Excavator Hyundai R220LC-9S – description and features

Caterpillar Excavator Hyundai R220LC-9S

Excavator Hyundai R220LC 9S is a modern design with an innovative cab and advanced hydraulic system. Optimal size and excellent performance allows the use of special construction equipment for road, supply and construction works.

Hyundai R220LC-9S crawler excavator

Caterpillar Excavator Hyundai R220LC-9S

Accuracy of work operations is achieved through the use of advanced hydraulic and sensor control system. This ensures easy operation and can be operated by beginners.

Features and Benefits

With the Hyundai R220LC 9S excavator, you can effectively use:

  • Local and agricultural work;
  • Road construction;
  • Loading and unloading with bulk, soft and fragmented loads;
  • Quarrying, trenching;
  • Loosening of soils of all categories.

Excavator Hyundai 220 on caterpillar chassis, which is easy to move

Hyundai 220 tracked excavators with high fuel consumption

Fast payback is guaranteed:

  • The ability to reduce downtime due to prompt service work;
  • Wear resistance and durability of the machine;
  • Fuel efficiency;
  • Remote control systems.

Technical specifications and dimensions

Technical characteristics of excavator Hyundai R220LC 9S:

weight 21.9 t;
cycle time 13 s;
Arm length 2.92 m;
Length of hand equipment 5.68 m;
Turning radius of the turning part 3.74 m;
Capacity of standard working stock 0.92 m 3;
Trenching forces 136 kn;
Trench radius 9.98 m;
Trench depth 6.73 m;
Trench Height 9.6 m;
Speed of movement 5,5 km/h.

The dimensions of the Hyundai 220 are 9.53 m x 2.99 m x 2.92 m.


The excavator is equipped with a four-cylinder cmd (112 kW or 150 hp). The B5.9-C with a displacement of 7.54 liters is equipped with an air system to reduce the temperature of the plant with pre-cooling. The exhaust quality allows the engine to be classified as intermediate level 4. It contains a small number of components, which increases reliability and reduces material costs for scrapping. The Hyundai R220LC 9S excavator shaft speed is 1,950 rpm and the torque is 626 Nm.

engine Cummins B5.9-C
output 112/150 kWhp.
Cooling liquid
fuel diesel
cylinder 6
Engine displacement 7.54 l
Tank Capacity 400 L

Reduced friction in the cylinders increases strength and durability. The equipment crank and hardened block are also provided for this purpose. The lower cost of the powertrain is due to the lack of electronic control and the use of a mechanical fuel system. The low-fuel engine features a VGT turbocharger that adjusts thrust intensity based on load and shaft speed. A straight-through air cleaner is fitted as standard, reducing diesel fuel consumption and ensuring efficient operation.

Fuel consumption

The Hyundai R220LC 9S has a fuel consumption of around 15 liters per hour and a fuel tank capacity of 400 liters.


The machine consists of a “stepper” and a base (turntable, turntable frame and turntable). Hydraulic actuators, cab and pumps are installed on the base.

High-strength steel is used for the supporting structure, which ensures long-term trouble-free operation. The middle transverse part is made in one piece, with additional elements connected by welded joints. Rectangular profiles are provided for reinforcement. Chain tensioners, guide rollers, chain with shoes and lubricated sliding parts are included.

Hydraulic units of Hyundai 220

Hyundai 220 hydraulic power unit


The Hyundai 220 crawler excavator has 70% gradeability.

Operator’s cabin

Improved design of the cabin allows the operator to feel more comfortable in it. There is plenty of leg room and the roof is made of durable glass that is not subject to damage, which increases safety and perspective. Low noise level in the cab is guaranteed by high quality finishing materials. Safety is achieved through the use of a tubular cab frame and a reliable glass mechanism.

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The seat can be adapted to the individual needs of the driver. The dashboard of the Hyundai 220 excavator has also been optimized to increase productivity and reduce fatigue. The seat is automatically heated and the cabin is air conditioned. One-button start system and USB radio are available as options.

The control system

The excavator is equipped with a modern control system Saro, which allows you to quickly set the priority for the hydraulic system and select the mode of operation:

  • Precision, which requires switching the main current to individual Hyundai R220 units;
  • User mode is used to set parameters. It sets the pump capacity, engine speed, and idle speed;
  • Stamina, which involves reaching the maximum values due to the parameter power and speed. It also refers to the performance;
  • The standard mode has been designed to reduce performance and speed and optimize efficiency and economy.
  • Economy mode ensures that the specifications of the Hyundai 220 crawler are reduced to a minimum.

There is a seven-inch monitor in the cab that displays information about engine temperature and the amount of fuel in the tank. A special key is provided to diagnose the condition of the machine. The display selects the operating mode and activates individual functions that relieve the operator.

The controls are joysticks, pedals and collapsible handles with a comfortable design. Hydraulics make the excavator easy to operate.

Easy operation and maintenance

The manufacturer has ensured not only excellent technical characteristics Hyundai 220, but also the ease of maintenance of the machine. This ensures long trouble-free operation and protects important components such as the crawler tracks.

With additional protection for the body

With additional body protection.

Parts are lubricated every 250 hours, hydraulic filters are changed every 1,000 hours and oil every 5,000 hours. Thanks to the remote maintenance system, messages are sent when service work is required. It allows the owner to get data on diesel fuel consumption, operating time and the location of the units at a certain moment of time.


The Hyundai R220LC 9S crawler excavator is equipped with a track, shovel, mechanism and crawler suspension. It can also be installed:

  • Grifer for rubble and fine-grained materials, earth;
  • Long loads accounted for;
  • Hydraulic drill, hydraulic shears, hydraulic hammer;
  • Vibrator, vibratory hammer;
  • Cooling;
  • Front bucket.


Crawler excavator Hyundai 220 is available in several modifications (R 220-7h, R 220LC 7h, R 220LC-9S, R 220LC-9SH, R220LC-9S LR), which are different in weight, chassis, operating parameters and accessories.

The first letter in the model name indicates the type of equipment: R – excavator. Then comes the number which indicates the excavator’s weight in centners (1/10 of a ton). The number of centners is rounded off.

The letter index follows, which indicates the characteristics of the technical features of the chassis:

  • NLC – narrow cab, maneuverability and compactness;
  • LCD – using the blade as a standard tool;
  • LC – longer rail base (about 500 mm), has higher stability;
  • LR – longer boom extension and equipment;
  • HS – increased ground clearance that guarantees the ability to work on water;
  • D – extended boom and arm and a 2.6-meter long cutter that is used for demolition of construction objects;
  • FS – bucket “straight shovel”.
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The cost of new and used

Buy Hyundai R220LC-9S without mileage is possible for 5 million rubles. On the condition of standard configuration. In the presence of attachments, the cost can increase to 14 million rubles. Such devices are often used by large construction companies, which you can rent, avoiding downtime and increased depreciation. A used Hyundai R220LC-9S costs from 3.5 to 4 million rubles. Subject to 14/15 publication.

You can rent the machine for 13 thousand rubles for rent.

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Excavator Hyundai R220LC 9S: technical characteristics

Hyundai R220LC 9S Excavators: Technical Specifications

Tracked excavator Hyundai R220LC-9S is a representative of the ninth series of earthmoving machines from the brand Hyundai on crawler tracks. Compared with its predecessors, this excavator is equipped with more advanced hydraulics and better equipped cabin. The good performance and practical dimensions adapted to optimal parameters make this model multifunctional and suitable for various road, supply and construction works.

Design and equipment

The Hyundai R220LC-9S Excavator consists of the following parts: under-hood, turntable and swing platform. It is based on a strong and durable chassis with an all-welded cross frame. The chassis is equipped with tracks with fifteen hooks, on two leading, two guiding and nine wheels. The braking system is based on multidisc mechanisms operating in oil. A pivoting crown is attached to the frame, which is controlled by a hydrostatic drive with a planetary gear and an axial piston hydraulic motor. The platform is equipped with hydraulic drives, cab with driver’s workplace and powerful hydraulic pumps.

Layout of Hyundai R220LC-9S corresponds to the 9S family of all other crawler excavators: the cabin is located in the front left; the turntable has smooth contours and ergonomic boom has additional built-in ribs, which are covered by external metal plates.

The engine and hydraulic compartments are enclosed by panels that make opening mini-loops for throat irrigation and lubrication for easy access to service units. If necessary, the work area can be illuminated by a halogen head lamp located at the top of the cab. There is also an additional lamp on the boom itself.

Structure and equipment of the device

In the manufacture of the supporting structure the manufacturer uses steel of high-strength grades, which ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the plant. The central X-shaped part is completely fabricated, with additional elements joined by welded joints. Rectangular sections are provided for reinforcement. It contains track belt tensioners, guide rollers, track shoes and lubricated moving parts. Tension-resistant track belts hold the track connection in place. Proper tensioning of the track belts is maintained at all times by tensioning devices with tavnirs and cushioning rollers.

Options and modifications

The Hyundai R220LC-9S-Caterpillar excavator is available in several modifications, namely the R 220-7h, R 220LC-7H, R 220LC-9S, R 220LC-9SH, R 220LC-9S lr. They differ in weight, running gear, operating parameters and components.

The first letter of the model name indicates the type of equipment: R – excavator. Then comes the number that indicates the excavator’s weight in cents (i.e., 1/10 of a ton). The number of centners is rounded off. Then comes the letter index, which indicates the technical characteristics of the chassis:

  • NLC – narrow cab, maneuverable and compact model;
  • LCD – dump truck is used as a standard working body;
  • LC – extended tracked base (500 mm) with increased stability;
  • LR – extended work tools: handle and boom devices;
  • HS – extended road release, which can be used for work in water.
  • D – extended boom and arm, which is convenient for demolition of construction devices (equipped with 2.6 m long);
  • FS with “straight shovel” bucket.
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Engines of Hyundai R220LC 9S

There are two engine options for this model. In standard configuration, the excavator is equipped with cummins B5.9-C turbocharged four-stroke diesel engine with boiler cooling system. The three-speed engine reduction system and the economical Constructio n-I mode save fuel and reduce emissions.

Exhaust composition can be attributed to animals of 4 intermediate standards. Engine cooling system is liquid. Engine displacement – 5.88 liters; rated power – 112 kW / 150 hp. Maximum torque – 62.6 kgfm at 1500 rpm. Cylinder diameter – 102 mm, piston xD – 120 mm. Progressive VGT turbocharger regularly changes the force of air flow in response to speed and load. The Cummins B5.-C engine also uses a patented cummins Direct Flow Air Filter, which provides diesel fuel economy and greater performance.

Engines of Hyundai R220LC-9S

In another embodiment, the crawler excavator can be equipped with the Hyundai-Hyundai D6BV-C engine. It is also a six-cylinder, four-stroke turbocharged and charge-air-cooled diesel engine that is designed for high performance, reliability, economy and minimal emissions. It is also characterized by precision and flexibility in operation.

The stock surface in this version of the engine is enlarged for more reliable operation under high loads. Reduced friction in the transmission cylinders guarantees a longer service life and high output. The design of the cylinder block is reinforced, the transmission housing is also more robust than in the previous generation technique.

hydraulic system

The D6BV-C engine achieves Tier-2 emissions without electronic control systems. This engine uses a reliable, mechanically-mounted diesel injection system. The result is a reliable, environmentally-compliant power plant that is relatively simple in design and free of technological complexities. The diesel engine has a displacement of 7.545 liters and a rated output of 110 kW / 148 hp. The maximum torque is 58 kgfm at 1,500 rpm.

Each of these engine variants is paired with a two-way transmission and, according to the manufacturer, consumes an average of 15 liters of diesel fuel per hour.

Automatic performance control system

Hyundai R22olc-9S excavators are equipped with an advanced automated performance optimization system – the SARO system. The operator has the ability to set various parameters of the priority of the boom or turn, select the loading and additional working equipment at the touch of a button. The system also performs a complete hydraulic self-diagnosis, interacting with many sensors that are in the hydraulic system and hydraulic cycle.

P-mode (PowerMax) means highest speed and performance of the special machine in operation to maximize productivity. S-mode (standard) maintains a reduced, hard engine speed for optimum performance while saving diesel fuel. Electric mode (economy) offers maximum diesel economy, precisely calculated capacity based on load, and improved control. 3 Load data gives the operator the possibility to select capacity and speed according to the situation and save diesel fuel.

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It is also possible to vary the power supply for certain types of extras. For example, for cloth removal or devices with two-way flow (shredder). These different hydraulic flow settings for each type of device can be programmed via the instrument panel.

If desired, you can switch to fully manual, non-automatic user mode U (user) and adjust the engine speed, hydraulic pump power, idle speed and other special machine settings to do the job as you see fit.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system design of the Hyundai R220LC-9S crawler excavator has been changed from previous models. This should allow the operator to control the machine more accurately to move the ground. This means more precise flow to each mechanism with minimal losses thanks to improved control valves in the hydraulic distributor. Improved piston pumps and hydraulic valves help to precisely optimize the excavator’s performance.

Hyundai has redesigned the hydraulic system to achieve greater precision. The hydraulic pump flow controller reduces that flow when the controller is not in use, helping to minimize diesel consumption. Improved spool valves in the distributor are designed to provide a more precise flow to each working element with the least amount of loss.

hydraulic system

Redesigned hydraulic valves, precision displacement pumps, fine-tuned control systems and advanced motion functions make the operator’s work easier, more precise and predictable. Advanced features include flow resumption on bucket folding and boom lowering, innovative spool valve technology and advanced automatic boom/lowering priority for optimum performance in any application.

Hydraulic flow can be resumed when folding the boom and lowering the boom. Boom and swing priority is maintained automatically. This means constant control and maintenance of the optimum balance of hydraulic power during boom movements and excavator slews.

Excavator work equipment

The different buckets for Hyundai R22OLC-9S crawler excavators are divided by purpose and volume:

  • Buckets for construction work, working volume from 0.51 to 1.34 cubic meters.
  • Buckets for especially heavy working conditions, working volume from 0.74 to 1.05 cu. m.
  • Shovels for cleaning works on slopes, working volume of 1.2 cubic meters.
  • Bucket for heavy rocks with a working volume of 0.7 cubic meter.
  • Special buckets for extended boom, 0.52 cubic meter working volume.

The list of available additional attachments for excavator Hyundai R220LC-9S also includes: vibratory rammer, vibrodriver, hydrohammer, ripper, auger, front bucket, log grapple, hydraulic shears, grapple claw.

Hyundai R220LC-9S maintenance

All compartments with filters, fuses, grease nipples, computer elements of special machines are wide open and accessible at ground level. By equipping 9S series earthmoving machines with improved cooling system and built-in pre-heating systems, the manufacturer promises a significant reduction in excavator downtime and operating costs. Bearing lubrication interval is extended to 250 hours. The hydraulic filters have a specified service life of 1,000 hours. Hydraulic oil can be used for up to five thousand hours. The maintenance process has been simplified by an overall reduction in the number of parts in the engine design.

Excavator cabin, driver’s workplace and controls

Hyundai 9S Series Excavators have new all-welded tubes with improved visibility and reasonable safety levels. Excellent visibility is achieved by using a new tube profile, thinner, but also more robust than the previous one.

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Necessary data (engine coolant temperature, amount of diesel fuel in the tank, etc.), including a “picture” from the rear-view camera, if it is present as an option, is displayed on the 7-inch LCD screen. Loading and control functions as well as self-diagnostic functions are integrated into the instrument cluster.

In addition, the monitor displays information about engine temperature and the amount of fuel in the tank. A key is provided for diagnosing the machine’s condition. The controls are joysticks of convenient design, pedals and handles are dismountable. The hydraulics help you operate the excavator easily and smoothly.

Excavator cabin, driver's workplace and controls

Thanks to the remote maintenance system, the operator receives reminders of the need for service work, data on diesel consumption and the number of hours worked. Generous legroom helps the operator feel comfortable and convenient in the workplace; made of durable glass that is not prone to damage, the roof. The noise level in the cab is quite low and the finishing materials are of high quality.

The seat has a number of adjustments to suit the individual operator. The seat is electrically heated. The optimized excavator instrument panel increases productivity and reduces fatigue. One-button engine start and USB stereo are available as options.

information in numbers

  • Overall dimensions: length – 9.65 m / 12.00 m; width – 2.99 m / Z.29 m; cabin height – 2.92 m.
  • Boom length – 5.68 m / 8.2 m; boom height – 3.2 m / 3.28 m; arm length – 2.92 m.
  • Chain shoe width – 0.6 / 0.9 mm.
  • Track length – 4.44 m.
  • Axle spacing – Z.65 m; track width – 2.39 m.
  • Ground clearance – 0.48 m.
  • The total operating weight of the excavator – 21.9 tons.
  • Speed – 3.8 km/h (in low gear) to 5.5 km/h (in high gear), the speed of the platform – 11.1 rpm.
  • Digging radius – 9.14 m / 15.22 m; digging depth – 5.82 m / 11.76 m; digging height – 9.14 m / 12.55 m; dumping height – 3.75 m / 4.87 m.
  • Working cycle time – 13 seconds.
  • Tank capacity – 400 liters.
  • Hydraulic tank capacity – 16 liters.
  • Hydraulic system capacity – 2×222 l/min.
  • Hydraulic system working pressure – up to 350 kgf/cm².
  • Bucket breakout force according to IS0 – 152 kN.
  • Digging force of bucket according to IS0 – 106.9 kN.
  • Slopeability – 35° (70%).

Reviews about the excavator Hyundai R220LC-9S

Owners and operators describe the Hyundai R220LC-9S as an economical and low-maintenance excavator. The engine always starts with no problems in any weather, and in terms of performance, it’s fine – there’s plenty of it.

The excavator always runs smoothly and reliably. Demonstrates excellent profitability and return on investment. Large support surface and working engine ensure smooth operation in the toughest conditions and under considerable loads. Maintenance is very easy. With wide-opening compartments and easy access to components and parts at ground level, these earthmoving machines are easy and convenient to service.

Reviews of Hyundai R220LC-9S excavator

Cost of new and used R220LC-9S excavator

A new Hyundai R22OLC-9S excavator will cost from nine million rubles in 2019. For a used one they ask on electronic message boards from 4 to 7.7 million rubles.

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