For handheld tractors – model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews

For handheld tractors – model reviews, descriptions, owner reviews

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Evaluating the best engines for hand tractors (top 7) 2022

What is the best engine to choose for a hand-held tractor? Some of us are thinking about buying a mechanized helper. And some need to replace the engine due to wear and tear or breakdown. And then comes the excruciating time of choice.

The problem is that there are many manufacturers on the market with different models, so it can be difficult to make an informed decision. And you do not want to overpay, because many companies artificially inflate the price. From the article you will learn what worthy models you should pay attention to, their main parameters, characteristics and properties. All this will help you make the right choice.

What you should pay attention to when choosing

If a new hand tractor is purchased, then look at the following main characteristics:

Growing Marinovsky grapes

– Engine power. Measured in horsepower (PS). The minimum requirement is 6 – 6.5 hp; average – 9 – 12 hp; More than 12 hp This is already a powerful engine that fits even in a mini-tractor.

– Fuel on which the engine runs, gasoline or diesel. Gasoline models: faster starting; easier to operate; handles well at low temperatures; cheaper. Diesel models: lower fuel consumption; ability to withstand heavy loads; even at low rpm have high torque; have a large safety margin.

– It is good, when the cylinder liner is made of cast iron, and the crankshaft and connecting rod – of high-strength steel. Such specimens, of course, have a high service life and last longer.

– Check the engine oil level with a gauge. Its presence protects the engine from breakdown at insufficient quantity of oil. Even if you forget to check the level in time, the engine simply stops and won’t start.

– Additional options. Thanks to the presence of an electric light coil, you can, for example, connect a lamp to be able to work more comfortably in the dark.

If the engine needs to be replaced, then in addition to the above points, pay attention to two more:

  1. Fixture compatibility. This must be considered so that a new unit can be easily installed in place of a non-standard unit without repeating anything.
  2. output shaft. It is important to choose the size, diameter and type of connection, such as B. broken, this is necessary so that it will fit the gearbox already installed on your cultivator.

device characteristics

Internal combustion engines with the following parameters are mainly used for installation on tractors with a walking engine:

  • – single-cylinder four-stroke;
  • – horizontal position of the crankshaft;
  • – OHV valves upper arrangement;
  • – air cooling;
  • – gasoline or diesel variants;
  • – air filter;
  • – Manual or battery-powered electric starter;
  • – engine lubrication is carried out by splashing.
Compact tractor Rusich T224. Overview, features, equipment

Rating of the best engines for tractors walk behind

We’ve ranked the 7 best gadgets based on owners’ opinions to help you choose. The top 7 engines for walk-behind tractors include:

Gasoline variants that run on AI-92 fuel:

LIFAN 168F-2 D20.

Made in China. Excellent price-quality ratio. Has a capacity of 6.5 hp. Works quietly enough. Built-in Japanese carburetor. Lightweight weight of 16 kg. The price from 14 000 rubles. Lifan 168F-2 brackets fit the holes of most models of power tillers and power tillers supplied to the Russian market, including: Oka, Neva, Agat, Salyut, Avangard, Ugra, Mobil K, Motor Sich, Patriot, DDE and many others.

  • economical fuel consumption
  • Start-up in any conditions, adapted to the Russian winter
  • Oil level sensor to shut off engine at critical level
  • Screw cap helps prevent fuel leaks
  • runs quietly

Engine Agro 190F

Also made in China. Quite powerful 15 hp unit. Made by analogy with the LIFAN 190F engine, but noticeably wins in price. The price of 16000 rubles.

  • Good quality-price ratio
  • fuel consumption less than 2 l/h
  • easy cold start
  • high power
  • ideal for use and installation on professional heavy tractors, gasoline generators and snowmobiles


Developed by American inventors. Because of this, production was opened in China, and it turned out that the cost is significantly reduced. It has a power of 7 hp. The manufacturer gives a warranty of 2 years. The price of 13,000 rubles. With similar functionality there is a model from the German manufacturer Huter – GE 170f 20 7.0 hp, which costs a little more expensive.

  • lower price
  • high build quality
  • tank volume 3.6 liters.
  • quick start
  • does not stutter when working
  • according to the reviews, high vibration


Medium power version (9 hp) with low noise level and long service life. Originally from America, there is production in China. Price from 15900 rubles.

  • easy entry
  • economical enough fuel consumption
  • good power
  • tank volume 6,5 l
  • flawless operation
Potato harvesters and potato harvesters. Types, types, features.

Briggs & Stratton RS 950 Model 130000

Another example of engine manufacturers from the USA. With only 6.5 hp, it handles many tasks. As an option, a generator is installed. Price from 14000 rubles.

  • economical fuel consumption
  • durability
  • Country of Origin USA
  • quiet operation
  • Float-type carburetor – the fuel supply is stable, no problems with starting

Diesel versions:


The engine is designed and manufactured in China. Since it is a diesel model, there is still a lot of torque and pulling power, even with the claimed power of 6 hp. Price from 28500 rubles.

  • Reliable, economical and easy to use model
  • low noise
  • Upper valve position
  • Oil pressure sensor
  • Depending on the load changes the engine RPM is automatically controlled

Lifan C 192 Fd

Powerful 15 hp diesel model, production of which has been recently launched at Lifan factory. Has the balanced indices of traction and torque at low fuel consumption. The price from 42 000 rub.

  • It starts up quickly and softly.
  • Runs quietly enough.
  • copes with its task perfectly
  • Runs steadily, does not stall
  • 1 year warranty

So what engine to choose for the walk?

It is important to determine the range of tasks that the mechanism should perform. Start from the work on processing the land, it is the most complex, with the rest of the problems should not arise. Such an analysis of the possibilities will help to determine the choice, so:

  • – A light power tiller with a 6 hp engine will easily cope with the processing of 15 to 50 acres.
  • – The medium variant 9 – 12 hp will cope with an area of up to 1 hectare.
  • – A heavy unit with more than 12 hp can work on an area of up to 4 hectares.

After assessing your financial capabilities and information, you can safely make a purchase.

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