Features of grape pruning

Cutting grapes: at what time and why do this?

Cut the grapes: at what time and why do that?

Camping grapes belongs to the category of gardening that needs to be done. It is recommended to be carried out annually. It is important to properly observe all the nuances and subtleties of trimming, as this is the only way to achieve the balance between yield and increase in grapes. Any error in this process is associated with a deterioration in one of these parameters.

Why cut grapes?

To increase the yield of any fruit crop, pruning should be done. Grapes in this series are no exception. However, increasing productivity is only one of the objectives of this process. Proper pruning of the vine provides:

  • increase in fruit size, their juiciness;
  • uniform lighting of the bush;
  • the creation of many years of wood in the required amount;
  • restoration of obsolete parts of the bush without prejudice to its productivity;
  • Increasing the stability of the culture to adverse effects of exposure.

The result of regular pruning is neat grape bushes that give the whole place a more aesthetic appearance. Additional bonuses – facilitating the care of the culture, simplifying the harvest.

Cut the grapes: at what time and why do that?

The ideal time for trimming the vine – when?

Before covering bunches, the autumn months (after leaf fall has ended) are considered the ideal period for trimming. Formed bushes are easier to cover for the winter and provide them with effective protection against frosts.

In spring, quarrel bushes are strongly not recommended. If the shoots are removed when sabotage movements have already begun in the vine, the plant will not only hurt a lot, but also risks perishing. In March-April, the temperature is allowed to stabilize at +5 degrees, and it should make the removal of excess branches from young bushes extremely delicate.

Summer pruning is a preventive procedure, the essence of which boils down to the removal of excess branches, stepson, a clothespin from shoots and leaves. Its goal is to increase the airlessness of bushes to ensure maximum access to sun exposure berries.

How to determine the optimal cutting length

The fairing length is the amount of buoyancy remaining after it is shortened. For fruiting plants, it is determined by the number of eyes in young bushes – centimeters. Based on this parameter, the following types of cut are distinguished:

With a short pruning on the run, up to 4 kidneys remain with an average of 5-10, with a long one-more-than 10. The first option is used exclusively for young bushes to ensure the maximum growth of new shoots. Long pruning is used in conversation when the vine is started in a ring or arc. Most often, the average trimming of grape bushes is used.

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Cut the grapes: at what time and why do that?

How to properly produce the average trimming of grapes

Grapes are a culture that is not characterized by an independent reset of the excess ovary. This plant “pulls” to itself all the formed clusters, which is accompanied by their grinding and deterioration of the taste of the fruit. Average pruning in the fall allows us to exclude this undesirable phenomenon.

Pruning pruning, it is necessary to take into account the flattened branch, from which young vines could grow in the summer months. Of these, only two are considered – the most developed. In addition to them, all other young vines must be cut off the branch.

The lower of the two remaining shoots must be cut into 2 buds, the upper – by 7-12. The result of these manipulations is a branch, at the end of which there is a knot and a fruit tendril. Together they form a fruit compound. There can be several of them on one grape bush at once.

In the spring, shoots grow from the fruit vine, which bring a good harvest. The knot forms strong branches, of which it is enough to leave only two later, the rest can be removed. It is important to remember that the node provides the vegetative base for annual average pruning.

Cut the grapes: at what time and why do that?

Grape Pruning Technique: Practical Recommendations

To cut the grape bush, you need to choose a warm, sunny day. Only clean, completely dry and disinfected (alcohol) instruments may be used for the procedure. All cuts on the bushes should be smooth. To remove perennial shoots, the width of which exceeds 3 cm, you need to use a garden file. Subsequent cleaning, alignment of the cut is most conveniently done with a knife. When working with perennial shoots, it is better to start pruning from the inside. In this way it is possible to minimally damage the processes of sap flow in the vine.

Always cut in the middle of the internode, making sure the kidney is “looking” up. Before removing any of the shoots, you need to make sure that the manipulation is correct. Nothing can be returned after pruning, and the condition of the grape bush can be seriously damaged.

So, proper pruning of grapes is not only a decorative technique, but also a way to get a rich harvest and protect plants from diseases.

If you do not have sufficient gardening experience but really want to harvest, you can order the grape cuttings from our nursery. The sanitary and shaping pruning is carried out under the guidance of professional agronomists. We will also protect the grapes from weeds and pests, cover the bushes for the winter, and prepare the garden for the spring season.

How to prune grapes: a beginner’s guide

Grapes are a universal favorite among berries. In addition, the vineyards are so beautiful that every self-respecting gardener has a dream – a beautiful and productive vineyard. But for that to happen, the grapes have to be pruned. How to properly prune grapes for a novice gardener, we describe in this article, as usual, with photos and videos!

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The annual grape harvest, its quality and quantity depends on this operation (cutting). It is also scientifically proven that pruned vineyards are able to resist various diseases and pests and survive the cold season without much difficulty.

How to cut grapes

For beginners, pruning a vine may seem complicated and impossible, when in reality everything is much simpler. The main thing is to understand the essence of autumn pruning of grapes, understand the schemes, and then the practice will not seem like hell on earth.

And this article and additional materials on it will help to understand this not simple, but quite interesting matter, like pruning grapes in winter. In the article you will find answers to all your questions.

What is grape pruning?

Pruning is a manipulation carried out with the aim of shortening or removing annual shoots and old shoots, if necessary.

What time of year is the best pruning of the vineyard? When is it better to prune grapes – in the fall or in the spring? Best of all is autumn pruning of grapes. There are several reasons for this: if the vineyard needs to be covered for the winter, this process is made much easier.

Secondly, after trimming, the “wounds” heal quickly. As a result, such proper trimming of grapes in the fall leads to the fact that the bush fruit is excellent.

Spring pruning of grapes is dangerous for the bush, since a liquid disappears from the cut for a long time, along with which the plant leaves useful substances and trace elements. This process is also known as “weeping the grapes,” .

Tears of the vine can not only reduce the quality and quantity of produce, but also kill the bush. In extreme cases, it can only be done very carefully in the spring if pruning was not done in the fall. The thermometer should reach + 5 degrees Celsius.

Grape cutting techniques

During the formation and ripening of the berries, the professionals of their business remove extra tendrils, dent the shoots and clean the bush of unnecessary leaves.

Professional winemaking includes: the formation of clusters at the bottom of the bush, followed by gradual clearing of the foliage. This is done so that the berries absorb the sun’s rays. The clusters formed in the upper or middle part of the bush are stripped of unnecessary shoots, while the foliage remains. Such a bunch of grapes gives the grapes an exquisite taste. Thanks to pruning, hidden diseases of the bush are revealed, which later are easy to treat.

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This is how they correctly correct grapes for beginners

How to cut the right grapes in spring? Spring pruning of grapes for beginners is recommended only to bushes whose age is not more than three years. Very often a side effect of bush pruning is drying of the vine and subsequent death of the vineyard.

If you take over an adult bush over three years, kidney acidification occurs. Therefore, the best time to prune the bushes is autumn, since trimming bunches for the winter will avoid most problems, especially with excessive sap secretion.


What is Vineyard Trimming?

So we came to the conclusion that grapes need pruning. A logical question arises: “What can be used to cut the vine from grapes?” Everything is very simple. There are no sophisticated devices for such operation. You will need:

  • For a young bush, the only tool is a secateur. It is also used when you prune grape clusters during harvest.
  • For neglected bushes, the trimming of which is carried out with the aim of rejuvenation, a secondary sheath for removing trees or a hacksaw is suitable.
  • The secateur is used to cut young vines, the thickness of which does not reach one and a half centimeters and small sleeves. In order to get an even slice, it may use a secatum equipped with two sharp blades.
  • A beam on wood is used to cut a perennial vine no longer than three inches. A hacksaw is suitable for trimming thick shoots. Berkorese is also useful for work. This is a variety of a secater, with which it is possible to remove the twigs in the far and inaccessible places.

Before trimming, it is necessary to make sure that all tools are well sharpened and disinfected. Any liquid containing a high alcohol content is suitable for disinfection.

What are the goals of trimming grapes?

In autumn, the pruning of the vineyard is carried out with the aim of:

  1. preservation and give the bush the necessary shape;
  2. Distance from old, additional parts of the bush;
  3. Reviews of the general condition of the bush.

The grape shooting should be cut strictly every autumn after the leaves. If this procedure is not carried out, the bush grows strongly and the berries significantly decrease the size.

Features of the grape cutting in different times

  • Young bush (up to 3-5 years old). Cutting annual grapes should be carried out from the first year of landing.
  • An adult fruit plant. It is cut annually to give shape and improve the quality of the resulting product.
  • During the aging of aging, the bush is carried out with the aim of extending the fruit duration of the bush.
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Grape cuts after year

Time for the autumn grape cutting

The specific time for this process depends directly on the grape variety and the weather conditions in the plant cultivation area.

  1. The preparation of the vine is carried out from the first to the tenth October before the first frost. There are only no sophisticated shots of green color. They have to be extremely decent, because the shoots of a rich brown or dark brown color, which can be grinded a little during the curve, cannot be touched in any case!
  2. The main cutting of the vine. The time of the middle is at the end of October, immediately after Frost. At the same time, several weeks should pass after the first cut. Before you start working, you should carefully inspect the bush and carry out an objective analysis of your condition. Then remove dry, thin and unhealthy shoots. Then trim the further developed vines.

The main thing is to remember what we talked about – the spring cutting of grapes in spring is not the best option!

Types of trimbüdern

  • Form circumcision. This type is only used in the first years of a grape bus. During the formative circumcision, the vineyard removes the entire part of the bush, which is not part of a certain form, weak, fragile and unexpected vines. Thanks to the cutting process, the basis of the system occurs. Formative cut is only applied to bushes whose age does not exceed four years. Cutting depends on climatic characteristics (such as with growing grapes in the Crimea) in which the plant is located.
  • Annual autumn cut old grapes. The standard procedure for professional grapids. This type of trim is required every year. The role of circumcision is the preservation of the selected form of the bush throughout life.
  • Contact cuts. This process is carried out to replace the old, lazy, dried plant elements with fresh, young shoots.

How do I cut grapes correctly?


How do I cut grapes for winter? It is better to start from above. The technology of correct grape cutting includes the implementation of simple sequential actions:

    1. In the early autumn, it is necessary to remove all new shoots for mult i-year sleeves and to stretch half a meter from the ground part from the floor.
    2. With a length of more than eighty centimeters, it is necessary to cut off the tops of the trunk by about 10 percent of the total length. All side levels should also be curtailed.
    3. After falling foliage, you usually have to choose particularly developed shoots in mi d-October, and those whose size is no more than eighty centimeters from the bottom part.
    4. The lowest shot formed from the outer part must be cut off at the same time to pass three eyes. This will leave a bitch to a replacement.
    5. The first flight must be removed on the opposite side, while at least five or more than ten eyes (“fruit arrows”) are preserved.

    The result of such circumcision will be longevity, beauty, a hig h-quality fruit product.

    Professional grapes give recommendations: You have to leave ten to fifteen kidneys on the fruit arrow and five kidneys on a bitch. This is a kind of insurance for winter.

    Proper care for the vineyard after trimming

    At the end of the trim procedure, grapes must be protected from various diseases and pests, i.e. with special solutions. The next stage is the preparation of the wine vine for protection. Young bushes bow and throw the earth. This shelter reliably protects grapes from low temperatures – minus fifteen. If the temperature is lower in winter, grape bushes are covered with wooden boxes or with roof material.

    It is best to use several protective methods for a mature system. It is advisable to hide the bush in a plastic film tunnel. Before that, it is necessary to bend the plant onto the floor and cover with needle branches. The edges of the film are put down on the ground. In places where winter is not so hard, no frost-resistant varieties of the cutting and grape home are required.

    Profit tips from professional grape

    Cut grapes tips

    How do I cut grapes for winter? If you follow all the recommendations of vineyards with experience, the procedure for pruning the vine is quite simple and does not take much time. Sometimes, however, beginners make serious mistakes that later have a negative impact on the amount, quality and health of the vineyard. When you come across a grapes for the first time, it is advisable to watch several videos of lessons on the Internet before irreparable internet.

    The ability to trim the vine is a very important ability without which it is impossible to breed a large vineyard. If you master this ability, you can grow young bushes, collect maximum plants from adult plants that give you large, juicy berries. In addition, the vine will be an excellent decoration for the facade of the house, arbor or fence.

    So you have learned how to really trace the vineyard. Remember that the correct circumcision is a guarantee for an abundant harvest and the prosperity of your vineyard! At the end of the topic “Cutting grapes in autumn after beginners” we offer the following video, in which they are informed about the methods and the basic rule of grape cutting:

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