Excavator Liebherr 934 – description and characteristics

Liebherr 934 crawler excavator technical specifications and description

The Liebherr 934 crawler excavator is a heavy duty machine manufactured in Germany. This model is a representative of the middle class. Serial production of this excavator is carried out by companies in Switzerland and Germany. The equipment can work flawlessly in harsh climatic conditions, namely, at temperatures ranging from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees Celsius. The machine is equipped with a modern hydraulic system C Litronic, which achieves not only high productivity, but also simplifies maintenance, since all its elements are lubricated automatically.

Description and characteristics

The main advantages of the Liebherr 934 crawler excavator are reliability, environmental friendliness and relatively high performance. The crawler chassis has increased the stability of equipment, which allows using the excavator on soils with low bearing capacity. But besides this, the crawler platform has a disadvantage, which is the low speed of independent movement, which is why transportation of machinery to the construction site is carried out with a special trailer and tractor, which, by the way, is typical for any other crawler technology.

The most part of the power of the power plant, and it is about 70 percent, is transferred to the working equipment of the excavator, which ensures the most dynamic and effective performance of all operations. The excavator is equipped by default with a digging bucket, but the design of the arm allows the installation of other additional equipment. The manufacturer offers a hydraulic hammer, three-toothed knife, ripper, hydraulic grapple, grapples and many other types of attachments.

The design of this excavator includes standard lubrication lines. Points that need regular lubrication and work tools share a common area on this model, making maintenance much easier.

During the development process, the manufacturer has applied many innovative technological developments, thanks to which the equipment has become very popular in many countries around the world. The time required to complete a full work cycle has been greatly reduced, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity of the model. It is worth noting that the Liebherr 934 crawler excavator is one of the best in its class in this respect.

Many parts used in the design of the excavator are very reliable and have a long service life, which is due to the use of high-quality, high-strength steel. The components that are subjected to the highest loads during operation are made of cast steel, and the longitudinal beams are X-shaped.

Also in its class, this model is characterized by the highest quality and tremendous productivity, which allows you to perform absolutely any type of work, regardless of its complexity.r

The hydraulic system used is electronically controlled, making it easy to perform various processes. The excavator has independent hydraulic circuits that enable simultaneous use of several working tools. Thus, the operator can perform various manipulations with the boom equipment and at the same time. All circuits have the function of combining hydraulic flows, which allows you to increase the working pressure in the hydraulics and accelerate the work process and increase crushing. The Libher 934 has its own hydraulic pump that makes the entire design. This solution has also made it possible to reduce the full work cycle time. In order to drive the mechanisms at high speed and safely reduce it, as well as to reduce pressure losses in the hydraulic circuits, the manufacturer used a modern system regeneration plus.

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Overall, the hydraulic system has a very impressive efficiency, as it contains the following mechanisms:

  1. A hydraulic accumulator that operates when the engine is off and raises and lowers the working equipment.
  2. Several systems that control the operation of all hydraulic pumps.
  3. A special switch that allows the operator to select the most suitable engine crankshaft speed for the job.
  4. Special removable flange.

The design of the tracked machine of this model is supplemented by longitudinal functions of x-beams with increased life and high reliability. In especially critical areas, for example, as a place and attachment of working equipment, the manufacturer has made parts of steel with sufficiently high strength. All articulated joints of the handle and boom consisted of cast steel, thanks to which this element received an impressive durability. In order to optimally distribute the load during operation, the excavator design was equipped with special joints with individual axles and housings.

The Liebherr 934 Caterpillar excavator is equipped with a high-performance power unit, which is combined with a huge gearbox. The use of such a gear has had a very positive effect on the management, as it has become much easier to control the movement of the equipment. However, the maneuverability and mobility of the excavator did not suffer significantly.

When buying a new excavator, the manufacturer offers several configurations. The main differences between them are the capacity of the installed bucket, as well as the presence or absence of a special hook, which is designed to lift cargo or drilling devices.

Another characteristic feature of this model is a spacious and large cabin, made in accordance with all modern requirements. The installed seat is equipped with several adjustments and special protection in various emergency situations, for example, in case of overturning of the machine. The glazing is double-strength glass that provides increased safety and an excellent view of the workplace. The work panels on the excavator have been very cleverly designed, which means the operator can control as much space as possible outside the cab.

The cab has a dimmable color LCD screen. It displays all the main parameters of the equipment operation and provides maximum control over the excavator condition. To improve accuracy when moving the working equipment, the controls have a fairly good sensitivity, which also allows the operator to exert less effort to perform manipulations. In addition, the cab is equipped with operating hours meters, emergency rean, rear-view mirrors and wipers. A standard equipment of this piece of equipment includes an ashtray and a cigarette lighter, a special item for storing personal belongings or service tools of the operator, a modern tape recorder, a floor rail, microclimate systems (heating and air conditioning). and hooks for clothes. As an additional option, there is a special protective grid, which is installed from the outside in the front part.

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The great freedom of the cab allows the operator to work not only sitting, but also standing, which also affects the comfort. The cab boasts an ergonomically designed dashboard and all working controls. There are many different electronic devices that constantly monitor the operation of the machine. If problems are recognized, the corresponding notification is immediately displayed on the screen.

Currently, the Liebherr 934 excavator has several competitive models from other manufacturers, but due to the many design features, this special model is the most in demand.


The scope of application of the Liebherr 934 crawler excavator is very wide. The technique is used in industrial and urban construction, conversion, dismantling and much more. However, most often the excavator is used for loading and unloading, as it has ideal properties for this type of work.


In addition to the basic model, there are modified versions known as 934 HDSL and 934C. Both modifications are equipped with different propulsion systems, which are initially configured for certain operating conditions. Let’s break down each modification:

The Liebherr 934c modification. This model was designed to work in a fairly stressful environment. It is worth noting that this modification is available in a bicycle version and has special tires, which provide excellent grip on the surface of any type of soil and have a function to control both axles. The function provides for three modes: In the first mode, the technique uses both axles, in the second mode only the rear axle is driven and the front wheels are braked, in the third also uses the rear axle, but deceleration occurs on all bikes. Optionally, the model can be equipped with a special cab lift, which provides an improved view of the workplace. This modification is often used in conjunction with a hydraulic gripper for woodworking.

Liebherr 934 HDSL. This modification is also a tracked model, which differs from the basic excavator only in external dimensions and, as already described, the drive. The range of applications of the Liebherr 934 HDSL modification is very wide, since the equipment can use many additional units.

Technical Specifications

Technical characteristics of the shovel:

  • The type of shovel installed is an excavation shovel.
  • The smallest capacity of the installed bucket is 0.7 cubic meters.
  • The maximum capacity of the installed bucket is 2.25 cubic meters.
  • Maximum digging depth is 9150 millimeters.
  • Maximum digging height – 13950 millimeters.
  • Maximum dumping height – 10400 millimeters.
  • Maximum digging radius is 13100 millimeters.

Engine specifications:

  • Type of engine installed – in-line, diesel.
  • Engine brand – D 934 S
  • Engine manufacturer – Liebherr.
  • Number of cylinders – 4.
  • The working volume of all cylinders – 5800 cubic meters.
  • Rated power output – 150 kW / 203 hp (at 1800 rpm).
  • Rated speed of crankshaft – 1800 rpm.
  • The cooling system is liquid cooled.
  • Type of starting system – electric starter.
  • Average fuel consumption per hour of work – 23 liters.
  • Maximum speed of autonomous movement – 5.1 kilometers per hour.
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  • Overall length of the excavator – 10250 millimeters.
  • Overall width – 3230 millimeters.
  • Full height – 3130 millimeters.
  • Minimum ground clearance is 496 millimeters.
  • Crawler base (longitudinal) – 4000 millimeters.
  • Width of floor panels (option 1) – 500 millimeters.
  • Width of floor panels (option 2) – 600 millimeters.
  • Width of floor panels (variant 3) – 700 millimeters.

The cost of a new excavator starts from 13 million Russian rubles and higher. The cost of a used one is from 4 million rubles to 8 million rubles.

Liebherr 934 crawler excavator

The Liebherr 934 excavator refers to medium-sized construction machines. The special equipment is equipped with caterpillar tracks and is able to operate at temperatures from t-40 to +40 ° C. The model is made in Germany and Switzerland. Among its features is the installation of hydraulic system C Litronic, which guarantees easy maintenance and fuel savings through automatic lubrication system.

Other advantages of the machine are long service life, environmental friendliness, efficiency, and stability on all bases. The negative features of Liebherr 934 crawler base include low speed, which does not allow driving self-propelled machines.

The equipment is used in urban and industrial construction, for loading and unloading work and dismantling of construction projects. The highest productivity is observed during loading and unloading of materials.

70% of the engine power is directed to the work of the attachment, which guarantees high operating speed. In addition to the standard bucket, the excavator can be equipped with a hydraulic hammer, 3-tooth blade and a blade.

There are two modifications of Liebherr 934 – HDSL and C, designed for a narrower range of works. They are equipped with different power sources. For particularly demanding operations, the 934C is used with a different rail and travel mode switch. It is most often used for woodworking. The 934HDSL is larger in size.

features and benefits

Features of the excavator include the installation of lubrication lines, which are included in the basic equipment. There is a place for filling the fuel and lubrication tank to lubricate all mechanisms of the structure.

Through the use of modern technology and innovative design solutions the machine achieves maximum performance and a large number of advantages. This has led to a high demand for the Libher 934 in many countries. Impressive speeds are achieved by reducing cycle times and the excavator’s efficiency makes them stand out from the competition.

The advantages of special devices include reliability and long time of trouble-free operation, which is guaranteed by the use of quality materials in the manufacture of components. The assemblies exposed to high loads during operation are made by irrigation method, which guarantees their high strength and resistance to dynamic influences. Longitudinal beams are distinguished by a transverse structure.

Consumers note the high quality of the Liebherr 934 crawler excavator and the productivity with which they can quickly perform the most complex tasks on their own.

Technical features and dimensions

The standard equipment can include a capacity from 0.7 to 2.25 m 3. The main dimensions of the excavator are:

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length 10.25 m;
wide 3.23 m;
height 3.13 m;
Caterpillar base length 4 m;
Width of rapsbands 0,5 m, 0,6 m, 0,7 m;
Span 0.5 m.

The most important technical characteristics of the Liebherr 934 are:

weight 31.8-35.2 tons, depending on configuration;
maximum travel speed 5.2 km/h;
tractive force 243 kN;
Trench depth 9.15 m;
Trench Radius. 13.1 m;
Trench Height 13.95 m;
height 10.4 m;
RPM. 8.2 rpm.

Fuel consumption

With a fuel tank capacity of 580 liters, uninterrupted operation is guaranteed for several shifts. The Liebherr 934 consumes an average of 23 liters of fuel per hour.

Power point

The in-house produced excavator is equipped with a 7-liter engine. It is characterized by low wave speed (1800 rpm) in the cylinder place, which in the engine 4 (d = 122 mm), the presence of a particulate filter that reduces the amount of harmful substances in the exhaust. The unit has a power of 150 kW or 203 hp and runs on a diesel fuel, which is equipped with a direct fuel system, charge air cooler and turbocharger. The unique design of the D 934S ensures compliance with environmental standards in terms of emissions.

engine Liebherr D 934S
output 150/203 kWhp.
Cooling liquid
fuel diesel
cylinder 4
Engine capacity 7 л
Tank Capacity 580 l

Electronically controlled with reliable and durable tires that provide efficiency in terms of fuel consumption.


The components of the Liebherr 934 excavator are made of high-strength steel, and the assemblies that are subjected to the highest loads are made by irrigation. This applies both to the arm and boom joints and to the mechanisms in the machine body. In order to optimize load distribution, the installation of pivots with separate axles and housings is provided. These mechanisms are characterized by their operating time.

The electrical devices are connected to the network with a voltage of 12 V, the battery capacity is 170 V/Ah. Loading is carried out when the engine is running, which ensures reliable operation of the power supply system.

The unique design and proven mechanisms have a positive effect on the demand for the equipment.


The bogie of the Libher 934 excavator includes cross beams, they are reliable and durable. There is no gear shift, the gearbox is set automatically. The advantages of such changes include the ease of management, and the disadvantages – reduced maneuverability and mobility.

Depending on the modification, the excavator can be equipped with buckets of different volumes, hooks and drills.

Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is controlled electronically. Independent circuits maximize efficiency, allowing for multiple work processes. The combination of hydraulic circuits ensures high productivity from a single point of operation and reduces cycle times. The rotating part of the Liebherr 934 is rotated by the action of a separate hydraulic pump. The “regeneration plus” system, which reduces pressure losses and shortens the cycle time, returns to the ditch. The developers have provided for the installation of such mechanisms to increase productivity:

  • Removable flanges;
  • Switching the speed of rotation of the motor shaft;
  • Hydraulic pump consumption housing control;
  • Hydraulic accumulator, by means of which the working body can be separated from the engine.
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Operator’s cabin

The modern, large cabin is mounted on the equipment in accordance with the requirements of many standards.

The driver’s seat has adaptability and protection from damage if the Liebher 934. The glazing is twice as high to ensure durability and reliability. Operating equipment is designed not to reduce the angle of view from the cab and provide a large radius of work.

Key indicators of the machine are displayed on the monitor, which ensures visibility in any weather. There is a possibility of adjusting brightness. The controls in the cab are highly sensitive for accurate operation.

There is a mechanical bank switch on the dashboard, with the help of which you can monitor the output of the devices and control the need for service work. The cab has an emergency exit, rear-view mirror, windshield wiper, storage compartment, carpeting, car radio, ashtray, heating and air conditioning systems, roller blinds to protect against sunlight. An option is to install on Caterpillar Lebher 934 excavator a safety system against falling objects.

For the convenience of the driver there is a possibility to stand both sitting and in the cab. Ergonomic layout of the control system, displaying errors with faults on the monitor ensures safety when performing tasks.

Control system

Information about the current status of the machine is displayed on the monitor. Part of the data is displayed by means of indicators. They indicate the deviation of the cab axis from the vertical and the position of the implement in space. The instrument panel is ergonomic and user-friendly.

Easy maintenance and operation

The Lieher 934 has a capacity of 580 liters of fuel. Efficient consumption is due to the original transmission and the low weight of the machine. Serviceability is made easy because of the engine’s specific positioning.

The braking system is serviceable and resistant to wear due to gear braking. Traction force is controlled n e-available, which guarantees a long service life of the chassis (25% more than competitors).


The excavator can be equipped with various attachments, which makes it versatile and expands its range of application. Depending on the customer’s wishes the machine can be equipped with 1.45 m 3 to 1.8 m 3 capacity, hydro-hammer, auger, hooks for rigging and mounting works and lifting capacity up to 12 tons, etc.

Price for new and used

The price of Liebher 934 new year of manufacture is not less than 13 million rubles. It is almost impossible to buy a new car at the moment, because the manufacturer has stopped its production. The used model is cheaper, they are presented in a wide range. The excavators produced on 03/03/04 cost about 4-6 million rubles, 09/10-7-8 million rubles.

It is possible to rent special equipment for 1400 rubles per hour.


Models competing with Liebherr 934c are JCB JC290, Hitachi ZX270 and Case SC290V.

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