Front loader Volvo 220 – description and properties

Front loader Volvo L220

The Volvo L220 is a Swedish front loader equipped with high performance. The machine is designed for heavy loads, which can be appreciated by the impressive design and performance of this model. The equipment has successfully passed all factory tests for endurance and adaptation to harsh climatic conditions. The model under consideration has proven its worth and is in high demand among professional users who require high performance and reliability. The developer has introduced advanced technology into his car and gave it a brutal style, as the flagship representative of the Volvo lineup corresponds to the optimal price category. This article provides technical parameters and features of the front loader Volvo L220, as well as the cost of the model.

Planned purpose

The Volvo L220 is a multi-purpose loader. It is useful for loading and transporting containers with goods in various areas of activity. The high potential of this device can be tested in agriculture and supply companies – for example, when leveling gravel sites, cutting grass and mowing weeds. In addition, the L220 is in demand – for example, it can remove construction debris, as well as sand, soil, crushed stone and other bulk materials. The equipment can actively participate in the transportation of heavy concrete structures and remove snow and debris from streets and sidewalks. Overall, the Volvo L220 can be used for any need thanks to the support of a wide list of attachments.


Unassembled equipment

  • The range is a mechanically driven unit in the basic version, where the blade angle is set manually. There is a more advanced version with hydraulic drive, where the angle of the blade is adjusted directly from the cabin using a joystick. This means that it is not necessary to get out of the cab, which is very important in cold weather. The purpose of the snow blower is to work with snow and clean large snow areas.

  • Pallet PitchFork is a device with the functions of a gabal loader. With its help, you can carry, load and transport special cargo – mainly fragile and easily broken objects, which are easy to break. In particular, it can be glass containers and other similar cargo, which should be placed on pallets.
  • A telescopic boom is a device for moving loads in the airspace – for example, if there is no possibility to move the load in the traditional way. The boom is fitted with a crane hook that is fixed to an articulated support that allows the boom to be slewed at any level. The boom is designed for high lifting capacity.
  • A wooden gripper is a device for transporting cylindrical objects. It can be tree trunks, pipes, poles or piles. The Wood Gripper is equipped with innovative hydraulic hoses, so that the unit can easily handle increased loads even when there is excessive pressure in the hydraulic system. The lifting force of the Wood Gripper can be more than 4.5 tons.
  • A snowblower is a special device you can’t do without when clearing large snow drifts. Like a snowblower, shovels can load and transport both fresh, dry, and wet snow as well as crusted and icy drifts.
  • The Clawen bucket is a device with two cheeks that interlock to hold a load from one place to another during transport. Both “claws” have prongs around the edges that serve to secure the load – mostly loose containers such as sand, sound, earth, etc.
  • The brush is an attachment, which exists in various modifications. In particular, a distinction is made between industrial brush, as well as road and rotary brush. This version is equipped with a humidifying function, so that loose dirt is not splashed and more quickly collected in a bundle. The brush is not only suitable for picking up sand, leaves or dust, but also for picking up dry and freshly fallen snow.
  • The clamp/grip fork is an attachable option for agriculture. Suitable for clearing mainly fibrous materials with a density of up to 800 kg per 1 m3. This can be loosened hay, straw, grass clippings or hay.
  • The cradle is a practical option for working at height. It is a rather large lifting structure with a place for the operator. After lifting, you can do the following work: Install and mount high-voltage cables or lighting umbrellas, as well as decorate, paint and putty curtains and facades.
  • A shovel adapter is a device for attaching attachments with maximum lifting capacity. For example, it can be a heavy spoon or a glider shield.
  • Bulldozer shield – a device that can give the machine the function of a full-fledged mini-bulldozer. Thanks to practical fasteners, you can quickly install or remove this attachment, just like other types of devices.
  • Clea r-up sign is an attachment for more efficient clearing of snow, including accumulated snow and ice crust. The blades are attached to the moldboard or bucket.
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Device properties and operation

  • Advantages:
  1. Newest hay design with improved ventilation. The hood has an electronic opening mechanism, which positively affects the ease of operation.
  2. A variety of tillage options for all needs make this model in demand in many areas.
  3. Reliable power plant with low environmental emissions and high fuel efficiency. Remarkably, the engine can work well even under low loads.
  4. Safe and comfortable in-house manufactured Care Cab.
  5. Care Track telescopic system with fuel management function.
  6. Environmentally friendly design made of recyclable materials with no fear of environmental pollution. The quality of components and elements is at a high level. We note the good potential of the chassis on the road. We also draw attention to the robust articulated frame, the small wheelbase and the compact dimensions – all of which make it possible to move around in confined environments, such as places with lots of obstacles.
  • A four-stroke diesel engine with a displacement of 12.8 liters is responsible for the power. Power output reaches 350 hp and the torque is 1765 N/m. The six-cylinder layout and the substantial displacement provide decent traction, which is necessary when climbing up and down hills. A special cooling system keeps the Ice Drill components and assemblies ventilated and prevents overheating – especially important in hot conditions. In addition, the engine is equipped with primary and secondary filters, as well as a multi-cycle cleaner that forms a powerful three-stage cleaning system.

  • Undoubtedly, the model in question has much more potential than the competition in terms of power and endurance. Good performance is achieved already at low rpm. The design of the Volvo L220 front loader is well thought out – for example, all the control loops are designed to ensure optimum performance. The power unit interacts precisely and continuously with the control electronics, automatic transmission and implements to maximize their full potential.
  • The machine’s frame design incorporates two flexibly coupled components for increased durability and maneuverability. In addition, this arrangement facilitates movement on uneven pavement. The center of gravity of the load on the front axle also contributes to this, which has a positive effect on stability. We must admit that the weight of the truck is quite significant, but it is evenly distributed on all four axles. The basic package includes all-wheel drive and a function of locking the front axle inter-axle differential. There are also disc brakes in an oil bath. The brakes are forcedly cooled for greater reliability. For this reason, the service life of this brake unit is at least 10,000 motorcycles. It should also be noted that the brake pads are made using a unique cellulose-based technology. This technology does not contaminate the oil, which means it does not need to be filled or changed often.
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  • The Volvo L220 front loader has a proprietary Care Cab, designed to make the work as comfortable and unhurried as possible so that the driver gets less tired and can better concentrate on the task at hand. The first thing we pay attention to is the ergonomic layout of displays and instruments, which do not glare in the sun. They show information about the status of the attachment, the degree of heating and possible overload. The main controls, such as levers and switches, are located on a single joystick next to the driver. The same goes for the other controls, which are virtually within reach. The steering column and the driver’s seat, of course, can be adjusted in different directions. In addition, comfort in the cabin is ensured by powerful climate and heating systems that allow you to quickly set the optimum temperature in the cabin depending on the climatic conditions of the outside environment. The presence of outboard and cleaning filters ensures that only clean and pre-cleaned air enters the cabin – this is especially important in hot and dusty off-road conditions. Multilayer sound insulation of body panels, as well as the engine compartment is responsible for the elimination of extraneous noise and vibrations in the cabin. Of course, all these comfort elements have a positive effect on reducing driver fatigue and increasing productivity.
  • The “TP” lift mechanism on the Volvo 220 wheel loader combines parallel and zig-zag functions, indicating high stability regardless of the boom lift point and maintaining stable torque without dropping, overloading or overheating. TR hoist engineering and design are designed to maintain operator visibility at all boom positions.

Technical specifications

  • Total weight – 31000-33000 kg
  • Engine name – D12D LB E3
  • Engine parameters – turbocharged diesel, 355 hp
  • Speed of rotation – 1600 rpm
  • Torque – 1765 N/m at 1400 rpm
  • Engine brand – Volvo
  • Speed – 36 km/h (maximum)
  • Ground clearance – 540 mm
  • Wheelbase – 3700mm
  • Dimensions, mm: length – 9740, width – 3170, height – 3730
  • Height of shovel suspension point – 4670 mm
  • Battery parameters – 2×12 V, 2×140 Ah
  • Service brake specifications: Closed disc brakes, forced oil cooling
  • Parking brake: Multidisc closed brakes, integral to the transmission, working in an oil bath
  • Tank capacity – 335L
  • Cooling system tank capacity – 45 l
  • Hydraulic tank capacity – 226 l
  • Digging depth – 90 mm
  • Discharge height – 2900 to 3310 mm
  • Working mechanism lifting height – 7910 mm
  • Tire parameters – 29,5 R25 / 875/65 R29
  • Width of the whole turning radius – 7110 mm
  • Seat – yes
  • Standard tool – bucket, grapple
  • Bucket capacity – 4,5 to 14 cubic meters.
  • Shovel cutting edge (wide) – 3400-3700 mm
  • Area of coverage – from 1,7 to 4,0 sq. m.
  • Wheeled chassis – yes.
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The average cost of a new Volvo L220 front loader on the Russian market is 9 million rubles. The price for a used truck starts at 2 mln. 400 thousand roubles and depending on the technical condition and year of manufacture (2006-2007) can be up to 4 mln. The latest modifications released in 2009-2010 cost about 5.7-6.5 million rubles. Rental of equipment costs 16,000 rubles per layer, plus additional shipping costs.

Front loaders Volvo 220


The Swedish brand Volvo appeared in 1915, but the company started producing loaders only in the mid-1960s. Now the Volvo Construction Equipment division is responsible for production, which again produces special and construction machines. Currently, the Swedish brand is considered one of the leading suppliers in the segment of forklifts.

The Volvo L220 is one of the company’s latest developments. The front-end loader is capable of performing many tasks. Among them:

  • Warehouse operations;
  • Material handling, unloading and loading of various categories of materials;
  • Work in infrastructure construction and quarries;
  • Recycling construction debris;
  • Forestry and agriculture.

Volvo’s market leadership is no accident. Their main advantages are short on-time, high inclination and low fuel consumption. At the same time forklifts of Swedish brands are traditionally characterized by a high level of safety and reliability. This is due to carefully selected components, which are produced at the company’s plants.


The Volvo L220 skid steer loader has a number of advantages over competitors:

  1. A newly designed hood for improved ventilation. This element is equipped with an electronic opening mechanism, which facilitates the maintenance process.
  2. Large selection of attachments, which makes the model multifunctional and allows you to perform many different operations.
  3. Reliable engine with low emissions and low fuel consumption. Even at low speeds, it delivers plenty of torque.
  4. Safe and comfortable Volvo Care Cab that doesn’t hinder the driver’s movements.
  5. The patented parallel torque mechanism provides soft lift and plenty of breakout torque.
  6. The telescopic caretrack system. Together with the diagnostic system, it allows you to monitor fuel consumption, loader usage and vehicle performance from a distance.
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Remarkably, the Volvo L220 is one of the most environmentally friendly models in the world. 95% of the loader’s weight is made up of recyclable materials. At the same time, the special equipment is of the highest quality of parts and components. The base of the machine has improved buoyancy, and the improved frame with hinges makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and cramped conditions.

The Volvo L220 is one of the best choices among all front loaders in terms of value for money.

Technical specifications

Total weight of the loader – 31,000 kg, lifting capacity – 10,800 kg.

Total dimensions of the equipment:

  • Length – 9080-9600 mm;
  • Width – 3170 mm;
  • Height – 3730 mm;
  • Ground clearance – 540 mm;
  • Track – 3170 mm.

Volvo L220 Specifications:

  • Maximum shovel out point height – 4,680 mm;
  • Extraction height – 2920-3290 mm;
  • Grave depth – 91 mm;
  • Height of the hub of the working body – 7710 mm;
  • Lifting time – 5.8 s;
  • Time of lowering – 3,2 s;
  • Venderadius – 7110 mm;
  • Power – 4,5-14 cu. m;
  • Cutting edge width – 3430-3700 mm;
  • Turning power – 228.2 kN;
  • Static tipping load – 21760 kg.

Special equipment allows speeds of up to 32.8 km/h.

Fuel consumption

Average fuel consumption for this model is 18.5 l/h. The fuel tank of the device holds up to 335 liters of fuel.


The Volvo L220 is equipped with a 4-stroke diesel engine of its own production. The charged power unit is characterized by low fuel consumption.

Properties of the power unit:

  • Working volume – 12.8 liters;
  • Rated power – 259 (352) kW (PS);
  • Rated speed – 1600 rpm;
  • Max torque – 1765 Nm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6.

Special cooling system of air entering engine after the turbine allows increasing torque without increasing power. Increased reliability is achieved by a 3-stage air cleaning system (primary and secondary filter, multi-cycle cleaner).


The Volvo L220 loader has a much higher output per unit of fuel than its counterparts. A similar effect is achieved by the slow-moving engine and capacitive shovels used in this equipment. The extended wheelbase makes the machine faster and provides maximum stability on a variety of soils.

The design of the Volvo L220 chargers is cleverly thought out. Numerous integrated control loops ensure optimum operation of the system. Precise interaction between the powertrain control electronics and the automatic transmission allows all other systems to work to their maximum potential.

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The unit frame consists of two movable components. This contributes to operational maneuverability and makes it easier to move the equipment on the terrain. The emphasis of the load is on the front axle, which makes the machine super stable.

The Volvo L220 loader is equipped with a multi-wheel transmission with 4 sets of waves. Compared to a planetary wheel, it has less cushioning and is therefore easier to expect. The transmission is controlled by an automatic that selects the optimum speed, which eliminates the possibility of improper operation.

The vehicle’s ample weight is evenly distributed throughout the axle. Full differential lock on the front axle is already available in the basic version.

Special equipment is equipped with disc brakes in an oil bath with forced cooling. They are characterized by efficient and smooth operation and have a long service life (up to 10,000 hours). At the same time the brake pads do not draw oil because they are manufactured using a unique cellulose-based technology.

The Care Cab driver’s cab makes the driver’s work as pleasant as possible. Its ergonomic environment with conveniently located announcements and work position settings allows the operator to choose the best position. All the information needed for work is displayed in front of the operator. The specialized Contronic system can be used to change the composition of information in real time. This allows the operator to control several systems. Important transmission control functions are duplicated on the armrest control unit, the lever on the steering wheel and the hydraulic lever console. Changing the controls on a regular basis puts an end to muscle strain. Hydraulic levers and load-sensing hydraulics make tool control extremely precise.

The driver’s cab is equipped with powerful air conditioning, heating and ventilation. Several filters (external and cleaning) make the air in the cab extremely clean. Noise and vibration isolation eliminates noise that interferes with operation. These solutions increase operator productivity while working on the ply and help keep the operator’s attention.


Haub’s advanced design improves ventilation. The hood itself has a large opening angle, making it easy to service the machine.

The unique “TR’-Liezen” combines the advantages of the parallel and zig-zag Haub and provides parallelism at all boom lift points and, in turn, a stable torque value. Here, too, the “TP” design maintains a wide view for the operator at all boom positions.

Cost of new and used Volvo 220

The cost of a new Volvo L220 loader starts at 9 million rubles. A used machine can be bought for less. The 2006-2007 models cost 2.9-4 million rubles, 2009-2010 – 5.7-6.4 million rubles.

Renting a device costs 16,000 rubles per shift. In connection with delivery, additional costs must be incurred.


There are relatively few analogues of the Volvo L220. These include the CAT G980 model.

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