Folk Signs: August 16-24

Folk Signs: August 16-24

People became raspberry or hazel. The Orthodox Church prays on this day for the Novgorod miracle worker Anthony Roman, whose years of life are 1067-1147. Anthony was born in Rome in a family of Orthodox Christians. Orphaned at the age of 18, he decided to get a haircut in monks. Years later he moved to Novgorod and built a monastery with the help of Bishop Nikita. He spent money on the monastery from his meager property. Anthony prayed for a long time that the Lord would open the Russian language for him and after a while he would not need a translator.

Strong winds began on August 16, so the day was also called Anton-Vikhrevay. According to the note, if rain started with the wind, autumn should have been cold and rainy. On this day, raspberries and bird cherry that were just ripening were collected. Wild cherry berries are very useful and have powerful strengthening properties. It was added to decoctions and consumed to purify blood, normalize the intestines, and remove toxins from the body.

The signs were popular: “If a strong wind with a hurricane, then there will be a lot of snow in winter”, “The wind is warm – the sound is soft and snowy”, “To see the bear – fortunately”.

August 17th

The Orthodox Church honored the memory of the great martyr Evdokia or Avdotia who lived in the 4th century. She came from a noble Roman family, but became a prisoner of the Persian king Sapor. Subsequently, Evdokia was tormented by converting many Persian women to the Christian faith. Evdokia was subjected to brutal torture to give up her belief, but she stupidly withstood it all.

August 17 people celebrated the day of avdoty-senogenic, raspberries and cucumbers. In the north of Russia by this time cucumbers, gathering and closing for the winter, had a nursery. If you don’t collect them that day, they will become crumbly and bitter. The numerous rains that emanated from this soil were destructive to sloped hay. Therefore, the owners carefully hid him in barns. Raspberries actively gathered, from which the gaps for the winter were made. They collected not only berries, but also leaves, since the content of vitamin C in them is much higher. The leaves were dried, and then thrown into therapeutic decoctions to boost immunity and reduce temperature.

By August 17, people rated the weather in November: “If it’s warm and clear now, November will be the same.” There were other signs too: “If it’s hot during the day, then Len will be embarrassed.

Birthdays: Irina, Andrey, Denis, Evdokia, Kuzma, Ivan, Iya.

18th of August

On this day, the Orthodox Church prays for the glory of St. Eustignei, who, according to ancient traditions, saw a cross made of stars in the night sky. This was a sign promising victory in all battles under the command of Evstignei. After the campaigns, he returned to his native country until his death, dying at 110, praying.

Harvest began, in which everyone was made in silence so as not to awaken the evil spirits. But on the road in the field and from the field they sang songs. Before people searched for a “living womb,” this is a stalk with multiple ears. It was carefully pruned and the grains were stored until next year, then in the spring to throw the first into the ground. This was a good harvest.

The housewives knead rye bread from the first mow. On this day there was a tradition of eating bread with onions and salt and drinking kwas. There was strength, energy and health. Bundle of light bulbs were hung around the house to clean the air. The youth carried out a ceremony: at sunset they went out into the field and called louder. If it was long and loud, the weather will remain good. If it was close and quickly subsided, it will rain soon.

Birthdays: Daria, Evstigneya, Kristina, Ivan, Efim, Maria.


The Orthodox Church celebrates the transfiguration of the Lord of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. The day of the apple savers was called among humans, as the active collecting of apples began, from which many delicious dishes were prepared. Before eating, apples were absolutely illuminated in the church and before the last piece a wish was expressed that would come true.

The end of summer is in mi d-August, so the farmers were actively preparing for autumn and winter. We tried to collect the entire harvest and make preparations. All fruits of the new harvest are consecrated to the faithful in the temple. In the Second Spas it was common to cook delicious dishes from apples and treat the arms and children. Apple Saviour almost falls on the dormition, so there was no meat on the table. In the evening, meetings were held for a fire together. The girls sang songs, said goodbye to the summer, danced rounds and combed their hair with combs of apple trees. Numerous fairs that took place that day were loud and happy.

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There were signs for this day: “To get to heaven, you have to eat a consecrated apple” “Before you eat apples, you have to treat someone” “If you eat apples with honey, your health is excellent.”

Birthdays: Nonna, Khristina, Mikhail, Makar, Arkhip.

20th of August

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of Saint Marina and Pimen of the caves. Pimen was a child with poor health and one day asked his parents to bring him to the Kiev cave monastery. There he asked the Lord to extend his agony and decided to take the veil as a monk. Thanks to Pimen’s constant prayer, the gentleman had pity with him and helped him get well again. Pimen did all of his affairs, said goodbye to everyone and died 3 days later.

Marin lived in the 3rd century and was also a martyr because he was executed by Heiden by leaving her head. Be sure to bake cakes and cakes with raspberry fulfillment that day. So you said goodbye to the summer and the raspberry harvest was also over. On the basis of the signs, they determined what type of autumn it would be: “If the storks prepare for the departure, autumn will be cold”, “If the fog dissolves quickly in the morning, the weather will be good”, “If you have a stork If you meet and have money in your pocket, then wealth and happiness, and if empty bags, then losses.

Birthdays: Alexander, Peter, Mikhail, Anton, Mitrofan, Athanasius.

August 21st

Among the people, the day in Myron was named the Vetrogon because the winds began to blow very strongly. People said: “Myrons Vetrogons drive dust through the air and moan.” It was also assumed that Shishi, small, malignant creatures that looked like figures, hid in the whirled dust. Shishi go badly, but they hide in dust vertebrae and plunge into humans to powder their eyes. In addition, people were afraid of Stepovoy, who did not hide on the side of the road, but went through the steppe. If someone got into such a wind vortex, they could forget his way home. Therefore, people left their houses without a good reason. And the strength of the wind was determined by weather taps. They said: “Vetrogon drives dust across the wide world, cries through the red summer.”

Minor was a friendly and reactio n-fast person in the Orthodox Church. They told such a legend that the thieves as landowners climbed into his barn and started to endure grain, and not only did he not go away, but also helped to endure everything. The thieves were ashamed and everything returned and then believed in Christ and accepted tonsur. This was the first miracle that Miron created.

Miron’s ancestors collected a blackberry that is characterized by useful properties. Above all, high temperature and cold help. Pastil, jam, jam were prepared from it.

Birthdays: German, Emelyan, Joseph, Miron, Fedor.

August 22nd

The people called Matveev Day, and in the Orthodox Church they honored the memory of St. Matrix, who was a student of Jesus and later became one of the 12 apostles. Matthew became 12m apostle after the draw. Different rumors make his death. According to one version, he was crucified on the cross, and they threw stones on the other.

According to the convictions of the simple people, rumors went to the fact that the cow should not be released on the day of Matvey, otherwise snakes would be attached to their udder and all milk sucked. The farmers very much appreciated this animal because the cow was a nurse in the family. That is why many characters are connected to it. For example, on August 22nd, it is impossible to milk the cow alone because you can take the perfume or put a shadow on a chair or a stand so that milk does not disappear.

Pruning orchids step by step

Among the signs there were those who plan the weather: “When the water looks at the water at noon and it is calm, autumn is warm and winter is soft and not cold.”

Birthdays: Makar, Yakov, Alexey, Grigory, Julian, Mark, Anton, Maria.

August 23rd

Tikhonya Lavrenty was something like a weather dating in Russia and especially a successful fishing. The men were looking forward to his arrival to determine whether it would be fishing or not. When the water was quiet, autumn becomes warm and calm, a good hook. And when the waves ran through the water and the lambs, fishing does not work and the rest of the summer and autumn will be cold and windy.

No wonder on August 23, they called Lavrenty Tikhone, because it was usually always calm that day and fishing was good. The fish was fried and baked and dried and salted.

On this day, the Orthodox Church prayed for the memory of St. Lawrence, which treated for diseases and evil eye. There were rumors that he treated painful eyes and the blind saw after his touch. Lavrenty gave the poor all church blessings and told the emperor that the real treasures of the temple were a lot of beggars. Then he was tortured.

Among the signs for this day we came to ourselves: “If August 23 is warm, autumn will also be warm”, “rains and warm, then fishing will be successful.”

Birthdays: Roman, Vyacheslav, Lavrenty, Athanasius.

August 24th

There are rumors among people that Obskure light in the cemetery, ghosts and noise, whistling and howling begin on the night of the martyr Evpla. And after a while there is a white horse that seems to look for something. Loud Legend, where the white horse goes, there was a battle, and when the Russian army almost fell, the hero appeared on a white horse and won all enemies, but he died of wounds and the horse was driven into the swamps. Since then, the horse has come out every year and searches for its master. There was a faith among the people to appease the spirits of the dead, it was necessary to leave a laundry and water on the bottom of the tub in the bathroom so that they could wash and be fun.

The Orthodox Church honors the memory of the holy martyr Evpla, who constantly went with the gospel and read the sermons, and the pagans grabbed him and entertained his numerous torture. But EPPLE did not stop reading the sermon during the execution, so he was executed.

People started cutting the sheep on EVPLA because the wool had grown enough at that time. And then the craftsmen did felt boots, knitted warm things. There were popular signs that predicted the weather: “If the fog is in the reservoir in the morning, I will be good days”, “If it rains in the morning, the bad weather takes a long time”, “when the wind stopped Blowing, then good days will come. “

Birthdays: Mark, Alexander, Fedor, Martin, Maxim, Maria.

Folk signs on August 23, 2022: The most important bans today, what can and cannot be done? People’s calendar Lavtrentiev Day, Evpatiy Kolovrat

On Tuesday, August 23, 2022, the Orthodox Church worshiped the memory of Lavrenty of the Roman, the Archdeacon of the Roman Christian Community, which was executed during the persecution of Emperor Valerian.

People’s calendar of the holidays on August 23, 2022

The saint came from the city of Osk in Tarrakon Spain, was a student of the Archdiacon of Sixa. When the six 257 Roman bishop became, Lavrenty deacons were ordained. He was entrusted with the care of the poor and the supervision of the property of the church.

Many bishops and priests were executed during the persecution of 258. Sikst became one of the first victims of persecution. He was executed on August 6th. Lavrenty met him when the bishop led to the execution. He asked Sikst to take him with him, but replied that he was an old man and would go to an easy death, and Lavrenty will be more serious exams. He asked to sell all church treasures and to distribute them to the arms and persecuted Christians.

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After the execution of Bishop Lavrenty, he was thrown into prison, where he healed the sick, performed miracles and transformed many into Christianity. Roman perfection called for the saint to give the state to the state. After three days, Lavrenty distributed almost all of the church property to the arms. On the third day he came together with a lot of arm, sick and mediu m-sized perfection and said: “Here are the real treasures of the church.” For these words, the archive eiaton that is exposed to brutal torture. After he refused to bow to the pagan gods, he was submitted alive on an iron grille, under which hot coals were used. Lavrenty Roman died on August 10, 258

The people of the holy martyr was seen as a healer of eye diseases. On this day they pray for insights.

Prayer to St. Lawrence for the healing of the eye

They prayed to St. Lawrence to remove damage and the evil eye.

The people of August 23 were referred to for the morning and evening dawn by Scarlet Morning and Evening Lavrenty Zoretnik. Every day the water in the rivers becomes colder.

Our ancestors did not bathe in reservoirs at this time, but the weather was determined by water:

  • When the water in the lake or river is quiet after lunch at Lavrentia, the fall is warm and there is no snow storms before winter.
  • If there is heavy heat or it rains, the fall gets wet and boring.

In the morning the girls went to spring to wash themselves with spring water. It was assumed that this would give them beauty and health. The dew that fell on that day is considered a healing.

Interpretation of dreams from August 22nd to 23rd

Dreams during this time come true for twelve years. It is also important that you dreamed:

  • Fuchs – at prices;
  • Colon movements – to prosperity;
  • Jäger – to a love adventure;
  • Run from the animal away – to the wedding;
  • Tighten stockings – go to the hospital;
  • Gnaw carrots – lack of money;
  • Acne on the face – for the guests;
  • Refusion – to benefit or live a wel l-fed life;
  • Listen to laugh – slander;
  • Drink juice – to tempt;
  • bad weather – to the rumors of a dead;
  • Car – to the street;
  • BLACKING SUN – Fortunately.

Sign for August 23, 2022

  • If the weather is warm and rainy, fishing will be successful.
  • There are no waves on the water – autumn is getting warm and winter is mild.
  • Waves on the water – for the cold autumn and hard winter.
  • There are small waves on the water – August and September will be rainy and windy.
  • Many acorns – the next year will be fruitful.
  • The birds calmed down – to the rain.
  • Roule in the morning – winter is getting cold early and cold.
  • Linden leaves began to color yellow from below – to a rich harvest of winter fruits.

Do’s and Don’ts August 23, 2022

What can be done

  • Lawrence was considered a healer of eye diseases among people, and therefore they prayed to him for insight and protection against the evil eye. It was common to go into the forest to pray for healing and they rubbed their eyes with Morgentau to wash off all diseases.
  • The day is favorable for trips, pilgrimage trips, excursions from the city and business trips, the removal of vows and the removal of swarms.
  • At Laurentian Day you have to collect acorns and make long pearls. It is recommended to wear them when the first signs of a cold and to carry them during the day, then the disease goes back immediately.
  • Spring water is recommended for washing girls. She will give you beauty and health.

What is not to be done

  • On August 23, the Laurian day, bedridden patients should not be washed with clear water, as they may never get out of bed again.
  • If the patient is washed with spring water on the Laurian day, there is a great chance of recovery.
  • According to the sign, you shouldn’t run in the rope that has healing properties today that help to get rid of joint pain.
  • If you trampled the dew with shoes, you can not only get problems with the joints, but also make your chronic diseases worse.
  • It is not recommended to express your plans for the future at Laurentian Day. They never realize themselves. Today it is better to remain silent about it, even if you really want to share it with your loved ones.
  • You can’t be lazy. Nonsensical pastime can lead to negative consequences – problems at work, financial difficulties, argument with others.
  • Therefore, the Laurian Day is not recommended to watch entertainment films, sitting in social networks and computer games.
  • On August 23, it is impossible to collect nuts. If you disregard this ban, you have to live in poverty and hunger all year round.

A person born on August 23 was to wear selenit. Its color is pink.

Folk holiday calendar for August 24, 2022

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, the Orthodox Church honored the memory of Euplas, an early Christian saint, Hieromartyr, Archdeacon. It served in the church of the city of Catania on the island of Sicily. The saint suffered from the emperor Maximian and Diocletian in 304 during the great persecution. He was tortured and beheaded for preaching.

The Holy Martyr is the patron saint of the cities of Francavilla, Catania and Trevico. A church in the city of Etna is dedicated to him. He was very worshiped in Russia. In 1471 a wooden church was built in Moscow in honor of the archdeacon Evpla. Zar Alexei Michailowitsch replaced it in 1657 with a stone. In memory of the saints, a majestic thre e-story building was built in the 18th century, which was destroyed in 1926.

On this day, too, the memory of the martyr Theodorus and Basil of the caves, who worked in the nearby caves of Kyiv in the 11th century. Theodore gave all his wealth, pulled back into a monastery and lived in the Varangian cave. He spent many years in strict abstinence, but then he began to mourn the distributed fortune. Saint Basil, who lived with him in his cell, could comfort him.

When the Holy Basilius was absent for three months and obeyed outside the monastery, Theodore appeared a demon in the form of his friend and showed the robbers where the treasures were hidden in the cave. The monk found a treasure and decided to leave the monastery to acquire an estate and live in the world, but at that time the Holy Basilius returned and the demonic deception was unveiled. In order to free himself from the passion of money love, the Mönch Theodore put a millstone in his place and grinded grain at night.

Prince Mstislav Svyatopolkovich learned that the monk Theodore had found many treasures in a cave and ordered him to point out the place where they were hidden. Theodore replied to the prince that he had really found a lot of gold, but he buried the valuables together with Vasily, and God took his memory and now he didn’t remember where they were hidden.

The prince did not believe the saint and ordered to torture him to death. Theodore was beaten hard and then hung up over a fire. Then Mstislav Svyatopolkovich, St. Basil to torture, and later he killed him with an arrow. Before his death, Vasily threw an arrow at the prince’s feet and predicted his death through the arrow. The prophecy of the martyr fulfilled: On July 15, 1099, during the internet war, the prince was hit by an arrow to the chest and died the next night. Mstislav Svyatopolkovich said before his death: “I die for the venerable martyrs Theodore and Basil.”

They pray to the St. Basil and Theodore for exemption from greed, greed and money love.

Also on August 24th, EVPATY KOLOVRAT’s day is celebrated annually. That was the name of the famous hero, governor and Bojaren, who was born in the city of Rjasan and lived there. This brave warrior became famous for the fact that he persecuted the enemies during the invasion of the Mongolian troops in Rjasan (approx. 1237–1238) and defeated the rebel of the cavalry. As a result, however, Evpatiy fell into an unequal struggle. Nevertheless, the memory of him in Russia is still retained.

People called the date of August 24, the white horse, and all of this because, according to legend, at night of Eupla, spirits walk, howling, whistle and songs. A white horse jumps out of the swamp, cries complaining and runs over the graves.

During the day they also tried to avoid swampy areas because “miracles” happen in the swamp: “Songs can be heard, but nobody is there.” You can meet a ghostly horse looking for his rider. The person he noticed will carry him into the underworld.

In swamps and cemeteries, hiking lights shine on this day. They believed that the souls were released from suicide, drowned and people who died an unnatural death. You are not allowed to go to heaven or hell. And you have to hike among people. Especially from them got drinkers, who they appear with their own eyes and were able to scare. Therefore, you cannot drink alcohol on August 24th. You shouldn’t fish and go to water because. Drowned people can be pulled into the water.

On this day sheep were shorn so that they could grow in front of the cold weather. People said: “Vasily gives sheep.” Wool was processed: felt boots were made from felt for the winter and warm clothes were knitted from yarn.

At this point, Sea Buckthorn matures, so everyone went to their collection. She was grilled, dried and made jam out of it. This solar berry has many useful properties. It improves the metabolism, slows down the aging process, relieves inflammation and helps with wound healing. It is used in the treatment of stomach ulcers and intestines, gastritis, heart disease and various skin diseases.

Folk signs for August 24, 2022

  • When the stars shine heavily at dawn, it will rain in a few days.
  • Smoke crawls on the floor from the fire – to the rain.
  • Many nuts and few mushrooms – for cold and sno w-covered winter.
  • Lampled Weather – for heating.
  • If the sun is shining bright, there will be practically no rain in September.
  • In the morning the fog crawls over the water – the next week is warm.
  • If it rains at sunrise, the bad weather takes a few more days.

What can and what can not be done on August 24, 2022?

What can be done

  • It was believed that the Saints Theodore and Vasily patronized the care of domestic animals that day.
  • Men were recommended on August 24 to cut the sheep so that they could form new wool before the start of the cold weather. It was assumed that the warmest felt boots were won out of wool that were sent at that time.
  • Women were advised to comb out cats and dogs and to produce belts, talismans and amulets from the collected wool.

What is not to be done

  • On the day of Fedor and Vasily on August 24th it is forbidden to go to the cemetery.
  • There you can meet a white horse that runs in search of his rider around the graves who can go into the underworld that dares to stand in his way.
  • It is not worth going to the swamps on the day of Fedor and Vasily, as the souls drowned, suicides or those who did not die that day died there.
  • You cannot come to paradise or in hell in any way, hike between humans and frighten them very hard to stutter.
  • You cannot drink alcoholic beverages because a person who is in a state of poisoning can come into evil spirits and bring them to purgatory. And beforehand, dark powers can bring drunk to madness.
  • It is not recommended to go fishing a day. Brightening can pull the fisherman into the water. For this reason, our ancestors did not go to reservoirs that day.
  • You cannot cut the sheep with new scissors today, otherwise it will not grow up on the cold with thick wool.
  • August 24th cannot be thrown by the combed wool of cats and dogs. Married women can make different amulets from her. Girls should not be accepted for this work.
  • It is forbidden to light candles in the church in the church on the day of Fedor and Vasily.
  • It is believed that your flame can bring problems and accidents – disputes of relatives, spouses, poverty, hunger as well as betrayal and deception of relatives.

A person born on August 24 receives a gift for the treatment of animals. As a talisman, he was to be worn by Alexandrite.

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