Excavator Komatsu PC300 – description and properties

Komatsu PC300 Excavator

Made in Japan, it has become famous all over the world. The positive features of the Komatsu PC300 include reliability, efficiency, comfort and unpretentiousness in care and maintenance. In addition, for such a machine there are no restrictions on the conditions of the construction site or climate, thanks to the crawler chain excavator overcomes difficult areas without getting stuck. The excavator floor is also not an obstacle and remains undamaged on the road after passing the devices.

Komatsu PC300 crawler excavator

Komatsu PC300 Crawler Excavator

The diversity of the excavator allows it to be used not only in different conditions of the construction site, but also to perform a wide range of tasks. The Komatsu PC300 is assembled with high quality and performance features. This is due to the minimum amount of human labor and a high degree of automation in the production of machines paired with the use of modern materials.

Construction and mining industries often use Komatsu PC300 excavator in their work. Increased drive power has resulted in higher productivity with low fuel consumption. The increased tractive force during development makes it easy to steer the machine when cornering and smoothly traversing large gradients.

Even the shovel’s cutting capacity and the power of the cutter are not left unnoticed; they are increased when the excavator is operating at maximum productivity.

Carrying capacity can be increased by increasing the lateral stability of the machine. In addition, the technical specifications of the units are designed so that maintenance is extremely easy:

  • Oil and filter changes are much less frequent than in other excavator models;
  • Water separator is factory-installed and is included as standard equipment;
  • Fuel tank has a larger capacity than other models;
  • Fuel drain valve and oil filter can be installed on the side;
  • Cleaning the cooler is quite simple.

Advantages of this technology include:

  • Increased arm and bucket force;
  • Lower fuel consumption and higher productivity;
  • Easy care and maintenance;
  • Increased lateral stability;
  • Increased traction.
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Maximal pressure for 1 cm? of ground – 0,64 kg. Speed of platform rotation is 9 rpm. Weight of Komatsu PC300 is 30.8 tons.

Features of the equipment

  • Maximum shovel force – 26400 kgf;
  • The maximum depth of the grave – 7.38 m;
  • Maximum unloading height – 6.6 m;
  • Maximum height of the grave – 10.2 m;
  • Radius of the grave – 10.2 m;
  • Shovel volume – 1.4 m3.

Dimensions “Komatsu RS 300”

The machine length is 11.3 m, width – 3.2 m, height – 3.1 m, the operator’s platform radius – 3.5 m, the cutter 2.2 m, the translator 6.47 m. Maximum travel speed 5.5 km/h, ground clearance 0.5 m.

Fuel consumption

On average, 18-28 l/h, depending on the mode of operation. Fuel tank capacity is 605 liters.

Modifications .

The following excavator modifications can be allocated: Komatsu PC300-2, Komatsu PC300-3, Komatsu PC300-4, Komatsu PC300-5, Komatsu PC300-6, Komatsu PC300-8, Komatsu PC300-8MO.


Direct injection, turbocharging (with reduced air temperature), and fluid temperature reduction are the main features of the four gearboxes with the six-cylinder SAA6D114E diesel-fueled powertrain. It is fitted with standard equipment from the Komatsu RS300.

Komatsu PC300-8MO excavator

Komatsu PC300-8MO Excavator

The Komatsu PC300 is equipped with an 8.3-liter engine. A small amount of fuel is consumed at 1,900 rpm. The output of this unit is 194 kW, which when converted to horsepower is 260. The cylinder diameter is 114 mm. In addition, there is speed adaptation in every function, and the exhaust systems are anima l-II compliant.


This excavator model is durable and reliable, which is guaranteed:

  • Installation of metal safety rings. They are designed to protect the hydraulic cylinders and at the same time increase the reliability of the machine.
  • The durability of all elements and installations that pass all manufacturer’s tests;
  • Installation of electronics. It is not subjected to difficult working conditions, as it has passed all the necessary endurance tests;
  • Installations of instruments and devices with increased accuracy. With reinforced buckets and a handle designed around the cross-section, the machine can increase power. In addition, edge-splitting welding is continuous. This results in additional strength to the entire structure;
  • Improved frame design. The strength is due to production automation and the introduction of microscopy in the design phase.
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The operator’s cabin has not gone unnoticed by the developers. Basic models are not equipped with air conditioning, but with an individual order there is an option to install it. A filter cleans the air thoroughly, which keeps dust out of the cab and prevents overpressure inside.

Komatsu PC300 cab

Komatsu PC300 operator’s cab

The operator is not distracted by extraneous sounds because the cab is covered with sound insulation. Vibrations are eliminated by changing the shock absorber design (additional spring and long stroke). In addition, vibration and operator noise are reduced due to reinforced fields on the sides.

The levers have several positions, making shifting effortless. Ergonomics are achieved not only by easy and comfortable movement of levers, but also due to the mobility of the seats.

Komatsu PC300 boom

Komatsu PC300 boom

Additional protection comes from:

  • The strength of the support, which is achieved by applying an anti-slip coating to the steps, secure handrails are installed;
  • Bulkheads between the pump and engine to prevent oil from getting into the engine if the hydraulic hose ruptures;
  • A heat shield that separates the motor and fan from other machine components;
  • Increased viewing angles because the right window pillar has been removed and the rear window has been reshaped;
  • Guardrails against objects falling from a height and the ability to install additional overhead protection.

The technical equipment has been improved over the existing models, and the service life, quality and safety of the machine have been increased.

It is worth emphasizing that the bucket and arm and backhoe forces have been increased.

Price for new and used Komatsu 300

Renting an excavator costs 1,600 rubles/plus, buying a used one from 4.8 to 6.7 million rubles depending on the year of manufacture (2008-2011). The price of the new Komatsu PC 300 is 7 million rubles with basic configuration.


It is impossible to find an excavator with an exact match of all parameters, but the Doosan DX300LCA is worth picking up under the model range presented. When selecting a suitable model, it is worth carefully weighing all the features so that the technique fits all the points. Zeus HXW310 can also serve as an alternative.

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Komatsu PC300-8: technical characteristics, review, description

Komatsu PC300-8 photo

Photo source: Komek.Ru Komatsu PC300-8 photo

Technical characteristics of the Komatsu PC300-8

Weighing 31,100 kg, this model belongs to the middle class of excavators. Turning speed of excavator is 9 rpm. Specific pressure on the floor is 0.64 kg/m². cm. Volume of the fuel tank of the machine is 605 liters. The crawler excavator moves on a construction site at a speed of 5.5 km/h. The average fuel consumption of the machine is 18-28 liters per hour.

Limiting the height of the grave

Maximum depth of the grave

Maximum dumping height

Bucket Max.

1,4 / 1,6 / 1,8 cu. m


The machine provides for the use of two spot control modes:

  • Gentle control mode (simplifies rock collection and surface cleaning).
  • High performance mode (maximum floor cutting power).

The advantages of the machine also include:

  • A 17% increase in traction compared to the previous version, which means the operator can better control the excavator on turns and climbs.
  • Increased cutting power (+7%) and stick (+7%) at maximum operation.
  • Increased lateral stability which increases the machine’s load capacity.


Platform Venderadius

Komatsu PC300-8 excavator model is equipped with 6-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine SAA6D114E-3 with 260 hp. Thanks to the precise multistage fuel injection, which is controlled by the engine management system, the manufacturer was able to reduce emissions and increase the aggregate rating. The Saa6d114E-3 is also turbocharged and liquid cooled. The engine meets the standards of “Animal 3”.

Weighing 31.1 tons, the Komatsu PC300-8 is a medium excavator class

Photo source: Komek.ru With a weight of 31.1 tons the Komatsu PC300-8 belongs to the medium class of excavators.

Komatsu PC300-8 engine

4-stroke, water-cooled, direct injection, turbocharged

Cooler fan drive type

Komatsu PC300-8 crawler excavator can perform various types of work, which corresponds to one of the six working modes: P (high performance mode); E (economy mode); L (lifting mode); B (hydraulic hammer mode); Att / r (connected device, high performance mode); Att / e (attached equipment, economy mode).

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Komatsu PC300-8 photo

Photo source: Komek.Ru Komatsu PC300-8 photo


Engine oil filter and fuel drain valve are located separately on one side of the cab. The oil cooler and oil cooler are located in one row, so they can be simply removed, cleaned and installed again.

Oil changes on the excavator are done through an eco-friendly drain valve that prevents leakage from the ground. A high-performance air filter with new seals is included as standard equipment. This prevents it from quickly clogging and the machine’s performance dropping. The excavator is equipped with a diesel grub filter with a water separator.

The engine of the Komatsu PC300-8 is turbocharged and liquid-cooled

Source of photos: komek.ru Komatsu PC300-8 turbocharged and liquid-cooled engine

As an option, manufacturer offers to install BMRC bushings and plastic washers on all operating equipment pins, except for bucket pins. This extends their lubrication interval to 500 m/h.

comfort and safety

The cab of the improved design is well soundproofed. The fully adjustable driver’s seat can be set to a fully horizontal position. Together with the control levers, the armrests of the seat can be individually adjusted.

Vibration levels are reduced by mounting the excavator cab on viscous isolation mounts with an additional spring and increased operating stroke. For the safety of the operator in case of accidental tipping and falling heavy objects, the excavator is equipped with ROPS cab, which meets the safety requirements of ISO 12117-2.

The Komatsu PC300-8 can operate in 6 different modes

Photo source: komek.ru The Komatsu PC300-8 has 6 different operating modes.

Particularly heated parts of the power unit and fan drive are surrounded by special thermal barriers. The excavator also has a partition between the pump and engine compartments, which eliminates the risk of oil splashing on the engine in case of a damaged hydraulic hose.

Anti-slip decks and enlarged visibility mirrors are included in the basic equipment of the machine. When ordering a komatsu pc300 8, it is possible to install a rear-view camera with image output to the monitor.

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