Excavator Komatsu PC 1250 – description and features

Excavator Komatsu PC 1250 technical properties and description

Excavator Caterpillar Komatsu PC 1250 is the most popular model in the category of heavy special equipment. The high productivity of the machine is explained by the toughest operating conditions.

Description and functions

The Komatsu is the only one in its class, as there are no similar machines. The main advantages of this track model are:

  1. The technique is unpretentious to working conditions, which positively affects the financial savings in the enterprise and maintenance.
  2. The tracked platform gives excellent maneuverability.
  3. The process of maintenance and operation is greatly simplified due to the use of a large number of the latest technologies and systems.
  4. The power unit has high performance and at the same time consumes less fuel, which has been achieved by the electronic control system.
  5. The excavator engine fully complies with modern environmental standards.
  6. The equipment is equipped with a comfortable cab with a high level of safety.
  7. Fully functional work of all units and assemblies of Komatsu 1250 can be observed even at the most extreme temperatures.
  8. The hydraulic system has high productivity and smooth movement of the working elements.

The Komatsu PC 1250 is known for its exceptional reliability. The manufacturer achieves this thanks to special engineering solutions that include hydraulic cylinder protection rings, additional chassis reinforcement, and heat-resistant electrical wiring.

In order to provide increased stability and carrying capacity when working with heavy loads, the equipment support has been moved to the rear of the turntable. This is aided by a counterweight that weighs 19800 kilograms or 18000 kilograms.

The model is equipped with many advanced solutions that have been developed for all products. Traditionally, the excavator has two operating modes, namely active and economical. Each of these modes contributes to a significant increase in certain parameters of the equipment. The active mode achieves an increase in productivity if the engine uses less fuel, while the economic mode reduces the performance of the excavator, although in principle it is not so noticeable. These two basic modes are sufficient for many different tasks.

The high performance of the equipment can be explained in the following way:

  1. The hydraulic system responds quickly to the operator. This is because the high capacity of the power unit provides increased productivity of the hydraulics, which significantly reduces the time it takes to complete a full work cycle.
  2. With its sufficiently large volume, the bucket is quite wide and flat, which has a positive impact on the implementation of the tension and unloading.
  3. The maximum cutting force of the floor has been significantly increased. Crete notes that the Caterpillar Komatsu PC 1250 excavator is the best in its class according to this indicator.
  4. The basic configuration of the model includes a special economical mode of operation, which increases the efficiency of the power unit by 13 percent.

The equipment is characterized by high durability and reliability, which is exactly the most important parameter when operating in difficult conditions. This parameter has been achieved due to:

  1. The excavator has two operating modes. The control panel is equipped with a selector switch, which means that the operator can choose the most suitable mode for certain processes.
  2. The hydraulic hoses are routed internally at the base of the boom to protect them from environmental contamination.
  3. The cross-sectional area of the working body of the hydraulic system is enlarged. The manufacturer has applied an improved welding method in the production, which has also influenced the strength of the working body.
  4. The design of the excavator is equipped with special moves, which eliminates vibration during an abrupt stop.
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The Caterpillar Komatsu PC 1250 excavator is ideal for many categories of work because:

  1. The electric unit’s liquid cooling system has been improved.
  2. The electric unit has high performance and efficiency, and has a low level, which has a positive effect on the comfort of work.
  3. The tracked machine and the excavator dragging platform have a large grid, which allows you to perform various works with quite heavy loads.
  4. Rotor circuit brake, track brake and parking brake engage automatically, which allows the operator not to be distracted from his work.
  5. Thanks to the cleverly designed cab windows, the operator has an excellent view of the working side.
  6. It utilizes an advanced APC system, which allows the power plant to work optimally in the specific operating conditions.

The chassis of this crawler excavator has an H-shaped center frame. A box design of the crawler frame was used, which significantly increased the strength of this element. The rotation of the entire structure is standardly carried out by a pivoting mechanism, hydraulic axial piston type engines and planetary gears. The machine’s engine is aggregated with a three-speed transmission.

Consider the hydraulic system of this model. The excavator is equipped with a modern hydraulic system, which is equipped with two hydraulic pumps of variable working fluid and ensures effective use of the engine power. The hydraulic system has a closed center and electronic control, which allows you to improve efficiency. It is worth noting that the risk of hydraulic losses during operations is minimized. Increased smoothness of movement of the working elements has been achieved thanks to three hydraulic pumps. The hydraulics are also equipped with a rather useful load sensing system. Thanks to this system, the operator can use the engine power even more efficiently, control the pumps optimally and reduce hydraulic losses.

Like all Komatsu products, this crawler excavator has everything you need to create and maintain a comfortable work environment for the operator. The cab is made of high quality soundproofing and vibration dampening materials. There is a special damper in the cabin design to minimize vibrations that occur during operation. Windshield washers and wipers are installed to improve visibility in difficult weather conditions. The basic configuration of the cabin also includes an ashtray, cigarette lighter, tinted safety glass and reliable protection for the operator from serious injury if the equipment tips over or falls different objects.

Inside, there is a multifunctional dashboard that has:

  1. Electronic display with advanced controls.
  2. Electronic hour meter.
  3. Warning indicators that alert the operator to clogged air filters and low oil pressure.
  4. Gauges show current hydraulic, power oil and coolant levels.
  5. Electronically controlled fuel regulator.
  6. Fuel level gauge in fuel tank.
  7. Coolant temperature gauge.
  8. Indicator lamps for blocking rotation of platform and engine heater.
  9. Automatic real-time diagnostics of all excavator components.
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Komatsu 1250 crawler excavator is specially designed for various tasks in oil and gas, mining, road construction and other industries.

The equipment carries out digging of trenches, pits and ditches; laying of water pipes and communications; leveling of work area and industrial waste removal; creation of embankments from earth and other loose materials; drilling of holes of different diameter and depth; loading and unloading of materials; Breaking of concrete and asphalt pavement; Loosening of rocks and frozen ground; Compaction of loose soil; Dismantling of concrete and reinforced concrete objects; Stripping of asphalt and concrete pavement; Cleaning the bottom of rivers and ponds; Moving various loose and lumpy materials over short distances.


Komatsu PC 1250 is presented only in a standard version, so no modifications are available.

Technical Specifications

Blade specifications:

  • Type of installed blade – straight blade.
  • Bucket capacity is 6.5 cubic meters.
  • Maximum digging height – 12330 millimeters.
  • Maximum digging depth – 3650 millimeters.
  • Maximum shovel discharge height – 8700 millimeters.
  • Maximum digging radius – 11400 millimeters.
  • Maximum reach on the ground – 10900 millimeters.
  • Type of installed bucket – backhoe.
  • The smallest capacity of the installed bucket is 3.4 cubic meters.
  • The maximum capacity of the bucket installed is 6.7 cubic meters.
  • Maximum digging height is 13,000 millimeters.
  • Maximum digging depth is 7,900 millimeters.
  • Maximum shovel discharge height – 8450 millimeters.
  • Maximum digging radius – 14070 millimeters.
  • The maximum radius of action on the ground is 13670 millimeters.

technical characteristics of the engine

  • The engine type is in-line diesel.
  • Engine brand – SAA6D170E-3.
  • Engine manufacturer – Komatsu.
  • Number of cylinders – 6.
  • Total working volume is 23150 cubic meters.
  • Rated power output – 485 kW/650 hp (at 1800 rpm).
  • Nominal speed of the crankshaft is 1800 rpm.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid cooling system.
  • Type of injection system – direct fuel injection.
  • Type of starting system – electric starter.
  • Type of turbocharging – gas turbine.
  • Cylinder diameter – 170 millimeters.
  • Piston stroke – 170 millimeters.
  • Lowest fuel consumption per working hour – 38 liters.
  • The highest fuel consumption per working hour is 45 liters.


  • The length of the excavator is 10940 millimeters.
  • Track width is 4600 millimeters.
  • Rotary platform width is 3470 millimeters.
  • Full height in the cab is 4120 millimeters.
  • The smallest track overhang is 990 millimeters.
  • Track width is 700 millimeters.
  • Track (longitudinal base) is 4,995 millimeters.
  • Track width is 3900 millimeters.
  • The smallest turning radius of the platform is 4,870 millimeters.
  • Length of standard boom – 5300 millimeters.
  • Length of standard handle – 3800 millimeters.

You can buy a new Komatsu PC 1250 Caterpillar excavator in new technical condition at a price of 15 million rubles to 25 million Russian rubles.

Used can be purchased at a price of 9 million to 14 million Russian rubles.

Excavator Caterpillar Komatsu PC1250

Excavator Caterpillar Komatsu PC1250 belongs to the class of heavy construction special equipment. It features high performance and efficiency and is used for road construction, mining, oil and gas and other types of industrial work.

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The popularity of the excavator is due to the advantages that the machine has, as well as the ability to work in extreme conditions, if they are subjected to heavy loads. In construction the technique is often used in the development of recesses (pits and trenches), the device embankments, loading and unloading work.

Excavator Komatsu 1250

Excavator Komatsu 1250

Features and advantages

Due to the merits of the machine 1250 Komatsu competitors from “Suites” can be counted on the fingers. The advantages include:

  • Performance;
  • Safety and comfort;
  • Electronic control;
  • Ease of service and maintenance;
  • Efficiency during operation;
  • Ability to work in climatic conditions;
  • small amount of harmful substances in the exhaust, which makes the excavator environmentally friendly;
  • low consumption of diesel fuel;
  • Maneuverability.

Reliability of the Komatsu PC 1250 backhoe bugger, which is guaranteed by the installation of hydraulic cylinder protection rings, innovative chassis and heat-regulated performance system. Such technical solutions, combined with focus, guarantee high productivity in work operations. For increased lifting capacity and stability, a meter weight of 18 tons and 19.8 tons is used.

Komatsu PC1250 crawler excavator

Excavator Caterpillar Komatsu PC1250

The Komatsu PC1250 excavator model is equipped with all modern technical solutions developed by the designers of the manufacturing company. The operator can select the desired mode of operation, “Economy” or “Active”, depending on how the engine speed, pressure in the hydraulic system and pump capacity are regulated. This ensures economic efficiency, ease of operation and efficient use of the machine’s capabilities. Among heavy machines, the Komatsu 1250 has the largest standard implement. This provides an increase in operating speed.

To increase operating efficiency, the developers have provided:

  • Economy mode, which reduces fuel consumption by almost 15%;
  • high cutting power, which is the highest among heavy equipment;
  • wide, flat working body of Komatsu 1250 excavator. This design makes loading work easy and fast;
  • Instant response of the hydraulic system. The powerful engine has excellent hydraulic system characteristics, which allows you to reduce the work cycle time.

Excavator Komatsu 1250

Excavator Komatsu 1250

At the same time, the reliability and durability of the Komatsu PC 1250 excavator is due to:

  • installation of vibration dampers;
  • The developed section of the boom and arm mechanism, made by an innovative welding technology, which has an extreme durability and high quality;
  • the location of the hydraulic hoses – they are laid on the inside at the base of the boom, which guarantees their protection from damage;
  • The two modes of operation of the boom equipment. Depending on the task, the operator selects, with the help of a selector switch, the smooth operation or the maximum productivity.

specs and dimensions

Komatsu PC1250 specifications include:

parameter value
machine weight 106.7 tons or 110 tons, depending on type of tool installed
Specific ground pressure 97 kPa for two 1m wide excavations or 137 kPa for 0.7 m wide excavations
Max. digging depth 3.65m
limiting cutting depth 8.65m
cutting radius 10.9m
cutting force 5.9 t
arm pressure 62t
ultimate pressure 70t
grade 70%
bucket volume 6.5 cubic meters.
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The Komatsu 1250 also has a minimum and maximum speed of 2.1 km/h and 3.2 km/h, respectively. The machine is fitted with a bottom dumping bucket as standard equipment. Its maximum height of discharge is 8.7 m, and the cutting height is 12.3 m. By default, the bucket holds 6.5 cubic meters of material with a width of 2.68 m.

Komatsu PC1250 dimensions:

parameter value
length 16.02m
width 5.4m
Height 6.04m
Turning radius 4.87m
span 0.99 m
gauge 3.9m
main track length 5 м

fuel consumption

The excavator uses an average of 40-45 liters of diesel fuel per hour. The fuel tank has a capacity of 1,360 liters, which guarantees the possibility of long work without refueling.


The Komatsu 1250 is powered by a four-stroke, six-cylinder in-house engine rated at 485 kW or 651 hp. The 23.15-liter SAA6D170E-3 is equipped with direct combustion, liquid cooling, turbocharging to reduce engine temperatures during operation and electronic regulator. Engine speed is 1800 rpm.

parameter value
brand komatsu
model Saa6d170E-3
cylinder 6
capacity 485 kW / 651 hp
displacement 23.15 l
cooling type liquid
fuel diesel
Fuel capacity 1360 l

The main qualities of the unit are high productivity, efficiency and low habit. Cylinder diameter is 170 mm. The quality of the exhaust meets international quality standards Tier II and 2001 EPA.


Excavator Komatsu 1250. Photo

Excavator Komatsu 1250. Photo

The Caterpillar Komatsu PC1250 excavator easily handles the most demanding work thanks to the installation:

  • ARS system, which sets the engine’s operating mode to suit the conditions of the construction site and the complexity of the job;
  • Automatic parking brake for travel and slewing;
  • High-quality engine designed to meet the needs of the Komatsu 1250, with power, environmental friendliness, efficiency, and low maintenance;
  • Panoramic view from the operator’s cab;
  • Heavy-duty Caterpillar bogie, rigid rotating platform for reliable operation under load;
  • Improved cooling system.


Komatsu crawler excavator PC1250. Photo

Caterpillar Komatsu PC1250. Photo

Bearing frame of the excavator Caterpillar Komatsu PC1250 is an N-shaped structure. The frame is welded from closed box elements, which guarantees long service life, reduced corrosion, and increased resistance to rotation. The gearbox of the platform is planetary. Three speed transmission is installed on the equipment.

Hydraulic system

The Moskito 1250 excavator is equipped with the Hydraumind hydraulic system, which includes two pumps with a variable pump. This allows you to distribute the power characteristics of the engine as desired. The hydraulic system has a closed center and electronic control. The electronics guarantee that power and pressure are maintained during any type of operation. Three pumps are used to control the working elements. A specially designed system is installed to determine the maximum load. It is responsible for directing the output of the hydraulic system to the point of load application, which ensures efficient operation of the Komatsu RS 1250 backhoe and reduces hydraulic losses.

Small amounts of heat are generated when the hydraulics are running. A filter is provided to clean the hydraulic fluid, and a high-pressure filter keeps the main pump running. These features ensure a long service life for the entire system.

Operator’s cabin

Komatsu PC1250 reviews often mention the ergonomic operator’s cab, which guarantees easy operation and excellent working conditions. The cabin is closed, which prevents dust installation, and is equipped with a dampener to reduce vibration and vibrations. A windshield wiper and an intermittent washer are installed to enable the operator to work in all conditions. An ashtray and cigarette lighter, tinted glass and floor mats are installed for operator comfort. FOPS and ROPS safety systems protect the machine and operator from tipping over and objects falling from height.

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The Mosquito 1250’s gauges are brought out to the instrument field:

  • An automatic gauge monitoring system with which faults are immediately displayed. It is equipped with a memory in which all data is stored.
  • Diesel and coolant combustion sensors;
  • Light indicators of oil level in the hydraulic system and in the power unit;
  • Exhaust meter;
  • Platform rotation lockout and preheat indicators;
  • Electronically controlled fuel regulator;
  • Air, oil and battery filter cleaning light controls;
  • Information edition monitor.

The Komatsu PC 1250 excavator has an adjustable operator’s seat with vibration-reducing suspension. With the help of rear-view mirrors you can fully control the work process and ensure its safety. Two levers and pedals are used as a steering wheel. The effective brake is a hydraulic lock.

Noise and number of vibrations are reduced due to improved cab fixation and tightness. A two-level climate control system is standard. This allows the operator to direct the flow of cool air to the top and the flow of warm air to the feet. A comfortable climate contributes to the operator’s performance and guarantees high productivity.

The Komatsu PC1250 bugger is indispensable in mining and large construction applications.

Easy operation and maintenance

Ease of maintenance is due to the wide corridors near the engine compartment and hydraulic unit. It’s enough to open the hatch door to access the components.

Komatsu PC1250 6,7 cu. m bucket.

Komatsu PC1250 6.7 cubic meter bucket.

The hydraulic hoses mounted on the boom base are provided by the design to ensure longer service life for your operation. They are less prone to kinks, eliminating their breakage.

The service intervals of the Moskito 1250 excavator for changing the oil in the power plant and the engine and hydraulic system filter are 500 machines, and the hydraulic oil can serve 5 000 machines.

To ensure the safety of the operator at night, there is a lamp that automatically turns on and lights up the steps to descend for two minutes.

High handrails and wide aisles allow the operator to avoid the rotating platform and check the condition of the power supply and hydraulic system assembly.

Cost of new and use

Buy Komatsu PC1250 in standard configuration without mileage is possible for 15-18 million rubles. On the condition that the bucket “straight shovel” is installed. A model with a “backhoe” will cost from 25 million rubles. Price Komatsu PC1250 with used materials is about 9 million rubles. In 2013-2014.

You can rent a machine for 45,000 rubles, the same amount will have to pay for the delivery of devices to the construction site.


As an analogue, you can consider the excavator Hitachi EX1200-6.

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