Folk signs: August 1 – 5

Folk signs for August 4th and 5th, 2022: The most important prohibitions today, what is allowed and what is not? People’s calendar Maria Yagodnitsa, Trofim Bessonnik

On Thursday, August 4, 2022, the Orthodox Church honors the memory of the Christian saint, a follower of Jesus Christ – Mary Magdalene.

People’s calendar for August 4, 2022

She was from the city of Magdala. The nickname Magdalene is considered geographical. This Christian saint is the most mysterious and enigmatic figure. She has been the subject of many myths and theories throughout church history. Mary was present at Christ’s crucifixion and at the empty tomb on the morning of his resurrection.

There is no information in the Bible that Mary was a whore. She is only mentioned once as a demon-possessed woman. The Orthodox Church does not identify Mary with the sinner of the gospel. She is worshiped exclusively as an apostle-like saint from whom demons were cast out.

In the Catholic Church, Magdalena acquired the traits of a penitent whore. Its main attribute was a vessel with incense. According to Catholic tradition, a woman made a living by fornicating, but when she met Christ, she left the craft and followed him. At Bethany she washed Jesus’ feet with ointment and dried them with her hair.

In the folk calendar, this date received the following names:

  • Marya Suroviza;
  • Marya Yagodnitsa;
  • Marin’s day;
  • Mary is an expert;
  • myrrh-bearing
  • dew window.

Girls prayed to St. Magdalene that day to give them unearthly beauty. Other methods were used besides prayers. In the morning the fair sex collected dew in silver bowls, with which they then washed. It was believed that “silver dew” would give the skin a healthy appearance and a beautiful glow. They also made face masks from berries (raspberries, currants, gooseberries, etc.) and herbal lotions.

However, dew on Marya was considered beneficial only for the skin of the face, but for plants and cattle, according to our ancestors, it was deadly. So the farmers went out into the garden early in the morning and shook the dew off the plants. Cattle were not brought into the fields that day due to fears that grazing would result in the death of the animals.

It was believed that cattle eating meadow grass on St. Mary’s Day would get sick and even die.

Abundant dew was considered a real disaster in places where flax was grown. People said:

“When there is heavy dew on Marya, there is flax, sulphur, and braids.”

If the weather is rainy you cannot work in the field as lightning can kill. When something needed to be done urgently, they prayed to Mary Magdalene and asked for her intercession.

At that time, the berries were ripening in the forests and people went to pick them. The berries were harvested for the winter. Compotes and jams were cooked from it.

The sun usually shines brightly on Marin’s day. The hostesses tried to illuminate their apartment with the “Marya Light”. The curtains were removed from the windows and washed, the windows were washed. The net was swept with a birch broom left over from the Trinity.

On August 4, gardeners are advised to dig up and dry flower bulbs.

Folk signs for August 4, 2022

  • Frogs stay on the water – in dry weather, and when they croak or sit on land – in inclement weather.
  • A thunderstorm on this day indicates a rich grain harvest.
  • The rolled thunder – to the extent.
  • The spiders hid – to the rain.
  • If there are many snails in the garden, the weather will be raw in the coming days.
  • Chickens go in the courtyard during the rain- to heat.
  • When honey mushrooms have appeared, there are small mushrooms in autumn.
  • Fog at dawn – for a sunny day.
  • Sleep from August 3rd to 4th prophesies. He warns of danger. You can’t talk about what you dreamed of.

What can and what can not be done on August 4, 2022?

What can be done

  • August 4th was the day of the meeting. It was assumed that most berries have to be assembled today and have to make headlines: jam, compota.
  • On the day of Maria Berry, with the exception of spaces for the winter, it is necessary to prepare cakes from the collected berries with which neighbors and friends can be treated. If you do this, the family will live in saturation and prosperity all year round.
  • In addition to the berries, Tew was collected. According to legends, she had healing properties for girls, so that they went out early in the morning, gathered them in silver dishes and then washed them.
  • Rosom had to wash and ask Mary Magdalena to give unprecedented beauty.

What can not be done

  • On the day of Maria Berry, on August 4, you cannot work in the garden.
  • Our ancestors have not forgotten that such a work on this day applies a great sin for which the saint can punish: he will find hail or lightning on the sinner.
  • You cannot sweep the web with an ordinary broom or a rag. It is necessary to only use birch brooms or branches according to the trinity, then there will always be peace, prosperity and prosperity in the house.
  • In the early morning it is not recommended to take cattle on the grazing. According to the old belief, today’s dew in morning is harmful to animals and can destroy them.
  • It is impossible on August 4 to put mouse parts in a barn or a basement or to put a poison for the extermination of rodents, since the courtyard may be offended.
  • On the day of Maria Berry, it is not recommended to bring cattle to grazing in the morning. According to the old belief, today’s dew in morning is harmful to animals and can destroy them.

Women born on August 4 are good stickers. As a talisman, they should be worn by Diamond.

People’s calendar for August 5, 2022

On Friday, August 5, 2022, the Orthodox Church worshiped the memory of Trofim, Theophilus and with them 13 holy martyrs who suffered from the emperor Diocletian. At the trial, they refused to sacrifice the idols and stood Christians.

After brutal torture, in which the martyrs were killed by the legs, they were thrown into the fire, but with God’s help they came out of the fire and began to glorify Christ even more. The tormentors realized that they were unable to break the will of the Holy Confessor, so they were beheaded.

The folk name of this date:

  • Trofim;
  • Trofimov day;
  • Trofim insomnik;
  • Kalinniki painting;
  • Suffer.

The people in St. Trofim were described as insomnia because on August 5 there was no time to rest because this is a time of intensive agricultural work. Our ancestors were concerned that the work would not be. When the weather was good, they got up to dawn and went on the field. The August harvest was in full swing:

The farmers remembered that it was impossible to work at lunchtime, because field perfumes – half days that symbolize a solar bubbles fly across the field. They were represented in the form of girls with long hair in white clothes or in the form of an old woman. People who work at noon were able to punish lunch. At that time they always went home to eat and relax a little.

On Trofim, the girls picked raspberries and viburnum berries and made cakes from them. Kalinka-Malinki was celebrated in the villages. The berries of viburnum and raspberries were considered difficult by people: they believed that if you taste raspberries, you will be intoxicated with love, and if you bite viburnum, you will be tormented by love.

In Russia, viburnum has always been valued for its healing properties. Medicines and medicines were made from it. Not only berries have useful properties, but also flowers, seeds and bark of the plant. Kalina is used to treat diseases of the heart and blood vessels, digestive and respiratory systems. With the help of berries, they treat colds and fight inflammatory processes. They contain a lot of vitamins A and C, as well as other useful substances. Kalina is used as a diuretic and tonic. The infusion of flowers can cure skin diseases.

Girls who wished they didn’t end up with guys washed themselves with viburnum juice in the morning. But to chop viburnum branches on this day is a great misfortune.

No less useful are raspberries, which are used in the fight against colds. The berry contains a lot of vitamin C. It has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to improve appetite and normalize the functioning of the digestive tract, strengthen blood vessels.

Eating a raw viburnum berry that day is a failure on the love front. Therefore, until autumn, they preferred to eat it in processed form. If you dream of reciprocity in love, then you should try raspberries.

Lonely boys on Trofim are not allowed to go into the forest. It was believed that on this day mermaids dance and woe to those who catch their attention. They can make you sick or tickle you to death.

Dream Interpretation of August 4-5

A dream of August 4th to 5th will soon come true. The probability of fulfillment is particularly high for the birthdays of the day.

It is also important that you dreamed:

  • Taurus – the suffering will be protracted, and the year will turn out to be lean;
  • Bread, especially stale bread – to quarrels and troubles;
  • sore eyes – to an unpleasant meeting;
  • madness – to shame;
  • the ocean – to threats from the authorities;
  • drive the herd – get rich;
  • coffin – for long life;
  • Wormwood – alas;
  • snail – to a calm and measured life;
  • a full jug – for a feast;
  • make beds – to death;
  • dig the earth – for money;
  • stomp insects – to foot disease;
  • Doctor or nurse – for good health.

Folk signs for August 5, 2022

  • On this day you can not sleep long and be lazy, otherwise you will not have time to do anything.
  • In the evening, fog creeps onto the ground – to the heat.
  • There are many stars in the sky – it will rain in a few days.
  • Owl screams loudly – to a cold snap.
  • If the spider directs its web north, it will soon be colder, and if it goes south, the warming will come.
  • At dawn the stars are twinkling brightly – in a few days it will start to rain.

Do’s and Don’ts August 5, 2022

What can be done

  • Girls in Russia tried to wash themselves with water with viburnum – then luck awaited them.
  • This day is ideal for new achievements and beginnings. You can tackle difficult things confidently – luck is on the side of the decisive ones.
  • In the evening it is good to gather close and dear people for a celebratory dinner, while the main course should be a berry pie. The more snowball and raspberries in it, the sweeter the life of the homeowners will be.
  • Play weddings and woo today – for a strong love and a long union.

What can not be done

  • On the day of Trofim Bessonnik on August 5, you cannot do useless work, since such work will bring only problems with money and problems with communication.
  • However, it is not recommended to play around on this day, as Trofim treats idlers with resentment and can punish idleness by sending sickness and misfortune upon the idlers.
  • You can’t sleep for a long time. For those who like to soak in bed, the saint sends financial difficulties and insomnia. Therefore, set an alarm clock and spend the day as productively as possible.
  • Daytime naps are also forbidden. If you do not follow the ban, you will not be able to sleep for three nights – fears will torment you, bad dreams will appear.
  • Therefore, even those who work nights or are very tired should not lie down. It’s better to come up with some sort of distracting activity that will drive away the desire to poke around for an hour or two during the day.
  • It is not recommended to work in the field at noon, since at this time noon appear – field spirits, due to which people suffer sunstroke.
  • Therefore, at that time our ancestors hid in the shade or even went home only in the late afternoon to start work again.
  • Married men should in no case eat berries offered by other people’s wives or girls, otherwise they will get tipsy from love for the person who treated them or be completely exhausted from hot feelings for them.
  • It is impossible to cut viburnum branches on the day of Trofim Insomniac. Those who do not obey the prohibition will bring great trouble and misfortune upon themselves.
  • Mistresses who prepare jam on August 5 should not be given to anyone to try, otherwise all is lost.

People born on August 5 are very much in love. Poplar patronizes them. In difficult times you need to go to a tree and hug it or sit under its crowns. This will help you pull yourself together and find a way out of this situation. As a talisman, people who appeared on August 5 should wear topaz.

Folk signs: August 1 – 5

The first day of August in Russia was marked by the memory of the monk Mokrina of Cappadocia, or as common people called him Macrina. A sign was associated with this day, according to which the amount of precipitation in the fall was determined. “If Macrina is wet, autumn will be wet,” they said among the people. Lots of rain on the first day of August heralded a rainy early autumn. However, this was considered a good thing, since heavy rains promised a large crop of rye and nuts.

“When it rains on Macrina, rye will give birth well,” so even when there was no sign of precipitation, the women began to sing ritual songs calling for rain, or, as they said at the time, “macrinas were made.” If a girl had a birthday on that day, she became Macrina, she was beautifully dressed and brought ears of rye, which she had to take to the river and ask for rain from the sky. And if August 1 rained from the morning, then the girls born on this day should not go out, so that the earth is not flooded. If fluff flew from the aspens that day, it means that autumn was coming soon.

Birthdays: Dmitry, Roman, Grigory, Stepan.

August 2nd

On August 2, Ilyin’s Day was celebrated, and it was believed that autumn had begun, although according to the calendar there was still a month before that. The days were getting shorter, the nights colder, and the heat that had been there before was gradually fading. Although it wasn’t cold yet, people stopped swimming in rivers and lakes. They said: “Ilya the Prophet threw an ice cube into the water”, “It is summer for Ilya before lunch, and then autumn begins.”

On this day the first bread from the new wheat harvest was baked. Nobody went to work because it was considered a great sin. Everyone celebrated the new harvest and ate bread. It was considered an interesting sign not to let cats and dogs into the house because, according to legend, they could bring lightning into the cottage. To appease the gods, people would put bread with salt and various goodies on the sill and throw it into the river in the evening. It was believed that if this were not done, bad weather would set in which would destroy the crops.

The ancestors also looked at the weather that day. If it was cloudy in the morning, sowing was early, if it was cloudy in the afternoon, it was medium, if clouds covered the sky in the evening, sowing was late. The beekeepers have cleaned the beehives and trimmed the first combs.

Name day: Ilya, Kuzma, Fedor, Athanasius, Efim, Konstantin, Alexei, George, Alexander.

3rd August

For the Orthodox Church, this day was considered special as it honored the memory of the monk Onufry of the Caves. It was a monk who lived in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra in the 12th century, and today his relics are kept there. According to legend, Onufry kept silent and kept a vow of silence, so people tried to talk less that day.

Also on this day they called St. Simeon, who is rumored to have spent more than 37 years in uninterrupted prayer and fasting. He had the gift of healing mental and physical wounds, so people came to him from all over the world.

August 3 was considered the day to pay attention to the safety of grain. The barns were checked, cleaned and dried to prevent the grain from spoiling in winter. The most important sign was checking the dew in the morning, if a lot fell out, then the flax harvest was bad.

The protective flower of all those born on August 3rd is the sunflower. These people are goal oriented and always achieve what they want.

Birthdays: Anna, Roman, Ivan, Peter, Semyon.

4th of August

This day was named in honor of Mary the Butterfly and the Sweet Lady. It was believed that if you pick berries on this day, you can reap a great harvest of blueberries, black and red currants. Housewives tried to make more jams and compotes for the winter. Although the day itself was considered dangerous because people were afraid of being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. “You can’t work in the field or the lightning will kill you,” said the ancestors. But at the same time, a thunderstorm on the day of Mary Yagodnitsa boded well. People said that a thunderstorm would hit Mary, then there would be a lot of hay.

It was believed that the morning dew that fell on this day could cure diseases and bring health and beauty to young girls and women. But a large amount of dew portended a poor flax harvest, leaving weavers and seamstresses unemployed. Cattle in the rope were not put out to pasture for fear of their death.

5th of August

On this day they paid tribute to all the holy martyrs who suffered for their faith and died in the 3rd-4th centuries. century were persecuted by Rome. In addition, August 5 was Trofim Bessonik’s day, and among the people there were signs: “If you sleep long, you will sleep well”, “A good owner is missing a whole day”.

In addition, this day was dedicated to berry picking and was called Kalinniki-Malinniki Day. From viburnum and raspberries they made various preparations, jams, dried and sweetened. It was believed that on this day the berries acquire their taste and usefulness.

Healers brewed their potions from the viburnum’s bark, which they then used to treat convulsions, nervous disorders, and to stop the blood on wounds. Berries helped well with vitamin deficiencies, indigestion, and had a diuretic effect. The flowers were used to treat diseases and skin conditions. Viburnum jam turned out like jam, thick and jelly-like.

Raspberry has an antipyretic effect, antiseptic and diaphoretic properties, so it was actively used for colds and to reduce high fever. On August 5, a sign read: “If the stars burn brightly at dawn, then it will soon rain.”

Birthdays: Vitaly, Mikhail, Andrey, Trofim, Anna.

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