Excavator Hitachi ZX 210 – description and properties

Excavator Hitachi ZX 210

This machine belongs to a number of specialized devices and is characterized by the average rates in advertisements. The group belonging of equipment by carrying capacity is from 6 to 40 tons according to the accepted classification. Crawler and bicycle excavator p-Hitachi ZX 210 is also a tractor. The exceptional parameter of the excavator is the installed chassis, which increases the strength.

Excavator Hitachi ZX 210 Caterpillar

Hitachi ZX 210 crawler excavator

The field of application of the excavator Hitachi 210 is digging ditches and pits, leveling hills and difficult terrain – pine (for all categories of floors, rock and frozen ground requires preliminary preparation). The machine can perform such functions without additional attachments.

If a hydraulic cutter is installed, the excavator can be used for demolition and demolition of buildings and structures made of concrete. Other attachments also expand the skills of the machine and provide versatility and multi-functionality. In general, the excavator is designed to work in difficult climatic conditions, so its main advantages are maneuverability, small size, stability, durability and safety.

As for the safety of the operator during operation: Designers have provided an improved cab. The assembly unit with the boom has also been improved, here it uses tungsten, which is known for its durability.

Features and Benefits

The base of the excavator can be cleaned with wheels or tracks. The wheel drive is characterized by high travel speed and adds to the machine during operation. Another positive point is that it is not necessary to transport the Hitachi 210 excavator to the construction site with other transport vehicles. Undesirable terrain is not an obstacle for the machine and does not reduce the passability. With a large mass, the equipment partially loses maneuverability and cross-country ability. These indicators are higher with a tracked machine. The manufacturer gives the opportunity to purchase an option.

Excavator Hitachi ZX 210. Photo

Excavator Hitachi ZX 210. Photo

The performance of the excavator is explained by technical indicators – the capacity of the bucket and the depth of the trench. The power plays not the least role.

The advantages of Hitachi ZX 210 include:

  • high operating characteristics;
  • reduced vibration level when moving the devices;
  • High-quality chassis (Bridgestone employees were involved in the development, so the tires are the smallest details that deserve praise);
  • Reduced acceleration time to the necessary speed;
  • Reduced fuel consumption by more than 15%;
  • Frame width slightly increased, resulting in increased payload capacity;
  • Expanded clutch also had a positive impact on payload capacity.
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The excavator is becoming more and more sophisticated every year thanks to the use of new technologies and modern design solutions. These innovations allow for increased technical indicators, such as productivity and charging power. In addition, design features allow maintenance to be performed without much time and effort. The Hitachi 210 has grown in popularity in recent years due to improvements in technology.

Specifications and dimensions

Dimensions of a wheeled excavator Hitachi ZX 210

Dimensions of Hitachi ZX 210 mobile excavators

Technical specifications of Hitachi 210:

parameter value
Height 7-7.35 m;
grave depth 5.8-6.29 m;
boundary of the graben 9.67-10.17 m;
tomb height 9.84-10.19 m;
Canopy 9.46-9.96 m;
Gravity power 151 kn;
machine weight 19.8-20.9 t;
Speed of motion 2,9-27,5 km/h;
Max. inclination of the working platform 35 degrees;
Bucket 0,51-1,1 m3 (standard equipment – “excavator”);
cutting width 0.72-1.46 m.

The machine dimensions are 9.7-9.85 m in length, 3.44 m in width and 3.17-3.23 m in length. Ground clearance of the excavator is 0.325 m, and the wheelbase is 2.75 m (on crawler tracks).

Fuel consumption of Hitachi ZX 210 is 13.5 liters per hour, and the diesel fuel tank capacity is 355 liters.


The Hitachi ZX210 is equipped with a 5.2-liter four-stroke engine made by ISUZU. The AI-4HK1X features direct fuel injection, low noise (5dB) and vibration levels, cooled-for-load air, water cooling and turbocharging.

parameter value
Engine model ISUZU AI-4HK1X
output 122 kW (164 hp)
rotation speed 2000 rpm
Engine capacity 5.2 l
Fuel consumption 13,5 l/h
cylinder 4
Torque 655 nm

Engine output is 122 kW, which corresponds to 164 hp. Low noise level is achieved by installing an advanced fan. Maximum torque is 655 Nm. The ZX 210 exhaust quality corresponds to international standards Euro 2. The engine speed is 2000 rpm. The engine has four cylinders with a diameter of 11.5 cm.


The frame of Hitachi 210 excavator consists of high-strength steel, its elements are connected by welds, which guarantees reliability and durability. Thanks to these features, the Hitachi 210 can easily traverse difficult terrain, including swampy terrain and areas with low lifting capacity. The machine’s mobility is also an advantage.

Track excavator Hitachi 210

Hitachi 210 Crawler Excavator

The frame has been lightly modified from the first models. The shape of the frame is a hemisphere, which has a positive effect on reducing the impact on the platform and causing it to warp. The glider sign, which can be assembled as an attachment, now has a flat underside. The advantage of this design is less deformation on the work platform and no wet clods of earth on the underside of the shield. Interpets have also been installed. This increases the working height of the body and surface quality is no longer an issue. The handle and undercarriage were reinforced, which increased the load capacity of the Hitachi ZX 210. From this we can conclude that the excavator is equipped to work in difficult conditions.

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Crawler tracks of Hitachi ZX 210

Caterpillar Hitachi ZX 210

driver’s cab

Entrance to the cabin of Hitachi ZX 210

The entrance to the cabin of Hitachi ZX 210

The cabin of the excavator Hitachi 210 also deserves special praise. Comfort, ergonomics, and safety are the main criteria by which it was designed. The operator’s viewing angle is wide enough to control the entire work process.

Cab Hitachi 210

Hitachi 210 Cab

The area behind the operator provides monitoring of the monitor. The latter is located on the front panel in the cab and helps to secure the movement of equipment and improve the quality of the work performed. The operator’s seat can be adjusted in several directions. It is equipped with movable armrests, suitable for anyone due to its mobility. The joystick and steering column are smaller than standard controls. This design has a positive impact on the amount of space in the cab.

Operator's cabin of Hitachi ZX 210

Operator’s cabin of Hitachi ZX 210

Tracking and monitoring system e-service provides information on the location of the machine, maintenance and data on the Internet.

hydraulic system

The Hitachi ZX 210 has a state-of-the-art hydraulic system. It has been upgraded along with the frame. It is now quite easy to operate the excavator: the synchronous lowering of the working arm and the boom is 15% faster. The accelerator pedal lowered at low speed ensures automatic locking of the rear axle. The brake pedal position can also be adjusted.

Hydraulic units Hitachi ZX 210

Hitachi ZX 210 hydraulic unit

Equipment not assembled

Hinge units Hitachi ZX 210

Hitachi ZX 210 wheeled excavator attachments

Wheeled excavator Hitachi 210 is equipped with a standard bucket. The manufacturer has taken into account the possibility of installing additional equipment to expand the scope of the machine. A variety of articulated bodies allows you to pick up the necessary devices depending on the range of operation of the equipment. However, they have to be purchased separately.

Bucket tooth Hitachi ZX 210

Hitachi ZX 210 bucket tooth

Hinge units Hitachi ZX 210

Hitachi ZX 210 wheeled excavator attachments

Cost of new and used

The price of Hitachi ZX 210 starts from 6-6.5 million rubles. The price difference is due to the configuration and ordered accessories. Used Hitachi ZX 210 2006-2007 costs about 3.5-4 million rubles. At the same time, a power tiller is about 5.5-6.5 thousand.

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You can rent a Hitachi ZX 210 for 10,000 rubles per shift, but delivery to the site will cost 18,000 rubles.


The excavator has two analogues – case CX210B and CAT 320. However, when choosing equipment, it is worth carefully comparing the performance characteristics, which are slightly different in each machine.

Excavator Hitachi ZX 210


The excavator Hitachi ZX 210 belongs to the category of medium-class tractors. It belongs to the group of models with a lifting capacity of 6 to 40 tons. For these excavators, the manufacturer uses a special chassis, which is characterized by considerable strength. As a rule, these machines are used in harsh weather conditions, so they need mobility, safety, stability and enough power for uninterrupted work.

The Hitachi ZX 210 has been designed for a variety of operations. The basic model is suitable for digging pits, leveling slopes and relief ground surfaces (Category I-IV floors, previously dissolved rock and frozen ground). The hydraulic shaft is equipped with special devices for demolition and analysis of buildings and various concrete structures. The machine comes in a functional version with a variety of interchangeable attachments that increase its versatility and make it truly multifunctional.


In order to minimize the risk of unforeseen accidents, the model features a special operator’s cab with an improved design. The bucket and arm joint of the excavator is also reinforced with tungsten alloy, which regularly uses the strength of the elements.

Hitachi ZX 210 is available in different versions (tracked and wheeled). The model on wheels has a significant travel speed and allows you to maintain stability while performing processes. No additional transport is required to deliver this variation. When overcoming obstacles, the bicycle version is lighter in most cases. However, with a large mass, it is more difficult to move and work. The tracked version has more capabilities and maneuverability of the Cros s-Country. The consumer has the right to choose the modification best suited for him.

This excavator is characterized by high performance (protective capacity up to 1.2 cubic meters and a ditch depth up to 5.8 m). Such parameters coupled with high performance make Hitachi ZX 210 one of the most productive models.

The main advantages of the model:

  • improved technical indicators;
  • low vibration in motion.
  • The bikes for the bicycle version of the excavator were developed together with Bridgestone specialists and received excellent reviews.
  • Increased acceleration speed;
  • Reduced fuel consumption by 17%;
  • Possibility to work with heavy loads due to the increased width of the frame elements and strengthened boom.
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Hitachi ZX 210 has been around for a long time and regularly performs its tasks. The latest technology used in the development of this model has made it more productive and simplified. Now this excavator is one of the most popular products of the brand.

Technical Specifications


The total mass of the equipment is 19800-20900 kg. The model Hitachi ZX 210 can move at a speed of 2.9-27.5 km/h.

Overall machine dimensions:

  • Length – 9700-9850 mm;
  • Width – 3440 mm;
  • Height – 3170-3230 mm;
  • Street freedom – 325 mm;
  • Rad (tracked) base – 2750 mm.

Operating characteristics:

  • Support height-7000-7350 mm;
  • Working depth – 5800-6290 mm;
  • Standard tool – Bucket (backhoe);
  • Mixing capacity – 0,51-1,1 cu. m;
  • The width of the cutting edge of the bucket – 720-1460 mm;
  • The maximum slope-9670-10170 mm;
  • Grabenhöhe-9840-10190 mm;
  • Maximum range 9460-9960 mm;
  • Platform speed 12200 mm;
  • Trenching capacity on the bucket is 151 pr.

Maximum overcoming – 35 degrees.

Fuel consumption

Average fuel consumption for Hitachi ZX 210 is 13.5 liters per hour. A 355-liter fuel tank is installed in the equipment.


The excavator is equipped with a 4-stroke diesel engine model ISUZU AI-4HK1X with direct injection. This unit has a low noise level (5 decibels). The modern fan installed in the engine ensures silent operation. The engine meets the latest requirements for emissions of harmful substances, which are required by the special equipment (Euro-2-Class). The model has a water-cooled, turbocharged and intercooling system.

Properties of the power plant ISUZU AI-4HK1X:

  • Working volume – 5.2 liters;
  • Nominal power – 122 (164) kW (hp);
  • Maximum torque – 655 Nm;
  • Rated speed – 2000 rpm;
  • Number of cylinders – 4;
  • Cylinder diameter – 115 mm.


The Hitachi ZX 210 excavator’s welded body is made of high-strength steel and is very reliable and incredibly dependable. Thanks to the improved design, you can operate the model in impassable places, including swampy and rather weak soils. At the same time, the machine is quite mobile.

The design of this model has been revised and noticeably modernized. Improved D-frame minimizes the possibility of deformation of the platform. The bulldozer bank has been given a flat floor to limit damage to the work surface and to cover dirt. Thanks to the installed booms, which contribute to a significant amount of work, the excavator can cope with work on difficult and uneven surfaces. Of particular importance is the increased design of the boom equipment and machine body. Such solutions allow you to work with large loads. This makes the Hitachi ZX 210 model suitable for work in conditions of increased complexity.

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We cannot ignore the improved hydraulic system, which is installed on the excavator. It makes operation much easier. The new hydraulic system takes 15% less time to lower the arm and boom at the same time. Automatic rear axle locking can also be used here in the technology (it occurs when the accelerator pedal is lowered at minimum speed). In addition, there is a function of brake position detection.

The Hitachi ZX 210 is equipped with a powerful, low-noise diesel engine.

Hitachi ZX210W rocker switch

The excavator operator’s cabin can certainly be called an example of a modern operator’s workplace, which is equipped with maximum comfort and convenience and in accordance with all safety standards. Due to the wide glazing of the operator’s cab, the operator has a great visibility, which significantly increases the quality of work performed by the excavator. There is a color monitor in the operator’s cab, which shows the rear view and improves driving safety. The driver’s seat, which has been equipped with armrests with longitudinal adjustments, has received several adjustments with which it can be adjusted individually for each driver. This makes it more comfortable to work in. The seat itself can move around the operator’s cabin so the operator can choose the best place to work. The excavator is controlled with standard joysticks. The smaller steering column allowed to increase the internal space in the operator’s cabin and under his feet.

Thanks to the e-service system, data on operation, maintenance and equipment location can be accessed via the Internet.

The Hitachi ZX 210 is usually supplied with a basic mounting group, but the manufacturer offers a wide range of mounting hardware. Accessories must be purchased separately.

Price of new and used Hitachi ZX 210

The cost of a new Hitachi ZX 210 excavator starts from 6 to 6.5 million rubles. Depending on the additional equipment it can grow considerably. Possible use options are expensive again. The model of 2006-2007 production year with a running time of 5,500-6500 hours costs 3.5-4 million rubles.

Rent of equipment costs 10,000 rubles per layer. In addition, you need to pay for shipping (from 18,000 rubles).


The closest analogues of the excavator Hitachi ZX 210 are Case CX210B and CAT 320 models.

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