Fermer FM 909 MSL engine working. cross, properties, ratings

Review of motor-cultivator FerMer FM 909 MSL – description of the device, type of engine, purpose

Motor-cultivator FerMer FM 909 MSL belongs to the class of lightweight models and has a number of distinctive features that are not typical for similar equipment of previous years. The engine power installed on this unit is 9 hp and the engine volume is 270 cubic meters. Standard fuel consumption is 1.8 liters, hexagonal shaft with a diameter of 26 mm.

Fermer FM 909 MSL power tiller

Motor cultivator FerMer FM 909 MSL is designed to perform the following types of work:
  • Cultivation (Cutters are supplied in the kit;)
  • lawn mowing;
  • uprooting of weeds;
  • milling;
  • digging potatoes;
  • potato and beet planting;
  • plowing soft soil;
  • loosening;
  • irrigation;
  • spreading of liquid fertilizers;
  • spraying of the area against pests;
  • Transportation of goods of small volume.

The most acceptable type of load for the FMER FM 909 MSL power tiller: Working an area of up to 20 acres. This model belongs to the household cultivators. For professional use, other equipment is recommended, such as tractors or a mini Farmer unit.

Technical characteristics of the Fermer FM 909 MSL

Fermer FM 909 MSL works with three speeds, one of which is rear. Fuel consumption is standard, 1.8 liters per hour. The cultivator is equipped with a gear drive and can reach cultivation speeds of 4 to 12 metres per minute. The Walk behavior tractor works with cutters consisting of four sections. Each section contains four blades.

 Bauer FM 909 MSL

MSL Fermer FM 909 is equipped with a manual reversible starter, as well as a control handle with comfortable grips. The device works on rubber tires 5.00-12, the weight of the device in the filled state is 121 kg. The model belongs to the technique of the light class, and the noise level emitted by the device is in the range of 103+3 dBA.

Features of the power tiller

Technical characteristics of the FMER FM 909 MSL motocultivator and its attachments:

  • The presence of reduced gear (improved operation at low shaft speeds. Therefore, work with attachments at low revolutions is more productive.
  • Smooth start of the cultivator thanks to more advanced control point;
  • A complete set (bodies, cutters, wheels, fasteners, instructions, warranty);
  • Easy assembly of the Walk Behavior tractor harvester;
  • Low weight, allowing a woman to operate one unit;
  • Front bumpers for safe transport of shredders to the place of cultivation;
  • Adjustable steering wheel in all directions;
  • High paint finish on all parts;
  • Convenient location of the main elements;
  • Classic design, stable and maneuverable thanks to the wheels and low center of gravity.
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Bauer FM 909 MSLoperation and maintenance

Before assembling the farm trimmer, it is necessary to read the instructions for assembly and operation. Assemble the technique according to the instructions, and after assembly it is necessary to perform runs and prepare the power tiller for further work. Observe the recommendations on the choice of oil and gasoline for the device.

For the engine, the brand 10W-40 or 15W-40 is suitable. For the gearbox – transmission oil of any manufacturer (take into account the time of year and ambient temperature).

Do not save on consumables, take time for maintenance and prevention of failures. Then the farmer’s motocultivator will work long and with great efficiency. Do not smoke near the working equipment, change oil in time and clean the oil filter.

For example, spend a season in spring and autumn at least once. Do not store the cladding in sub-zero temperatures in the winter. The storage room should be warm and dry. Order your power tiller after every long run or once a season.

Video evaluation of the work

Reviews of owners

Kirill, Nikolaev:

“I use the power tiller for plowing. The work speed and all options quite satisfy me.

Pluses: availability of reduced configuration, good quality workmanship, the absence of defects (I was very much afraid that there would be a defective copy).

Cons: did not cost me very cheap, although the price of the farmer is normal compared to the same certified Hyundai. “

Fermer FM 909 MSL engine working. Review, features, owner reviews

Recommended: 100%



This power tiller has an optional reduced gearbox. When it is on, the shaft rotates at only 33 rpm. This is 60% less than previous years’ models. This increases the efficiency of the tiller with attachments at low speeds.

No wires and no exhaust. Lawn care with batteries

Hammer Fermer FM 909MSL

Thanks to the improved gearbox the engine starts smoothly.

Technical Data

Type cultivator
engine power 9,0 hp (6,6 kW)
Engine displacement, CM3 270
number of speeds 3 forward / forward 1 forward
Fuel Consumption, l/h 1,8
Capacity of oil sump, l. 1,1
Fuel tank capacity, l 6
drive gearbox
cultivation speed m/min 4-6-12
Cutting width, MM 850-1000
Cultivation depth, mm 150-300
shaft diameter, mm 26 (hexagonal)
milling cutter Yes (4 x 4 blades)
Starter handheld reverser
Adjustable crank handle Yes
Noise level, DBA 103 + 3
Vibration level, M/S10-2 1.5 + 0.5
rubber wheels 5.00-12.00
net weight / kg 121

Features of use

The Fer FM 909MSL tiller has an engine power of 9 hp. And it is successfully used on small agricultural plots and country cottages. This device can work with both prepared lands and virgin lands.

Bauer FM 909MSL


For operation, the device is disassembled and assembled in accordance with the recommendations for use. The set of Fermer FM 909 MSL power tiller includes: protective covers, wheels, a set of fasteners and tools for assembly.

This video shows the assembly process of the motor-farmer FM FM 909 MSL motocultivator:

A farmer gets a bonus for assembling the power tiller. Assembly must be carried out strictly in accordance with the instruction manual.

The front part of the Farmer FM 909 MSL has a special bumper which allows to transport the grinders to the place of work.

The position of the steering wheel can be easily adjusted both horizontally and vertically.

Owner’s Manual

This document should be studied before starting trouble-free operation. It describes how to turn the grinder on and off, how to start and secure the harness, major breakdowns and how to fix them.

An electronic version of the Fer FM 909 MSL power tiller user manual can be downloaded here.


Farmer FM 909 MSL tiller is not fastidious in service.

The main thing is to use quality oil and fuel, and then there will be no serious repair problems.

  • You should use engine oil of 10W-40 or 15W-40 series.
  • TAD-17i or 80W-90 and 85W-90 series equivalents can be used in the gearbox.
Frumoas Alba grape

Recommended service intervals are listed on page 17 of the owner’s manual.

The video shows the clear benefit of the reduced rate:


The unit has mostly positive reviews online. They note the quality of processing and downshifting, but also minuses: high price and low weight. Below you will find a few opinions from the owners of the Farmer 909MSL engine.


“Multi-tasking and useful device. For the country – no questions asked. This cultivator has a great speed of work. Slow start and constant traction. I am satisfied with the burr in the set”.

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