the company:

1) fulfillment of the company’s contractual obligations;

2) promotion of goods, works, services in the market, including organization and conduct of loyalty programs, marketing and/or advertising campaigns, researches, surveys and other events;

3) for other purposes that do not comply with applicable law, the company’s activities and the consent of the subject of personal data for the specified processing.

3.2 The company processes the following personal data:

1) surname, first name, patronymic about the subject of personal data;

2) date of birth of the subject of personal data;

3) contact phone number, e-mail address and other contact information about the subject of personal data

4) place of residence of the subject of personal data;

5) additional information about the subject of personal data, necessary for the company to implement the objectives of this policy.

  1. Principles of personal data processing

4.1 The company implementing the policy and processing personal data is based on the following principles:

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1) Processing of personal data is lawful and fair;

2) Processing of personal data is limited to achieving specific, prescribed and legitimate purposes. The processing of personal data is not conducted for the purpose of collecting personal data.

3) Databases containing personal data that are processed for purposes that are incompatible with each other shall not be combined;

4) Only personal data shall be processed where processing achieves the purposes of processing.

5) The content and scope of the processed personal data correspond to the stated processing purposes. The processed personal data is not excessive in relation to the stated processing purposes;

6) Processing of personal data shall ensure accuracy of personal data, its sufficient and, if necessary, relevance in relation to the purpose of personal data processing. The Company takes or arranges to take the necessary measures to delete or clarify incomplete or inaccurate Personal Data.

7) Personal data is stored in a form that allows you to determine that the subject of personal data is not more than the purpose of processing personal data contract, its party, beneficiary or guarantor, according to which the subject of the personal data is a subject of personal data. Processed personal data shall be destroyed or depersonalized upon achievement of processing purposes or in case of loss of necessity in achievement of such purposes.

  1. Rights and obligations of personal data and companies regarding the processing of personal data.

5.1 The subject of personal data has the right to:

1) To obtain from the company:

– Confirmation of the processing of personal data by the company;

– Information about the legal basis and purpose of personal data processing;

– Information about the methods of processing personal data used by the company;

– Information about the location (storage) of personal data;

– The list of personal data processed in connection with the topic of personal data and information about the source of obtaining personal data, unless otherwise provided by federal law;

– Information about the time of processing of personal data, including the time of memorization;

– Information about the procedure for the topic of personal data established by law;

– Other information as required by law or other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation;

2) require the company to clarify your personal data, block or destroy them if the personal data is incomplete, outdated, inaccurate, illegally stored or not necessary for the stated purpose of processing;

3) to withdraw its consent to the processing of personal data at any time;

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4) Demand recognition of the company’s actions in relation to his personal data as unlawful;

5) Protect their rights and legitimate interests, including damages and/or compensation for non-financial damages in court.

5.2 When processing personal data, the company is obliged to:

1) provide personal data in his request for information on the processing of his personal data or rightfully receive a refusal within thirty days from the date of receipt of the application of the personal data subject or his representative;

2) Explain to the subject of personal data legal consequences of the refusal to provide personal data, if the provision of personal data in accordance with the Federal Law is mandatory;

3) take necessary legal, organizational and technical measures or ensure their adoption;

4) publish on the Internet and provide unrestricted access via the Internet to the document defining its guidelines for the processing of personal data, to information on the requirements for the protection of personal data;

5) Personal data in relation to the topic of personal data (if the processing of personal data is carried out by another person acting on behalf of the company), from the moment of application or request) in the case of unlawful processing of personal data, if the subject of personal data or its representative or authorized by the Committee to protect individuals with personal data of subjects;

6) to clarify or ensure the confirmation of the fact of inaccuracy of personal data based on the information received by the personal data subject or his representative;

7) To stop the unlawful processing of personal data or to ensure the termination of the unlawful processing of personal data by the person, to ensure on behalf of the company in the case of unlawful processing of personal data or the person carried out by the company or the contract based on the action with the company within 3 working days on the date of the discovery;

8) Complete the processing of personal data or make the termination safely and destroy personal data or make the destruction in the case of personal data through personal data for personal data processing, if the company has no right to deal with personal data without the consent to the processing of the subject of personal data.

  1. The procedure for the subjects of personal data to contact the company

6.1 Subjects of personal data have the right to submit their requests in writing, including requests for the use of their personal data.

6.2 The request must contain the following information:

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1) Surname, first name, patronymic of the subject of personal data;

2) Contact information about the subject of personal data (residence address, telephone, e-mail);

3) Information proving the participation of the subject of personal data in the relationship with the Company (for example, number of loyalty card, online order number published on the site, etc.).

6.3 The Company undertakes to verify and respond to the subject of personal data within 30 days of receiving the complaint.

  1. Requirements for the protection of personal data

7.1 When processing personal data the company takes the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from unlawful and/or unauthorized access to it, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution of personal data and other unlawful acts in relation to personal data.

7.2 In particular, such measures include:

1) Appointment of a person responsible for the organization of personal data processing and a person responsible for security;

2) Development and approval of local measures for processing and protection of personal data;

3) Application of legal, organizational and technical measures to ensure personal data security;

4) Control over the measures taken in order to ensure personal data security and security of personal data information systems;

5) Compliance with conditions that exclude unauthorized access to material media of personal data and ensure security of personal data;

6) Employee of the company with the provisions of the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data, including requirements for the protection of personal data, local actions for processing and protection of personal data and training, entrusted directly with the provisions of legal norms.

7.3 The company has the right to provide the processing of personal data to another person with the consent of the subject of personal data, unless otherwise provided by Federal Law, based on an agreement concluded with that person.

8.1 This Manual is a local statutory act of the company. This Manual is publicly available. Public accessibility of this Manual is ensured by publishing it on the company’s website.

8.2 In case of failure to comply with the provisions of this manual, the company and its employees shall be liable in accordance with the applicable legal regulations of the Russian Federation.

8.3 Compliance with the requirements of this manual shall be monitored by persons responsible for organizing the processing of personal data of the company and for ensuring the security of personal data.

8.4 Address of persons with personal data to or to the following address: 6 Internatsionalnaya st., Krasnogorskiy district, Krasnogorsk, Moscow region, 143402.

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