Folk Sign: October 6-16

Folk Sign: October 6-16

Iraidin’s day falls on October 6th and they call it controversial because anyone could solve their problems and get out of all difficulties in life if they performed all actions according to their beliefs. It was necessary to go to the confluence of two rivers and collect a cup of water from each, then take it home and watch. If the first empty cup comes from a larger river, then the problem will pass. And if from another, then they felt sorry for the person, but tried to avoid him, so as not to catch misfortune.

The Orthodox Church celebrated the day of Holy Martyr Iraida the Disputed, but not because she likes to talk, but because the weather was changeable and unstable that day. If it was still warm yesterday, it could be significantly colder today. Next to Iraida, they prayed to John the Baptist, who was asked for mercy. Among the people, John the Baptist was known by another name – the Forerunner. He was the prophet who foretold the coming of Christ and then performed the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan.

Folk signs said: “If there are few mushrooms, then winter will be cold”, “Weeds have grown tall, so winter will be snowy.” People born on this day could become successful craftsmen working with clay.

Birthdays: Andrey, Ivan, Innokenty, Raisa.

October 7th

The days are passing faster and the nights are getting longer, the day of Thekla Zarevnitsa has come – it’s time to burn the dry grass. The threshing of the grain begins, so ovens are heated around the clock in the barns to dry the sheaves quickly. This is a dangerous business, because through negligence you can easily not only burn down the barn, but also lose the harvest. And when it spreads to homes, it’s generally a disaster. Therefore, only experienced people were entrusted with heating the furnaces. The youth also took over science, but they watched over their actions and instructed them if necessary.

Divination was popular with girls trying to figure out their future. The unmarried ones were particularly interesting. At night they left a cake in the open window. If he wasn’t there in the morning, a girl will get married, and if nobody took him away, then go to the girls for a whole year. Last time people went to the forest to pick mushrooms because the cold came and they stopped growing. They did not take children because they were afraid of evil spirits that began to rage with the advent of cold weather.

According to folk signs, it was necessary to shoot on this day to call luck. If there are many acorns on the oak, then the next year will be fruitful. We also looked at the weather, when the thunder rumbles, then winter won’t be cold.

Birthdays: Sergey, David, Spiridon, Pavel.

8th October

According to signs, snow should fall after 40 days from October 8th. On Sergius of Radonezh, according to custom, everyone chopped cabbages and slaughtered chickens to sell. This saint was considered the patron saint of poultry, and there were many beliefs in this regard. Chicken broth was considered an excellent remedy after diseases. Almost like a drug. Before going to the fields, they always drank chicken broth to give them strength.

Many peasants believed that it was on Sergius that it was necessary to chop cabbage, because if you do it before it will turn sour. The whole family was engaged in this profession. Children cleaned the carrots, and the older family members cut them with cabbages. Delicious bread tortillas also baked on the cabbage leaf. Before sending to the hearth, they read a prayer, asked for prosperity and winter well, and then buried the first pie in the bed, where cabbage should grow.

The Orthodox Church honors the memory of Sergius of Radonezh, the country’s greatest employee. At the age of 23 he cut into monks and once managed to return to child life. What amount of suffering and sick was hoping to find health. According to popular signs, they look at the weather, if the snow fell dry, next summer will be warm. By October 8, they tried the weather on April 8 next year.

Birthdays: Euphrosyne, Maxim, Roman, Pavel, German.

9th October

One of the most awaited days of the year is the day of John the Theologian, who was considered a mentor in an icon shop and the patron saint of painters. The Church especially honors his memory as he is called God’s wanderer who followed Jesus to Calvary. Everyone prayed to this saint before taking to the streets, asking for an easy way and getting rid of evil spirits. Especially people were afraid of crossroads where the goblin and witches lived in beliefs.

John the Theologian was Jesus’ most dedicated and beloved disciple. He followed his teacher everywhere and saw many of his miracles. He was the only one of the apostles who died around AD 105. John’s Day is celebrated twice – in spring and autumn. For this day it will take especially a lot: “If the day is warm, then July will be rainy”, “The grouse will stand on the trees, then the weather will be clear”, “If in the evening, during The sunset, the Sky is in haze, then the snow will fall soon. “

Birthdays: Ivan, Ephraim, Dmitry, Nikolai, Afanasy, Tikhon.

October 10th

The bee of nine ends with the bee bird, so anyone who didn’t have time hides evidence. People with the advent of cold weather led the hive into the warm tanks and prayed to the Advocate of the Savaty of the Bee to keep all the bees from the Frosts. Honey fishing is now considered very important, not to mention our ancestors, who prepared many treats on honey and were treated with its help.

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The church venerates St. Savvatiy Solovetsky, known as the founder of the Solovetsky Monastery. During his lifetime he led a strict lifestyle and preached the Christian faith. The monastery founded on a remote island with a monk Herman. At first they lived there themselves and then other ermits came to them who helped build the walls of the monastery.

According to folk signs, if the bees crouched the summer, the winter will be cold. When the clouds move from south to north, the weather will be bad and rain will go.

Birthdays: Callistrate, Savatius, Mark, Aristarchus.

October 11th

On October 11, Ilya Muromets, who were considered the advocates of all Orthodox, celebrate the day. He was asked for protection from enemies and unnecessarily did not leave their homes on October 11, as they feared harm and the evil eye. So they sat at home and did their homework. However, it was not forgotten that the cru could not be taken out of the hut.

They were afraid to marry that day because the marriage could be unsuccessful. To avoid trouble, they went to the grandmother of the witch and brought their honey with a cake or other food so that she gave her a talisman. Young people usually ran alone, without knowledge of adults, otherwise they would still be banned. According to legend, it was impossible to eat berries that day because the devil allegedly spit on it in a few days. When a person eats berries, she becomes sick and dies.

The church celebrated the day of St. Chariton of the confessor, who was constantly persecuted by Emperor Aurelian. After Khariton fled out of prison, he was captured by predators. But he was saved by a snake that dropped her poison in her wine. They drank and died, and Khariton built a church on the site of the cave, and then the community began to live there.

If the rabbits have not changed their fur color for a long time, the winter will not come soon. When the wind comes from the north, winter is cold, from the south – mild and not cold.

Birthdays: Makar, Maria, Matvey, Kirill, Sergey, Mark, Vyacheslav.

October 12th

Fog falls on Maremyamnu, so people tried to predict the weather for the next year. In addition, October 12 was the day of the hunters and many men went out into the forest and the fields to get rabbits. The weather was changeable and if the fog fell to the ground in the morning, the sun should have come out, and when it opened, wait for the rain.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Saint Kyriakus of the hermit. The rumor about Cyriacus opened after he had retired to the desert at the age of 70 and began to live there, and the desert lion lived with him. The animal protected him from enemies and did not touch the pilgrims who came regularly. He died at the age of 109. When his relics were excavated years later, it turned out that they were floating out of a miraculous fragrance and myrrh with which they started to treat people.

On this day signs are known: “If there are many stars, autumn will be without rain and the next year will be fertile”, “Evening fog predicts a long absence of frost”, “If mushrooms appear, then it comes Winter later. “

October 13th

GrigieV’s day is characterized by nothing remarkable, except that they are just beginning to prepare for the intercession of the Blessed Sacrament Theotocos. And since they thoroughly prepared for all important holidays in Russia, they baked cakes, fried chickens on the GrigorieV tag and brought the house in order. It was a good omen to go to the river, where one flows into the other and scoop water three times, then take this pot home and wash all family members. It was assumed that it helps before the evil eye and removed damage.

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Particular attention was paid to pillows and mattresses in which the straw was replaced by a new one. It was straw that was considered a symbol of October 13 because it was associated with the guardian of the power of the earth. Stroh played a very important role in the life of the farmers, they were born and died, they put it on the bed, fed the cattle. When the old straw was thrown away, they prayed to Gregory and Michael that they would bring good things into the house with the new straw.

The church also celebrates the day of St. Michael, the first metropolitan of Kyiv, which Prince Wladimir has christened. Now his relics are kept in the Kiev cave monastery. When snow has fallen today, the winter will not come soon. When the squirrel has changed his fur, the winter becomes mild. When the moon is in the fog at night, Pokrov will have bad weather.

Birthdays: Seraphim, Peter, Vasily, Mikhail, Leonid.

October 14th

This date is one of the most important and is still celebrated today. It is called the intercession of the Blessed Sacrament theotocos, as snow often fell on this day and the earth enveloped with a white ceiling. People used to say: “Autumn and afternoon winter in Pokrov.” Therefore, the weather was assessed in the future based on the current weather. “If the wind Pokrov has prepared a vertebrae, winter becomes unstable.”

There were warm days for the vacation, but rarely, so up to this day all owners tried to isolate the huts, to seal the windows and all cracks. On this day too, it was common to feed the cattle so that it ate well. It was believed that this would give her the strength to survive winter. They prepared a special meal – a reaper.

Many young people wanted to marry Pokrov because they believed that there would be a strong family there. And those girls who hadn’t married hurried to the temple to light a candle about the upcoming wedding. Signs mainly predicted the weather: “Rain on Pokrov – winter is getting cold”, “No snow, then there will be no Christmas”, “Snow has fallen, then the winter is snowy”.

Birthdays: Roman, Vera, Ivan, Mikhail.

15th October

Our ancestors were very afraid of evil spirits, witches and demons, so they not only tried to protect themselves, but also get rid of them, if not forever, then for a long time. October 15th – day of Ustinya and Kupriyan. They were considered a protector from evil spirits. It was believed that evil spirits pay particular attention to drunk and those who do not go to church for praying. It was the demons who were responsible for the appearance of delirium tremens. The ancestors also believed that Teufel can accept the appearance of foreigners and enter through a kiss, water, food or touch into a Russian person.

The Orthodox Church honored the memory of the three martyrs Kupriyan, Feoctist and Justina, who sacrificed their lives for the Orthodox faith. For various reasons, they came to the Christian faith, but everyone defended him to the last breath. When it rains and winds heavily on this day, the winter becomes cold after a popular belief, and if the leaves fall off the trees, the cold will soon come.

Birthdays: Kupriyan, Mikhail, David, Ivan, Boris, Anna.

October, 16th

In order to protect themselves and their family from the bad look, they had to know many conspiracies and wear amulets. Our ancestors believed in the power of garlic and onions. They believed that it was the stinging smell that triggered tears in humans who could drive away evil spirits.

The Orthodox Church looked at the memory of Dionysius to the Areopagites who lived in Athens. According to tradition, he was a student of St. Paul, who later appointed him bishop. Then he was sent to Gaul to convert as many pagans as possible to the Christian faith, but he was captured and killed there. During his life, Dionysius wrote many philosophical treatises and had a great influence on the development of Christianity.

Bad weather and bad weather often led to colds, and a loop hanged around the hut helped heal them. It was also believed that the Espen bark that you have to carry with you would enable them to quickly recover from a fever. When the head hurt, an Espenstrasse was used as a pillow and placed on it for a while. After common signs, it was believed that those born on this day would become a good doctor.

Type for October 16, 2022: What is allowed on this day and what is not

1 6-Octyabrya-Denis-Pozimnij

Martyr Saint Dionysius Areopagite is the Athenian thinker and Christian saint. There is little reliable information about his life. It is known that in his youth he received a good education. Dionysius studied in Athens and Iliopol, especially in astronomy and philosophy. In his youth he became a member of the Supreme Court of Athens.

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After meeting with the apostle Pavel Dionysius, he believed in Christ, was baptized, left home and went with the apostle to preach the word of God. Their journey lasted three years. Dionysius was fortunate to meet other apostles. He listened to the sermons of John the Theologian, Peter, Jacob (the brother of God) and their disciples. In 57 he was present at the burial of the Virgin.

When Dionysius returned to Athens, he greatly expanded the Church of God founded by the apostle Paul. He was the first bishop in Athens. Here he accepted martyrdom.

1 6-Octyabrya-hubchevskaya-ikona-Bozhiej-Materi

Every year on October 16, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church honor the memory of the sacred image of the Trubchevsky icon of the Mother of God. The clergy say that this icon can show all the glory bestowed upon the Virgin Mary in heaven. Anyone who has ever addressed the image of the Mother of God says that she has incredible power to explain origins that are simply impossible. For many years, the image of the Virgin Mary has been studied by both ordinary parishioners and pilgrims from many different parts of the world. They turn to her for help, appreciating the supreme power of the Lord.

Trubchevskaya icon – the name of the sacred image came from the city where it was created. It is the work of the clergyman Evfimias from the city of Trubchevsk. The clergyman had no donations to the Trinity Scan Monastery, he tried to raise some money to build the monastery, but decided to transfer the sacred image he wrote himself. Soon miracles came from this picture.

What the believers of the clergy and the believers ask them about their health both physically and spiritually after the holy image of the Trubchevs k-Mother of God. The clergy say that this icon was a faithful companion in such matters:

The icon helps to heal various diseases, for example, asthma, allergies, tumor and stomach diseases. There were times when the face helped get rid of oncology. A wonderful face can save a person from drug addiction and alcohol addiction. The image of the Mother of God can eliminate any disease that causes disability. The image helps in the conception and birth of children. Often near the holy face you can meet pregnant women and young ladies who want to have a child. They pray to the icon and ask the Virgin Mary to protect their future child.

What prays for the Trubchevskaya icon of the Mother of God is very fond of local residents, it is recognized as miraculous and appeared in honor of two holidays at once. Prayer and Akathist were also compiled. You can turn to a sacred image when you are ill, want to increase faith and solve problems, both household and spiritual. Remember that you don’t need to memorize the text of the prayer, because the most important thing is to sincerely believe that you are asking.

How to properly read the prayer treatment:

Get this symbol for your home and put it in the right corner of your room. Do not hang the symbol on the wall, but put it in a special corner shelf. In extreme cases – on the table. Read the prayer in the morning and evening in front of the picture of the trumpet of the mother of God. You can read the Christian prayer you can see in our article. However, the independently invented prayer is also not prohibited.

Tropar of the Trubchevsky icon of the Mother of God, voice 4

For us, your performance security and mercy is your phenomenon the Trubchevskaya icon, the mistress that it has shown. In front of her, our souls are poured out in prayer and under you with a cry: look merciful, about your people, all of our worries and worries that comfort about the good in our hearts and the redemption of our eternal souls.

Kondak, Voice 5 Trubchevsky icon of the Mother of God

Do not rewind yourself about the merciful Mati, the tears and sighs of our, but our petitions, which graciously take in front of your icon to improve faith, to fulfill your hearts with tenderness and the cross of earthly life help you You: Elika B o-you can.

Size of the Trubchevsky icon of the Mother of God

We, the most sacred virgin, worship the holy icon of her icon from the years of the old city, Trubchevsky, Yesi.

Prayer of the Trubchevsky icon of the Mother of God

Oh, the pure lady, the world associations, the mother is everythin g-optimized! Losing gracious to your life with fear, through faith and love of your miraculous icon. Vonmi polyply on the sigh of our souls, shows us their holy heights. Ce Gott Sin of Temersion and Sorrows of Ovoryvamia, look at your honest picture as if you were living with us, modest prayers from the depths of the faith hearts who, the lover, bring you to them. We pray for the knee reviews: Do not turn your face to those who fall back to you, the acidification and the patron to arouse sinners for us before God and his righteous for our lawlessness and turn off. He once pardoned the scan countries who had resorted to the cover of their people and saved them from deadly ulcers. Such and we all, pray to them with faith, deliver from the storms of the sinful, by the senior of the evil man, from the temptations of the world and the temptations, worries and problems and from sudden death. Answer and teach to go on the way of this earthly life without a vice, to soften our spirit of fear of God, the spirit of piety, the spirit of gentleness, humility, patience, the unnecessary darkness, evil heart The jealousy of our souls and the redemption of the blessed. Give us all, pray the Christian death of our life and a good answer to the terrible judge of Christ. We hand over our stomach to your cover and industry and are happy that we always sing you with all the holy: joy, fertile, happy, happy, I’m confused, I was happy forever. Amen.

Customs and traditions of the day on October 16, 2022

In the old days, they believed that Denis should be afraid of a Schabisch evil ghosts during the day. During this time, autumn fever is particularly fed. They stuff around the white light, they suffer and give others. Autumn fever can climb under the clothes, catch the eye – and catch the eye.

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After the people’s care, autumn fever lives in swamps and flies to the human living space. To protect yourself from you, you have to wear an aspen bark or an aspen node in your pocket. Aspen was not only considered an excellent tool out of fever. For example, Aspen protocols were put under the feet during the sleep protocols when headaches and legs under their feet.

To get rid of the evil eye that could appear on that unfortunate day, they resorted to special rituals and conspiracies. For example, holy or well water was poured into a glass, three hot coals, a pinch of salt were put in it, and then the patient’s arms, legs and back were sprayed three times, saying:

“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on the servant of God (name). Mother of God, have mercy on the servant of God (name) and forgive all his sins. Lord, have mercy on him and protect him from every evil eye, give him health and salvation.

There was another conspiracy in which the patient was washed with holy water while reading:

“I wash the servant of God (name) from an evil hour, from a black eye, from a joyful eye, from a hated eye, from male and female conversation, from day and night, from hourly and half-hourly, from flying, from walking , from creep. I do not wash the servant of God (name), but the Most Pure Mother of God with my white hand.

To protect the baby from the evil eye, the grandmother sat on the shelves in the bath, put the baby on her knees, took a birch broom in her left hand and hit the chopped end on the bench three times:

“As that white birch tree stood in the open field, knowing no corruption or the evil eye, so the servant of God (the child’s name) knows no corruption or the evil eye, be healthy and live long. Pooh! In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen!”.

Folk sign for October 16, 2022

  • For Denis, they usually waited for the first frost. If this day turns out to be warm, then the frost will not come before Artemiev Day (November 2).
  • If rabbits have a lot of fat, then the winter will be long and cold.
  • When the moles put a lot of straw and stubble in their holes, the winter time will be harsh.
  • If a field mouse digs grapes into the ground in a vineyard, then the coming winter will be cold and protracted.
  • When the cattle burst into tears in the evening, bad weather is coming.

Do’s and Don’ts October 16, 2022

What can you do on October 16, 2022?

Business and money: the day is very favorable for getting a new job – unstoppable advancement in a new field and rapid career growth are provided. In the work and implementation of plans, you can count on the support of like-minded people. Collective work, solving problems together and making plans will be very productive.

Don’t miss the chance to get interesting business expansion offers today to make new contacts. It is favorable to expand the scope of activities to international ones – partnership with foreigners on this day is very promising. These contacts will greatly improve your financial position in the future.

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Today is a special day for people of creativity and art, it is suitable for creative evenings, concerts, exhibitions. This is the time to advance and solve money problems.

An important note: The crimes of these days are easy to uncover. Investigators, don’t miss your chance!

Health: diseases are not dangerous, but the patient needs serious and attentive care. On this day, for health reasons, it is easy to give up bad habits. Load on the liver is contraindicated – the danger of exposure to poisons and toxins is great. It is necessary to carry out blood purification procedures – drink decoctions of herbs, eat carrots, lingonberries, beets, mountain ash, pomegranates. Baths, showers, showers, hardening, herbal medicine, hygiene are also recommended – in a word, any physical and mental cleansing.

Haircut: Cheap. And coloring also brings luck, especially if you choose a light tone.

Physical activity: Physical activity makes sense.

Relationships: The time of friendship and association of people who are very preferred by traveling or communication with old friends. Don’t forget the relatives who live in the distance.

Marriage: It is believed that the day is good for marriage.

What can not be done on October 16, 2022

  • It is better not to take long trips on October 16. And not only because trouble can happen on the street. The ban largely affects communication with strangers and will be deceptive and betrayal on October 16.
  • Do not make a marriage proposal
  • This day will be unhappy for all fateful gestures. For example, in an attempt to change your place of residence or work.
  • If you deal with homework, you have to avoid “fa r-reaching” movements, otherwise you can remove happiness and happiness from the house. If you arrange wet cleaning, there is a risk of “washing” all households and falling alone.
  • It is better not to change bed linen that day, especially in the pillowcase. Otherwise, nightmares dream more often.

The importance of dreams from October 15 to 16, 2022 according to the lunar calendar:

10. Mondag. They start on October 15th at 4:41 pm and end on October 16 at 4:55 p.m.

The tenth moon days are connected to the birth. Before going to bed, you have to set yourself to get information. You will need it to overcome life difficulties. In addition, both up to date and the future – those of whom you don’t know yet.

So if you dream of a local person to the third knee, you have to record everything he said in a dream after he has woken up and what happened. Do not hesitate to do it – visions of these days have disappeared very quickly.

If I dreamed of Friday to Saturday that they are late somewhere, but are not afraid, they have to rethink their immediate plans-there is a great probability of error.

A good sign will be the dream in which you eat. What exactly and in what amount does not matter. In reality, the sculpture is prohibited on this day, so that such a dream becomes a kind of pumping of its willpower.

In addition, dreams can be light and bright on the night from October 15th to 16th. But unfortunately they will be empty. The only advantage of them is a good mood in the morning.

What other holidays are there on October 16, 2022 on this day

  • Father’s Day in Russia
  • World Bryad Day Day)
  • Street worker day
  • The day is in progress
  • Day of the food industry workers
  • World Healthy Food Day)
  • Chief’s Day, Boss’s Day)
  • World spine day day)
  • North wind day
  • World Anesthesia Day, AnaesthesiStag (World Anesthesia Day)
  • Mother’s Day in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
  • World day “Welt reintroduce a day of heart)
  • Day of the Ministry of Examination for Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • World food day.
  • Allergic day
  • World Toy Camera Day (World Toy Camera Day)
  • Nessking day
  • Likörtag – USA – USA

Who was born on October 16, 2022 by celebrities

  • Andrei Chikatilo (1936 – executed in 1994), a Soviet serial killer.
  • Ivan Dykhovichny (1936 – 2009), Soviet and Russian film director, actor, screenwriter, TV presenter, producer.
  • David Tsucker (1936), American Film Director, producer and screenwriter.
  • Tim Robbins (1958), American actor, film director, screenwriter, producer, winner of the Academy of Sciences, Golden Globe.
  • Evgeny Havtan (1961), Soviet and Russian musician, composer and singer, leader of the Bravo Group.
  • Dmitry Hvorostovsky (1962 – 2017), Soviet and Russian opera singer, People’s Artist of Russia.
  • Ilya Lagutenko (1968), Soviet and Russian rock musician, singer, actor, leader of the Mumiy Troll Group.

A person born on October 16 receives knowledge of herbs and the art of healing. He should wear grenades as a talisman.

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