Fermer FM 653 M. Motor worker. Review, characteristics, reviews

Fermer FM 653 M. Motor worker. Review, characteristics, owner reviews

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If you need a walk tractor exclusively for working with the floor, the Fermer FM 653 m motor cultivator is an excellent solution.

It is a golden middle in a ratio of price, quality and operational properties.

Fermer FM 653 m motor cultivator

Fermer FM 653 m is equipped with a motor with a capacity of 7 hp, which means that it can successfully work with a large number of attachments.

Technical characteristics

engine 4 tact
Engine volume, cm3 196
Engine power 7.0 PS (5.2 kW)
Drive unit Belt + chain
Starter Handbook vice versa
The width of processing 550-850 mm (1050 mm *)
The depth of processing Up to 300 mm
Number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
The speed of cultivation 6-10 m/min
Adjustable handle There is
The volume of the gas tank 3.6 L
Fuel consumption 1.6 L./H.
The diameter of the wave, mm. 23 (hexagonal)
The size of the wheels 4.00-8
Interdaem o-Long removal 60 cm
Gabarits in collected form, d*sh*in, mm 1600*850*950
The weight 80 kg without fuel

Functions of the application

The Fermer FM 653 m motor cultivator is only intended for earthworks.

His properties enable him to successfully work mediu m-sized in suburban areas.

Due to the small weight and the thin tire, some owners use soil rooms to improve the clutch with the floor.

Here is one of the methods for planting potatoes with a farmer and plow motorcultivator:

But the video, how can you use the same plow and a walk tractor to dig potatoes:


This tractor for walking behavior does not offer a power shaft, and the entire Haith is associated with a special bracket.

The engine on the Fermer FM 653 m engine farmer takes place in manual mode with a cable.

The handlebar can be set in height.

The assembly of the Fermer FM 653 m engine block is shown in the video:

How to process grapes before winter

User Guide

This document contains fundamental data regarding the proper work with the Fermer FM 653 MO block. Describes in the instructions for use: assembly sequence, drawings, rules for star t-up, running and service, safety precautions, etc.

The electronic version of the document is available on the link.


The proper care of the motor cultivator FM653M farmer is the key to long and proper operation.

  • It is recommended to use oil from the 10W-40 series. It should be changed regularly, according to the recommendations of the instructions for use every 100 hours.
  • TAP-15V or TAD-17i oils should be used for the transmission.

Control levers can be lubricated with normal Lithol 24 or solidol. The lubricants are presented in the drawings in the instructions for the company.


The Motoblock network is largely rated positively: it is easy, maneuverable and universal. However, the device also has disadvantages: thin tires and small weight for complex soils. Below you will find some comments from the owner of the farmer 653 m.


“I bought this walk at the end of May. An ideal assistant for a summer apartment. He built him a provisional supporter (although the seller assured that he shouldn’t do this), he emphasizes well, but he still slips the mountain, I use soil spaces, then there are no problems.

Checking the engine blocks Fermer FM 653 m. Description of the device, engine type, purpose

The Fermer motor cultivator FM 653M is a light garden and garden cultivator model designed for agricultural work on plots up to 20 hectares. The device is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, easy to fold and assemble and can be used by an operator of any weight and build.

Fermer FM 653 m

The Fermer FM 653M cultivator is equipped with a 7 hp petrol engine. The engine is equipped with a special filter that cleans the incoming air in two stages. As a result, the engine runs more efficiently and with less noise. With the belt drive you can make the operation of the machine even safer.

Motoblocks motor. Overview, properties, attachments
Purpose of the Fermer FM 653M motor cultivator:
  • Soft soil work, formerly cultivated;
  • hills;
  • dig up (and plant) potatoes;
  • snow removal (dump is used);
  • clear the grounds of the yard;
  • work with cleats when plowing;
  • Cultivation of new land with weighting agents;
  • sowing crops;
  • Weed weed;
  • mulching;
  • Irrigation;
  • Cut the grass;
  • Transport of light goods.

Fermer FM 653 m

Technical characteristics

In terms of technical parameters, the Farmer 653m cultivator is quite good. For example, it can be immersed into the soil up to 30 cm deep when loaded with tillers, i.e. for tilling the soil like heavier cultivators or hand-held tractors. The working width is 100 cm, and the number of speeds, like other models of garden tools of this line, is three, including one reverse.

The engine displacement is 193 cm3, the fuel tank holds 3.5 liters of gasoline, the oil pan 0.6 liters of oil. The package contains such items as instructions, wheels, warranty card, universal hitch, rigid; Milling cutter for attachment to a walk-behind tractor Farmer. Wheel size 4.00-8. The weight of the device without a full fuel tank is 80 kg.

Below is a drawing of the assembly of the headers on the Fermer FM 653m motor cultivator. When mounting and assembling cutters, follow safety rules, wear thick cloth gloves, and use assembly tools. After installation, check that the blades rotate correctly.

Figure 1. Assembling the tillers on a Fermer FM 653m cultivator

Fermer FM 653 m

Characteristics and equipment of the Fermer FM 653M motor cultivator

Peculiarities of the Fermer FM 653m walk behind tractor:

  • engine air filter;
  • light weight, convenient for the operator of any construction;
  • simple controls;
  • small wheels, thanks to which the cultivator becomes more maneuverable;
  • all-weather operation;
  • quick and easy start;
  • low gas consumption;
  • high performance, endurance;
  • little engine noise.

This Farmer model has a classic device, namely: an aluminum gearbox housing, shields to protect against scattering of the earth, a reduction gear, stable wheels. There is also customization of the control knobs. As with more powerful devices, the Fermer FM 653m model has a universal hitch.

Motoblock Weima WM610. Overview of changes, properties, reviews

Fermer FM 653 m

operation and maintenance

Read the operator’s manual before operating the Farmer cultivator. Make sure that all bolted couplings are properly connected and flammable liquids are filled according to the standard. Perform maintenance seasonally, at least twice a year. If the two-wheel tractor is idle in winter, drain flammable liquids. Store the device so that the wheels do not touch the ground.

  1. Do not store the Farmer motor cultivator in a damp room.
  2. Do not smoke near a running walk behind tractor.
  3. Use protective glasses, gloves and closed clothing as well as hard sole shoes and closed toes to work with equipment.
  4. Check the pressure in the tire regularly and drive to the norm – the condition of the tires influences the speed of movement during cultivation and on the mobility of the device as a whole.
  5. Use oil for petrol engines and for transmission – oil taking into account the season.

Fermer FM 653m Video Review

You can dig video about the use of the Fermer FM 653m Walk behavior tractor

Reviews of the owners

Vladimir, Pyatigorsk:

“I used this model of the farmer in the third year. Now it is true and it is different, and then I bought a one and a half times more. The farmer turned a cool motblock out of the cultivator by replacing a drive disc. He also made a roof potato tutor, a sno w-capped and a gear trailer. Now I am working in the garden myself and even neighbors turn to me to help, I don’t rent workers – with such a device you can do anything yourself.

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