Excavator TVEKS EK-18 – description and characteristics

Twex EK-18 wheeled excavator in Moscow for sale and rent

On questions concerning the purchase of this equipment (wheeled excavator Twex EK-18), crediting and leasing, service and warranty conditions please contact factory dealers or official representative offices. Wheeled excavator Twex EK-18 can be delivered directly from the manufacturer, as well as from sites in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

Modifications of the wheeled excavator Twex EK-18:


ЕK-18-30 hydraulic power unit and Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic pump

ЕK-18-60 hydraulic engine, Bosch-Rexroth, Perkins engine

Pneumohydraulic excavator 18,0 tons, bucket volume 1,0 m 3.

Technical characteristics of the excavator Twex EK-18

mass, tons 18
bucket capacity (SAE), M 3
length, mm 9400
width, mm 2500
height, mm 3300
engine power, HP 105/123
Cycle time s 18.5
Pressure in hydraulic system, МПА 28
Speed of movement, km/h 20

Twex Ek 18 excavator trench parameters

arm, m 2,2 2,8 3,4
Digging radius, m 9,1 9.65 10.2
Digging radius at parking place, m 8.85 9.42 10.0
Trench kinematic depth, m 5.77 3.67 6.97
dumping height, m 6.24 6,5 6.75
Bucket swivel angle (city) 177 177 177
Maximum bucket capacity (SAE), m 3 1,0 0.77 0.65
Mobile excavator TVEKS EK-18 Mobile excavator TVEKS EK-18

Types of Twex EK-18 excavator controls replacement

  • Graffiti digging
  • Graffiti load (spots)
  • hydrofluor
  • hydraulic plates
  • player
  • logs


Extraction and demolition of bricks, concrete and reinforced concrete of medium strength, including reinforcement, demolition of steel structures, cutting scrap metal, sneezing. Transportation of bulk and non-bulky cargo from gondola cars.

The volume of the bucket can be changed to:

  • Interchangeable handles L = 2200 mm, 2800 mm, 3400 mm or buckets.
  • Hydraulic breaker MG-300 is designed for demolition of concrete and reinforced concrete road pavement, brick building structures, unreinforced concrete and other similar works including loosening of frozen ground and loose soils.
  • Hydrocycle NG-1624
  • player
  • Log lifter with 3 ton capacity for loading, unloading and stacking of logs and other timber. The log carrier can be equipped with a full rotator.
  • Graffer – trench and schedule for loose materials.

Possibility to work with two pairs of outriggers.

Perkins engines meet all international environmental requirements and have a number of significant advantages:

  • service life and warranty period are twice as long as those of domestic engines;
  • 10% more torque;
  • Fuel economy by 10-20% depending on the type of work;
  • Reduction of maintenance time by 20% due to extension of service intervals;
  • Reduction of noise and vibration at the operator’s workplace.
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Materials of JSC “Tverskoy Excavator”, http://www.tvexc.ru.

Photos of wheeled excavator Twex EK-18

Wheeled excavator TVEKS EK-18 Photo №1 Mobile excavator TVEKS EK-18 Photo №2 Mobile excavator TVEKS EK-18 Photo №3

Technical characteristics of wheeled excavators WHEX-8, EK-12, EK-14, EK-18, EK-18-40 and TWEX 5846 (EA-17) produced by JSC “Tverskoy Excavator” are placed in the table below

Twex EK-18 wheeled excavator

Among the products of the Tver factory the excavator Twex EK-18 has the highest performance. Such advantages as long service life and reliability of the devices are due to the use of improved metal construction of the bearing part.

Wheeled excavator TVEKS EK-18

Twex EK-18 wheeled excavator

Consumers also note the high technical characteristics of the machine, in Russia EK-18 is one of the most popular models of domestic production. The manufacturer JSC “Tverskoi – Excavator” produces a large number of construction equipment. The hydraulic special machine is equipped with a pneumatic wheel. The excavator is a versatile, productive, unpretentious and simple technique for excavation works. Efficiency is due to availability and low cost of parts, low fuel consumption.


Excavator Twex 18 has a low weight, the floor of any category, which allows you to use the technique in any place. The main works for which the EC-18 is used:

  • land planning;
  • loading and unloading operations with pallet loads;
  • demolition of construction sites;
  • quarrying;
  • Production of excavations – pits, trenches;
  • Other types of construction and agricultural work.

features and benefits

Excavator of Russian origin TTEKS EK-18 is unpretentious for operation conditions. It has a high performance at high and low temperatures, high humidity, etc. Due to such qualities as efficiency, reliability, productivity and versatility, the excavator became an indispensable assistant on construction sites and quarries.

The main advantages of the excavator boom EK-18 are:

  • ease of operation and service;
  • reliability, durability;
  • versatility and multi-functionality by installing additional working tools;
  • Productivity;
  • Installation of a power device of high power;
  • Setting a comfortable session of the operator;
  • Stability;
  • Installation of ergonomic operator’s cabin with a large viewing angle, protective barriers against dust and increased safety.
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There are several technological changes, the main distinguishing features of each model are the hydraulic system and the engine. The latter can be foreign or Russian-made. The foreign unit is distinguished by higher productivity, efficiency and a long period between maintenance.

model EC-18-20 EC-18-30 EC-18-60 EC-18-90
engine MMZ 245c Perkins 1104s-44ta D-245 2S2
engine type Diesel, liquid cooled
engine power, HP 105 123 122
hydraulic PSM Bosch Rexroth
arm, m 2.2/, 2.8/3.4
bucket capacity, cu. m 1.0/0.7/0.65
Ditch depth 5.77/6.37/6.97
dumping height, m 6.24/6.5/6.75
Cycle time s 18.5
Speed of movement, km/h 20
Overall dimensions, mm 9360/2500/3158
machine weight, t 18.4

  • standard model ЕK-18;
  • Twex ЕK-18-20 has a higher productivity, it is equipped with a standard tool (bucket) with a capacity of 1 cubic meter. All components are made in Russia. The main body has an improved design, which guarantees high performance in difficult conditions. TVEKS 18-20 can be equipped with a large number of additional working bodies. This modification is considered the most powerful and multifunctional.
  • EK-18-30 is an earlier model with an improved third-party hydraulic system.
  • EK-18-40 has a graphic claw as a standard equipment. This specialized equipment is most often used in logging and scrap processing plants. Optionally, this model can be equipped with a lifting cab (using hydraulics) and a scrap grapple.

  • EK-18-44 is an improved version of the previous model. It will be equipped with a hydraulic lifting cabin, scraping device, five-crystal 0,65 m3 scheme and full rotor. The main purpose – loading and unloading of gondola cars, as well as the work for which the modification EK-18-40 is designed.
  • Twex EK-18-60 is equipped with hydraulic motor of joint production of Bosch and Rexroth, hydraulic pump and power plant of Perkins production.
  • EK-18-90m is the latest development of the manufacturer, which involves the installation of axles with high floors, improving the ability to overcome difficult terrain. Italian-made steering wheel has smaller dimensions, which creates more comfortable working conditions for the operator. In addition, the cabin has increased rigidity. The power unit is characterized by increased performance indicators, which positively affects the efficiency of machinery. Handles of different sizes are installed as an option, 2.2 m is used as standard. Increasing its length helps deepen the ditch, but the capacity of the working body is reduced.
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Specifications and dimensions

To increase lifting capacity, the TVEKS 18 is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders and a 1 cubic meter bucket.

The main technical characteristics of the TVEKS EK-18 are:

  • weight – 18 tons;
  • capacity of the working place of the standard assembly – 0.65 m3, 0.77 m3, 1 m3;
  • Unloading height – from 6.24 m to 6.75 m;
  • digging radius – from 8,85 m to 10 m;
  • digging depth – 5.77 m to 6.97 m;
  • Angle of rotation of the working body – 177 degrees.

Characteristics of heavy construction machinery depends on the modification. The machine demonstrates high performance at ambient temperatures from t-40 to +40 degrees. Therefore, the excavator can operate not only in Russia, but also in other countries.

Dimensions of the EK-18: 9.4 m x 2.5 m x 3.25 m (5.25 m with a raised cab). Depending on the modification, dimensions may differ from the specified by 0.1-0.2 m.

parameter value
length 9.4m
Wide 2.5m
Height 3.25m
ground clearance 0.315m


TVEKS EK-18 engine

TVEKS EK-18 engine

High performance of the TVEKS 18 is due to the installation of a powerful 4.75-liter engine D-245. It is a four-cylinder, four-stroke power plant with an output of 77 kW or 107 hp. It is equipped with a water cooling system and a direct fuel supply system. RPM is 2200 rpm operation. The fuel is diesel and the unit is started by an electric starter. Auxiliary elements of the engine are made in Germany. Modifications can be equipped with 123 hp Perkins Model 1104-S 44TA engine.

model EC-18-20 EC-18-30 EC-18-60 EC-18-90
engine MMZ 245c Perkins 1104s-44ta D-245 2S2
engine type Diesel, liquid cooled
engine power, HP 105 123 122
fuel tank 255L

Cylinders of the domestic engine with a diameter of 110 mm are arranged vertically in a single row. The main components of the engine are connecting rods, pistons, cylinder block, cylinder head, flywheel, and crankshaft. All of these are serviced. A turbocharger is used to increase the powerplant’s output, increasing torque to its maximum value (386 Nm) and throttle response. The supercharger force is adjustable by the operator.

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To start the engine in cold weather the German-made starting heater “Hydronic 10” is available.

Fuel consumption of EK-18 is 236 g/kW per hour of operation, and the diesel fuel tank has a capacity of 255 liters.


The undercarriage is represented by a wheeled chassis. The excavator is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission from German company ZF, which features high reliability, long service life, and efficiency in all working conditions. This transmission in combination with the engine allows the car to move at the speed of up to 20 km/h.

Movement of the TVEKS 18 excavator at the construction site is autonomous. To transport the equipment to the construction site it is necessary to use a tractor, with a maximum speed of 40 km/h.

The standard equipment includes a blade support and two outriggers, which give the machine stability.

hydraulic system

Customers have an opportunity to buy TVEKS EK-18 with different hydraulic systems, depending on the modification of the machine. Russian company Pnevmostroymashina is installed by default. It is characterized by power of 50 kW or 70 hp. The maximum pressure in the system is 28 MPa, and the pump that creates it pumps 248 liters of hydraulic fluid per minute. The hydraulic fluid tank has a capacity of 350 liters.

The versions are equipped with a Bosch and Rexroth hydraulic system.

driver’s cab

The advantages of the excavator cabin include improved safety and ease of operation. To operate the TVEKS EK-18 excavator became even easier, and all the attention of the driver is focused not on the controls, but on the work process.

The cabin was developed by a Russian production company. It has a large glazing area, excellent vibration isolation and standard heating. An optional air conditioner, a smaller adjustable steering wheel, an individually adjustable driver’s seat and joystick control system are available.

The position of the driver’s cab in relation to the chassis has changed slightly. Now the entire working area is in the field of view. This innovation allowed the EK-18 to become a competitor to foreign machines of the world brands. At the same time, the price to quality ratio of the domestic model is several times higher than that of the foreign optional equipment.

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The dashboard includes controllers and controls, the location of which is carefully thought out. The cabin of the excavator TVEKS EK-18 has several compartments for the things – tools, first-aid kits, personal belongings, etc.


The equipment is multifunctional and versatile due to the possibility of installing various attachments. Standard equipment includes a bucket with capacity from 0.65 m3 to 1 m3 depending on the modification and length of the boom. TVEKS EK-18 is offered for sale complete with working tools:

  • Grapple loader (5-jaw) for loose materials, trencher;
  • A ripper is used when developing the rocky and frozen ground;
  • hydrohammer is necessary for destroying concrete and reinforced concrete structures or their parts, for the development of frozen ground;
  • Log grapple with the ability to work with loads weighing up to 3 tons Guarantees high efficiency in the production of loading and unloading work and storage of palletized materials. Optional full rotation rotator can be installed;
  • Hydraulic shears are used for cutting metal products and crushing hard materials.

TVEKS EK-18 bucket

TVEKS EK-18 bucket

Cost of new and used

Price of TVEKS EK-18 without mileage in standard configuration is 5.2 million rubles. The modifications are more expensive, the average price of EK-18-90 ranges from 5,5 mln. rub. to 5,7 mln. rub. To buy a used TVEKS EK-18 for at least 760 000 rub. The final price depends on the condition and production of the machine.

The lowest price for excavators made in 2009-2010 years, as they need major repairs or not all the parts of the equipment are installed. The model is versatile for construction work on large sites and the development of small areas. The advantage of the excavator is wheel configuration 4×4, but when it is necessary to work in conditions with weak soil or a large slope, it is not reasonable to use ЕK-18. Thanks to the low noise level and high-quality exhaust, the excavator can be used in urban areas and for work in agriculture, quarries and road construction.


The TVEKS EK-18 excavator has several analogues, including EO-33211 and EO-4321.

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