Features of the grape cutting in spring

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

With proper care, grapes can bear fruit for several decades. Even the old vineyard can be revived with ant i-aging circumcision. In spring, young plants are cut to the shape, with suitable schemes cut, damaged and dry branches are cut off. In the article you will find ste p-S y-step instructions for beginners how to cut grapes in spring.

The goals of the spring pollution from grapes

Culture has a unique ability to lead nutrients to young shoots. This property has been developed and improved for centuries. In the wild surroundings, the branches stretched up and tried to maintain the maximum amount of solar energy. For this reason, your eyes slowly develop in the middle and lower part of the bush and sometimes do not give any shoots at all. Therefore, the grapes regularly carry out grapes.

The spring cutting of grape bushes aims to increase fruitkeeping and give a nice shape. Correct cropping improves ventilation and lighting with the sun. This is one of the main tasks of the gardener, whose neglect leads to a thickening of plantings, to reduce pollination and the berries of the berries.

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

Advantages and disadvantages of the procedure in spring

Advantages of spring cutting:

  • Increase the yield by 60-80%;
  • Forms of the bushes of the right shape;
  • increased frost resistance;
  • Improving plant nutrition and maintaining photosynthesis; and harvest;
  • Ensuring free access to vine from all sides.

Such a method has no disadvantages. The main thing is to start working until the moment of the juice stream, otherwise the plant dies due to a large loss of moisture.

When is in the pen to be cut

The time of trimming grape bushes is extremely important for the maturation of the kidneys, yield and quality of the berries. Spring cutting is divided early and late.

Earlier pruning is carried out after the melting of snow. As soon as the air heats up to stable +5 ° C, the vineyards are armed with the tool and start working. During this time, sabotage movements have not yet started, so that the sections quickly dry out and pull it out. In extreme cases, the procedure can be carried out until the first buds swell.

Late curtails are carried out when the sprouts are reached 5-6 cm long. This procedure is carried out in regions in which the likelihood of returning spring frosts is high. The late cropping is only recommended in an emergency and even better to switch into the fall. It exhausts grapes and slows down the growth of new shoots.

Relation. In the regions of the middle strip of Russia (Moscow region), the sine movement of the grapes in the II decade begins in the southern regions at the end of March.

Cheap days

Favorable days for cutting the lunar calendar for 2020:

  • March 11, 12, 16-18, 24-26;
  • 11.11.14, 21.22;
  • May – 10, 11.

Favorable days for trimming in the lunar calendar for 2021:

  • March 17-19, 22.23, 26-28;
  • April-13-15, 19, 24-17;
  • MAI-12-17, 24-26.

Types of cutting

A distinction is made to the types of grap e-cut, formative, antiagent and sanitary.

The formation of prunings will help regulate the load of the bush with vines and berries. In the first year of development, the seedling does not need special care. For proper growth, it is enough to lower the growing shoots. The seedling is tied to support and is dormant until next season. In the second year of development, they choose a suitable scheme for pruning to form bushes and adhere to a single course.

From the moment the first signs of aging of the bush are noticed, rejuvenating pruning is carried out. This is indicated by the weak development of shoots, a decrease in productivity and the sovereignty of berries. Sometimes grapes resort to extreme measures and completely cut the bush and carry out a complete “reboot” of the plant. The procedure is carried out in summer or autumn, observing the scheme:

  1. The base of the bush is dug deep by 10-15 cm.
  2. Next, completely cut the bottom trunk at a height of 5-10 cm.
  3. The cut is treated with wax or garden var.
  4. A trimmed bush is covered with loose and fertile soil.
  5. In the spring, the land is removed, after which young shoots will quickly grow and gain strength.
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Pruning of the sanitary facilities takes place in the spring. Bushes are thoroughly examined after hibernation, removing dry, diseased and damaged branches.

How to properly cut grapes

For hundreds of years, vinogrates have identified several general rules for trimming culture, one of which even a person with no experience will cope with the task.

Necessary materials and tools

List of tools for bunches of grapes:

  1. The secateur is used to cut annual and biennials up to 1.5 cm in diameter, as well as thin sleeves. To equate, gardeners are used by water waterers with two blades.
  2. Luching saw is used to cut perennial shoots with a diameter of 7-8 cm.
  3. The hack saw is suitable for trimming branches with a diameter of 8 cm.
  4. Badkorez – a kind of prisoner. The tool is suitable for branches in hard places. It is attached to the stick, cling to a specific branch and cut it, pulling the cord tied to the lever.
  5. The Cultivation Knife is used to name the eyes.
  6. A seeding knife is useful for seeding a vine with cuttings.

Before use, if necessary, tools are sharpened and disinfected in medical alcohol or a strong solution of potassium permanganate.

Relation. Sleeves are perennial branches formed throughout the life of plants, and each year increases in size due to twists left over from pruning.

step-by-step instruction

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

Cutting Rules:

  1. The cut is made at an angle of 90 ° perpendicular to the branch. This allows you to speed up healing due to the smaller area of ​​the wound compared to an acute angle.
  2. The diseased and dead vine is completely removed.
  3. 7-12 eyes remain on the run.
  4. The flattened annual shoots carefully cut off, trying not to damage the wood. Slices are made at the base of a long-term shot, leaving a 0.5 cm stump.
  5. Healthy shoots with a diameter of 6-10 mm can be felt. Thin and thick shoots (with a circle of more than 10 mm) are cut without shedding.

cutting schemes

Grapes use several schemes of trimming grape bushes:

  • according to the Gyo method;
  • Fan;
  • Moscow little fan;
  • horizontal cordon.

Pruning using the Guyo method

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

This simple scheme aims to grow a strong spin. In the fall, all young shoots are cut off in the summer, and the main disc is shortened at 5-6 eyes.

Relation. If the main escape is weak, it is removed entirely and the molding is carried over for the next season.

In spring, the fruit arrow is bound to the grille in a horizontal position. If two shoots are left on the bush, they are bound so that they look into different directions. So it is possible to get a two play bush along Gyo. The drives of the fruits are bound vertically to the second and third wire when it grows.

In the third year, the vine gives the first harvest. In autumn of the same year, the tribe is completely exempt from inflorescences and steps. In the next season, the vine will be extended by 10-12 eyes, which brings its number to 20. The phases of the method are repeated in every following season.

The fan model

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

The fan scheme includes the formation of two short sleeves in the same level in different angles of inclination. Thanks to this form, it is easy to remove the vine from the grid in autumn and cover the winter. The grape bush is constantly updated and productivity increases.

Moscow small fan

With such a form scheme, the bushes are located at a distance of 70 to 80 cm. The vine is freely breathed, thanks to which it has lived for more than 10 years. The scheme is often used in the northern regions.

Peculiarities of feeding grape bushes

Horizontal cord

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

The essence of the scheme is to grow a shoot that is cut in autumn and leave an eye from below. In the future, the sleeve will grow out of it.

In the next season, the flight under the slope will be fixed to the lower wire, the awakened eyes broke out and leave the last from below. The upper eyes are also wounded and leave a gap of 30 to 35 cm.

In the autumn of the second year, the slope is cut into 2-3 eyes and the latter is shortened to the full length of the sleeve. The kidneys are broken out in spring, so that 2-3 shoots remain with a period of 30 to 35 cm.

In the autumn of the third year, two filming with 2-3 eyes appear. The lower shoots are cut in 2-3 kidneys to get bitch, and the upper 5-6 kidneys to get fruit arrows.

Spring limitation

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

The procedure corresponds to the age of the grapes. The method is used in the cultivation of coverage varieties.

Snitting scheme:

  1. In the first year after plants, seedlings are cut in two eyes to get two shoots. The remaining shoots are completely removed.
  2. In the second year of development, the main escape is shortened to 50-90 cm. For security, another shoot is preserved and two eyes are cut.
  3. In the third year, all filming is removed on the stem, with the exception of the two upper. Each of them is cut to two eyes and attached to the support. In autumn, four shoots that have grown over the summer will be cut in autumn: the lower shoots C are cut to two eyes from all sides, the upper to 5-15 eyes.
  4. In the fourth year of development, the flattening branches are cut, the shoots from the nodes of the replacement balance form new fruit connections. For this purpose, a shoot on each side of the bush is cut to 5-15 eyes, the second in two eyes.

Si n-bac k-spring cut

This type of form has its subtleties and is used for constant grapes:

  1. A year after planting, dry, painful branches are removed, with 10% of all young shoots cut at a height of 2 to 3 cm above the second kidney.
  2. In the second year, 60% of young shoots are cut off, so 2-3 are strongest.
  3. In the third year, the lower vine, which appears as a spare bitch, is cut to two eyes, the fruit arrow (upper part) -up up to 7-14 eyes. Two vines remain on each case, the rest is cut off.

Spring cuts from fruit grapes

This variety of trimming provides multiple nuances. In order to cut the fruiting bush and not damage it, the grapes are removed through the finished fruiting, weak, damaged, thin and tired shoots. Mature branches with a diameter of 6-10 mm are left on the bushes.

Special cutting of damaged bushes

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

Spring pruning is carried out not only with the aim of forming bushes, but also after unexpected return frosts and other weather surprises, but also to restore the vine after winter. Correct pruning can return to life even badly damaged grapes.

cheating in winter

If the bushes are very frozen in winter, the kidneys are examined and make incisions, moving up from the base. If the eyes are green, then everything is fine. Dark brown or black color indicates damage.

If less than 80% of the kidneys died, a larger number of kidneys remain on fruit joints than with conventional circumcision. The crop can be harvested thanks to additional shoots on fertile fruiting areas that remain after autumn pruning.

If more than 80% of the kidneys died, sanitary pruning is performed in two stages. To do this, frozen shoots and sleeves are removed until the buds of the kidneys. After the appearance of greenery, unnecessary shoots are cut.

At 100%death of the kidneys, stepsons are examined, which are characterized by increased frost resistance. When the kidneys died on them, they begin to form fruit compounds from the shoots (shoots of their underground part of the trunk) or wolves (fat shoots).

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When the entire above-ground part died, they make a pruning “on a black head”: they dig a bush to a depth of 25-30 cm and cut all the branches to a healthy knot, and the stump is covered with a layer of 5 filled CM. Young shoots will soon appear from the trunk. The strongest of them go, cut excess shoots.

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

Freezer of the roots

Partial frostbite or complete death of the root system of grapes occurs due to a small winter. To check the condition of the roots, it is recommended to discover the soil in several places and make incisions. Healthy roots are trimmed off-white, frostbitten dark brown.

With a diameter of frostbite of a root no more than 2.5 mm, there is no threat to the life of a plant. The main thing is that the main part of the rhizome remains intact. With partial frostbite, it is recommended to reduce the load on the vine and cutting fruit crops.

damage from hail

When, after a strong city, the grapes have lost most of their leaves, young shoots are cut to 1-2 eyes. New shoots must be protected to stimulate the growth of replacement buds, giving crops next season.

The consequences of a sharp cooling

Spring frosts are often accompanied by the awakening of the kidneys, so the death of young shoots, annual vines and eyes is not uncommon. In this case, grapes perform a short pruning of last year’s branches to encourage the growth of young shoots and new kidneys.

Nuances of pruning depending on the region of growth

When and how to cut grapes for beginners properly in spring: instructions and schemes

Each region has preferred trimming methods:

  • The scheme of the small fan in Moscow is suitable for the northern regions.
  • The formation of the horizontal cordon is practiced in conditions of the north-western climate.
  • Pruning by the Guyo method is only suitable for the southern regions (Kuban).

Features of trimming young and old plants

Young grapes are cut off to give the crown a stamp or a bush shape and to adapt the number of shoulders and sleeves. Cutting adult plants is carried out to eliminate dry patients, damaged branches. With old bushes, 2-3 young shoots remain to replace them with an old vine.

Take care of after trimming

Each cropping causes severe stress. Many wounds appear on the bushes, and grapes make a lot of effort to restore the integrity of the cover. A cut with a circle of more than 1.5 cm exists of more danger. The plant weakens a large amount of damage and often causes her death.

Compliance with a number of rules helps the plant to quickly restore vitality:

  1. In order to make even sections of thin shoots when cutting, it is recommended to use an acute secreteur. To remove thick branches, a jet saw is suitable and a hack saw will be finished with old thick branches.
  2. It is advisable to place all slices on one side. In order to achieve such a result, the replacement drives must be placed on one side during the annual tears. Thanks to this place, all branches receive their part of the nutrients.
  3. So that moisture does not stay on the surface of the cuts, the uneven edges are cleaned with a garden knife. Excess water penetrates the deep layers of wood and leads to the development of lazy processes.
  4. After cutting the thick drive, the height of the hemp should be less than 1 cm, otherwise it will be covered with cracks.
  5. Thick and old branches are cut at an angle of 90 ° so that the wounds are tightened faster.
  6. Annual shoots are cut 1-2 cm above the lower eye.


Spring grape cuts increases productivity and gives the bushes a decent shape. The proper pruning improves the ventilation and heating with sunlight. The neglect of trimming leads to a thickening of the planting, reducing pollination and the berries of the berries.

Vinogradarians use different schemes: According to the methods of Gyo, fan, horizontal cordon and Moscow, small fan. The method for stamping the cutting is used when growing cover grapes, Beshtambova – for a steady. In addition, you will carry out a sanitary and ant i-aging cut in spring to restore the vitality of the plant after winter.

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Grape cuts in spring, instructions for beginners – why, when and how

Cut the grapes, like other garden plants, regularly – in spring and autumn – so that its bushes develop stable and beast well.

But not always beginner gardeners know how to do it right. Therefore, this article takes into account how the grapes can be cut in spring.

Why is the trimming of grapes

Not everyone understands why this berry culture can do this in the spring period. Removing some of the shoots on grape vines regulates their further growth and also stimulates an increase in productivity.

The grapes of each variety have their own details – their bushes can form more shoots and hands during the season than can deliver nutrients.

If you don’t cut:

  • The vines will be too long;
  • Vines are overgrown;
  • The fruits begin too smaller;
  • As a result, grape vitors are entrusted with losing varieties.

Vineyards often strive to remove much less instinct than necessary because they think they cut everything they need, they escape the harvest. Yes, and don’t cut out too well at first.

However, by carrying out the spring cutting, the vineyard must meet the following goal – in order to provide sufficient lighting of the upper and lower parts of the bushes with sunlight.

How to cut the vineyard in spring

Experienced gardeners have long argued about trimming grapes, be it in spring, or it is better to move the removal of part of the shoots for autumn. Those who oppose such a procedure in the spring say that cell juice comes out of the sections in spring (even there is the term “crying of the vine”), which can lead to the death of the vine. Juice that flows through the flight floods the kidneys. But experienced gardeners avoid this problem, make cuts out of the kidneys and not to them.

These summer residents who settle in autumn say that nutrients descend from the autonomous part to the roots when the grapes are alone. And after the autumn cut, the plant is licked by part of the nutrients and thus weakens before the cold begins.

It is therefore necessary to approach such a procedure: If you want to cover the vines before the cold weather is inserted, you should be cut beforehand. The procedure is carried out after 14 to 20 days after the end of the leaf fall. In this case, the cut vines are easier to cover before the insertion of frosts.

If winter is warm in the region and is not planned to cover the plants, grape cuts will be carried out in spring before the start of the sapotage.

Before you start cutting the vines, you have to get to know all the nuances of such a procedure.

Basic rules for the test procedure:

  • The tool that should be sharp and disinfected;
  • The shoots are cut off “by the kidney”;
  • Fruit arrows should be higher than replacement nodes.
  • The pruning of the vine is always carried out on one side.

It is very important to comply with these rules, only then will the test procedure be a feeling.

When cutting spring, it is carried out

The sprin g-cutting of wine vines should be carried out in early spring when the snow has already been run down and the kidneys have not yet swollen. In this case, the grape bushes are still alone and will not “cry” after such a procedure.

If the gardeners had no time to carry out spring cuts on time, it is advisable to do it until autumn until the system is back alone. The fact is that from the moment the kidney in the shoots are opened, the movement of the juice begins, which will inevitably sink from the location from the location. And the loss of cell juice is dangerous for grape bushes – they will start to weaken and even die.

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Features of spring grape cutting

Regardless of whether there was a standard or not shock, you have to remove frozen, damaged and sick shoots in spring. You should also cut out all fat branches, of which the diameter is more than 12 mm or too thin – less than 5 mm and weakened. The shoots are also cut too long, so that no more than 15 kidneys.

During the spring cutting on each branch, you have to leave up to 2 knots. The scheme of such a procedure depends on the age of the vines and the way they were formed.

How young grapes are cut

Not all grapes, especially beginners, imagine how to cut grapes in the first years of your life and whether it is worth carrying out such a procedure in general.

How to cut the grapes after planting

After planting seedlings of this berry culture, the main task of the summer resident is to expand strong shoots. At the beginning of the autumn period, the branches in diameter should be at least 6 mm, which is why grape bushes do not touch in the first 15 to 20 days.

Grape cuts in the first year of growth

For the first time in summer, grapes of the first growth of the first growth should be shortened. In mi d-June, seedlings of 4 to 5 shoots were examined to choose the two strongest and remove the rest.

At the beginning of September, gardeners usually carry out coins – in this case the vine will travel better.

When preparing an annual grape bush for wintering, it should be cut correctly. In order to carry out the procedure, 3 eyes are counted from the floor level and the shot is cut over this brand.

But some experienced gardeners prefer not to hurt young grape bushes of the first season so that they do not carry out autumn cutting.

Therefore, every gardener decides for themselves to carry out the autumn cut of annual grape bushes.

Circumcision of tw o-yea r-old grapes

If the young grape bushes were not cut in the previous autumn, this should happen next in spring before the kidneys start to bloom on them.

Cutting is as follows: On each vine you leave a few of the most powerful shoots with 5 eyes each.

In the autumn time, these two annual bushes are cut as follows: a few shoots are cut out of the left eyes, so that the substitution node and the arrow of the fruit system remained. At the same time, you have to leave up to 10 eyes with the future bitch of the replacement of the replacement.

Circumcision of three years of seedlings

The trim procedure of three years of seedlingen will be carried out in spring. In the course of such a procedure, they already leave 4 strongest shoots on each of the bushes with 5-6 eyes.

After the vines have entered the fruit level, fruit growers must be cut completely after the end of the fruit fight. As a result, only branches remain on each plant that has grown out of replacement nodes. The ovaries will appear next season.

Video about the principles of circumcision Winte r-Haryy grape varieties in spring

The video shows the easiest way to cut grapes in spring. How to carry out grapes from diseases and pests in the spring. Make a visit!

Based on the above, it should be noted that the circumcision process is a very serious matter but is not too complicated. And if the beginner vineyard follows the corresponding instructions, the grape bushes will be cut properly and give good harvests in the future. And the gardener himself will gain experience after regular packaging and is not afraid to cut his vineyard.

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