Factory authorization devices for the RECK

A hinge for the motor locks of the eyes. Description and properties

An overview of attachment for motor eye blocks will help to get acquainted with all the possibilities of heavy motor vehicles, which in recent years have gained immense popularity both among farms and summer residents and residents of the villages.

The manufacturer of engine blocks of OKA is Kaluga machine-building plant “Kadwa”, which produces both the engine blocks themselves and functional devices for them. It is important to note that the manufactured adhesion equipment is perfectly aggregated with another brand of engine blocks manufactured by the same factory.

A hinge for the motorized eye block

Why do you need a hinge kit for the relevant of an eye? The walk behavior tractor itself is equipped with a cutter and wheels, with which you can only bring the unit to the scene and qualitatively process the soil to prepare plants.

Vehblock of an eye with plow

Of course, this is a lot, but in order not to carry out further agricultural work manually, the manufacturer of equipment invented appropriate attachments, thanks to which:

  1. The time cost of specific farming operations has been reduced.
  2. The quality of work has improved.
  3. Physical activity was reduced when cultivating the soil,
  4. Labor productivity and productivity have increased sharply.

We describe the most popular attachments and their features.

ground mill

The main purpose of the soil cutter (cultivator) is to loosen the soil for planting crops. A secondary purpose is a uniform distribution of fertilizers on the land, soil aeration. Two types of grinders are available for motoblocks:

  • Saber-Shaped;
  • goose legs.

Cutter “goose paw” Cutters

The Kadwi plant utilizes its motblocks with cutter “goose legs” that perfectly carve out even hard ground and grind the layers into fine dust. Each cultivator consists of three sections, the section consists of three cutting knives. The diameter of the grinding cutter is 34 cm, the total weight of 17 kg is 200 g. The depth of immersion of knives is about 20 cm.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the drawing that shows the procedure for assembling active SoiloFors:

Chamm of the complicated area for the Motobloce Oko Oko

About the assembly of grinders in a motor engine is told a video:

The plow is installed on the engine for plowing all types of soil. The layers of soil are cut and completely turned over, scattering with small clods on both sides of the wings of the plow. The depth of immersion of the knife (lime) is regulated depending on the hardness of the soil.

Plow standard with problems

We offer to get acquainted with the schematic picture of the plow:

The plow is attached to the Walk behavior tractor by means of a coupling mechanism that can be included in the complete kit on the motorized implement or sold separately. Weigh the plow’s native motor block of 7.8 kg, the width of the soil edging is more than 21 cm.

Higopore (Swing)

This hinge gun is designed to cut the grooves for planting plants, mounds of growing plants and soil aeration. The manufacturer produces single and double row cigns. They can be of different types:

  • Disc;
  • Rotary (propellers);
  • Surfaces (in the form of a plough).

Double Hopic Cinch Hip a single storey cigarette clinic

Helboxes can have both fixed and adjustable detection widths. It is attached using a trailer hitch.

Yum z-6 tractor - description and properties

Installing a plow on a walk-behind tractor is shown in the schematic below:

Installation of swings on a walk tractor


Milling and plowing are hard jobs that require a lot of power from the walking tractor and the operator to penetrate the soil to a certain depth. The denser the soil, the more force is required.

In order to make plowing and milling work easier and to make the motorized device heavier, the device manufacturer has developed special weights that are hung on the wheels of the Oka two-wheel tractor and put additional strain on it.


The mass of such a weight load can vary from 5 kg to 17 kg. Lighter models of Oka walk-behind tractors weighing up to 120 kg are subject to this weighting.


A harrow is a universal attachment for the Oka two-wheel tractor. This device allows you to perform the following works in the country:

  • harrows (leveling freshly plowed soil);
  • cultivation;
  • Cleaning the fields after harvest.


The engine block harrow has a mass of 12 kg. and measures about 90 cm.

ground holds

This nozzle is placed on the axle instead of wheels or knives and is used for better grip on the following field work:

  • plowing with a plow;
  • hills;
  • staggering;
  • Plant plants;
  • digging grain;
  • in heavy snowfall with snowploughs.

Mas s-rooms

Factory lugs for the Oka weigh 18.8 kg and their diameter varies between 350 and 500 mm. These iron wheels are not intended for road traffic and goods transport with a trailer.

potato planter

This attachment is used for mechanized planting of potatoes. Potato tubers are loaded into a special bunker, where they are grabbed by special clamping scoops and dunked into a furrow previously cut by the ridger, after which the tuber is immediately buried by disc hammers that form a mound of earth.

Potato residents KS 50,000

Characteristics of a KaDvi potato planter:
parameter meaning
Productivity, ha/hour up to 0.25
weight (kg 34
hopper capacity, l 33
Distance between tubers, cm 30-40, adjustable up to 50
Track of the support drive wheels, m 0.6-0.7
Transport rail, adjustable, mm 600-700

lump excavator

This device is popularly called the potato harvester. It is intended for mechanized potato harvesting using the Oka walk-behind tractor. There are several types of nodular dredgers:

  • easy;
  • screening (vibration);
  • Eccentric.


The native KaDvi plant produces common potato diggers that attach to the Oka tractor (Ugra, etc.) with a hitch.

Read more: Review of the engine block “Ugra” NMB 1H7. Description of the model, technical characteristics. maintenance and operation

We suggest studying the schemes of the cheapest potato harvesters:

Single axle truck

The trailer, or as it is also called, a single-axle truck, is designed for transporting various piece and bulk goods using a two-wheel tractor. This device is attached behind the two-wheel tractor with a hitch.

The car is a single axis freight

Trailers are available with manual or tipper unloading, load capacity can vary from 300 to 500 kg. Engine block operator seats — the integral accessory of this equipment.


A walk-behind tractor adapter is a device that attaches to a walk-behind tractor with a hitch and allows you to perform farm work while driving a powered implement while seated (turning the Oka walk-behind tractor into a mini-tractor). Adapters are available in different versions:

  • the back;
  • Front;
  • Universal.
Series of Patriot chainsaws. Operating and maintenance manual, main malfunctions and their solutions

The most common are rear and universal adapter. The front are produced by the Forza brand, the device is perfectly aggregated with OKA.

AMPK-500 all-wheel drive adapter

The idea of ​​the Kaluga work is the universal motoblock all-wheel adapter AMPK-500. This device has a load-bearing capacity of up to 500 kg, is equipped with a removable trailer and is connected to the hand-led OKA tractor via the tap wave (this gives a drive for both wheel sets).

Properties of the AMPK-500 adapter:
length 2550mm
Height including bikes 1350mm
Broad 1070mm

Sick mower “Zarya”

This attachment is intended for mowing grass and for harvesting cattle feed. The nozzle consists of two metal slices with hidden cutting knives (4 for each pane). A rigid frame is attached to the torque wave in front of the han d-led tractor, which transfers the torque to the rotors.

Sick mower Zarya sickle mower Zarya

The weight of the Zarya mower is 24 kg, its dimensions are 810/930/780.

Properties of the mower “Zarya”:
parameter meaning
Total dimensions, mm 810*930*780
Weight, kg, no more 33
Recording width, M, nothing less than 0,8
Working speed of the mower depends on the strength and density of the mowed vegetation and the soil and the climatic conditions, km/h 2.0… 4.0
Height of the mown grass, M up to 1
Grass mowing capacity, HA/H, nothing less than 0.15… 0.2
Separation speed, min 1800… 2400
Vegetation cutting height, cm, no longer 7

Snow blower

This snow blower is only used in winter to remove snow from the areas adjacent to the house. The basis of the construction is a wave with welded tooth snail, which even cuts an icy ice crust and feeds snow masses.

The snow mass is exposed via a special neck and can be adjusted within reach and height. The throwing width is 3 to 15 m. The snow blower is connected to the OKA singl e-axle tractor via a V-belt drive.

Blade (shovel)

This device is relevant both in winter (for snow removal) and in the spring autumn period (removal of rubble, leveling the soil, etc.). Shovels are adjustable and not adjustable, straight, lef t-handed or righ t-handed.

The weight of a factory shovel should not exceed 13 kg, the working width should not exceed 90-100 cm.

trailer hitch

The clutch mechanism is an indispensable device with which you can attach various attachments to the OKA aeroshatractor. Couplings are:

  • adjustable (angle of attack);
  • unregulated;
  • Universal.

trailer hitch

The attachment device can be included in the han d-led tractor or sold separately.

OEM differential

This is a universal motoblock device with which the motoblock can carry out a sharp curve at an angle of up to 240 degrees (a wheel is blocked). The motorized device maneuverability grows. In addition, the differential can be used as an axle extension to grow redotillers.

Standard differential pneumatic bikes

Air bicycles for Oka singl e-axle tractor

The wheels are included in the scope of delivery of the han d-led tractor and are used to transport the device with a trailer or adapter on public roads. Rarely used in connection with attachments.

Video review

We offer you to look at several video reviews that show how to plant potatoes properly with a hand-led OKA tractor:

Overview of the petro l-motoblock Patriot Ural. Technical features, owner reviews, video

This is how the hand-led OKA tractor works with a potato rotor:

Owner reviews

Ilja, 31 years old:

I don’t have an Oka walking tractor, I have a mini tractor! I bought a front Forza 2 years ago and switched to high speed work. My 1.5 hectares of potatoes are processed quickly and efficiently. Saving of personnel, time and fuel. I felt a difference in the first week. Assembled is available in a complete set. The technology is excellent.

Peter, 52 years old:

Good day. My old wife Oka is already 8 years old. Still works fine. Over the years I have collected all the attachments I have and tested them with different loads. What can I say: in the spring – only milling, in the fall – I pull with a plow, a trailer for 300 kg pulls, I take a disc hill, I have a simple potato harvester, one of the inexpensive ones. There are other devices, everything is simple, no frills – everything works fine. I also use it in winter, put it on a caterpillar attachment and complete it with a knife – done! The machine is of course regularly repaired, parts are freely available, belts too.

Overview of factory attachments for Oka single-axle tractors

The attachments manufactured by the motoblock manufacturer Oka greatly expand the capabilities of this type of motorized equipment. Below you will find an overview of all factory additional elements for the Oka two-wheel tractor, their characteristics and a description of the principle of operation.

All Kadvi attachments are also suitable for Ugra in combination with the Oka two-wheel tractor.

potato planter

Potato resident Oka MB-1

A potato planter is a device used to automate the process of planting potato tubers.

The planter embeds root crops in the soil and forms a mound of soil on the surface of the soil.

perfomance 0.25ha/hour
The weight 34kg
Capacity of the planter 33L
distance between the tubers from 30 cm to 50 cm
gauge 0.7m

mill cultivator

Oka grind cutters mb-1

This device is intended for loosening the earth. Cutters shred weeds, and when fertilizers are thrown into the ground, they are thoroughly mixed. It is mounted on the output shaft.

Cultivation cutter (UGRA, Sechseck)

The tillers manufactured by Kadvi with a diameter of 34 cm are designed for a processing depth of up to 20 cm, the width of the recorded track is 10.5 cm, the total weight of two tillers is 17.2 kg.

Please note that the Ugra walk-behind tractor has hex blades with no connecting fingers – this prevents grass fibers from winding up on the part during the cultivation process. Such devices are additionally equipped with protective screens.

The diagram below shows the header assembly diagram for the Oka walk-behind tractor

Chamm of the complicated area for the Motobloce Oko Oko

Plowing with tillers – video review:


Basic rooms on Oka MB-1

The use of cleats gives the walk tractor the ability to better grip with the topsoil, automatically stabilize the unit and give more power for plowing or hilling.

Devices of this type are installed in the place of wheels or cutting tools. Some walk behind tractors require additional long hubs for their installation.

The diameter of Kadvi factory studs for Oka walk-behind tractors is 350-500 mm and depends on the modification of automobiles. Weight limit – 18.8 kg.

The illustration shows the process of installing eyelets on a walk behind tractor.

Review of the trimmer Oleo Mac Sparta 25. Technical characteristics. Basic rules and precautions during work

Chument of the al l-courses of a motobll oko


Cargo worker

Motoblocks “Oka” belong to heavy equipment, the name itself speaks for itself – a walk-behind tractor is always heavier than a cultivator. But even when working with heavy equipment, additional weight may be required. Weights are provided for this purpose.

The mass of such charges can reach 5-17 kg. Homemade hinges may weigh more than the factory standard.

Connect OKA MB-11M10

Like other attachments, the plow for the “Oka” is also suitable for the two-wheel tractor “Ugra”. It is used for plowing and fertilizing the soil.

Some tool stores sell plows with or without a hitch. The plow attaches to the walk-behind tractor with a set of fasteners, a hitch and a wrench.

The dimensions of the factory product are 535x310x410 mm. The width of the layer of soil that the plow can grasp is 21.5 cm. Weight – 7.8 kg.

Raspashnik, Hiller

OKH-1 hip for eye

Okuchnik or plow – attachments with the help of which fresh soil is added to the beds and loosened.

Okuchnik can be single-row or double-row, disc, propeller. The simplest and cheapest is single-row.

Also, these devices are divided by the width of the shot (fixed or adjustable).

The figure below shows the installation diagram of a two-row ridger on the Oka walk-behind tractor.

OEM differential

A differential is a device that performs multiple functions.

Differential BPU

  • The first task is to lock the swivel extension.
  • The second is to reduce the walk tractor’s range of motion when turning.
  • The third is to increase the maneuverability of the equipment.

With the help of the differential, one wheel is blocked, which is why the two-wheel tractor can turn a total of 240 degrees. The differential can be used as a stand-alone part to extend the axles, for example to hang cutters, and overall with other attachments.


Harrow for Eye MB-1D1M10

The classic version of the harrow for the Oka walk-behind tractor, manufactured by the Kaluga Motorcycle Plant, is used for a whole range of actions on the land: it can be used to level the surface of the earth after plowing, to cultivate soil between the sowing rows and also for removing litter from the rows after harvest.

Standard dimensions of the tool: the width of the captured soil is 80-90 cm, weight is 12 kg.

root digger

Oka MB-1 Cornephrod Digger

A simple excavator is used to pull crops like beets, potatoes out of the ground. There are many devices of this type, the simplest is aggregated with the Oka walk-behind tractor, which is attached to the agricultural machine with simple fasteners. You can make this connection manually.

Larger dredgers are more expensive, but the yield of root crops when using them is, of course, higher.

The principle of operation of the excavator is shown in the figure below.

The operating principle of the excavator

A little review of the converted potato paw for the OKA two-wheel tractor:

trailer hitch

Copping device on OKA MB-1MM10

Additional equipment without which the attachment of many ancillary units to the Oka two-wheel tractor would not be possible. A hitch device is necessary to connect a mini tractor to implements such as a potato harvester, plow, hiller and others.

Product weight – 5.2 kg, dimensions 435x130x175 mm.


Freight car for the engine Block Ooko MB-1MM10

Trailer-like equipment required for hauling cargo, collecting garbage, and other operations of moving objects on a walk-behind tractor. A single-axle trolley can be loaded with a maximum of 300-350 kg.

Chainsaw Stihl MS-310: Description, specifications and safety precautions

Carts from many manufacturers are aggregated with the Oka walk-behind tractor, when choosing such equipment, you should consider the weight of the walk-behind tractor or cultivator, and also buy a tow hitch.

Motoblock Oka with Trolley TM 500:

Rotating snow blowers

Snowman on Oka MB-11M10

This is a device for the Oka, which is also suitable for the Ugra. With it you can clear the territory of the cottage, yard and garden plot from snow. The Oka engine block is driven by a V-belt drive, the Ugra by a PTO shaft.

The Rotary Snowpipe can throw snow away for 15 meters. It is very acceptable to work with a high layer of snow (up to 75 cm).

Motoblock shovel

It is either used instead of or after a snowman. The main purpose is: level the snow cover or a layer of the cutting floor, etc.

Dimensions: 1000x280x370 mm, weight – 13 kg.


AMPK-500 adapter

The adapter of the AMPK-500 with full wheel drive can be used with heavy motoblock, including UGRA and not just with OKA. This model is equipped with a trip to the rear wheels. The body is easy to remove.

Thanks to the use of such a device, the operator can transport goods with a weight of up to 500 kg.

Dawn “Dawn”

Rotor mower with a capacity of 0.2 ha per hour. It works in combination with many heavy motoblocks, including the UKA, the UGRA units and others.

It creates mowing and simultaneous folds on the sides, as after using a simple network. It is placed on a special pen in front of the car. It is equipped with two slices with four knives. It comes completely with the tensioner.

General properties
Weight: 24 kg.
Dimensions: 810 mm/930 mm/780 mm.
Corps material: steel
The width of the mowing: 800 mm.
Mulch: no
Soil collector: no


Which reviews have earned the attachments for OKA? Further – more precisely about how motoblocks work in combination with such products.

Alexey, Kaluga:

“I bought a mower in 2010, I used 7 seasons. What can I say: I took 27,000 rubles. I immediately find that the device is difficult, it is not very comfortable to wear, but if it starts to work, it can forgive all defects! In my memory she was done with the grass of every height and density, places between the windows, which was cut. He processed several hectares with her – everything is fine! Minus – If you mow on an uneven surface, the belt is quickly broken down, but it is more of the cost of working than a major disadvantage. Knife fly from foreign objects (made of stones, large sticks), slices are curved, but this is not a problem because spare parts can be bought anywhere. “

Yuri, Perm:

“He worked with the DM1 of the OKA for grinding cutters. At first it was unusual, as experienced farmers say – otherwise they get used to it, otherwise. Of the tips that really helped: it is always necessary to work in high equipment and to adapt the tw o-leggedity of the technology in detail, then the tractor of walking will run smoothly without gnawing into the floor. “

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