Folk Signs: September 1 – September 6 September 6

People’s signs on September 5th and 6th, 2022: Bans today, what can and cannot be done? Folk calendar Lup Brusniknik, Evtihiy Tikhiy

On Monday, September 5, 2022, the Orthodox Church venerates the memory of Lupp Solunsky, who was a faithful servant of the great martyr Dmitry Solunsky.

People’s calendar of holidays on September 5, 2022

Lupp lived at the end of the 3rd century. – Early 4th century He was present at the death of his master. With the blood of a great martyr he rejuvenated his clothes and took a ring from his hand.

Luppe on behalf of Dmitry Solunsky made many miracles in Solunya. For the fact that he broke pagan idols, he was persecuted by the pagans, but the saint remained unassigned. He voluntarily surrendered to the tormentors and was cut off by a sword on the orders of Emperor Maximian.

Since that time, the first frosts usually begin in the northern regions. People said, “Luken Frosts sit on oats, lingonberries are appreciated.” Saint Luppa was represented by a strong red secret man who walks on the ground and slaps pawns on the back on September 5th.

By this time Lingonberry was asleep and Oats reached the field. Women and children went to the forest to collect berries, which many housewives urinated for the winter. Warm lingon berries were used as a side dish, fillings for pies and pancakes, or dessert (added honey or sugar).

The lingon berries were sorted out, washed with cold water, poured into wooden barrels in enameled or glass bowls and poured with chilled boiled water. Water should completely cover the berries. A circle was placed on top, closed with clean linen matter and a heavy object placed.

They poured lingon berries with a brine with a syrup. For 1 liter of water you need to take 1 tsp. salt and 100 g of sugar. Water must be boiled and cooled. You can add apples, cinnamon or pepper to Lingonberries. They stored moist lingonberries in a cool place.

Our ancestors’ favorite drink was Lingonberry Water. The berries collected on a berry beam brusnic were placed in a barrel, poured with key or spring water and cleaned in a cellar. By December, Lingonberry Water was ready.

In modern conditions, berries can be covered with a three-jar for two dozes and pour water to the edges (preferably for spring). Everyone can get 1.5 liters of Lingonberry water.

The healers that day collected the roots and leaves of lingonberries, which were used as anti-inflammatory and disinfectant inflammatory agents.

People’s signs on September 5, 2022

  • Cranes flew south – to early winter.
  • Thunder on this day – with warm autumn and cold winter.
  • When winter comes early in the morning frost.
  • No Frosts – September will be warm.
  • The leaves “face” fall to the ground – to the soft and warm winter. If the “face” to the sky, then the winter months will be cold.
  • When the cranes fly low to the ground, winter is late and warm.
  • The cranes fly quickly, and do not call in flight – to the weather.
  • Brunik has matured – it’s time to collect oats.

It is also important that on this day I dreamed:

  • soap – to loss or change of work;
  • mustard – to receive bad news;
  • find money – to poverty;
  • Husband – to problems.

What can and cannot be done on September 5, 2022?

what can be done

  • Lupa cranberry is recommended to do the usual things. Everything should run according to a preconceived plan – calm and without incident.
  • This is a cheap day for marriage and the establishment of a family – the association becomes strong and harmonious.
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What is not to be done

  • The most important thing that cannot be done on September 5, the day of the Lupa Cowberry, is to eat fresh cranberries, because signals promise to those who have eaten in love relationships.
  • But today it is recommended to cook cakes, compotes, jelly from cranberries and grind with sugar, on the contrary, it is recommended because this berry gives everyone who eats them today, strength, joy and happiness.
  • You cannot take the money you find. They have to be thrown into a pond with running water.
  • If you do this ritual, there will soon be a lot more money – a new prestigious job will appear, there will be a promotion, an inheritance will be preserved or a lon g-term big guilt will be repaid.
  • You can’t help an old man in the forest, especially not someone looking for a basket, because it can be Leshy who deliberately accepts the appearance of an older man.
  • The forest spirit leads the hiker into the thicket and enchants the paths so that you can never find it back.
  • It is not recommended to enter disputes on the day of cranberry motion, since energy vampires deliberately get people into conflicts at that time in order to pump all the forces out of the soul and body.
  • Creaming beards should not be cut in men and ponies in women, as this can lead to an embarrassing situation that others will remember for a very long time.
  • On the day of Lupa Lingonberry, you cannot buy jewelry for yourself, since such a purchase can cause problems and symptoms today.
  • A bracelet bought on September 5 promises a long illness, a ring – a serious argument with a soul mate who can end relationships, earrings – gossip and unfair allegations and a chain – a meeting with an obsessive person.
  • It is forbidden to step into the mud today, otherwise you have to face dangerous situations that day.
  • Therefore, signs recommend the dirty place on September 5, especially if he met on the way in the morning or before an important matter.

A person born on September 5 has incredible intuitive skills. This enables him to avoid trouble and to be successful in many activities. He should wear opal.

Folk holiday calendar for September 6, 2022

On Tuesday, September 6, 2022, the Orthodox Church worshiped the memory of Hieromartyr Euthius, who was a student of Johannes to the theologian and came from Sebastia from Palestine. EUTYCHES lived in the 1st – early 2nd century. He was not counted among the 70 apostles, but he received the name of an apostle for his work. The older apostles made him a bishop.

When Eustichius heard a sermon about the Errter, he initially became a disciple of Johannes to the theologian and later preached together with the Apostle Paul in different countries. The holy endured many agony: he was tortured by hunger, thrown into the fire, his body was carved with iron and eaten by wild animals. Once a huge lion was lowered to the saint who spoke in a human voice and praised the creator. The sacred martyr ended his journey in his hometown, where he was beheaded with a sword at the beginning of the 2nd century.

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Another September 6th is the day of celebrations in honor of the parsyons of Our Lady. The icon was painted by St. Peter, Metropolitan of Kyiv and all of Russia, when he was abbot to the Ratsky monastery in Wolhynia.

The saint then gave this picture Maxim, Metropolitan of Kyiv and all of Russia when he visited the Ratu monastery. After the death of metropolitan Maxim, Igumen Gerontius took the icon, which decided to go to Constantinople for ordination. A strong storm broke out during his trip by the sea. At night the abbot was the mother of God and said that a holy dignity would not be placed on him, but on the one who wrote her picture. In fact, the St. Peter was actually delivered by the metropolises.

“Euthychius – Quiet Dawns” – this day was called in the old days. It starts later and the days are getting shorter. After the popular tradition, dawn warns everyone who goes alone in the forest on September 6th. “Therefore, they didn’t go into the forest in the forest, they were afraid to lose themselves or meet with Leshim.

It is assumed that impure power is activated on this day. Through her servants – the soul of suicides or people who died of alcoholism or violent death – she attracts a person in a forest thicket in a seashy in a river whirlpool. This day is very dangerous. People tried not to go far from home, they were guarded by a forest echo, red flowers, cemetery and swamp lights.

According to legend, the troubled souls of the suicides turn in red flowers or in wandering lights, and the one who hears the forest will soon die terrible death. They were also afraid to look at the rising sun so as not to cause misfortune. This day is better at home to spend in a quiet and safe environment.

Folk signs on September 6, 2022

  • The rain that day is to dry an autumn and a good harvest next year.
  • Black clouds closed the sun – to cool down.
  • Strong wind on September 6th – unfortunately.
  • People who work hard on this day or are in places in a large number of people should wear laundry clothing. This matter has positive energy and will help restore the strength faster.
  • To see a red flower in the forest or a hiking light – to problems.
  • When a sick person sees the deceased relatives that day, he will soon die.
  • Burn or cut on September 6th – unfortunately.
  • Listen to the cry of glove stone – too rain and cooling.
  • Many acorns – in the cold winter.

What can and what can not be done on September 6, 2022?

what can be done

  • Usually, people went on a quiet hunt on September 6th – for mushrooms.
  • They believed that when the night is clear, it promises good weather. And the rain during the day predicted a good harvest for the next year.
  • In the modern world, signs simply recommend listening to calm music, seeing an interesting film without making disputes and scandalous dialogues.
  • On the day of Euthykhia, it is recommended to earn conspiracies for money, happiness and prosperity with the help of fallen leaves and especially conspiratorial water. It is believed that such a rite will “function” all autumn.
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What is not to be done

  • Most folk signs are reminiscent of what cannot be done on September 6th, Euthychius of the Pacific, associated with idle discussion, argument and gossip.
  • The fact is that today, according to the public calendar, a different name has a calm dawn, and they have to behave peacefully, calmly and without defamation and criticism of a person.
  • People are assumed that defamation and incontinence of emotions can bring great accidents today that allow themselves such behavior.
  • So our ancestors tried to spend the day of Evichia calmly and measured, and in the evening they gathered at home, where they told each other interesting stories and sang peaceful songs.
  • You cannot contemplate the dawn and the rising sun. After the admission that disobey the ban, could soon become blind. Therefore, on this day even windows should be closed so as not to accidentally see the heavenly luminary.
  • On the day of Evtichia the calm one cannot follow the wandering lights that are usually seen at the edge of the forest. These are the souls of people who did not die their death, wander and lure into impenetrable thickets of gullible travelers, there to ruin them.
  • A bad sign is seen as a red flower or hearing an echo in the forest. According to beliefs, this is a great misfortune or even death. Therefore, knowledgeable people say that on the day of euthychia tikhoy it is better not to go to the forest.
  • They cannot perform love rites. They can not only not bring benefits, but also spoil the already established relationship.
  • It is not recommended to be in places with large crowds of people on September 6, as you can attract negative energy to yourself.
  • If you cannot avoid such a situation, then you need to put linen things on yourself. First, no negativity can harm, and secondly, linen clothing from linen will help restore the forces spent during communication with others.
  • You must be very careful not to accidentally burn or injure yourself. Otherwise, sad news about a close relative may come in the near future.

A person born on September 6 has an easy character, optimism and kindness. As a talisman, Halzedon suits him.

Folk Signs: September 1 – September 6 September 6

Today, September 1, is associated with Knowledge Day, but earlier in Russia this day was at the beginning of the New Year, and sometimes when it came to beets. They said the Fekla City woman came to harvest. The day was named after Thekla and Agapy, who suffered at the hands of the pagans because of their Christian faith. The accusations for this hour were very heavy, and the punishment is cruel – they were thrown into a cage with wild animals.

The signs were predicted for the collected beet crop that the winter would not be boomy and not cold. People rejoiced at the opportunity to diversify their dishes, as they prepared a huge number of different treats from beets. She lay perfectly in the cellars and kept in herself a lot of useful vitamins and trace elements. The healers recommended applying beets to sore eyes, and if the tooth got sick, the roots of beets had to be fixed.

By the day of Thekla City, they tried to end all trade affairs. Farmers were actively preparing for the winter, dried flax and URO hemp. Due to the deterioration of weather conditions, women gathered in houses and were common works. For example, they twirled, embroidered, embroidered and, of course, entertained. The main sign was determining the amount of harvest according to the weather. They said “If the wind is south, then the harvest of oats will be rich”, “Those born on September 1 should grow up with a wise person.”

Birthdays: Fekla, Timofey, Andrey, Nikolai.

September 2nd

According to the legend of September 2, the assumption of the southern wind sends the last warm greetings. The first September days were clear, but cool, so that the leaves fell from the trees. The Orthodox Church honored the memory of the Prophet Samuel, who defended the poor and oppressed during his lifetime. Even after his death, people pray for redemption and protection and ask even after good weather, to end all things in the field and garden in front of the rain. The name Samuel is translated as “heard by God”. And that is because Samuel managed to send many pagans into the Christian faith, and when the Philistines attacked his people, he made hope of redemption and prompted them to fight for his freedom.

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In Russia, Samuel was considered a defender of the men. He gave them strength, health and sel f-confidence. On September 2, men honored everyone and tried to feed the most delicious dishes. The owner of the house should be a son and be satisfied. At that time mushrooms grew in the forest, so that they were cooked and added to various dishes. Potatoes with mushrooms were particularly popular. For example, the following were attributed: “The crane in the sky is slowly flying, it means a warm autumn”, “it was a lot of mountain ash, so autumn will be rainy.”

Birthdays: Alexander, Stepan, Fedor, Ivan, Maxim, Leo.

September 3rd

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of Faddeus, which was one of the 70 apostles that were not one of the next apostles. Thaddeus was baptized in the water of the Jordan river and later met Jesus himself and became his student. After the death of Christ, he speech and tried to convert as many people into Christianity as possible. Miracles contributed to strengthening people’s faith. Even the prince Avra, who was healed after the meeting with the apostle of leprosy, took over Christianity.

The farmers were removed on Faddea. On this day, too, they worshiped the memory of the martyr Vassa of Alon or Vasilisa. There was a saying: “Baba Vasilisa takes care of Linas.” In order to properly prepare the flax, it was first pressed and laid out on the meadows so that excess moisture came out. This contributed to the softening of flax and its flexibility. Then it was collected and prepared for the production of clothing. Evening women spent the evenings of someone in the house.

Popular signs: “If the weather was good that day, the whole month will be the same”, “people who were born on September 3rd. “”

Birthdays: Alexander, Fade, Ignat, Martha, Pavel.

September 4th

In the night of Agaphon of the cucumber, people went to protect the hay. To scare the goblin, they put on their clothes on the inside, took the poker and guard the shock. If you manage to appease the goblin, he helps a person. People believed that the goblin was a man who was poorly dressed and tried to dress to confuse the real goblin. They had nothing against the goblin because it was assumed that it was a good ghost who sometimes spoiled himself. They believed that he would help to get out of the forest, to protect the economy of good people and, on the contrary, punish evil.

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Those who saw the goblin said that his bast shoes were mixed in places and the red sash was bound to his belt. When a bad person hits him in the forest, he will confuse him with the unit and not find the street at home. And on the contrary, the good is brought out of the hearing forest. According to the signs, autumn is solar when the day is sunny. “If there are many nuts, but there is little fungus, then the winter is covered with snow.”

Birthdays: Ariadne, Mikhail, Vasily, Gabriel, Ivan, Alexei.

5th September

Usually by September 5, cranberries and lingonberries kept up with the tag with the nickname of Luppa Brusnichnik, who was previously the slave of Dmitry Solunsky. After the death of the owner, Luppa took a bloody robe and a bloody ring, which subsequently helped him work miracles. Luppa preached Christianity and was persecuted and tormented by the pagans, but he did not renounce his faith.

And he was nicknamed Lingonberry because everyone was collecting Lingonberries that day. Often the berries were searched in swamps and in the forests, collected in baskets, and then cooked sweets, boiled compotes and jam. Brusnika has useful healing properties, so farmers collect them as much as possible. Tea was brewed from its leaves, which helped well in treating the liver and intestines. Lingonberries determined the degree of ripening of the oats by maturity. When the berries are juicy and bulky, it’s time to remove oats. The signs said: “If there are no frosts in the morning, September will be warm”, “If the oats are not collected, the crop will die of frost”, “If the cranes fly silently, wait for trouble.”

Birthdays: Fedor, Ivan, Nikolai, Pavel.

September 6th

On this day the Church honors the memory of the martyr Evtichia, who was a disciple of Saint Paul the Apostle and John the Theologian. Euthychius was not close to the matter, but made a significant contribution to the formation of the views of the pagan peoples on Christianity. He went with John the Theologian to preach, then began to travel with Paul. The pagans subjected him to multiple torments: they burned the body with red iron, tortured, starved, but he still remained faithful to Christianity.

The farmers worked in the fields and collected flax. Women and children went into the forest to get berries and mushrooms. They said: “If Etichiy is calm, there will be a lot of flax.” The weather was decided: “If it is rain to euthychia, then autumn is warm.” The beloved female lesson in the evenings was to gather at someone’s house and sing songs and embroider at the same time.

Another sign: if the tit screams, the cold will come soon. “” There are many acorns, then the winter will be hard and long. “

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