Excavator Liebherr 984 – description and properties

Liebherr 984 Excavator


Excavator Liebherr 984 Caterpillar is one of the most popular models of this brand. The main feature of this machine is the litronic system, which controls electronics and hydraulics. It also provides regulation, indication, control and coordination of all the excavator moving parts during operation.

Another advantage of Liebherr 984 is low center of gravity due to thought-out distribution of machine and equipment weight in relation to the chassis (more than 40% of weight is attributed to the chassis). The model has considerable stability on uneven terrain and rocky bottoms. In its class, the Specialty has the highest productivity and stands out from other models with powerful trenching and separation force. The machine’s hydraulics are considered the most durable and productive.


The bucket of this model is shaped in such a way that the tine force remains at its maximum throughout the entire travel. This contributes to filling the bucket in the shortest possible interval.

The widespread use of this model accounts for similar qualities. Liebherr 984 Used:

  1. When laying special foundations. Due to a large selection of modifications you can pick up the version best suited for a particular type of work.
  2. In the garden and landscape design. Thanks to its maneuverability and relatively small size, the excavator can perform the necessary processes in a limited space. Compliance with strict environmental requirements allows the Liebherr 984 to be used in enclosed areas, parks and natural sites.
  3. In demolition and dismantling of buildings and structures. The economic component plays an important role here. This model features the advanced solutions and technology required for demolition and selective demolition, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  4. When performing excavation work. The model is used for laying heavy reinforced concrete structures and removing large layers of soil.
  5. Especially appreciated in the forestry industry is the ability to work in a small area.
  6. When packing cargo. Significant filling speed and large dimensions of the excavator shovel allow the most efficient use of this technique in significant surges of freight traffic.
  7. In hydraulic engineering construction, laying pipelines, tunneling. Here the efficiency, productivity and versatility inherent in the Liebherr 984 model is evaluated.
  8. In metallurgy. The model is used for slag removal (special safety devices are required).
  9. In mining industry. Thanks to the design features, resistance to harsh working conditions and reliability Liebherr 984 is actively used in this area.

The main advantages of the model should be highlighted as follows:

  • a wide range of tamping bucket;
  • long cycle times;
  • effective bucket filling (especially in low-height panels);
  • increased digging power;
  • possibility of use in temperature conditions up to o-40 degrees (functionally up to o-50 degrees);
  • Many technical “tricks”: adjustable position of the operator, overload control system, automatic lane control and air conditioning.

Production of Liebherr 984 began in 2007. The design of the excavator incorporates a wealth of experience accumulated over several decades. The reliability of components and components of the machine exceeds the indicators of analogues.

The Liebherr 984 is a multifunctional high-performance excavator suitable for demanding tasks. It proves to be a winner in any field of activity.

Technical Data

The total weight of the machine is 118,000 kg. This model has relatively small dimensions:

  • length – 14850 mm;
  • width – 5290 mm;
  • height – 5650 mm;
  • ground clearance – 863 mm;
  • caterpillar base – 5055 mm;
  • Track width – 500 (600, 700) mm.

The bucket volume of this excavator is 2.9-4.7 cubic meters. According to this indicator the model is one of the leaders in the segment.

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Working characteristics:

  • boom length – 3400 (4500) mm;
  • Boom length – 7800 mm;
  • The maximum height of discharge – 9200-9800 mm;
  • The maximum depth of the trench-7950-9050 mm;
  • The maximum digging radius-13700-14750 mm;
  • Boom rotation speed – 5.2 revolutions per minute;
  • The maximum reach of the floor – 20000 mm.

Operating speed – 2.9 km/h. Floor pressure – 1.44-1.78 kgf per square meter.

fuel consumption

The excavator’s fuel tank holds 1,585 liters of fuel. The average fuel consumption is 32.3-37 liters per hour.



The Liebherr 984 is equipped with a reliable Cummins QSK-19 C 750 four-stroke diesel engine.

Unit Features Features:

  • displacement – 18.9 liters;
  • Rated power – 504 (685) kW (hp);
  • Rated speed – 1800 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 6;
  • Cylinder Diameter – 159 mm.


Most components of the excavator (all metal structures, hydraulic models, transmissions, electronic systems, hydraulic cylinders, conditioning systems, hydraulic pumps) are manufactured in Liebherr plants according to advanced technologies and standards, which guarantees their high quality. The Liebherr 984 is famous for its efficient hydraulic system and cooling system, which is achieved by a hydraulic drive combined with fans and large radiators. The improved design of the hydraulics ensures free fall of the boom with minimal energy input.


The Liebherr 984 has a powerful design and an improved implement that can withstand extreme loads. At the same time, the machine is compact and maneuverable. Its low center of gravity and optimal power-to-weight ratio increases productivity.

The excavator’s cutting tool has received a number of improvements:

  • new design of the side and front edge of the bucket;
  • teeth in 5 sizes and 3 profiles;
  • unified system of the tool assembly, allowing to dismantle (assemble) it without a hammer.

One of the most important design features of Liebherr 984 is availability of a quick-change adapter. Thanks to this, the change of working equipment is carried out in the shortest possible time, minimizing the downtime of machinery. It comes with:

  • No need to perform operations manually.
  • No need to assemble the hinges and disassemble them.
  • No nuts and pins required.

Working on the Liebherr 984 excavator is comfortable and convenient. Electronic controls facilitate work with optimum efficiency throughout the shift. The operator’s seat and control panel can be adjusted to the driver’s personal preferences. The intelligently positioned operator’s compartment and large windows ensure excellent visibility. Disturbing noises and vibrations are prevented by the high quality vibration and noise isolation.


Kinematics and layout of operating systems allow maximum use of power on the bucket teeth and ensure quick bucket filling. At the same time, the manufacturer manufactures working equipment for the parameters of a particular job. A large selection of extended attachments and additional bucket modifications are already available as standard equipment.

Liebherr 984 is a reliable special equipment, capable of solving the most complex tasks under any conditions.

Price for new and used Liebherr 984

A new Liebherr 984 excavator costs a lot. For a model without mileage you will have to pay about 30-32 million rubles. That is why the used model is in demand on the market. Autos from 2011-2012 with relatively low production can be bought here for 24-28 million rubles. The 2001-2002 versions cost 5.8-6.8 million rubles.

The excavator is repositioned at a cost of 12,000 rubles. One would have to pay extra for delivery.

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The analogues of Liebherr 984 excavators are Hitachi EX1200-6 and Komatsu PC1250-7 models.

Characteristics, technical features and videos of Liebherr bicycle and crawler excavator: 984, 944, 900, 902

Caterpillar excavators of all types are most effective in the mining industry. Thanks to the latest technology, excavators can work with high performance in the most difficult conditions. The driver is a pleasure to work with these machines. The cabin is equipped ergonomically and comfortably. All moving parts are controlled electronically so that maximum efficiency is achieved over the entire shift. Service intervals are longest compared to other brands of excavators, so downtime is minimal.

Liebherr R934C Litronic pictured

Technical features of Liebherr crawler excavator


The crawler excavators feature efficient cooling system, high-performance hydraulics, and improved fuel economy when idling. Large radiators and a generalized hydraulic fan speed provide optimal cooling. At the same time, power consumption is reduced.

The improved design of the hydraulics allows the boom to be freely reduced and the hydraulic cylinder to be accelerated using a minimum of energy. Bucket has an optimal design and optimal parameters for certain works (digging excavations or mines).

Technical Data

model R934C Litronic R944C Litronic R974B Litronic R984C Litronic
Excavator weight, tons 30.05-33.4 38.2-41.5 81.5-87.3 118.6-123.4
Bucket capacity, M3 Up to 1.75 Up to 2.6 Up to 7 Up to 10.5
Engine power, kW 150; diesel 190; diesel 395; diesel 504; diesel
Depth of brushwood, m 7.95 8.25 8,3 9
Fuel consumption, l/h 16-19 17-20 19-22 21-25
GEARBOX Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Chassis Caterpillar Caterpillar Caterpillar Caterpillar
Engine model D 934 L D 936 L D 9508 QSK-19 C 750
Max. speed 5,1 4,1 4,4 2,9
cylinder 4 6 8 6
Dimensions, M 10.75/ 3.35/ 4.1 11.9/ 3.35/ 4.0 3.6/ 4.76/ 5.2 16.25/ 4.62/ 6.95
Max. tractive effort, kN. 243 326 867 880
Fuel tank, l 580 660 1460 1585
Engine displacement, cm3 7010 10500 18000 18900

Liebherr excavator: model range

At the factory in France, almost 20 types of hydraulic excavators become quarry excavators. The weight of the excavators ranges from 10 to 650 tons. There are seven models of excavators in Russia:

  • R-964 B (60 to 67 tons);
  • R-974 B (from 78 to 83 tons);
  • R-984 C (from 111 to 116 tons);
  • R-994 (226 to 229 tons);
  • R-994 V (261 to 265 tons);
  • R-995 (420 to 432 tons);
  • R-996 (from 647 to 653 tons).

Each excavator model is equipped with direct and reverse blades.

Extensive experience in the use of Liebherr excavators in the mining industry around the world has been taken into account in the development of new devices for many years. Each model has been specially modified for low temperatures (up to 40 degrees Celsius). The new models are adapted for arctic conditions and can operate at temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Excavators weighing more than 100 tons are equipped with an electric drive. If desired, it is possible to equip the technique with a rope ground.

Lieber wheeled excavator

Liebherr wheeled excavators are used not only in construction and industrial work, but also for tunnel construction and water management. The availability of spare parts for excavators of this brand does not make you wait.

Special equipment from Wheel has smaller dimensions and less weight compared with the crawlers, so it is the ideal solution for working in urban areas. No comparison of similar machines can match the performance and economy of fuel-efficient excavators. Basically, you have the same equipped cab as a crawler excavator. Only it’s not designed for tough conditions, it’s designed for simple and small jobs. Wheeled excavators are also equipped with modern hydraulic and cooling systems.

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The Liehher A900 excavator in the photo

Technical features of Liebherr crawler excavators

Features of excavators on bicycles

The special feature of special machines with bicycles is their maneuverability and passability on city roads. Their dimensions are small, but the capacity and performance have impressive figures. They are mainly used by supply companies or construction services for work at the construction site. Special equipment Liebherr Wheeled can remove both hard and soft stones.

For stability this type of excavator is equipped with supports at the front and two outriggers at the rear. Straight shovel and backhoe bucket can be used when working.

Technical Data

model R900C Litronic R902C Litronic R914B Litronic R924B Litronic
Excavator weight, tons 18.5 – 20.8 20.2 – 22 23.6 – 25.1 26.1 – 27.9
Bucket capacity, M3 Up to 0.85 Up to 1.2 Up to 1.4 Up to 1.8
Engine power, kW 88; diesel 99; diesel 112; diesel 127; diesel
Depth of brushwood, m 6,3 7,8 6.15 7,6
Fuel consumption, l/h 10-15 12-17 15-18 19-22
GEARBOX Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic Semi-automatic
Chassis Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
Engine model D 934 p. Liebherr D 924 Ti-E D 934 S D 934 L
Max. speed 5 5,2 20 20
cylinder 4 4 4 4
Dimensions, M 8.4/2.75/3.25 9.2/3.0/4.45 10.0/3.15/3.75 10.25/3.15/3.75
Max. Thrust capacity, kN 175 225 190 265
Fuel tank, l 290 330 400 400
Engine displacement, cm3 6400 6400 6400 7000

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Liebherr spare parts

Liebherr construction equipment has proven to be reliable and of high quality, but even such equipment has its contradictions. Downtime of special equipment is always inconvenient and unprofitable for construction organizations. The company Transline will help you in the shortest possible time and fill the necessary parts in the best time. Transline offers a complete range of spare parts, accessories and consumables for Liebherr construction machinery from stock and directly from Europe.

Get in touch with our specialists at the contacts listed on our website. They will give you a competent answer and will always supply you with the correct spare part.

Liebherr spare parts delivery on favorable terms and at attractive prices to any region of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Yekaterinburg, Khanty-Mansiysk and Salekhard!

Do not know where to buy Liebherr parts? Please contact us because we have an individual approach, order execution control at every stage, quality control of goods – all for the customer convenience.

Liebherr hydraulic gravers for quarries

In recent years, the increased demand for hydraulic mining excavators is due to the several important advantages of the hydraulic drive compared with the cable drive:

– Minimum work cycle time;

– increased digging power;

– a wide range of bucket movement;

– Efficient bucket filling, especially in low-height slaves;

– Possibility of a more complete extraction of minerals at a selective attack.

Experience in the design, manufacture and operation of hydraulic excavators demonstrates:

– Excavators are smaller than rope roads, providing the same face parameters.

– They weigh half as much as rope excavators with the same bucket capacity;

– high mobility and maneuverability;

– The hydraulic drive makes it possible to work on sites with a slope of up to 15°.

Hydraulic backhoe-type excavators have additional advantages due to the circle of digging. The “backhoe” type excavators’ depth, size and modification range from 4 to 18 meters.

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Reverse shovels are effectively used in flooded conditions: for sinking couches and laying of channel supports. Reverse shovels have special advantages in unheated extraction of semi-sloped rocks.

Liebherr is widely known in the world market as one of the leading companies producing a wide range of equipment for mining industry.

Liebherr makes mining dozers with 180 to 400 hp and radial single-bucket loaders with bucket volumes up to 5 m3 at its Austrian plants, mining dump trucks with 150 to 360 tonnes capacity at its US plant and 17 types of hydraulic tracked gravity graders with 10 to 650 tonnes capacity at its French plant.

Currently Liebherr is offering 7 basic models of hydraulic mining excavators: R-964 B (operating weight 60-67 tons), R-974 B (78-83 tons), R-984 C (111-116 tons), R-994 (22 6-229T), R-994V (261-265T), R-995 (420-432T), R-996 (647-653T). All models are equipped with attachments with direct and reverse buckets (Table 1 and 2).

Until 2002 the model R-992 with 135-144 tons bucket capacity and up to 12 m3 bucket was produced. Two excavators of this model with direct bucket devices have been successfully operated since 2002 at Kayerkansky surface mine of Norilsk mining and smelting enterprise

The design of modern Liebherr excavators is based on the experience accumulated over several decades of their operation in various mining and geological conditions in quarries around the world.

All excavator models have special modifications for operation at temperatures up to o-40 ° C, and excavators of new type R-994B and R-995 at and 50 ° C (arctic version).

Excavators weighing more than 100 tons are equipped with an electric drive. This option allows the excavator to be equipped with electrical wiring mounted on the base of the machine.

The design feature of Liebherr excavators is their low center of gravity due to the weight distribution of powerful work equipment and heavy duty chassis: more than 40% of excavator weight is attributed to the chassis.

Increased stability of machines on heavy rocks, even with an uneven undercarriage, ensures effective conversion of a large turnover and bucket separation. Liebherr excavators have the highest digging and breaking forces in their class in terms of working weight, i.e. they are the most energy-efficient. This ensures high productivity, reliability and durability of hydraulic excavators.

Sophisticated layout and kinematics of the forward and backhoe buckets allows full use of the maximum force on the bucket teeth along the whole trajectory, which ensures minimum filling time.

Semi-parallelogram geometry of straight shovel working equipment is provided by hydraulic cylinders located on the boom and not in the stick. Simple and easy control of digging process is provided by automatics.

Kinematics of Liebherr backhoe inverted shovel provides high digging and separation forces which determines their effective work on rough cuts of soft, mixed semi-solid and rocky rocks with bottom-digging with loading in various transport vehicles. With the bottom shovel and lower load, maximum power is provided by the minimum angle of rotation (up to 11°) to unload the bucket.

According to the parameters of the specific work performed by the excavator in the quarry, the quarry working equipment with the backhoe can be made. Therefore, each basic model of the backhoe has a wide range of extended working tools and corresponding bucket modifications.

Liebherr backhoes are often used for unknown pick-up of semi-sloped rock. In order to extend their range of use for unknown grabs, inverted shovels are equipped with a special toothed blade that is fitted instead of a bucket.

How to choose firewood?

The Löer shovel was first developed by Liebherr specifically for working in difficult conditions. The rapid change from bucket to shovel and vice versa is ensured by an ingeniously designed adapter which allows changing the working equipment within 15-20 seconds. All Liebherr rock breakers for shovels up to 115 tonnes in operating weight are fitted with these machines.

Liebherr is constantly changing the existing range of mining excavators, as well as adding new models.

Since 2001 the R 964 B Litronic with an operating weight of up to 63 tonnes has been equipped with a 270 kW six-cylinder V-shaped diesel engine of its own making, which enables the excavator (backhoe) with a 3.4 m3 bucket volume to be used with 279 kN.

The new modification R-974 B-litronics with an operating weight of 84 tons is equipped with an 8-cylinder V-shaped 360 kW engine, which fully complies with European and American standards, such as B. II and TIR II. This allowed to significantly reduce fuel consumption and noise level.

In 2001 the R-995 hydraulic mining excavator was put into commercial operation at a Spanish industrial site. High excavation force of 1150 KN and separation force of 1400 KN are provided by a set of improvements in hydraulic system, auto kinematics and computer control system. Thanks to a special design of the bucket with a capacity of 23 m3 it is possible to minimize the cycle time to 28 seconds.

In 2002 Liebherr plant in Colmar developed a new model R-994 B, which differs from the old R-994 model by a more powerful engine (see tables 2 and 3).

The R-994 B is a classic 15-cubic-inch machine weighing 265 tons. This modern mining excavator is equipped with Cummins QSK 45 engine with power of 1500 hp, with the help of which you can dig a ditch 1300 KN (straight shovel).

For all Liebherr mining excavator models the metallized R-994 profile with steel castings is used in stress concentrations, which gives the design special rigidity and high torsional and bending stiffness.

In general the reliability of Liebherr machines is guaranteed by the design characteristics and the high proportion of components manufactured in-house, which reaches up to 90%. Motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, gearboxes, support wheels, electronic control systems, on-board computers, all metal structures and even air conditioning systems are components of Liebherr’s own design and manufacture in the space and defence industry.

Mining Industry “Mining Industry” No. 2 2003, pp.

Liebherr 944 Excavator Description

The Liebherr 944 excavators are single-bucket tracked machines. The excavator has a long boom – much longer than the machine itself. It carries 35% of the load. Thanks to Caterpillar Drive, the machine is very stable. At first, the excavator was designed to work in mines and quarries, and over time, it began to demolish buildings, for which special spare parts are used.

The cab of the machine has an air conditioning system, which works due to the idle valve. There is also a radio and a safety system. The machine has an automatic lubrication mechanism.

The Libher 944 excavator is stable while working with rock formations. It has a rotary circuit and a hydrostatic fan drive. It is made of durable metal and coated with a special paint and can withstand air temperatures from t-40 to +65° SES.

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