Foton 354 Mini-Tractor – description and properties

Foton Lovol Tractor (Foton Lovol TE-354 (III generation) with cab)

Foton Lovol TE-354 NT mini-tractor is one of the best models on the price-quality ratio from the leading Chinese manufacturer. The technique has a high functionality, withstands heavy loads and supports the connection of standard attachments.

Model TE-354 NT Boil is pre-production tested and is very popular in Russia, Asia, Europe and the United States market. Thanks to the updated design and improved design, the machine can successfully compete with all counterparts in its class.

The Tractorphoton Clot TE-354 NT is equipped with an independent power selection wave, which operates at 540 and 1000 rpm. The three-point clutch system has increased durability with additional structural components that can be purchased on our website.

If it is necessary to repair or replace consumables, you can maintain the equipment by yourself or by contacting the service center. Technical characteristics of Lovol TE-354 NT allows the driver to carry out many hours of work without interruption, which is also an advantage of this model.


Due to its high functionality, Foton Lovol TE-354 NT tractor is extremely effective in agriculture and agribusiness. The machine is used in large fields, as well as in telic and orchards. With its help it is possible to finish the cultivation of heavy soil, including hilly soil, with percussive cultivation.

Inspections of the TE-354 NT Boost minitractor are always positive, which is due to its high reliability and efficiency in operation. When the attachment is connected, the technique can be used in the municipal and construction sector, if the site is cleared of debris and led to the transportation of heavy loads.

The machine is equipped with all the necessary settings. Despite this, the ability to adapt the width of the RUT, a separate function for agricultural machinery, the high level of reliability and safety of the machine is confirmed by certification EAS and OECD, which allows the model photo n-354 nt optimum photon.


The Lovol TE-354 NT tractor is equipped with power steering, which reduces the load on the driver, and an electric steamer, which can start the engine at sub-zero temperatures. The quality of the paint job allows it to effectively resist moisture and adverse climatic conditions and keep the tractor’s body coating intact.

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Basic installation:

● Operation manual.

Operating instructions: ● Tractor’s operating manual ● Wing protectors for front and rear wheels

Operating instructions: ● Wing protectors for the rear and front wheels ● Upholstered operator’s seat

Cushioned operator seat ● Rear-view mirror

12-months warranty

Easy and flexible operation, one-way or two-way hydraulic operation, and maximum structural reliability are some of the major advantages of this machine. In addition, the TE-354 NT ramp is equipped with an instrument panel with which you can monitor all important operating indicators, including fuel level, oil level and battery charging stand.

Optional equipment:

● Seeding and harvesting equipment

Equipment: ● Sowing and harvesting equipment ● Harvesting and picking machines ● Cargo car

Rake, buckets, fertilizer spreaders

● Debris removal structures

● A paper shredder for tree trunks, branches, and other things.

As additional elements, you can choose devices that expand the capabilities of the equipment. On our site you can find typical designs for work in various industries. The Photon Lovol TE-354 NT tractor has high ground clearance of 320 mm, excellent maneuverability and cross-country ability. For better traction, this model uses front ballast.

Technical characteristics

1. Engine. Economical and productive 35 hp power unit is available under the brand 4L22BT. The four cylinders evenly distribute the load on all the components, which contributes to a long service life. The fuel tank has a capacity of 18 liters, which makes it possible to work for a long time without refueling.

2) Transmission. With 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, the machine allows the operator to select a comfortable mode of operation. A dry, single-disc clutch provides smooth shifting. All parts of the box are made of durable metal alloys on high-precision equipment. Differential locking allows increasing tractor’s passability on sticky ground.

3. Work area. The padded driver’s seat absorbs shock and supports adjustable positioning. All gauges and controls are conveniently located. Lighting system allows you to work at any time of day. Of the additional options, it is worth noting the presence of an electric starter, which provides reliable starting of the machine in the cold season.

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operational characteristics

Foton Lovol TE-354 NT is in great demand on the Russian market, in Europe, Asia and South America. The standard package includes a detailed instruction manual and a warranty card for 1 year, which confirms the excellent reliability and safety of the device.

Using the experience of previous models, the tractor has significantly improved functionality and durability. The machine is actively used in agricultural, construction and municipal sectors, and also features high maintainability, which is one of its main advantages.

On our site you can buy Foton Lovol TE-354 NT mini tractor. Contact us online chat, and we will fully inform you about all options for additional equipment, help you choose the optimal model, attachments and arrange delivery in Russia. There is a limited special offer for the first purchase.

Foton TE-354 small tractor

Chinese company Foton Lovol Heavy Industry Co Ltd – is a large modern industrial group, specializing in serial production of various small and large special equipment. This brand was founded in 1994 and currently owns 48 major engineering enterprises, which produce main products, i.e. various tractors, construction machinery, agricultural machinery and automobiles.

Such model as Foton TE-354 should probably be referred to the field of mini systems. This tractor has quite a stylish and modern body, as well as excellent technical and operational features. The machine is equipped with a four-stroke diesel engine with an in-line arrangement of cylinders, of which, incidentally, four. The power plant has a rated capacity of 35 hp or 25.7 kilowatts. This power is more than enough for the technique to perform a large list of various works. It is worth noting that this mini-tractor is one of the leaders in its class, which has guaranteed great popularity at a low cost of the new model in many countries around the world. The used engine is also characterized by its own noise level, which is quite low, which positively affects the comfort of work.

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Versatility of the Photon 354 Mini vector is due to the possibility of attaching percussion and trailed units. All units are mounted on a three-point hitch, which is produced by the European manufacturer. There are also several hydraulic outlets, which are necessary when working with hydraulic devices.

Planned purpose.

Foton TE-354 mini-tractor is very popular among farmers, because its compact overall dimensions and extensive functions allow it to implement almost any type of work. The width of front and rear tractor band is adjustable, which is especially important when working in the gardens. This model is also often used in gardens, greenhouses, personal farms and even supply companies. To work in these areas, the mini-tractor is equipped with a specialized attachment or trailed equipment, with which it cleans places from garbage and snow, mowing grass and lawns, transporting goods and processing various useful vegetation.


Non-mounted equipment

This model can be equipped with the following attachments:

  1. Double plow.
  2. Three-bucket plow.
  3. Potato hood.
  4. Potato hood.
  5. Hiller.
  6. Reaper.
  7. Brown.
  8. Brown disc.
  9. A placer of mineral fertilizer.
  10. Woody debris.
  11. Hinged bodies.
  12. Front jar.
  13. Head switch.
  14. Mower.
  15. Sergeant’s machine.
  16. Grain winner.
  17. Loop .
  18. Frontalizer.
  19. Rotating snail.
  20. A rounded spoke for hay.
  21. Rot.
  22. Garden and vegetable garden vegetation.
  23. Excavator with backhoe.
  24. Box shovel.
  25. Rifle load.

Technical features

Overall dimensions:

  • The structural length of the mini excavator is 3,500 millimeters.
  • Full width – 1555 millimeters.
  • Full height (with cab) – 2400 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the front track – 1000 millimeters.
  • The smallest width of the rear train – 960 millimeters.
  • The largest width of the front track is 1300 millimeters.
  • The greatest width of the rear track is 1400 millimeters.
  • Rad base (longitudinal section) – 1806 millimeters.
  • The smallest road release under the rear axle – 320 millimeters.
  • The smallest curve radius – 310 millimeters.
  • Smallest turning radius (with deceleration) – 260 millimeters.

Engine characteristics:

  • The type of engine installed is diesel, in order.
  • Brand of the installed engine – 4L22BT.
  • Number of cylinders – 4 cylinders.
  • Maximum power – 35 hp /25.7 kilowatt.
  • The maximum speed of the crankshaft is 2350 rpm.
  • The maximum torque is 124 Newtons per meter.
  • Cylinder diameter is 85 millimeters.
  • Piston stroke is 95 millimeters.
  • Type of cooling system is liquid.
  • Type of injection system – direct fuel injection.
  • Type of starting system – electric starter.
  • Type of lubrication system – oil pump.
  • The lowest fuel consumption in one working hour – 4.3 liters.
  • Highest fuel consumption per working hour – 6.5 liters.
  • Overall length of the unit is 850 millimeters.
  • Structural width of the unit is 550 millimeters.
  • Structural height of the unit is 750 millimeters.
  • Dry weight of the unit – 220 kg.
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Transmission properties:

  • Type of transmission installed – manual.
  • Type of drive – all-wheel drive.
  • Differential locking – mechanical.
  • Number of forward gears – 8.
  • Number of rear gears – 8.
  • Type of clutch – dry, single-plate, permanently closed.

Characteristic of current selection shaft:

  • Type of PTO installed – independent.
  • Number of current wave speeds – 2.
  • Number of splines – 8.
  • Control – mechanical.
  • Minimum speed – 540 rpm.
  • Minimum speed – 1000 rpm.

Operating characteristics:

  • Operating weight – 1568 kilograms.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 32 liters.
  • The highest speed of independent movement is 30.5 kilometers per hour.
  • The slowest speed of independent movement is 2.3 kilometers per hour.
  • Type of attachment – three points.
  • The size of the front wheels is 7.50-16.
  • The size of the rear wheels is 12.40-24.

Features of the device

The most popular Miniroaster 354 Miniroaster 354 has received the greatest popularity due to the large number of various innovations that are already included in the standard equipment of the tractor. They provide the driver with the most comfortable and safe working conditions, even when operating in winter. The power unit has been equipped with special preheating plugs, because at the lowest ambient temperatures the engine can be started quickly and easily enough. The configuration with the cab includes open windows, which provides comfort in the summertime.

The optional cab has panoramic glazing that provides an excellent view of the work area, allowing you to speed up the work process, without compromising its quality.

The 32-litre fuel tank together with low engine consumption (not more than 6 liters per hour of work) allows you to use the mini-tractor for a long time. The efficiency of the power unit affects the financial savings during long-term operation, which is undoubtedly a plus.

Foton 354 has excellent cross-country and off-road ability, even with the installed tethering devices. The multistage gearbox is very conveniently located. The workplace has an adjustable seat and an easy-to-understand dashboard that provides information on

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  • fuel level in the tank.
  • engine oil pressure.
  • Number of worked hours.
  • on-board voltage.
  • engine coolant temperature.
  • Sign of turn on.
  • RPM of the engine crankshaft.

Manipulation through the technique is easy enough, because the standard version of the Foton TE-354 mini-vector has a steering booster.


Elements of Foton TE-354 mini-tractor are made of high-quality materials, which guarantees long-lasting operation without any disruptions. Thanks to the glow plugs, the engine can not only start quickly at low temperatures, but also work perfectly in such conditions. The manufacturer has developed this model taking into account all the previous ones, with many design improvements and enhancements. All defects and weaknesses have been almost completely eliminated, which has significantly increased the service life of the new mini-tractor.

Repair functions

When identifying violations in the operation of certain devices, the owner can independently determine and eliminate the cause, because all the elements responsible for the work of critical assemblies and units are located close to each other and are well accessible, which also greatly simplifies the process of maintenance.

Now Foton TE-354 mini-tractor has an average price in the range from 580 000 to 720 000 Russian rubles. The price of this model directly depends on such factors as the year of manufacture, configuration, modification version, as well as the presence or absence of the cabin.

The cost of used units is somewhat lower. A car with a certain mileage costs from 470,000 rubles to 500,000 Russian rubles. The main factors influencing the final price of this variant are: year of construction, attachments, number of operating hours and general technical condition.

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