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Forester 304.

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Forester 304 reviews

Advantages: the price. Inpretpretentiousness to the quality of gasoline and oil.

Cons: 1. The quality of assembling. 2. The quality of materials. 3. Non-pumping gas. 4. Uncomfortable strap.

Comment: Because your money is gone completely. Worked for 6 years. Didn’t change the spark plug, never even voiced it. Overfilled a lot. Weak carburetor (materials are not quality, in the 5th year began to fill the spark plug, fuel consumption increased, began to start worse. Had to rest once every 30 minutes, and then back into the fray. This fight.This spring may not start, the spark is, fuel is also, but do not start, but I’ll try to dig.Conclusion: lottery tickets who is lucky – who is not.

Comment: Worked for 30 minutes and died. Has installed four times already and it keeps breaking down. Customer service is bordering on the brain, no refunds are turned away.

Pros: Works. Every once in a while. Or rather, it works less often than it doesn’t. But sooner or later the cottage grass will mow. Fixes itself with improvised means 100% of the time. I had to mow in the sun (+38 in the shade, south), the entire tank worked, the trimmer did not overheat.

Cons: Plastic spool. guys, are you serious? Damaged the fishing line once, cracked, can’t find a replacement. “Anti-vibration system” – if it really works, thank you, as I’m afraid to imagine what it would be without it.

Comment: It will be. Really Russian product)

Pros: Bought this miracle device a month ago, I’ll start with the fact that I asked for 40 a day. Not bad in principle.

Cons: After 40 hundred squares a day, hands also shaking 1 day, strong vibration, fuel consumption, not comfortable strap, heavy, heavy.

Comments: Did not compare, but happy as an elephant.

Pros: mows, mows the grass in the village for the third year (about 15 acres 10 times a season. for 4-5 hours), and it’s only time to clean the carburetor.

Pruning grapes in the middle belt

Cons: The quality of materials, impractical, the gas makes my hand tired,

Comments: Worked the spool with fishing for 2 hours, ate the threads on the drawing screw.

Cons: Broke after 30 minutes of use.

Comment: Do not buy. Returned it to the store for a refund.

Pros: reliable, easy to start

Comment: Put on headphones and scythe. For easy starting you need to push the fuel 3-4 times by squeezing the plastic nipple pump under the engine until the choke is fully open. You have to start it from a position like the Chinese are holding it (a little lower than we are holding it), I usually rest it on the table and start it. The standard wire sucks, you have to put a disk right away. Disk cuts grass, bushes, small trees just fine

Pros: stubborn, normal

speed of flow, moderate vibration and noise

Cons: poor attachment to the bar, just a mega lousy strap

Comments: Mowed 7 hectares in one fell swoop)

– trimmer held! BUT, failed to fasten the bars, wrapped them with wire – continued, 2 days later, I called the president – just stunned, because the manufacturer (well, the manager) at first glance realized which of them Type glitch, and immediately sent to the service to buy a part! (broke a latch when attaching the bars to each other) the impression of a trimmer badly deteriorated

Cons: It mows for 30 minutes, then shuts down and that’s it. The line just does not work, works only on the blade with the air filter removed. Advice: do not buy it.

Cons: It broke after the third use.

Comment: after mowing burrs with the disc, the rod got very hot. It was so hot that it was impossible to stick to it. After that, the trimmer started squeaking terribly. I disassembled it, and it turned out that the plastic bushings in the lower shaft had melted, holding the cable inside. I tried to buy a new lower part of the rod – no luck so far. The service center says they don’t.

Pros: The one good thing is 4 years of trouble-free operation, which makes up for all the drawbacks.

The comment: I have had many other products before, but this is the best (. But it works)

Cons: Mows for 20 minutes and overheats so much that you can burn yourself. Candle burns out instantly. Failed to mow 30 hectares in 2 days, even though all the grass was already mowed Calm two weeks ago. The ranger went silent at 10 a.m. and would not turn on again.

Champion EM3211 lawn mower. Overview, instructions, properties

Cons: Worked for 10 minutes after assembly and died! Replaced it with the same one, same story!

Pros: lightweight, starts up with half a turn.

Cons: Uncomfortable strap and handle.

The comment: High vibration, my arms get tired after 10 minutes of work, I’m not a weak person, I used it for a season and the ignition coil burned out. In my opinion, the trimmer is not bad if used on small areas and everyone decides for himself to buy it or not. I personally do not recommend it.

Pros: it is collapsible, but there are some disadvantages.

Cons: it vibrates wildly when working

Comment: I have mixed feelings about this model. On the plus side, it has been working for three years without any problems. The reds are that while working there is a lot of vibration, after which the hands are humming. I suspect this is because it is collapsible and there is a problem at the joint. I will definitely buy my next trimmer with a non collapsible boom.

Cons: but the quality is lame, horribly uncomfortable, horrible strap, uncomfortable throttle pedal, and it did not work!

Comments: Maybe it’s just me so lucky, but I bought this wonder this summer, mowed less than a hundred grass with it, decided to smoke and drown, in vain, it stopped starting, gave it up for warranty, worried for 2 months, but then I was given a new one for exchange, (the old problem with the carburetor) well I grabbed it from joy and ran to cut the grass, but unfortunately the same story happened to the first, so I do not know what to say!

Cons: It vibrates strongly, after a few hours can not feel my fingers.

Comments: Has been running like clockwork for 5 years now. Sawed shrubs and even branches from a tree (a small one). Last year I turned the blade on the other side and it is good as new again! My money mower has worked on 100%, until now about the breakage does not remember.

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Lesnik brand trimmers review. User’s guide. main violations

Lesnik is a subsidiary of the Russian holding company GardenTraiding. This organization has been supporting domestic manufacturers for more than ten years. Lesnik products are one of the youngest in the Russian market of garden tools and equipment. In addition to supporting the domestic market, GardenTraiding adapts the products of foreign companies little known in Russia. Despite the fact that this brand is little known, many customers give their preference to it, unlike other domestic manufacturers.

TM Lesnik garden tools are represented by electric and gasoline tools, including trimmers. Most lawnmowers of this brand are designed for domestic use. It is worth noting that many companies purchase devices from Lesnik for the improvement of parking areas, public places, etc.

Model range of gasoline trimmers and lawn mowers

Lesnik line of gasoline trimmers is represented by five models, differing in external (design) and internal (technical) characteristics.

Lesnik 254 trimmer

  • This is a small domestic model. The feature of the model is a curved boom, designed for safer and more comfortable work of the operator. The cutting element is a 2 mm thick fishing line. Cutting width is 38 cm, the model is designed to handle areas up to 900 square meters.
  • The heart of the device is a two-stroke gasoline engine. Additional features include:
  • electronic ignition system;

vibration damping mechanism;

simplified air filter replacement system.

  • Lesnik 304 Trimmer
  • Similar in functionality and technical characteristics to the previous model. The main differences are:
  • presence of a primer;
  • The possibility of adjusting the position of the handle, on this model, it has a J-shaped form;
  • straight collapsible pole;
  • engine power of 1.3 hp
  • the width of the line is increased (2.4 mm);

the possibility of using a knife with a blade;

the possibility of changing the gear lubricant.

Lesnik 304 trimmer is one of the company’s most popular gasoline mowers.

Motokosa Lesnik 305

The market of garden equipment offers buyers a wide range of available models of various equipment. Lesnik 305 trimmer is an inexpensive, lightweight household model. The device is recommended for mowing grass and small bushes. The engine power is 960 W, the volume of the fuel tank – 0,6 l.

Work Forester trimmer is best on small and medium-sized household plots. Due to the length of the boom, the width of the working surface is increased to 30 cm. The main feature of the model is a bicycle handle. In addition, the model 305 is equipped with an engine emergency stop system.

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Lesnik 334

More powerful than the previous model. Recommended for use on small and medium areas up to 1,000 square meters. During the work Lesnik 334 gains speed up to 9 000 revolutions per minute. Thanks to the ability to quickly dismantle the trimmer bar, it is easy to transport and store in areas with limited space.

Additional features include: the presence of vibration isolation, the ability to lubricate the gearbox, a simplified system for changing air filters.

Forester 335 brushcutter

Today this model is very rare as it has been installed. The essential difference from the previous model is the type of handle. Significant internal differences are not highlighted by buyers. At the moment, it is almost impossible to buy a new 335 benzocosa.

  1. Electric trimmer line
  2. Electric mowers from the manufacturer Forester are characterized by the small capacity of the devices and small dimensions. Many buyers prefer the products of this brand because of its low cost. The scope of the electric trimmer consists of several devices:
  3. Electric mower Lesnik E 105. Domestic, household model. The maximum output is 910 watts. As a cutting attachment, you can use a fishing line and a knife.
  4. Electric mower Lesnik E 115. A more powerful model (1.1 kW). For the convenience of longer use, the manufacturer offered a system of protection against overheating. Compared to the previous model, the 115 has a curved type of boom.
  5. Lesnik E 125 electric shore. In terms of technical properties, it is not inferior to the previous device. Among the improvements: the shape of the handle has been changed (became more comfortable and ergonomic). Improved external design. The cutting width reaches 35 cm.

Lesnik R 108 ELECOCOSA. In this device, the width of the working area reaches 40 cm, electricity – 1 kW. During operation, the speed reaches 11,000 revolutions per minute.

Electric mower Lesnik P 128 – 1,2 kW, D-shaped handle and folding boom-holder. The trimmer is designed to work on small and medium-sized areas. Due to the lack of a knife in the kit, it is not recommended to work with weeds and tall grass.

  1. Best Models
  2. It is extremely difficult to determine the most popular trimmer of this manufacturer. This is due to the fact that many products of this series have been withdrawn from production or their production has been suspended. At the same time, trimmers are in demand. Benzocosas include:
Husqvarna LC 356awd with full drive

Forester 305.

  1. Forester 304.
  2. These are compact benzos, which do not require additional maintenance, easy to use and wait. Replacing failed parts is extremely easy.

Forester E 105.

Forester P 108.

These trimmers are the most economical and functional. These two products provide a replacement for the fishing line with a blade that can be used to cut stronger grass. In terms of performance, they are optimal if you work in the suburban area.

  1. User’s Manual
  2. Before you work with the device, you need to read the user manual. This document is included with all products. The main points of the manual are:
  3. User safety.
  4. Installation and initial start-up of the trimmer.

Rules of maintenance and its periodicity.

The peculiarities of work with the product.

Before starting work make sure that all parts of the tool are intact and working properly. Next, the operator must wear protective clothing, goggles and headphones – this will ensure safe work with the trimmer.

During work it is recommended to monitor the quality of mowing and the degree of heat of the engine. After finishing work, it is recommended to inspect the equipment and replace faulty parts (if necessary).

Patriot Garden Patriot Garden Oil Super Synt 2T Engine Oil

When it comes to oil, the manufacturer recommends a two-stroke engine oil. If you need to replace parts that have failed, contact a Gardentraiding service center. You will find a list of service centers on the company’s official website.

  • Main malfunctions
  • Forester garden equipment is inexpensive, but it can be expensive to repair. One of the main problems that can occur during operation is a lack of ignition. Buyers notice this malfunction the first time they start the trimmer. The reasons for this breakdown can be:
  • failure of carburetor parts;

lack of responsibility;

Damaged ignition wire.

It is difficult to eliminate this breakdown on your own. The manufacturer recommends contacting a service center.

Among other things, the appearance of chips on the fuel tank lid, failure of the cutter mounting system. These malfunctions are easily eliminated by replacing the failed parts of the trimmer.

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Maryana, Nikolaev:

Lesnik bought a 304 trimmer in early spring. After 3 working days, after 30 minutes of charging it started. Sent it away for repair. After replacing the carburetor began to work well. The full tank lasts for 15-20 minutes, which is a minus for me.

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