Excavator-loader EO-21101 – description and properties

Technical characteristics advantages and disadvantages of the excavator with an individual shovel EO-2101

In the picture EO 2621 looks like a typical Soviet tractor, but unlike many models of this class, the shovel-excavator EO 2621 has advantages that are effectively used by small and large agricultural enterprises and companies.

  1. First of all, it is a combination of functions and price that pays for itself in maximum 2 years, to which you can add the service life beyond the one stated in the official and technical documentation;
  2. High level of maintenance and availability of spare parts;
  3. Prompt replacement of work tools on site with ready-to-use tools (no need to travel to a workshop);
  4. Economical engine and high clutch weight;
  5. Stops well at sub-zero temperatures.

Disadvantages include:

  1. Unsightly appearance compared to modern special equipment;
  2. The workplace is not equipped with a hydraulic elevator and depreciation.

Creation history

Technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the single-bucket excavator ЭО-2101

Manufacturers of the excavator “EO-2621” is not one, but several. Since 1967 these devices have been produced at “Chervony Excavator” plant (Rother Bagger) in Kiev and at “Zlatous” excavator (nowadays “Zlatex” Ltd.) in Shchelyabinsk region. And since 1974, also in Kyiv region – at Borodyansk excavator (nowadays – JSC “Borex”).

In addition, the production of this technique was established at a number of machine-building enterprises of GUS. Progenitors of this multipurpose earthmoving machine were quick-hitching hydraulic excavators E-201, which were based on the Soviet tractors: the Lipetsk T-30 and Minsk MTZ-2 “Belarus”. And later – its improved version “E-221”.

This equipment in its turn became the sequel of the first in the Soviet Union serial hydraulic excavator designed by the All-Russian Research Institute “Stroydormash” – rotary excavator E-153, created on the basis of MTZ-2 “Belarus” tractor. The manufacturer of this extremely necessary for the national economy equipment was the Kiev plant “Krasny Sackschnik”. Each of these models was designed for various agricultural and loading processes of medium and small volumes. And each was a new step forward, the embodiment of a number of improvements. Trenching depth, bottom cutting power and bucket angle were all increased. An indication of the then high demand of the Soviet Union for this equipment is that entire factories were converted into excavator factories to produce exclusively the above models. Especially engine repairs in Saransk; Or plans for a large shop at the Zlatoust Mechanical Plant, which was henceforth planned as Saransk Excavator Plant, or plans to be.

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A direct predecessor of the EO-2621 was the excavator E-2515, which was equipped with a rear blade with a capacity of 0.25 m3 in the basic version; The greatest depth of the trench was 3 m; Height of removal – 2.6 m; Productivity – 45-60 m3 per hour. This was far superior to all previous production models of hip excavators. At the beginning of the 1970s, the growing Kiev city had already included the “Red Excavator” plant, which was surrounded by residential areas. There was no place to build new workshops, and they were built in the Kiev village of Borodyanka. As a result, the production of mounted excavator systems for tractors was completely transferred there.

A few years later, Kiev and Zlatoust were joined by Saransk, where the production of EO 2621 series was also established. Up to “perestroika” and the collapse of the Soviet Union, more than twenty thousand units of this equipment were produced annually. These volumes not only covered the needs of the domestic market, but also allowed exporting excavators EO-2621 to 38 countries.

Excellent performance characteristics, low cost of production and use, reliability and perfection made EA-2621 the main tractor-based mounted excavator and the most popular in the world. This model is still produced in the modification “EO 2621B-3” and is still stable on the market due to its low cost and reliability. Although the former production volumes are of course not discussed.

Technical features

  • Capacity – 40 cubic meters. m/h;
  • Grave radius: 5 m – shovel; 4,7 m – straight;
  • Depth of capture – 3 m;
  • Discharge height: 3.3 m – straight shovel, fork and loading bucket; 2.2 m – backhoe;
  • Standard bucket capacity: 0.25 cubic meters;
  • Cutting force is 25 kN for straight blade and 26 kN for backward blade;
  • Working cycle time, not more than 15 S for straight shovel; 18 S – reverse;
  • Work with hook – 0,5 t;
  • Hydraulic system – separate for excavator and bulldozer; Working pressure – 10 and 7,5 MPa;
  • Maximal height of hook suspension – 3,8 m;
  • Jib outreach at greatest height of lion – 2,3 m;
  • Base chassis-Belarusian tractor UMZ-6al/6 a.m.
  • Diesel engine, DT-65H, 65 hp;
  • Movement speed – maximum 19 km/h;
  • The overcoming slope – 10 degrees;
  • The width of the rod of the rear wheels – 1550 mm;
  • Unloading – 450 mm;
  • Total dimensions in the transport position, 2DH – 6,48×2,2×3,8 m;
  • Height in the cabin – 2460 mm;
  • Weight with standard mounting equipment – 6100 kg.
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Technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the single-bucket excavator ЭО-2101

The excavator EO 2621 is equipped with a diesel engine DT-65N with an output of 65 hp. The excavator is equipped with a mechanical zero-speed gear with a pinion gear, which doubles its number. Totally EO-2621 has 17 front and 4 rear gears.

This excavator model is characterized by worm-type steering, supplemented by a hydraulic booster. The advanced hydraulic section of the latest model EO 2621B-3 has anti-shock miles “Hydrocontrol” and built-in fuses, which can easily combine operations and improve accuracy of work.

Fuel consumption

The engine of the excavator EO-2621, which makes the whole structure work, is designed for 65 hp. And depending on the load it consumes from 5.5 to 12 liters per hour. With a full fuel tank capacity of 100 liters, this reserve is enough for a whole working shift without any problems.

Hydraulic system

The design has two independent hydraulic systems, but with a single tank for the working fluid. The first hydraulic system drives the working equipment from three gear pumps type NSh32-3, the liquid through the distributor is supplied to the hydraulic cylinders of the bucket, boom and manipulator. The second system supplies hydraulic fluid from the pump through the distributor to the boom hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders of the steering mechanism, and through the distributor of the tractor to the outrigger hydraulic cylinder and the bulldozer hydraulic cylinder.

All pumps are driven by gears from the tractor diesel engine crankshaft. In order to limit pressure in closed hydraulic cylinder piston chamber during digging, there is a special bypass valve, which diverts liquid to hydraulic cylinder rod cavity and surplus of liquid to the tank. A check valve compensates for fluid loss in the hydraulic cylinders rod cavities. Smooth braking at the end of the turn is provided by special damping devices installed in the hydraulic cylinder caps.

Boom of excavator EO-2621

Technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the single-bucket excavator ЭО-2101

The excavator boom of the bucket is mounted in the base of the swinging column. Such a design allows to use it not only as a straight and swivel shovel, but also to swivel the tool by an angle of up to 160 degrees.

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Excavator-loader EA-2101

Technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the single-bucket excavator ЭО-2101

EO-2101 is used for loading, unloading and excavation work associated with regular movements within the site and between sites. This excavator is also used for repairs and maintenance of communication networks, gas, heat, water and electric sewerage works, landscaping and gardening of municipal facilities. Model EA-2101 is one of the most commonly used earthmoving machines in Russia and former CIS countries. Due to availability of front-end loader, EA-2101 is also used for mechanization of unloading operations.


The EO-2101 is equipped with a 4-stroke 4-cylinder “D-243” piston diesel engine with vertical in-line cylinder arrangement, compression ignition and direct fuel injection. This unit has no turbocharger. The power unit of the EO-2101 is characterized by high torque, which makes the equipment more manageable and dynamic. The high compression ratio, characteristic of the D-243 unit, provides maximum combustion of the working mixture, increasing the efficiency and economy.

The power unit of the excavator is designed to work in temperature conditions from t-40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Excavator-loader EA-2101


The excavator EA-2101 has been designed on the basis of tractors of Minsk Tractor Works (“Belarus-92P”, “Belarus-826”, “Belarus-892”, “Belarus-82.1”). The model itself was again available in several configurations: with domestic and imported hydraulics, with an offset digging axis, and with a jaw loader. functionally, the special equipment was equipped with a leveling bucket, ripper, narrowed backhoe, welding machine, and hydraulic hammer.

EO-21101 is used for loading, unloading and excavation work associated with regular movements within the location and between facilities. This excavator is also used for repair and maintenance of communication networks in gas, heat, water and electric works, for landscaping and landscaping of city objects. Model EA-2101 is one of the most commonly used geodetic machines in Russia and CIS countries. Due to the front-end loader, EO-21101 is also used for mechanized unloading.


The main working element of the equipment is a bucket, through which most of the work process is carried out. This element makes the excavator more multifunctional. It is the bucket that allows using EO-21101 for excavation works (groups and trenches, ditches of canals and quarries).

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A slightly smaller volume of the bucket with the equipment increased maneuverability. This allows using the excavator in urban areas.

Magnificent equipment

A wide range of attachments turns the EO-21101 into a multifunctional machine. For example, the hydraulic circuit is used for loading and unloading of bulk cargo. A hydraulic hammer, which is installed instead of a bucket, allows to lift hard grounds.

EO-21101 is available in several modifications. In addition to the classical version, this is a variation of the MO-211-10, MO-211-11, MO-2101-12, MO-211-13 and again MO-2111-20, MO-211-23. These modifications differ from each other in configuration and the presence of many additional devices between them. However, all modifications have the following advantages:

  • long period of operation without additional investments;
  • significant productivity level;
  • significant passability and ranking capabilities;
  • The presence of a spacious and comfortable driver’s cab, which provides excellent protection from moisture and dust. This element will be made in accordance with safety standards;
  • Reliability of designs;
  • Ease of maintenance and administration;
  • Cycling formula of 4 out of 4;
  • Stability.

Technical features

Dimensions of EO-2101:

  • Length in transport position – 7630 mm;
  • Width – 2500 mm;
  • Height – 3800 mm.

The weight of the excavator is 6,500 kg. The special equipment can accelerate up to 18 km/h.

Operational features of the equipment:

  • Carrying capacity – 750 kg;
  • Discharge height – 2700 mm;
  • Depth of gripping – 4300 mm;
  • Capacity – 0.28 (0.8) cu. m;
  • Charging height – 3600 mm
  • Bulldozer blade width – 2100 mm.

Fuel consumption

Fuel capacity of the EO-2101 fuel tank is 127 liters at a specific fuel consumption rate of 159.5 g/kWh.


The EO-21101 is equipped with a 4-stroke 4-cylinder piston diesel engine D-243 with in-line vertical cylinder arrangement, compression ignition and direct fuel injection. There is no turbocharging in this unit. The power unit of the EO-2111 is characterized by a significant torque, which makes the vehicle more manageable and dynamic. The high compression ratio characteristic of the D-243 unit provides maximum combustion of the working mixture and increases the efficiency and effectiveness.

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The power unit of the excavator is designed to work in temperature conditions from t-40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Properties of the D-243 engine:

  1. Working volume – 4.75 liters;
  2. Power – 60 (81) kW (h.p.);
  3. Speed – 1600 rpm;
  4. Cylinder diameter – 110 mm.


EO-2101 is made with a distributed trenching bridge. As standard, the excavator is again equipped with a Kiefer bucket, which allows it to combine the functions of a loader and a planer. Due to its compact size, the special equipment is used for construction work in the vicinity of houses and facilities.

Hydraulic control allows the driver to perform up to four different operations simultaneously, which greatly increases the productivity of the model. It is the significant level of quality and high productivity coupled with an affordable price that makes the EA-2111 so popular.

The up-to-date hydraulic system, including Italian-made devices (hydraulic cylinders, directional control valves and filtering elements) and redesigned operator’s cabin, meeting the requirements of the OESD, successfully compete with counterparts. The base chassis, on the basis of which EO-21101 is produced by Minsk Tractor Works. At the same time, the excavator has international compliance with the European Union standards. The distinctive features of the machines are efficiency, versatility and reliability.

Regardless of this, the operator’s cabin of EO-2111 is to be lived in. It has increased volume and panoramic glazing with great visibility. This increases safety and precision in various operations and facilitates work. It is controlled by a joystick in the catalog.

Price for new and used

It is quite problematic to buy a new excavator EO-21101, since the production of this model has ended. The regular price is again very limited. Modifications of 2007 in working condition are estimated at 450 000-650 000 rubles. The cost of the 2008-2010 versions will be 800,000-900,000 rubles.


The analogues of the models EO-2101 are excavators EO-3323 and JCB 3CX Borex-3106, which have similar technical parameters.

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