Fall spraying of fruit trees is all you need to know

The best products for processing the garden in the fall

Garden processing in the fall falls in late September – early October, after the foliage is dismissed with trees and shrubs. Preventive measures are necessary to protect plants from pests (insects, aphids, fungus, mold). In addition, in green rooms, immunity increases that sensitivity to diseases of diseases decreases. Seasonal temperature, frosts are easier to endure.

Most gardeners prepare the site using standard methods using standard methods:

  • pruning of branches;
  • cleaning the fallen leaves;
  • Mulch the soil with dry grass, leaves.

These methods partially protect plants. Cases of damage are known.

Note! Cut twigs and foliage serve as a haven for insect larvae, preventing raw materials from being reused. The biological waste is taken off site and incinerated.

Pests and diseases from which autumn treatment will help

Processing the garden from pests in the fall performs a number of functions:

  1. Eliminates insects. The green “hat” of trees and shrubs creates favorable conditions for the development of pests. During wilting, the critters lay down the larvae, which go into hibernation mode in winter and are activated in early spring.
  2. Prevents infections from occurring. Fallen leaves in decay turn into a nursery with infectious diseases. The plant weakens. In the worst case, he dies.
  3. Protects against rodents. A space is formed under a row of leaves, protected from undesirable weather conditions. Mice use the area to form nests.

If you eradicate the source of infection, you can not worry about plant health.

Top 5 medicines for fall garden treatment

Cleaning the territory does not provide a 100% guarantee of negative consequences. Garden processing in the fall is considered effective when concentrated protective agents are used in parallel with miller use. They affect the plant extensively. enhancing immunity. A processed tree or shrub gains resistance to external stimuli. It becomes invulnerable to current and new types of pests.

For information! Despite the useful properties, an incorrectly selected drug can harm plantations. Before use, study from which the pest class the product is protected.


Iron Sulfur Mosagro

Iron vitriol Mosagro

Effective universal antiseptic and fungicidal. package 200 gr.

The ferrous sulfate is a water that is turquoise crystals. Ferrous Sulfate is mainly used for:

  • the fight against fungal diseases;
  • disinfection of cracks on the bark (including hollows);
  • chlorosis prevention;
  • Elimination of moss, lichen.

The drug is sprayed into the plant as a whole or mixed with whitewash. Garden processing with iron sulfate is carried out twice with a two-week interval. This is enough to destroy mushroom disputes.

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The amount of powder is determined by the type of infection:

  1. Mushroom. 30 grams of copper sulfate dilutes 10 liters of water. 3 One-weekly interval processing is complete.
  2. Disinfection. Characteristic of trees with cracks, voids. 100 g of the substance is diluted in 10 liters of water. It is applied locally to the damaged area.
  3. mosses, lichens. For berry plantings, a mixture of 300 g of crystals per 10 liters of water is used. Seeds must be treated with a concentrated solution. In a similar amount of water, 500 g of vitriol are diluted.

The processing of the garden in autumn and spring is carried out in compliance with safety measures.

Work with gloves, a respirator and safety goggles. In case of contact with skin, mucous membranes (nose, mouth, eyes) rinse with plenty of water.

Bordeaux blend

Bordeaux blend

Bordeaux blend

Fungicide to protect a culture complex from a variety of diseases. package 100 gr.

A universal remedy suitable for fruit, vegetable and flower crops to combat:

  • Rust;
  • late blight;
  • Scab;
  • mock.

Bordeaux mixture is effective due to its ability to retain the active ingredient on the surface of the foliage.

The drug acts on pathogens at the stage of cell development. In addition, pests lose interest in the plant.

The preparation of the solution takes place in several steps:

  1. Prepare enamel or glassware.
  2. Pour 100 g of the mixture with a liter of warm water. Stir thoroughly.
  3. Add 4 liters of cold purified liquid.
  4. The resulting composition is filtered through several layers of gauze. This is necessary to remove large scale particles that are clogged in the syringe.

Note! Do not use a plastic container to prepare the solution.

Processing the garden with a Bordeaux mixture in the fall is carried out in dry, calm weather. Avoid watering in the heat under the scorching rays of the sun. This can cause burns.

It is recommended to dilute the drug strictly according to the instructions. If in doubt, the concentration of the active ingredient can be checked with an iron nail. Dip into the resulting solution and pay attention to the shade.

The appearance of a pink coating symbolizes an excess of active substance. This mixture can cause burns.


Fertilizer urea NPK 46:0:0 (50 kg bag)

Fertilizer urea NPK 46:0:0 (50 kg bag)

Mineral, dry, concentrated nitrogen fertilizer in granular form. Bag 50kg.

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Represents water-soluble granules of white color. It is used to fill up the nitrogen deficiency in the soil.

Carbamide also performs a protective function against pests affecting fruit crops.

This is a weevil, aphid, potato beetle and potato nematode. In the latter case, to protect the crops during the digging of the site, autumn gardening is carried out. It is recommended to work in dry weather.

Excess moisture leads to the penetration of the mixture into the deep layers of the soil, reducing the effectiveness of the drug.

Not suitable for autumn preparation of winter crops.

A solution for spraying fruit trees is prepared. 350 g of urea are diluted in 5 liters of pure water.

The resulting mixture is enough to process 20 m² of garden.

A distinctive feature of the drug is hygroscopicity. Completely water soluble. There is no sediment.

Note! It has a long shelf life – 6 years. However, it does not lose its useful properties after the time specified by the manufacturer.

Carbamide is intended for soil fertilization. Avoid getting concentrated solution on the bark or leaves of plants. This will result in severe burns.

blue vitriol

copper sulphate (100 gr)

copper sulphate (100 gr)

Antiseptic fungicide for spraying plants. package 100 gr.

The product is used to protect shrubs, fruit and ornamental trees from pests such as:

It is used to disinfect cracks, wounds and other damage to the bark. Compensates for the lack of copper in the soil, so it is used as a one-component fertilizer. Recommended for use in peat areas.

For pest control, it can be introduced separately or as part of a Bordeaux mix.

The amount of active ingredient is determined by the cultivar.

  1. Currant, gooseberry. 100 g are diluted with 10 liters of water.
  2. Cherry, cherry, peach, apricot, plum. For 10 liters of pure liquid there is 50-100 grams of the drug.
  3. pears, apple trees. 100 g of copper sulfate per 10 liters of water.

Trees need from 2 to 5 liters of solution (per 1 trunk). Bushes require 1.5 liters (per bush).

The concentrated drug is harmful to humans, so it is recommended to observe safety measures.

Wear gloves, a respirator and safety goggles. In case of contact with skin, mucous membranes of nose, mouth and eyes, rinse with plenty of running water.

Copper sulfate has a prolonged effect. Autumn gardening is carried out every 5 years.


Aktara, VDH (4 gr)

Aktara, VDH (4 gr)

Highly effective preparation for reliable protection of plants from pests. package 4 gr.

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The drug acts on insects and their larvae. Inhibits development:

  • cicadas;
  • flower beetle;
  • spider mite;
  • plant mite;
  • suction cups.

Suitable for protecting fruit trees and shrubs. Aktara is available in the form of a concentrated liquid and water-soluble granules.

Suitable for complex treatment of plants – spraying, incorporation into the soil.

In the first case, the effectiveness lasts for 3 weeks. In the second – 2 months.

The mixture is diluted with water according to the attached instructions. The amount is determined by the type of plant. As an average value, the norm is taken – 1 ml per 5 liters of water.

The resulting solution is enough to process 100 sq m of land. It affects the plant a few hours after application.

For information! The drug is compatible with other protective agents, mineral fertilizers. It is recommended to alternate with other mixtures to prevent the plants from getting used to it.

Aktara belongs to the class of moderately active substances, so safety measures are necessary. Carry out work in the absence of children and pets. Cannot be used near bodies of water.

Garden processing in the fall.

Garden processing in the fall.

It is necessary to process the garden from diseases in the fall, when the trees and shrubs shed their leaves. The work should be carried out before the onset of frost, preferably on a clear day. Nice day, no rain. Weeds, leaves, cut branches must be raked into a heap, collected and burned. Berry perennial bushes are pruned annually in autumn, removing all dry and infertile branches and, if necessary, bending them to the ground so that the plant overwinters better. The circles near the trunk must be carefully dug to a depth of at least 15-20 cm to get rid of pests and larvae wintering in the soil.

Whitewash trees in autumn

whitewash tree

Processing the trunks of fruit trees with whitewash in the fall will protect against insects and pathogens.

The larvae left over from the summer and the laid eggs are burned out with the help of whitewash. In addition, treated trunks tolerate light frosts.

Before starting work, you need to wrap a cloth around the trees, and then use a scraper to remove old bark and moss from the tree.

Next, disinfect the wounds and cracks on the trunk and treat them with garden pitch. Then apply whitewash with a wide brush at a height of 1.5 meters. Adding carbolic acid to the solution will also protect your garden from rabbits and rodents.

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When and why to treat the garden in the fall.

Autumn spraying of fruits is carried out using three main liquids:

  • Spraying with carbamide
  • Spraying with copper sulfate
  • Spraying with ferrous sulfate.

Eradicative autumn processing of the garden is subject to both the barrel and the branches of the plant, as well as the earth around it. Copper sulfate saves from lichen, in them insects like to lay eggs. In addition, the solution will nourish the plant with iron, which will help better prepare for winter. Copper sulfate also saves grapes, currant bushes and gooseberries from most fungal diseases. If you add lime to the solution, we get a burgundy liquid. Spraying trees by Bordeaux liquid is carried out in the fall, since it leaves burns on plant leaves. Therefore, it is dangerous to use the solution in spring and summer. Fall Bordeaic liquid processing is the final stage of fall processing of trees for winter.

Which plants can be treated in the fall?

Autumn treatment of the garden is desirable for absolutely all adult fruit trees – apple trees, pears, plums, cherries, cherries, apricots and peach. It is also necessary to spray shrubs (raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries, currants, grapes). But there is one nuance – all flowering plants are sprayed after their bastard, and fruiting – after collecting fruit. It must be remembered that the processing of fruit trees in the fall is a poisonous procedure, so it must be carried out in a mask, gloves and a special suit. Ideally, it’s possible to create an entire solution, similar to fog. But if coniferous trees grow next to the fruit, then processing must be done carefully, without getting on them.

Autumn treatment with sulfate

Ferrous sulphate of trees and shrubs with ferrous sulphate is the most popular means of controlling insects and pests. Iron Siposos serves as a very good prevention and protection against many fungal diseases such as steam, powdery mildew and various rots. It also helps to get rid of mosses and lichens very well. The ferrous sulfate will enrich the plants with iron in late fall, making them more frost resistant. A solution of ferrous sulfate is also effective against harmful insects that are in the bark in winter. It is also of great benefit to ornamental plants when covered for the winter. He does not allow them to be heated during defrosting.

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Carbamine garden processing in autumn


Carbamide, or urea, is a very effective and powerful tool for treating the garden from diseases in the fall. With a high concentration, this tool burns almost all infections, allowing you to destroy the most persistent and difficult sources of disease.

Urea really fights with many pests they decided for the winter on branches, in the bark and in the trunk circle. These are ticks and a shield and many other pests. However, it must be used very carefully, so it is usually combined with copper sulfate. In addition, urea is nitrogen fertilizer, which can provoke an increase in shoots in the early autumn period.

Therefore, it must be used in late autumn, it is advisable to process the garden in November, before the first snow and frosts. In this case, the processing of urea will have “eradicative” effects exclusively for plants.

Trees process in the fall with copper sulfate and burgundy liquid

The spectrum of action of copper sulfate is very similar to that of iron sulfate, with the exception of various mosses and lichens – this solution is unlikely to cope with them. In many cases, copper sulphate is mixed with lime, creating a Bordeaux mixture. This tool will help prevent and fight scab and other stains, as well as powdery mildew and various rots. Don’t be surprised if your garden turns blue with Bordeaux mixture after treating diseased trees in the fall. The solution has a bluish color due to the copper it contains. Sometimes this spray is called blue.

Where to order winter protection for plants?

Help in unusual situations Our company has been selling all modern types of solutions for treating trees in the fall for the winter for more than 10 years. We have a database of suppliers and equipment. We employ the most competent and qualified specialists who will advise you on what autumn garden treatment is needed against pests for fruit trees and shrubs. We will always find a suitable offer for you to spray the garden against pests and diseases in autumn. Country Service will help to solve all the problems associated with living in a country house for residents of New Riga.

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