Excavator Hitachi ZX 450 – description and features

Excavator Hitachi ZX 450 description and characteristics of the excavator Hitachi

Every field of activity when performing quite complex tasks nowadays uses special Caterpillar devices, because this type is the most stable, the most reliable and able to perform absolutely all types of work.

Description and functions

Such equipment is available in the model range of a large company Hitachi. Of the entire line, the Caterpilla r-Hitachi ZX 450 excavator should be highlighted. All manufacturers of this manufacturer, including this model, are very popular in the construction sector and in various large industries. All this is due to the versatility of equipment and high reliability. Due to these indicators, the Hitachi 450 crawler excavator is often used in the mining industry. It is worth noting that the model was developed, taking into account the proposals of all users, the devices have a lot of design features.

Distinctive elements of this excavator are the working bodies and crawler platform, as they were significantly strengthened. This has given the machine quite a lot of confidence, which is one of the most important features in case of difficult work. The working bodies received the latest hydraulic equipment, which was developed according to modern technology, which also had a positive effect on the service life of the machine.

Characteristic design features of the Caterpillar excavator should be highlighted: Hitachi 450:

  1. Rugged chassis.
  2. Optimal combination of speed and performance.
  3. Environmentally friendly power plant.
  4. Advanced technology in the hydraulic system.

The equipment is also noticeable in its class for other important virtues, namely the following:

  1. High level of operating comfort. The technique is equipped with a modern cab, which has a fairly spacious interior and comfortable control lever with a small stroke. Comfort during work has also been achieved through the installation of a comfortable adjustable seat and a large area of glazing, which provides an excellent view of the working area.
  2. High level of performance. The manufacturer achieved this thanks to several unique solutions, including: the new hydraulic system HIOS III; the new economical mode e; modernized electric unit with electronic control; functional hydraulic function, which can increase many operating parameters for a certain time of work.
  3. Convenient and easy maintenance and inspection of the equipment. In order to simplify the technical overview of the excavator, the manufacturer has placed all service points very conveniently. The oil filter element and the engine oil itself have extended change intervals, which means you can cut costs.
  4. Durability and huge service life. Excavator design includes X-shaped reinforced center beam, reinforced mounting hardware, reinforced chassis and stressed wheels.
  5. High environmental friendliness. Each element of the excavator consists of environmentally friendly materials. Nodes and mechanisms of the devices work with a relatively low level of self-noise. The engine complies with modern environmental standards.
  6. High operator safety. The excavator cab (type CRES II) has a special side rail, power switch and control system lock lever, so the equipment does not react to accidental pressing of controls when the operator enters the cab.
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Hitachi ZX 450 can be called the most successful model of the brand. This is due to many different characteristics, both design and technology. All this allowed the machine to win great popularity on the Russian market in a short time.

The design uses a classic scheme, which is indicated by the presence of an X-shaped middle beam. In addition, the excavator design is equipped with a mass of additional reinforcing elements, which means that the strength and durability of the equipment can be significantly increased.

The operator can perform all operations with maximum precision in moving the working plates. This is facilitated not only by the advanced hydraulic system, but also by the cab. The cabin is characterized by excellent visibility of the entire working area, which is achieved by a large area of glazing. Inside it has everything you need to create cheap working conditions. This is not only a comfortable driver’s seat, but also a number of unique design features and a fairly ergonomic layout of the main controls. The freedom around the operator’s feet has been increased, which also provides comfort when working.

In addition, the cab is equipped with a multifunction monitor, which displays all information about the status of the equipment in real time. Using this monitor, the operator can monitor fuel consumption, operating time, fluid temperature in the hydraulic system and cooling system, oil pressure in the engine and hydraulics, fuel level in the tank and many other parameters.

An interesting feature of this excavator is a special system that prevents the penetration and theft of the cab. In addition, the machine contains excellent safety systems and special features that can significantly improve the environmental friendliness of the equipment. The level of vibration and extraneous noise in the cabin is practically not felt. Reinforced glass is used in all model windows, which, in addition to visibility, has a positive impact on safety.

By default, Hitachi ZX 450 comes with a backhoe loader. Different types of arms and booms are available as options, varying in length. All of the offered implements are designed by the manufacturer.

The equipment has a fairly high maintenance. Despite its high reliability, sooner or later various breakdowns can occur. In this case, you will find the necessary spare parts at official dealers, which are more than enough in Russia. For long life, it is recommended to buy only original spare parts. It is worth noting that there is an opportunity to order spare parts over the Internet, which is very practical.


Excavator Hitachi ZX 450 Caterpillar can be used in the construction of embankments of different soils, moving bulk materials within the construction site, digging pits and trenches, excavating floors, opening asphalt and concrete pavement, lowering all objects, rocky soils, uninterrupted solid mass and uninterrupted ground. Rocky rocks as well as fountain and quarry development.

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With all modifications, the versions with the LC index are in great demand. The distinguishing feature of such machines from the basic excavator is the extended crawler platform, which provides excellent cross-country on the viscous floor and increased stability. In addition, the manufacturer can equip the devices with different types of attachments, work organization and other very useful devices.

Technical characteristics

Bucket features:

  • Type of bucket installed – backhoe.
  • The smallest capacity of the bucket installed is 1.4 cubic meters.
  • Highest installed bucket capacity – 2.5 cubic meters.
  • Maximum depth of the trench – 5900 millimeters.
  • Maximum height of the buckets is 7030 millimeters.
  • The maximum height of the trench – 10250 millimeters.
  • Maximum radius of the grave – 10570 millimeters.
  • Maximum standing radius – 10320 millimeters.
  • Maximum pulling force of the bucket’s hydraulic cylinder – 322 kilonewtons.

Engine features:

  • Type of engine installed – in-line, diesel.
  • Engine brand – AH-6WG1XYSA-01.
  • Engine manufacturer is ISUZU.
  • Number of cylinders – 6.
  • The working volume of all cylinders – 15680 cu. m.
  • Rated power output – 260 kW/353 hp (at 1800 rpm).
  • Nominal crankshaft speed – 1800 rpm.
  • Maximum torque is 1580 Newton per meter (at 1500 rpm).
  • Cylinder diameter is 147 millimeters.
  • Piston stroke is 154 millimeters.
  • Type of cooling system – liquid.
  • Start system type – electric starter.
  • Type of turbocharging system – gas turbine with aftercooling of discharged air.
  • Least fuel consumption per working hour – 18.8 liters.
  • Highest fuel consumption per working hour – 24.3 liters.
  • The slowest speed of autonomous movement is 3.4 kilometers per hour.
  • The highest speed of independent movement is 5.5 kilometers per hour.


  • The structural length of the excavator is 11910 millimeters.
  • Full width of the Caterpillar platform is 3740 millimeters.
  • Full height over the cab roof is 3480 millimeters.
  • The lowest ground clearance under the center frame is 723 millimeters.
  • Caterpillar (longitudinal section) is 4040 millimeters.
  • Track shoe width (option 1) – 600 millimeters.
  • Width of track shoes (option 2) – 750 millimeters.
  • Track shoe width (option 3) – 900 millimeters.
  • The width of the extended track is 2,890 millimeters.
  • The track width of the narrowed track platform is 2,390 millimeters.
  • The smallest turning radius at the rear of the platform is 3,645 millimeters.

Standard equipment of Hitachi ZX 450 excavator costs from 9 million rubles to 10 million Russian rubles. When including various accessories (attachments, work organization and others), the final cost of the equipment may increase up to 15 million Russian rubles.

Currently, the Russian market offers a lot of used special equipment. Thus, equipment released from 2010 to 2011, in fairly good technical condition has a price of 7.5 million rubles to 8 million Russian rubles. Earlier models, namely, 2007-2008, can be purchased at a price of 5.3 million rubles to 5.8 million Russian rubles. The cheapest option is to purchase vehicles dating back to 2005 and 2006, as the price of such vehicles ranges from 4.5 million rubles to 4.9 million Russian rubles.

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Another, also in-demand option is renting today. Such an excavator can be rented for an hour of work at a price of 1,700 rubles to 2,000 Russian rubles. However, it should be noted that there are often additional bills to pay for long objects to transport the excavator.

Excavator Hitachi ZX 450 Caterpillar Bagger

The Hitachi ZX 450 excavator was designed for complex excavation work in construction environments. The machine is used for erecting embankments, transporting materials of all categories within the working area, digging trenches, pits, excavating and clearing areas.

This design of special equipment belongs to classical models on the pursued course. It is manufactured in Japan and is very popular not only in Russia, but also in Europe. The excavator is characterized by reliability and versatility, which allows you to participate in the extraction of minerals. The manufacturer has taken into account the wishes of all customers and therefore has made the technique indispensable for many industries.

The high strength of Hitachi 450 excavator mounts and undercarriage makes the machine reliable, durable and maneuverable. Productivity and power comes from the installation of a modern hydraulic system.

Features and Benefits

The main features of the machine include:

  • reliable high-strength chassis;
  • Environmentally friendly exhaust emissions;
  • Increased productivity and speed;
  • Innovative hydraulic system.

For the operator’s convenience, there is a spacious cab, large train lever, comfortable seat and large windows that guarantee the appearance of the entire workplace.

Excellent productivity is due to the installation of powerful hydraulics, economy mode, advanced power unit with electronic control, hydraulic systems to overcome the flow and circulation system.

Hitachi ZX 450 Caterpillar Bagger

Excavator Hitachi ZX 450 Caterpillar Bagger

The Hitachi 450 is easy to service due to the advantageous location of the lubrication and control points and the parallel installation of radiators. Extended oil change and filter cleaning intervals are provided to reduce downtime.

Long service life and reliability are ensured by the hardened center crossbeam, the operating elements and chassis, as well as the improved idler elements.

The environmentally friendly exhaust of the power unit makes the machine indispensable in urban cleaning work. The low noise level also has a positive effect on the possibility of using the machine in the city.

The cabin on the right is equipped with a special fence, the engine controls are located in the cabin, and the construction is characterized by CRES II type. There is also a control system inside.

All these advantages make the equipment popular among Russian customers.

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Specifications and dimensions

The most important technical characteristics of Hitachi 450 are:

Standard bucket volume 1.4-2.5 m 3;
weight 42,5 т;
maximum speed 5,5 km/h;
minimum speed 3.4 km/h;
Trench height 10,15-12.11 m;
Height 6.91-9.09 m;
Trench Depth 7.39-10.36 m;
Trench Radius 11.39-14.51 m;
Tractive force 319 KN;
Speed of rotation of the platform 9 rpm;
Max. lifting of working surface 35 degrees.

The dimensions of Hitachi ZX 450 are:

length 11.85 m;
width 3.67 m;
height 3.45 m;
Wheelbase length 4.04 m;
track 2.89 m;
Area 0.5 m;
track length 5.05 m;
Width of band 0.6 m.

Fuel consumption

The Hitachi 450 consumes about 22 liters of fuel per hour. There is 650 liters of diesel fuel in the fuel tank.

Engine installation

The machine is equipped with a four – six-cylinder power plant (D = 147 mm) -Isuzu with an output of 260 kW or 353 hp. The 15.7L AA-6HK1X has a direct fuel system with a common manifold, turbocharger, intercooler, and liquid cooling. With the direct injection system, a built-in high-pressure pump also controls the fuel supply to the injectors with an injection manifold. This guarantees complete combustion of the mixture in the combustion chamber, high output and low oil and diesel consumption.

model ISUZU AA-6HK1X
throughput 260/353 kWhp.
Type of cooling liquid
fuel diesel
cylinder 6
Machine capacity 15,7 л
Fuel Tank Capacity 650 liters

The torque is 1275 Nm and the rpm is 1800 rpm. The machine has an optimized engine management system. The screen is located in the cab, which provides increased productivity and ease of operation.


The Hitachi 450 uses a transverse beam as the load-bearing structure, which is characterized by increased strength. The maneuverability of the equipment is due to the use of a modern camp rotating part of an improved design. It has more balls for increased capacity and stability when turning.

Hitachi ZX 450 side mirror

Hitachi ZX 450 side mirror

The body can be raised with switches in the cab or moved forward to ensure operator comfort. Increased durability of work equipment tines is due to the use of high line steel. The bucket is now equipped with Super-V tines, which provide a smooth plunge into the work material and increase the efficiency of the excavator. The ends of the bucket tines are socketed to eliminate gaps and idiosyncrasies during operation.


The Hitachi ZX 450 crawler excavator has larger diameter tines than the previous version. Crawler joints are 57% thicker than its predecessor for durability and longevity.

Hydraulic System

By utilizing the improved boom visibility system, the stick and boom can be lowered simultaneously and travel speed is increased by 15%. In addition, a positive effect is achieved by simultaneously turning and lowering the boom mechanism. The power of the skid increases by 8% due to the forced power. The manual manifolds have a larger diameter, which provides reduced power loss in the hydraulic system and reduced cycle time.

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Operator’s cabin

The Hitachi Excavator 450 is equipped with an ergonomic cab with well-designed details. It has a voluminous interior, extended legs, and large, wide windows with reinforcements for strength and durability. This ensures comfort, increases concentration and reduces fatigue while working.

The operator’s seat is comfortable and has many adjustments. The backrest and headrest are designed differently from previous models. The dampers absorb vibrations and dynamic effects and increase the service life of the seat. The Hitachi ZX 450 cab, mounted on liquid-filled carriers, has the same features.

There is a monitor in the cab that displays machine status including fuel consumption and time. The Ant i-Vorin system, fall protection and exhaust filter rollover protection are fitted as standard.

Control system

As an option, the excavator is equipped with a reverse camera, the image from which is transmitted to the monitor in the cab. It is mounted on a counterweight that provides a wide view and eliminates blind spots.

When the Hitachi 450 starts up, it tests basic functions, and after a certain time, it prompts you to change the hydraulic and fuel filter. When these recommendations are followed, the risk of unexpected machine failure is reduced.

Short levers are tested with your fingers only, without having to remove your hand from the armrest. This reduces fatigue and increases labor intensity. The control system is interlocked with the untouched lever, eliminating accidental movement of the implement.

Application and what

In addition to the excellent features of the Hitachi 450, the advantages include ease of delivery. The oil coolers and radiators are mounted in parallel to each other, which guarantees disassembly and fast clearance cleaning.

The air cleaning filter has been moved to the door, which ensures high quality cleaning while reducing downtime. The air conditioning condenser and fuel cooler can be opened.

The large shroud area allows for uncomfortable maintenance, reducing operating time, complexity and material costs. Easy closing begins with the shock absorber.

It is automatically distributed to all mechanisms from the central lubrication point. The only exception is the standard work fund, which is lubricated separately. The points are accessible from the ground. A discharge tube is installed on the oil pan to which a hose is connected.

Swivel assemblies.

Hitachi 450 is a “backhoe” bucket as a standard implement. Optional boom and arm assemblies with improved indicators are available as well:

  • Vibroloader, vibratory rammer;
  • Hydraulic shaft, hydraulic fire;
  • Pallet Accounting;
  • Graifer – bucket and ripper.

Hitachi 450 Bucket

Khitachi bucket 450

Price new and used

In standard configuration, the price of Hitachi ZX 450 9-10 million rubles. The exact cost of the machine is determined depending on additional options and attachments. You can settle in 15 million rubles. Mileage can be bought for:

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