Folk Signs: September 7th – 20th

Folk signs about the weather for each day of September

The drier and warmer September is, the later winter comes.

When the month of September turns its sickle on its back, so to speak (first quarter), the weather will be sunny and warm for several days.

In September, when ants are running across the grassy tops, the snow is deep and winter is early, and when it’s down it’s going to be long.

September was dry and warm, resulting in a long autumn.

September is cold – next year the snow may melt faster than usual.

September 1

The weather on this day is usually warm and sunny.

The sunset is golden or pink – be good weather.

Rare clouds – to clear and cold weather.

The planet Venus is visible in autumn: in the morning – to a mild winter, in the evening – to a harsh one.

Atmospheric pressure is high and constant when the wind changes from southwest to northwest – to clear weather, without changing air temperature for 1-2 days.

September 2nd

The moon in a reddish circle faces the wind.

If in autumn the birch leaves turn yellow from above, then the coming spring will be early, and vice versa.

The sun goes down in the fog – to the rain.

The reed is sticky on the inside – for a long and severe winter.

The larch needles open slightly, so to speak, it seems wider, the groove in the middle is clearly visible – in clear weather.

September 3rd

The morning is gray – wait for the red day.

At sunset, the sky is covered with clouds from the north – to the winds.

Very high atmospheric pressure is slowly falling, and the wind changes direction from southwest to northwest – until the bucket, the temperature gradually rises over 2 days.

The south wind – to the heat, the east – to the bucket, the west – to the rain, the north – to the cold.

Pheasants seek shelter in the thicket – in bad weather.

September 4th

The Pleiades star cluster will disappear early in the fall – due to early snow.

The abundance of mushrooms in the forest indicates a lack of fish bites.

Fish do not bite in heavy cold rain.

Fish biting improves before a local thunderstorm and after it on a sunny day with a warm drizzle.

Predatory fish bite better before a cold snap.

5th September

Morning frosts often occur on this day.

If the trees bloom twice, then winter will last a long time.

The low air pressure is slowly decreasing and the wind is turning from south to south-west – it will clear up soon, the good weather will last for several days.

Peas bloomed in the beds – from a warm and long autumn.

The fog appeared in the early evening – to improve the weather.

September 6th

Rain promises a dry autumn and a good harvest for next year.

Clear at night – good weather.

The air temperature rises from sunrise to 2-3 p.m., and then falls until the next morning – in good weather.

Fog forms when the air temperature falls as the relative humidity increases.

7th of September

In the afternoon it rains continuously.

Click and crackle of the trees – to dry weather.

Crows suddenly caw, more often than usual and hoarse – before the rain.

The handle of the bucket of the constellation Ursa Major is directed upwards, the stars sparkle – to frost.

Char scurry along the walls of the aquarium – to the worsening of the weather.

September 8th

Hoarfrost on stacks – to the bucket.

Hoarfrost on trees – to frost, fog – to heat.

The sound of a woodpecker can be heard far away – towards the rain.

Jays fly early to warmer climes – soon to a cold snap.

The horse kicks out with its hind leg – in bad weather.

A decrease in air temperature during the fog leads to its intensification.

September 9th

A lot of acorns on oak – for a hard winter.

The pasture was covered with frost early – for a long winter.

The cat snorts – to bad weather.

The pigs are afraid, grunt, hide in a shelter or pigsty – from rain.

Clouds appear in clumps – the rain will be short-lived.

The high air pressure is slowly decreasing, the wind direction changes from south to south-east – 24 hours later it rains at the latest.

September 10

If there are a lot of nuts, but no mushrooms, then the winter will be harsh and snowy.

There is a lot of mountain ash in the forest – rainy autumn, and few – dry.

If the mountain ash is rich in fruit, then next summer will be rainy.

The red sky at sunset with the sun still relatively high – to bad weather.

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September 11

Cranes flew south – winter will come soon.

Snails close the shells of their shells early – soon the winter will make itself felt.

When the high atmospheric pressure drops rapidly and the wind changes direction from southwest to northwest, clear but cool weather will change to warmer weather with rain in 1-2 days.

The buds of a white water lily did not rise from the water at 7-8 in the morning – to a cold snap and prolonged rains.

12th September

The mesh spreads over the plants – to heat.

If the bees close the hive early, it will be an early winter.

The bees seal the entrance with wax – for the cold winter and vice versa.

The wind changes direction counterclockwise – the probability of morning frosts is small.

The marigold blossoms unfolded their crowns in the morning after 10 a.m. – for the rain.


Large anthills – for a harsh winter.

When the frogs start hiding deep in the water, it will soon get cold.

Light patches of cloud appear on the horizon over a crimson dawn, then thicken and intensify in the direction of a strong wind.

Dandelions bloom at this time – through a warm and long autumn.

The high atmospheric pressure is slowly decreasing and the wind is changing direction from southwest to northwest – it will rain in 24-36 hours.


The weather is usually sunny and relatively warm during the period from September 14th to 21st, known as Indian Summer.

If the first day of Indian summer is clear, then autumn is full.

Indian summer is rainy – autumn is dry.

Lots of cobwebs for Indian summer – for a clear and cold autumn.


Clouds descend and float low – to bad weather.

The wind intensifies in the evening, changing direction counterclockwise – to bad weather.

Air pressure increases – to cloudy weather without precipitation.

The mole drags a lot of straw into the holes – for a cold winter.

Waxwings fly early to warmer climes – to an early cold snap.

16th September

The daytime wind usually weakens in the evening.

Morning fog – in clear and dry weather.

A lot of cones hang on the fir trees – for a warm winter.

At the transition from the full moon to the new moon (for damage), a circle forms around the moon – for the impending storm.

17th of September

After the rain, it dried off quickly – leading to long-lasting bad weather.

The rain that started at dawn will end around noon.

Clouds move in several layers on top of each other – up to changing weather with little precipitation and subsequent cooling.

The char races up and down in the aquarium, left and right – for the impending storm.


Before sunrise, the clouds are red – against wind and rain.

Vegetable and flower bulbs have a thin skin – for a mild winter.

Clouds that cover the sky after a long period of bad weather pull down like a veil – to dry and clear weather.

Goats suddenly began to hide under a canopy on a clear day or rushed home from the pasture – to a sharp deterioration in the weather.


Morning frosts usually occur on this day.

The young moon was blurred and “littered” – for the bad weather.

The web flies at sunset in autumn – at night to frost.

Blue clouds in the evening – to change the weather.

The leaves on the upper branches of birches have been preserved for a long time by green when they have been flown out of the lower branches for a long time – until early winter and fertile spring.

September 20th

Birds fly low – in the cold winter, high to warm.

Late sheet falls in cherries – for warm and damp winter.

Fir cones grew low – up to early frosts, high to late.

Ludgles performed in herds during a long dry season – they expect a lengthy bad badger.

21st September

It is strict to be winter when the bird went on departure.

If the rabbit wool washing, winter will come soon.

The abundance of pine cones – until the harvest of spring, peas and cucumbers next year.

The flowers of the field nails compressed, they faded the word before.

September 22nd

If wild geese convert herds, the stars do not fly south for a long time, then the fall becomes long and leads.

If the rabbit does not pour for the winter for a long time, the cold is still far away.

Early sheet case in Willow – to an ambulance.

Wild animals are fed early – for the fast start of the cold winter.

September 23rd

A weak fur for the game is a sign of a soft winter.

Many rabbits – for a hard winter.

The rabbit is not clean, but like in stains – for the dirty winter.

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The old stump was shot – to the rain.

The traffic jam in an empty barrel started fixed – with the bad weather.

The sky seems high – for the bucket.

September 24th

Moles make big reserves – until hard and sno w-covered winter.

If the cat has narrow pupils – the atmospheric pressure is low, if wide – high.

The seagulls turn up in heaven – until the windy weather.

Many mushrooms – there will be a lot of snow and vice versa.

25th of September

When the field mice moved into the village, wait for the cold winter.

When it rains, the clouds are flat – too long bad weather.

The wind does not swear by the evening and changes its direction in accordance with the movement of the sun – to the approach of cyclone and bad weather.

September 26th

When the chickens begin to melt early in autumn, winter is warm.

Bubbles were created in the trenches on the water and there was a gurgling – to the weather.

When the chickens melt out of the head, get ready for the hard winter.

The wind changed the direction from the east to the western – to early rain.

September 27th

On this day there are often small morning frosts.

The west wind blows several days in a row – until the bad weather.

A reddish circle near the moon at sunrise, soon disappears – the clear and dry weather.

The cranes fly high, slow and smoking – in the warm autumn.

September 28th

The Meise squeakes – it sends winter.

If there is a lot of fat in badger and rabbits, winter is long and cold and vice versa.

Cranes flew away – after 3 weeks the first real frosts were waiting.

A multicolored crown around the moon against the background of almost invisible thin clouds promises rain after 1-2 days.

September 29th

Swan flies against the wind – get ready for a hurricane.

Squirrels make large stocks on nuts – in the cold winter.

Squirrel scales from top to bottom – on putrefaction.

The walls in the house or in the apartment are wetter than usual – for the bad weather.

Field mouse bearing the grass stock outside of their nors – to the warm winter.

If the moles do not heat their holes in autumn, the warm winter is expected.

30. September

The Finch flies – to the cold.

If the hedgehog has its own hiding place in the middle of the forest, winter will be cold.

The cat is washed – there will be no rain.

Squirrel scales from bottom to top – for a strong winter.

Cold water supply pipes in a city apartment were covered with a condensate – until bad weather.

Correspondences and signs for September

September is the first month of autumn, which has always had a special meaning for our ancestors. Often a wonderful time fell during this time – the old woman summer, who gave a person the opportunity to sunbathe in the last rays of sunshine before the really strict winter comes. Nevertheless, you could clearly see how the weather changed. Due to these observations, a special folk calendar was created in which all signs for September are collected.

Correspondences and signs for September

Correspondences and signs for September

The most famous signs

Before you continue with the description of the September calendar, you should talk about general characters that apply regardless of day and date of the autumn month.

  • If a thunderstorm is often heard in the first autumn month, wait for a warm October and November
  • If it is practically not raining in September, you shouldn’t wait for winter soon
  • If an Indian falls in the first quarter of the month, say that September has turned the sickle on its back, then the winter will be snowy
  • If you notice ants on the lawn, you can expect a snowy winter, it will come in November
  • If the whole month is warm, you can expect a mild, warm autumn
  • When autumn starts with cold weather, a warm spring will change the cold faster than usual

Sign for the first decade of September

We continue with the description of the signs of September regarding data, starting with the first date of autumn – September 1st, this date is currently with the end of the holidays for children and the beginning of a new school year.

September 1

This day was referred to in the vernacular. It is not uncommon for the beginning of autumn to be accompanied by sunny and warm weather. What signs for September are there:

  • If you see a bright sunset on September 1st, which is wrapped in pink or gold flowers, the weather will be warm all the month. If practically no clouds are in the sky or they are rare, the autumn weather will fall, the harvests will be rich.
  • When the planet Venus can be seen in the sky, this indicates certain weather conditions. If this happened in the morning – winter promises to be mild, when at night – wait for a hard winter. When the wind often changes direction, the weather in winter becomes as changeable.
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September 2nd

People call 2.09 Samoilov day. Let us find out which characters are valid today:

  • If the moon has a reddish color – expect strong gusts of wind tomorrow
  • If the yellowing of the leaves on the birch takes place from top to bottom, spring comes early, otherwise they are waiting for a lengthy spring
  • If the sunset takes place in the fog, it will rain heavily tomorrow
  • Pay attention to how the reed grows. If the stem is a bit sticky inside, winter won’t go back long
  • If the vegetation looks based on the larch, the weather is clear for a long time

September 3rd

This date is called Thaddeus the Preacher in popular references. Here is a list of the signs that are in force today:

  • When the morning is cloudy, the day is certainly nice.
  • If the sunset is accompanied by northern clouds, the weather becomes windy
  • If the wind blows from the West, there will be a strong change in the weather conditions
  • When air masses move from the north, there is an early cold
  • There is a sign for September that is connected to pheasants when the bird tries to find shelter – you can expect bad weather tomorrow.

September 4th

September 4 is the day of Agathon Ogumennik.

  • When the stars can be seen in the sky on September 4th, the first snow falls in autumn
  • If a large number of mushrooms have grown in the forest, you shouldn’t expect good fishing
  • When a September morning starts with a torrential downpour, don’t go fishing tomorrow
  • When the evening of September 4 ends with a thunderstorm, you have to fish the next day, a good catch awaits you.

5th September

This date of the folk calendar is called Lupa Cowberry, usually the first frosts appear on the floor from year to year.

  • When trees bloom on September 5, for example on lilac or apple trees, they expect a long winter
  • If peas in her garden suddenly bloomed, this is a sign that autumn will be long and warm.
  • In the case of dense fog in the evening, an early weather turnaround can be expected.

September 6th

On the day of EUTYCHES The Pacific, usually every September 6th, there is complete calm, not a single sheet fluctuates on the trees.

  • If the morning of June 9th. A good harvest year is to be expected with drizzle
  • When stars can be seen in the sky at night, the weather remains clear for a few more days
  • If the temperature is not too different at night and day, winter will be without snow
  • If September 6th is accompanied by fog, you can expect a bad harvest.

7th of September

The date in the popular calendar had a different name – Titus Leaf Fall, since the active waste of leaves from the trees began at that time.

  • When it rains in the afternoon, it often rains in autumn
  • If you hear the trees in the forest clearly crack, the weather will stay dry for a long time.
  • If crows give a sharp, intermittent noise, you expect a period of continuing downpour

Pay attention to the night sky when the Ursa Major constellation is clearly visible – frost is just around the corner.

September 8th

Specht knocks on the rain

The woodpecker knocks on the rain

The day of Natalia Ovsyannitsa and Andrian Autumn, the date is also wrapped in a variety of traditions, superstitions, beliefs and signs for September.

  • If you manage to hear a woodpecker in the distance, it will rain
  • When migratory birds move south that day, it is a sign that it will be very cold in the near future.
  • If a horse keeps hitting the hoof on the floor, it is a sign that bad news is waiting for you
  • If there is thick fog outside – await a good harvest

September 9th

Pimen’s Day, at that time you can also predict how the weather will be in the near future and throughout the calendar year.

  • When many acorns have grown on an oak, winter promises to be unusually cold.
  • When frost is on the pasture in the morning, winter will also be hard.
  • When a cat is in the house, pay attention to your behavior when she snorts, bad weather comes from which you cannot hide
  • If the pigs try not to leave the pigsty today, it rains with a thunderstorm
  • When autumn clouds look like cotton floor in the sky, it is worth waiting for sunny rain

September 10

The folk calendar calls this date the day of Anna and Savva Skirdnikov.

  • Go into the forest, see if there are many mushrooms on the floor, whether there are few or none at all – expect a very cold winter
  • If there is a lot of wheels, the rest of the autumn will be rainy
  • If the sunset in the evening has been painted red, you will not like the weather with sunny days.
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Second September decade

September 11

September 11th is the day of Lent. If the cranes fly that day, winter is at the door

  • If the snails close the shutters on the mussels in mi d-September, the winter becomes snowy and windy
  • If the wind often changes direction in the course of September 11th, you expect a rainy October
  • If you live near a lake, make sure when water lilies appear out of the water. If this happens after 10 a.m., the season of continuing rains comes.

12th September

The date is named after Alexander Sytgnik.

  • If the plants are firmly wrapped in cobwebs, it stays warm for a long time.
  • In the event in which the bees have already sealed beehives at the time, there will be a very hard sno w-covered winter
  • If the direction of the air masses is replaced clockwise, the first frost should not be expected in the near future
  • When the autumn flowers turned into the sun to the sun, wait for the rain.


On September 13, people are referred to as a skull.

  • If the ants have built high Anthills – the winter will be very cold
  • When the frogs try to hide deeper than usual – wait for quick cooling
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September 14th

September 14 – The end of the second week of September is called the day of the seeds, often often Babier begins every year, so there is a clear sunny weather on the street, but this is a sign that the rest of the autumn is very windy . Among other things, he will take over on September 14th, we can note the following:

  • If Babier has already finished or has not yet started at this time – autumn will be dry
  • If the network densely involved in low plants – winter is soft and loving.

September 15th

Mamontia Day, this name corresponds to September 15th in the popular calendar and believe in September. Among other things, he will compete on September 15, we can notice the following:

  • Make sure how strong the wind on this day, when there is impulses and the creation, are waiting for bad weather in the near future
  • If the mole has already started to prepare for the winter and to pull straw into the murmur – a sign that winter is already preparing to be positioned
  • When wandering birds bought in herds and fly south, winter will be bad.

Dome are a good day, this name corresponds to the date described. September has already crossed the middle, which could not influence the weather conditions because the nights are colder and the sun is not so warm.

  • In the event when you noticed a large number of bowling on conifers, the beginning of winter is pretty warm and soft
  • If the full moon is waiting for bad weather in the night of September 16. Incidentally, complete moon nights are a great time for the assets that young girls in lucky numbers on a narrowed bastard often use.

17th of September

Degree promises a rich harvest

Degree promises a rich harvest

On September 17, it will be named in the popular calendar – an unopened culin, as a rule this September date is accompanied by a long rain with the wind.

  • If the precipitation has been lived briefly, the harvest will not like this year
  • К ° on
  • When a cuckoo in the forest can be heard on the morning of September 17th, a joyful event will take place in the family. If the cuckoo had the opportunity to hear an unmarried girl – soon she will marry when it was a married woman, the child will soon wait.

September 18th

The day of Zakharia and Elizabeth on September 18 was common to connect a variety of rites and rituals with white magic. As usual, women, no knives for Zachariah and Elizabeth, tried to take scissors and other sharp objects in their hands, as this was considered a bad sign.

  • If the onion is covered with thin bowl – winter is not too hard
  • К ° on
  • If the cattle are grazing, the weather conditions change to the bad.

September 19th

19.09 – This is the Mikhailov day according to old beliefs and traditions, today it was impossible to do hard work. It was advisable to move the cleaning and cooking the next day or do all things in advance. According to Custom, Mikhailov is a cool day, frosts can form on the basis of.

  • When the new moon on September 19 – wait for trouble
  • When the morning wind fluctuates on the Internet – wait for the frosty night
  • If the clouds are painted light blue, the weather changes
  • If there are many green trees on the street, spring will be early and warm.
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September 20th

09.20 – This is a holiday that, in the opinion and traditions, is common to designate the day of the Bows – it was necessary to eat onions today so that happiness and happiness were on your side.

  • If birds usually fly on September 20, there will be a lot of snow in November
  • If there are still leaves on the cherry – the winter period is raw and warm
  • If the spruce cones grow very low, you are waiting for frosts at the end of September.

The third decade of September

21st September

On this day it is common to read the Christmas of the blessed Virgin Mary. In addition, the date is involved in many folk signs that relate to the weather change.

  • If rabbits change the color of the wool at this point, it means that the real winter does not come long to come
  • Many cones for spruces suggest that a good harvest is expected from spring harvest and also eat cucumber and peas
  • If autumn consecrate massively that day, it will rain heavily at night.

September 22nd

According to the national calendar of Anna and Akim, the name of this day will also take on the day of the equinocto when the duration of the day is the same.

  • If the stars have not yet flown away until 09.09, autumn promises to be windy and cold
  • If the color of the rabbit has not changed – winter will not come soon
  • In this case, when the leaves fall off the trees on September 22nd, wheat will hate
  • If the forest animals are massively fed, winter accepts its rights in advance.

September 23rd

09/23 – Pauls Tag and Peter Ryabinnikov. The list will be accepted on September 23 as follows:

  • If at this point hunter notice that the playing edge is not too fluffy, winter promises to be soft
  • If there are places on the rabbit fur, winter will be hard
  • The presence of moss on old stumps suggests that winter plants will be well defined
  • If there is a high sky for a strong wind for 2-3 days.

September 24th

At Fedorina Vesper, it is worth arranging a family meal. Make sure which side the wind is blowing during the increase. If the air movement occurs from the south to north, this means warming. When the western wind came, the weather will be incredible.

It is worth arranging a family meal on Fedorina Vesper

People were referred to at the Fedorine evening, in the evening they tried to collect the whole family at a hearty dinner that had their degree in the drinking house wine.

  • On September 24, moles wear straws in the nerz – winter threatens to be cold
  • Pay attention to the eyes of the cat: wide students – the pressure of the atmosphere is high and vice versa
  • When many mushrooms grew in the forest, the sno w-covered winter will come
  • When the birds rave in the sky, turn and it is the warming.

25th of September

September 25 is called Artamon as a snake that people try to spend this day at home, as they often feel weakness and discomfort.

  • If it rains on September 25th – wait for trouble
  • If a strong wind blows all day long, it is not possible to harvest a rich harvest.

September 26th

  • К ода в 26 числа массово начинаеPratt
  • When bubbles appear on the puddles when bubbles, bad weather comes
  • In case the rain is rain 26.09 – wait for warming.

September 27th

On this day, the Orthodox church vacation is celebrated, people go massively with families to church. We will find out what the list will look like on September 27:

  • Make sure which side the wind blows during the survey. If the air movement occurs from the south to north, this means warming. When the western wind came, the weather will be incredible.
  • When the moon forms around the moon at night, they are waiting for dry warm weather in the near future.
  • The presence of cranes in the sky indicates that there will be warm autumn, but not long.

September 28th

The day of the worship of Nikita Guyatnik. Which characters are valid on September 28? If you can hear the squeaking of the tits at this point – consider this as the first bell of the approaching winter, and it promises to be hard and long.

If the cranes are switched off on this date – in one month the winter will enter legal rights, the earth is covered with a thick layer of snow.

September 29th

According to the Folk calendar, the name on September 29 will be a bird bone. Among the signs for September 29th, as well as

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