Excavator Komatsu PC200 7-8 – description and characteristics

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Komatsu PC 200-7 excavator

Komatsu PC200-7 is a hydraulic excavator from the famous Japanese brand. The machine belongs to the Galeo family, which is characterized by excellent environmental friendliness, productivity and safety. As a rule, the name indicates the exact performance characteristics. The letters and numbers PC200 mean the curb weight of the excavator, and 7 refers to the generation.


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First of all, the excavator must use a special mechanism for quantifying toxic emissions. This device also allows you to save fuel. Absolutely all parts of the creation of the hydraulic machine are made of materials that can then be easily disposed of.

The main function is the work associated with digging any type of soil. For the first time, a mechanism was used in the model that facilitated automatic adjustment of the effort required for digging. A little later, the power of the hydraulics when digging was increased, and parts were replaced much less frequently.

The side panel of the Komatsu PC200-7 excavator

When developing the model, engineers and designers tried to use only modern solutions and innovative ideas. Therefore, over the past few decades, the technique occupies the first positions on the machinery market. The crawler excavator is an important machine in organizations related to construction, industry and mining.

The Komatsu 200-7 excavator can perform the following jobs:

  • digging trenches and pits;
  • quarrying and excavation of ground masses;
  • crushing of hard soil and rock;
  • Creation of embankments of any consistency and size;
  • Work with the material: unloading, loading;
  • Cleaning and leveling the work area;
  • Compaction of loose soil surface;
  • Deep wells of deep type;
  • Cleaning the bottom of ponds.

Excavator can perform many other tasks.

Equipment without assembly

A unique hydraulic system ensures smooth movement of the attachment thanks to the coordinated work of two pumps. The latest Hydraumind system controls the pumps which make efficient use of the engine power. Innovative technology reduces losses in the hydraulic system when the excavator is in operation.

Komatsu PC200-7 rear panel photo

Side stability has been improved to increase the machine’s lifting capacity. The maximum height when digging reaches 10 meters. Engineers have developed three basic types of hydraulic machines:

  1. A. The type is called “active,” in which the machine gets maximum power and performance figures. In this mode, the full cycle speed is increased;
  2. E. The mode is called “Economical”, in which the specific fuel consumption is reduced by 20%. Emission of toxic materials is also reduced. The machine performs standard types of work;
  3. B. mode is connected with optimal work of hydraulic system. Also the crankshaft rotation speed of the power train increases.

As an additional mode, Komatsu PC200-7 has a function to help increase cutting when working with hard soil or rocky ground.

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Additional mechanisms such as the boom and handle have resulted in a reinforced design and more rugged durability. The frame is made using the latest in computer-aided pattern design technology. Even emission microscopy was used.


The manufacturer has paid special attention to cab design. The driver’s cab design meets all modern design and control ergonomics requirements. The large all-round visibility helps the operator to be more productive. A “mini-barrier” function on the start in front of the cab helps prevent accidental pushing of the control levers.

Komatsu RS200-7 cab

The cab is uniquely sealed, allowing you to work even in the dustiest conditions. The design is equipped with ventilation slots on the hatch and doors. Thus, natural ventilation is provided. The excavator can also be operated at night or in poor visibility conditions. Thanks to the bright headlights on the cab, platform and boom it is possible to work even on rainy days.

Depending on the equipment or by order of the operator, the machine can be equipped with a radio/radio and air conditioning. The optional rear-view mirrors are available only during daylight hours. The Komatsu 200 has several displays on the side of the driver’s seat. All technical data of the machine is displayed on these displays. The seat is fully adjustable with air suspension and armrests.

Technical data

engine Komatsu Saa6d102e-2
Number of cylinders 6
Working volume 5.88 l
Efficiency (DIN) 145 PS (107 kW) / 1950 rpm
Emission standard Tier II
Overall dimensions, LXBXH 9425 x 2800 x 3000 mm
Operating weight 19,300 kg
Shovel capacity, Sae 0.8m 3
Hydraulic system Hydraumind (closed center, equipped with load sensing and pressure balancing valves)
Maximum capacity of hydraulic system 428 l/min
Maximum height of the grave 10 000 mm
Maximum height of shovel distribution 7 110 mm
Maximum grave depth 6620 mm
Maximum grave radius 9875 mm
Minimum radius of the platform 3040mm
Maximum tractive force 18 200 kgf
Maximum digging power on the spoon (ISO) 15 200 kgs
Clutch power (ISO) 11 000 kgs
Front lifting capacity (4600 mm, floor height 3000 mm) 6750 kg
Front lifting capacity in “Lifting mode” (4600 mm cross-member, height from contact surface 3000 mm) 7350 kg
SWENSKRADIUS rear 2750 mm
Length of rail row 3270 mm
Total track length 4080 mm
Route 2200 mm
Shoe range 600 mm
Hydraulic tank capacity 143 l
Ground 440 mm
Turning speed 12 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 400 L

Engine is liquid, 4-stroke, direct injection. Has 6 cylinders, turbocharged, RPM all-mode, mechanical. Unit meets all environmental requirements of countries such as USA, Japan and EU.

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Komatsu PC200-7 excavator engine

The hydraulic system is part of a new hydromechanical system with an improved design. It is equipped with a valve that controls the load and compensates the pressure. There are three basic types of operation. Graveline power adjustment is automatic. The inter-service modes and performance of the grave are also increased.

Brakes and actuators are actuated by ash using two levers. The hydrostatic drive method of Komatsu PC200-7 is used. The excavator has the maximum speed of 5,5 km/h (higher gear) with the lowered speed of 3 km/h. The working brakes are hydraulic lock and the parking brakes are mechanical/disc brakes.

The platform turning system uses the hydrostatic method. The central frame of the chassis is transverse. The track type is greased, sealed pins. Fuel tank is designed for 400 liters of fuel.


  • Length in dimensions 9425 mm;
  • Width at Caterpillar platform area 2800 mm;
  • Cab height 3000 mm;
  • Minimum distance (Caterpillar platform) 440 mm;
  • Caterpillar belt immersion width 2200 mm.

Bucket can absorb 0.8 cubic meters. Cutting edge is equipped with 5 sharp teeth.

Komatsu RS200-7 side photo

A machine with intelligence will never let you down. The excavator does not make any jerks, and thanks to the advanced hydraulics the movements are smooth and uniform. During the presentation, the knife attached to the teeth of the bucket was able to cut the watermelon perfectly. The champagne from the bottle into the glasses also pours smoothly.


The manufacturer mainly focused on the excavator’s comfort during operation. For example, the handrails are of the anti-slip type. Such an addition helps to move safely on the platform near the engine compartment. During this period, service workers can fix malfunctions in a short time, replace used elements or even conduct diagnostics.

Thanks to the small hatches that are literally on all important units and mechanisms, it is possible to replace the filter or install mosquito 200. The reliability of all working elements is achieved by the continuous welding method. Productivity has also increased, allowing the most complex tasks to be performed.

It is safe to say that the hydraulic gravitator is in great demand in the global market. This is due to the fact that the equipment presented organically combines durability, design reliability, improved appearance, excellent performance and minimum fuel costs.

Komatsu PC200-7 photo

In addition to the basic equipment, the machine can be customized. For example, equip the cab with a heater or install an alternator. To increase capacity, add batteries. Auxiliary rain or sun visors are installed around the cab.

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In addition, enclose the entire cab or only half of it. A multifunction color monitor can also be installed in the cab. The operator can be safely seated in a seat with inertia belt. Additional headlights can be installed in the cab or counterweight if desired.


  • Trench cleaning bucket;
  • Trapezoid bucket suitable for drainage work.
  • Special bucket for slopes (stringing, leveling);
  • Bucket with special loop for hard and rocky stones;
  • Bucket with reinforced design for rock production.

Komatsu PC200-7 prices.

The real cost to date is about 5-6 million rubles. It all depends on the year of manufacture, for example, a used excavator can be bought for 3.5-4.5 million rubles.

Most consumers will say that there is no better equipment than an excavator Komatsu 200-7. This working animal is able to work in the most extreme conditions, on mountain slopes and even in bad weather. The drivability on a slippery surface deserves the highest mark. Such off-road vehicle is needed for the most difficult earthworks. The presented model in combination with modern internal “stuffing” is the most worthy choice of vehicles in this segment.


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Technology with intelligence – Komatsu PC 200-7 excavator

Perhaps the most important advantages of a crawler excavator compared to the same, but bicycle equipment are greater stability when working on slopes and excellent ground clearance – even on muddy surfaces. In this they are a bit like an off-road vehicle.

Komatsu PC200-7 crawler excavator

It is the crawler excavator that was the participant of our next test acquaintance. Our acquaintance with this elegant construction machine – Komatsu PC200-7 – took place at Agema’s premises.

The figures in the excavator’s catalog designate the operating weight and serial number (generation) of the produced model. In this case (PC200-7) – 200 centner weight or 20 tons and the seventh generation. The excavator is part of the Komatsu Galeo-Bauchinen range, which is characterized by improved features such as productivity, safety and environmental friendliness. As far as environmental features are concerned, it includes: reduced fuel consumption, which reduces emissions, and adequate recycling of all parts used in construction. For this purpose, optimal materials for recycling and disposal are used, and for easy recycling the parts are also marked for quick identification.

Many innovative ideas have been implemented in this excavator model, which bring the machine to an avant-garde world level. In particular, an automatic grip force adjustment system has been implemented, maintenance intervals have been extended, and the grip power has been increased.

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Komatsu PC200-7 crawler excavator with cab Komatsu PC200-7 excavator display

The power unit is a 145 hp inline six-cylinder turbodiesel with charge air cooler. The engine meets EPA Tier II emission regulations in the US, EU and Japan. The fuel advancement system is equipped with a moisture separator that protects the expensive injection system from damage.

Komatsu PC200-7 crawler excavator

There are comfortable handrails on the upper platform near the engine compartment. Anti-slip pads are provided for safe movement. Access to the engine and filters is made as easy as possible – for easy maintenance. Openings on the top and side of the rotary table are key and provide access to all systems of the excavator. For example, changing the engine oil and filter is very easy, as is easy access to the cooler – for cleaning the chambers with compressed air. The inner surface of these doors has a porous soundproofing coating that reduces the sound pressure level during operation.

Access to the excavator cab is facilitated by several handrails. The spacious cab impresses with its excellent all-round visibility and well-designed ergonomics. As in most models of similar devices, the entrance to the cab is equipped with a blocker of arbitrary movement – in the form of “mini-barrier”. To start using the “Barrier” blocker, you need to put it in a horizontal position, sitting on a chair.

All necessary information is displayed on modern and compact displays on the operator’s side. The chair with air suspension, armrests and multiple adjustment options provides a large range of motion. In addition, it can be moved either together with the joysticks or separately. The cab suspension platform has a low vibration level. This is achieved by the multi-layer spring-hydraulic suspension system.

The sliding window on the door or the hatch can be easily opened during operation. If necessary, the door can be left open with the latch in the open position. A well sealed cab can become overtight in very dusty outdoor conditions, preventing dust from entering the interior. This version can also have air conditioning with extra nozzles for window heating. There is also a radio with a digital radio.

Engine compartment of Komatsu PC200-7 excavator

Perhaps the most “highlight” of this excavator is the HydrauMind system, where the hydraulics is controlled by a complex hydromechanical device with electronics. Thanks to this component, the fuel consumption is significantly reduced. Through load-sensing and pressure-compensation valves, the performance of the engine and hydraulic system can be continuously increased or decreased depending on the effort, thus optimizing fuel consumption. Since little time is required to achieve maximum performance during excavator operation, much of the time is spent simply rotating the platform, with or without a load. Such movements can reduce engine or hydraulic pump speeds, thereby saving fuel considerably. This intelligent system, including multiple sensors and 2 hydraulic pumps, works through the entire range of operating conditions, ensuring efficient use of engine power and reducing hydraulic losses during excavator operation.

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Digging performance includes digging force and bucket digging speed. This model, compared with its predecessor (PC200-6), managed to increase both indicators. This increased digging performance by 29%. Attractive here is the maximum height of the grave – it reaches an impressive 10 meters. And thanks to the increased lateral stability, the maximum stability is increased.

This model has a 0.8-meter bucket with removable teeth and side cutters on the boom. The boom and arm are made using a continuous groove welding process to increase the digging capacity.

Komatsu PC200-7 Excavator chains

The hydraulic control system has three fixed modes to optimize engine speed, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic pressure for the most common jobs. The list of fixed modes can include: “active”, “economy” and “breaker mode”. There is also an additional “lifting mode”, which increases the pressure in the hydraulic system by an additional 7%. All of these modes can be activated via the buttons on the right multifunction display. The electronics also monitor the oil level in the engine – if the level falls below the minimum level, a corresponding message appears on the display. It also warns you if the oil and filter in the engine need to be changed. Error codes are also displayed here – if there is a malfunction in any of the excavator’s systems.

The platform, cab and boom are equipped with lights to make it easier to work in the dark. There are also two rear-view mirrors for convenience while driving and working.

The smooth and precise movements of the boom and bucket, which are absolutely uninterrupted, are remarkable when working. This brings to mind the spectacular footage of Komatsu excavator presentations that can be found on the Internet. During demonstrations, these machines cut watermelon or pour champagne into a glass from a bottle fixed there with a knife attached to one of the teeth of the bucket.

In general, this car harmoniously combines an attractive, modern appearance and technical perfection of the entire design. And, of course, the most modern equipment in the driver’s cabin: not every truck or car has such a thoroughly accurate interior. In a word – a worthy choice in this segment of construction equipment.

Technical characteristics of KOMATSU PC 200-7 excavator

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