Excavator EO-4321 – description and characteristics

Excavator EO-4321 technical characteristics and description

There are such rarities from the past that we can be proud of. Moreover, if they are well preserved, we can use them nowadays. The universal excavator EO 4321 belongs to them. It was produced in Kiev in FAR 1972. In a short time it gained popularity and respect among the machinists and builders. This was the first in the USSR mobile truck crane on hydraulic wheels with 360 % rotation and hydraulic boom. Such excavator was in great demand. That is why in the 70-80’s it was produced in large quantities. It was produced 35% of excavators produced at that time. It successfully began to work in all republics of the country.

advantages and disadvantages

Versatility of the machine was that the equipment necessary for work could be attached to the hydraulic slewing system and then removed. The inverted blade could be changed. There were several of them, of different capacities. In addition, this main working tool can be detached and replaced with a graffer, jaw, hollow hammer, chisel cutter. The machine works at 40% frost (in non-ice soils) and at 40% heat. It should be noted that the efficiency, productivity of the excavator. Despite the many advantages, this machine has disadvantages. With prolonged maintenance there is a leakage of hydraulic hoses. With excessive work with great effort could break the rotary frame.

Excavator EO 4321

Excavator EO 4321 at work

The model of the fourth group of specialized equipment worked in agriculture, transport, construction. In the army, the machine was previously used in the technical forces. However, the technical characteristics of the EA 4321 were inferior to Western machines of this type. Therefore, in 1983, the truck was upgraded and the model “A” was produced. The engine remained the same, but the volume of reversible scoop was increased. The hydraulics was improved. Three years after the start of production in 1986, the model “A” was removed from production. The production of EO 4321b was begun. Its characteristics were very different from the previous two models. The engine was replaced, the blades were improved, and the rotating frame was made stronger so it would not break when overloaded.

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Since even the advanced machine was inferior to the Western analogous technology, EO-4322 was produced in 1989. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, “Kiev” was renamed to CJSC “ATEK”. The model EO-4322 was upgraded. ATEC 4321 was produced according to the nomenclature-classification of the renamed plant and therefore is considered the model 4321b, as it absolutely repeats all the features of the machine of the 80s. The only difference from the previous model is that a different diesel engine is made, and the hydraulic engine is installed on the platform on top, not at the bottom, as in this excavator, which was produced every 90’s. It can be recognized by the distinctive yellow and red coating color. Now the edition of this machine is called into question. The economical factory has not been working for several years. But the famous excavators of the 70’s and 80’s can be bought. They are still successfully operating in the former Soviet Union, including Russia. Now the analogue of this machine is the Russian EK-18.

Features of the excavator EO 4321

For the first time this model was released at the Kiev Machine-Building Plant in 1972. EO 4321 had all the necessary parameters and mechanisms to perform work in the field of agriculture, construction of buildings and transport systems. This model belongs to the fourth group of specialized devices.

The characteristic feature of the model EO 4321 is that this excavator was the first pneumatic-wheeled machine with a hydraulic boom. It became the ancestor of further modifications. The unique combination of economy and efficiency in use contributed to the spread of EO 4321 throughout the Soviet Union.

This excavator was armed with technical troops and worked on almost all construction sites.

The positive features of the model include:

  • Large capacity;
  • Availability of own support parts with a hydraulic drive;
  • Increased productivity by replacing the mechanical drive with hydraulics;
  • Use of excavator waste for increased stability;
  • Easy access to all elements of the engine and fasteners reduces the cost of maintenance personnel and reduces repair time.

Photo of excavator EO 4321

Advantages and disadvantages of the wheeled excavator EO 4321

The advantages of the excavator EO 4321 also include its versatility. Depending on the work performed, it is possible to hang various devices on the hydraulic boom. The possibilities include the development of pits and trenches, fountain trenches, land leveling, as well as loosening and crushing of hard rocks.

General Specifications

The machine with the main bucket weighs 18, 8 tons, has the following parameters:

  • Bucket volume – 30.5/0.8 m;
  • Bucket lifting height – up to 5.6 m;
  • Dimensions to a depth of 5.5 m;
  • Floor loading at a distance of 7 meters – 16 cm;
  • Size – 9,9×2,84×3,99m;
  • Moves at a speed of 20 km / h;
  • The length of the car – 9 meters 90 cm;
  • From the left side of the platform to the right – 2 meters 84 cm;
  • The force for digging the floor – 150 kN;
  • Circumference – 7 meters 30 cm;
  • Fuel tank capacity – 320 liters.
  • The platform can 11, 5 times within a minute.
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The machine has wide bikes, interchangeable buckets, shovel. Attachments: hook suspension, auger, hammer, diagram, beater.

Diesel features.

The excavator is equipped with a 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine SMD-17M, it has the following parameters;

  • Volume – 6.3 liters;
  • Speed – 1950 rpm;
  • Power – 58.8 (80) kW (hp);
  • Cylinder diameter – 120 mm;
  • Engine weight – 680-735 kg;
  • Fuel consumption – 210 g/kW (155 g/l/hour).

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Engine has coolant and fuel injection.

Excavator EO 4321

EO 4321.

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Universal hydraulic excavator ЭО-4321Б (technical characteristics) description and technical characteristics

In 1988 in Kiev the serial production of the modernized universal one-bucket hydraulic excavator ЭО-4321b on pneumatic-wheeled course has been mastered. The excavator EA-4321b is designed for excavation and handling operations in urban, industrial, rural conditions and for transport. The excavator can excavate unobstructed soils of I – IV categories, loosen frozen ground, destroy asphalt pavement, load loose materials and pre-cut rocks into vehicles, as well as perform levelling and other works. The main tasks of upgrading of the base excavator are further increase of the machine’s power, decrease in the specific consumption of materials and power consumption, increase in the resource and improvement in the design of the assembly units and improvement in the working conditions for the machine operator. With this purpose the following main structural improvements have been made in excavator EA-4321B (in comparison with excavator EA-4321A): 74 kW ÑÌÄ-17Í engine is used instead of 59 kW ÑÌÄ-15Í engine; the shovel with a rated capacity of 1 m3 with sickle-shaped side cutting edges and an additional hole for the draught hanger for ground power increase and bucket filling conditions at maximum digging depth are provided. This bucket can be used on heavy soils up to and including category IV. To increase the digging force from 120 to 150 kN a hydraulic cylinder of the bucket with a larger diameter piston was used. The boom, arm and bucket of inverted shovel are of reinforced design to increase reliability and durability of the main elements of the working equipment. To increase reliability of the excavator and to decrease its width from 3.1 m to 2.84 m a new undercarriage with a changed frame (USSR A.S. 1229274) is implemented. Effective changes were made in the design of the central hydraulic system manifold and valve thematic equipment. A new filter with Ragotmas type paper filtering elements will be installed to increase the service life of the hydraulic system assemblies. For safety reasons the pneumatic system has been modified which enhanced its performance: the braking distance was reduced from 9 to 6-7 m; the design of the cabin and service areas has been changed that significantly improved the conditions of the operator’s work. As a result of modernization, the technical performance of EO-4321B excavator has significantly increased. The changeable working equipment and working body of excavator EO-4321B includes a four-bucket backhoe, a two-bucket straight bucket, a scheme with an extender and a narrow one, two specialized buckets (1 m3) with one 30 and 45° slope, hydraulic mine, construction and hook-lift suspensions. Two booms and two arms of different lengths are designed to change the working parameters.

Technical characteristics of backhoe excavator ЕO-4321B operating weight with backhoe bucket equipment, t

Engine power, kW 74
Maximum transport speed, km/h 20
Overcoming gradient of dry solid road, deg. 22
Overall dimensions in transport position, ММ 9900x2840x3990
Number of types of working equipment and workers 21

Shovel in reverse

Geometric (nominal) capacity of the shovel, М3 0.8 (1) 0.63 (0.72) 1 (1.23) 1.25 (1.51)
Maximal depth of discharge, M 5,5 6 4.31 4.51
Maximum radius of the grave in the parking lot, M 8,9 9.23 7.52 7.83
Maximum height of discharge, M 5,5 5.51 4.52 4.51
Force on the skin, KN 150 143 140.7 120

Equipment for a straight trench

Bucket capacity for digging, M3 1 (1.2)
Ladle capacity, M3 1,6
Maximum height of the grave, M 7,9
Maximum grave radius, M 7,8
Maximum height of discharge, M 4,7 4,4


Capacity, M3 0.65 0.65 0.25 (with extension cable)
Maximal depth of discharge, M 7,3 10.5 7,2
Maximum grave radius, M 9,2 8,6 9,1
Maximum height of discharge, M 3,3 0,9 3,4

Hook suspension

Load capacity at maximum outreach, t 2
Lifting capacity at maximum outreach, t 4,5
Max. lifting height of hook, M 6,2

Hydropolore GPM-300L

Effective power, kW 9.17
Maximum energy of impact part, kJ 3,1
Impact frequency, Hz 2.96
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During the tests the excavator EO-4321B excavated 33.63 000 m3 of soil. During net operating time in the I – IV categories the productivity of the machine with the backhoe and bucket of capacity 0.63; 0.8; 1 and 1.25 m3 varied from 108.9 to 229.3 m3/h. Positive results were obtained when testing other types of interchangeable working equipment and working bodies. Estimated annual operating capacity of excavator EO-4321B is 119.35,000 m3, which is 16% higher than that of replaceable excavator model EO-4321A.

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Excavator design

There is a cabin for the operator, where everything serves to control. The chassis is equipped with a frame with a swivel pattern. There is a remote support. They are reinforced and pumped hydraulically before work. For machine stability during operation. The transmission is not mechanical. Transmission is through a planetary reduction gear. The leading axle is the front one. It is on pivots. The steerable bicycles are front. The tires are wide-profile: 1300 mm. The hydraulics is on the platform and consists of a pump, a valve device, a tank and mechanisms that actuate the hydraulics. In addition, the hydraulic system has its own dealer.

The hydraulic cylinder has a piston that fights the ground during operation. The boom has its own hydraulic system. On the bucket, too. There is a dozer blade with its own hydraulic system. The bucket’s hydraulic cylinder has a release valve. Together with the boom and the operator’s cab, the platform can turn in any direction on the turntable, depending on what the operator needs. In small battles it is good to work with a straight shovel. Large pieces of debris are better loaded as a roustabout. For example, large rocket rocks.

Working equipment

The main working body of the excavator is the backhoe, which has a capacity of 0.65 m3. If necessary, the equipment can be switched to a straight shovel to develop the floor above the machine. A pattern for setting deep pits and fountains can be installed on the handle. Backhoe or straight shovel is used for loading bulk materials, and a special crane unit is used for piece loading.

The pivoting platform is located on a pneumatic chassis.

There is power equipment, driver’s cabin, tanks for working liquid and fuel, counterweight, hydraulic mechanism and its control system. The excavator EO 4321 structure

The undercarriage consists of a robust frame and pneumatic wheels. Special supports and bulldozer equipment are installed on the frame. Steering is carried out by rotating the front axle.

Basic modifications

Throughout the production of excavators of this series, many changes have been made to the drive equipment and hydraulic system.

Each year the model has been upgraded and improved to achieve maximum efficiency and performance.

There are several modifications of the eo 4321, including the following:

  • Eo 4321A. Production of the conveyor began in 1983. Changes were made to the hydraulic system, and a new arm and boom were installed. The unique qualities of the excavator contributed to the fact that it was awarded the Gold Medal of the VDNH of the Soviet Union;
  • Eo 4321B. The first excavator of this model was produced in 1987. The developers managed to increase the power of equipment by 16% compared to the previous modification.
  • Eo 4322. This model was the next stage in the development of construction equipment. It was produced since 1989 and had a limited number of copies. The appearance of the model was an exact copy of eo 4321, but the drive equipment and hydraulics were radically changed. Improved components of the main equipment allowed the hydraulic excavators to move to a new technological level.


The excavator EO-4321 is equipped with a 4-stroke, 4-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine ÑÌÄ-17Í with direct fuel injection. These units are manufactured at the Serp i Molot enterprise in Kharkov. The engine is started with an electric starter.

Parameters of the SMD-17H engine:

  • displacement – 6.3 liters;
  • rated power – 58.8 (80) kW (h.p.);
  • rpm – 1950 rpm;
  • engine weight – 680-735 kg;
  • bore diameter – 120 mm.


Experienced excavators, who have worked on the construction site for many years, speak positively about this machine. With the help of this excavator you can do a lot. dig trenches. Dig a well with a grapple. Lay pipes instead of pipelayers. Drive piles with a hammer. Load gravel with a grapple. Breaking hard and frozen ground into chunks with a ripper tooth. Paving concrete slabs with hooks. These machines, fortunately, were produced quite a lot at one time.

Excavator EO-4321: technical characteristics

Excavator EA-4321: technical characteristics

“EO-4321” – Universal hydraulic full-turn pneumatic wheeled excavator, the second machine of this type in the history of the Soviet industry. It belongs to the 4th size group. It was produced by the Kiev excavating plant since 1972 till 1993. “EO-4321 was one of the most popular and widely used domestic excavators. During the years of production, three upgraded versions of this machine were produced: “EO-4321A”, “B” and “C” (aka “Atek-881”). All these versions are discussed in this publication.

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The serial production of excavator EA-4321 began in 1972 in Kiev. The new machine joined the ranks of the first domestic hydraulic full-turn wheeled excavators – since 1970 in Leningrad and then in Kalinin the EO-3322 was produced, which belonged to the 3-dimensional group.

Scope of application and features of the model

“EO-4321”, the bucket of which contained 1-1.2 cubic meters of earth, was intended for earthmoving and loading and unloading works in urban, industrial, agricultural and transport construction. Its scope of work was development of unfrozen floors of I-IV categories; loosening of frozen ground; destruction of old asphalt concrete pavement; loading of loose materials and pre-cut stones into dump trucks; leveling work at the site.

Scope of application and model features

The excavator has a strong and durable design, all elements of which are made of high-strength steel. The frame is rigidly welded, with hydraulic outriggers installed and bulldozer equipment at the front. The chassis is a steerable pneumatic wheel with wide tires and rear wheel drive and front steerable axle. The rotating platform is equipped with a hydraulic system, a 320-liter tank, a double axial-piston pump and a safety system with safety valves, which maintains pressure in working cavities to 320 MPa.

Versatility of EA-4321. Operating elements and interchangeable elements

Operating elements and interchangeable elements of the EA-4321 include – Several buckets, grapple with an extender and narrow jaws, jaws, grapples, several different buckets, hydrohammer, ripper and hooklift. This provides the versatility of this machine.

To excavate different types of soil and successfully perform various tasks, the excavator can be equipped with a conventional or extended boom, or with a displacement of the upper part of the boom. For breaking of hard asphalt covering or frozen ground, “EO-4321” can be equipped with a ripper and hydraulic hammer. The excavator productivity when ripping is 50 cubic meters per hour.

The excavator works well with the attached drilling equipment. For digging pits the machine is equipped with a grabbing attachment with two jaw buckets with a capacity of 0.65 cubic meters with a change of angle to the surface. This increased range of interchangeable attachments is possible due to the reliable hydraulic drive.

About the history of the model and the company

The Kiev Dredging Plant is one of the oldest engineering enterprises of our country. It was founded in 1898 as a plant for production of seeders and other agricultural machinery. Many workers of this plant took part in revolutionary activity, and after 1917 actively participated in the establishment of Soviet power. Since 1918, the plant became known as “Red Plowman”.

The first excavator – a mining bucket, model “MK-1”, was produced at the plant in 1934. In 1935, the plant changed its specialization and eventually switched from the production of agricultural machinery to excavators and became known as “Red Excavator”.

After the beginning of the Great Patriotic War the plant was evacuated to Western Siberia, but immediately after the liberation of Kiev from the Nazis the plant began to recover. The first hydraulic excavator in the history of the USSR was produced here in 1955, and in subsequent years the plant switched to the production of such equipment.

About the history of the model and the company

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this work became known as ATEK. It regularly discontinued and promoted the production of new, more modern models of excavators, but in fact fell apart, its mighty material and technical base was squandered and looted. The work has survived several bankruptcies, raider seizures – “mask show” employees of the UVD and “armed men in uniform.

Since December 2014, the ATE nationalist regiment’s training base has been located at the plant, and the remaining property has been dismantled and removed for scrap metal and construction materials. The last product of the ATEK plant was the only sample of the Azovets tank with two turrets (!), which was made from a bulldozer based on the T-64 tank.

Modifications of excavator EO-4321

The base model of the excavator – EO-4321 – was produced from 1972 to 1983. Its characteristic features are monoblock supports, non-monoblock boom and CMD 14 engine (80 hp). The excavator width was 2.84 m.

The original upgrading of the excavator was carried out in 1983. It consisted of improved hydraulics and an increase of the working volume of standard excavator (0,63 m3 against 0,5 m3). The new version – EO-4321A – also received a new boom and bow with a length of 3.15 m instead of the 2.93 m of the basic model. Excavation depth also increased: it was 6 m at a turning radius of 9.3 m. The maximum height of unloading also increased by 10 cm. The parameters of all kinds of spare parts for the excavator have also changed.

A new frame with increased stability was developed for the “EO-4321A”. These developments were the result of concrete practical experience of using the excavator. In particular, the hydraulic system has been updated, so to speak, “at the request of the working people” because the hoses often didn’t exhaust their resources, and began to slip off soon after the start of the excavator. Now, the hydraulic system has become more reliable and is equipped with working hoses with longer service life.

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It is unreal to meet “EO-4321A” on the streets of a modern city in conditions of the current traffic jams. Because the frame with increased stability has increased the width of the excavator in this modification up to 3.10 meters. That is inadmissible according to the modern requirements to the road dimensions (after 2.5 m a special permit is required, and after 3 m – the traffic police car to escort it). In this regard, such a modification can be seen only in quarries, where there are no restrictions on the dimensions of the movement.

“EO-4321A” was awarded a gold medal at the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy in Moscow.

The result of another modernization of the excavator was the beginning of serial production of “EO-4321B” model. The production years vary from 1988 to 1990. This modification differs from the previous models by more powerful engine – ÑÌÄ-17Í instead of ÑÌÄ-15Í. Also appeared monoblock boom (curved), non-monoblock boom (the plate moves relative to the handle); In the cockpit were installed a different instrument panel and lever. The swivel frame was reinforced and made more robust. Operating experience showed that the frame sometimes failed and broke in front of the ring to which the turntable was attached. It was necessary to weld a rail into the base of the frame to strengthen it.

The new 1 m3 large deep spoon has a sickle-shaped lateral cutting edge and an extra hole for pull rods, which improves the cutting edge performance and improves spoon filling conditions when working at maximum grave depth.

The length of the new version of the excavator was reduced by 26 cm, also the oversized width was removed – E O-4321B was 2.84 meters vs. 3.10 meters. The new spoon could be used on heavy floors up to and including category IV; A spoon hydraulic cylinder with a larger diameter piston was installed to increase cutting power from 120 to 150 KN; A reinforced boom, stem and spoon of the excavator were installed to improve reliability and durability of main elements of working equipment; A new chassis together with a modified frame was introduced.

Efficient changes have been made in the design of the central hydraulic system distributor and safety valve equipment; A new filter with paper filtering elements of REGOTMAS type for increasing the resistance of hydraulic units has been installed; To ensure safety conditions the pneumatic system has been changed, which improved its performance: the braking distance has been reduced from 9 to 6-7 m; The design of the cabin and service platforms has been changed, which significantly improved the working conditions of the machine operator.

The estimated annual operating capacity of excavator EO-4321B amounted to 119.35 thousand m3 that is by 16% higher than that of the previous version of excavator EO-4321A.

And finally, “EO-4321B” (also known as “ATEK-881” by the new index system of Kiev buggy factory). The only difference between the “C” modification and the “B” is a different hydraulic motor for turning the platform. The EO-4321B has a hydraulic motor at the bottom of the platform, directly at the turning device, and the EO-4321B has another hydraulic motor of improved design, which was much smaller than its predecessor. And it was mounted on top of the platform, and it was necessary to make a small slot in the roof for its upper part.

The structure of excavator EO-4321

The main components of the excavator “EO-4321” design are: working equipment (catenaries and elements connecting the spoon and boom, spoon, etc.), power plant (diesel engine “SMD” with hydraulic pump), reduction gear on pneumatic wheels, transmission mechanism, transfer platform and hydraulic system, electrical equipment and control cabin.

Working equipment

Bucket: excavator with four buckets, straight shovel with two buckets, grapple with long and narrow jaws, fish stove, narrow buckets with capacity of 0.5 m3 and cleaning bucket – 1 m3, two profile buckets with capacity of 1 m3 each with one bucket of angle 30 and 45°. In addition to the spoons, the replacement equipment of this excavator includes a hydraulic hammer, a tubular tooth and a crane hook block. The boom and one floor of different lengths can be installed to change the working parameters.

On the working platform, which by means of a roller pivot rests on the undercarriage frame, working equipment, SMD diesel engine, fuel tank, hydraulic fluid tank, cab with control panel, switchgear, battery container with batteries, rotating torque radial piston hydraulic engine are located.


The EO-4321 excavator chassis is made of a bent frame, front and rear driving axles, front axle wheel steering mechanism (with a hydraulic drive). The excavator front axle is suspended on special joints in front of the frame.

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The excavator is equipped with a non-mechanical transmission with final drives in the form of bevel planetary gears. As the power to the wheels is supplied directly from the hydraulic motor, the process is greatly accelerated.

The clamping and braking system of excavator EO-4321 operates with a pneumatic drive. The excavator is equipped with wide pneumatic tires (1300 (530-533) mm).


The equipment hydraulic system is mounted on the slewing platform and includes a double axial piston pump, safety and distribution valve equipment, hydraulic slewing drive and tank. The hydraulic system pressure is maintained at 320 MPa.

The working tools are attached in front of the turntable; there is a counterweight at the rear. The main element of the working equipment is the boom, connected by means of pins to the insertion that regulates its range. When the downhole shovel is installed, the excavator boom insert is replaced by the downhole shovel boom insert. The excavator EO-4321 is equipped with a bulldozer attachment (at the front) and outriggers (on the rear beam). These outriggers are hydraulically actuated.

hydraulic system

The excavator’s operating mechanisms are hydraulically driven. The hydraulic system includes the oil tank, hydraulic pumps, control and measuring equipment, fluid filtration equipment, actuators, servo control system, hydraulic steering system, piping and fluid cooling system.

In combination with servo control the hydraulic drive of the excavator provides speed control and combination of working movements of boom, arm and bucket with rotation.

Engine EO-4321

Initially, excavators EO-4321 were equipped with a four-cylinder four-cylinder diesel power plants ÑÌÄ-14, later ÑÌÄ-15Í. These engines had a rated power of 61.1 kW or 83 hp with a working capacity of 58.8 kW or 80 hp.

EO-4321B and EO-4321B were also equipped with a four-cylinder diesel engine ÑÌÄ-17Í with a rated power of 73.55 kW or 100 hp. All these engines were produced at the Kharkiv engine plant “Serp i Molot”.

Engine EO-4321

Technical characteristics of the SMD-17H engine

  • displacement – 6.3 liters;
  • rpm – 1950 rpm;
  • bore diameter – 120 mm; stroke – 140 mm;
  • compression ratio – 17;
  • engine mass – 735 kg;
  • Fuel consumption – 210 g/kWh (155 g/hp);
  • Fuel tank capacity – 320 liters.

To facilitate engine starting in winter, the excavator engine is additionally equipped with a starting preheater PZHB-400.

Technical parameters of the excavator EO-4321B in figures

  • overall dimensions: length – 5.2 m to 9.9 m; width – 2.84 m; height – 3.99 m
  • Construction weight – 17.8 tons; weight with standard excavator – 19.5 tons;
  • maximum grave radius – 9.23 m; maximum digging depth – 6 m;
  • dumping height – 5.6 m; dumping radius – 5.4 m;
  • The force on the bucket teeth is 11,500 kgf;
  • The radius described by the stern of the platform is 2.7 m;
  • Platform width – 2,7 m;
  • clearance under the turntable – 1.47 m;
  • Wheelbase – 2.8 m;
  • Number of platform revolutions per minute – up to 12;
  • Height of boom landing – 2,225 m;
  • transport speed – up to 20 km/h;
  • turning radius – 7,3 m;
  • The slope of the traversed path – 23 degrees.

excavator cabin. Reviews for “EO-4321”.

The excavator operator’s cabin provides a minimum level of comfort for comfortable operation. The cabin is equipped with an effective heater.

The undoubted advantage of the excavator is its versatility. EO-4321 demonstrates the effective work with 21 types of additional attachments, which have equal performance of various works. Largely due to its versatility, excavators of this brand have been widely used in the USSR and “fraternal countries”.

The use of hydraulic transmission and direct movement of the wheels from the hydraulic drives provided flexible control of speed and traction power of the unit in extreme modes. The excavator’s passability when driving on the construction site was very good. And to stabilize the stability, in addition to its main purpose, used a powerful dozer blade, in addition to the basic hydraulic equipment designed for this purpose.

Disadvantages include short hydraulic hoses that required frequent replacement, as well as some weakness of the frame at the base of the turntable. When overloaded, cracks can appear in front of the ring to which the turntable is attached. In this case the reinforcing rail was welded to the frame. As for the rest, EO-4321 showed an enviable reliability and durability. What can be made sure by the example of some specimens of this equipment, which left the conveyor in the late 80’s, but is still in working order.

The price for the excavator EO-4321

There are few ads for the sale of excavators of the brand EO-4321, which is not surprising, given the solid age of this model. All represented machines refer to the second half of the 80’s, some – to the beginning of the 90’s. The asking price for a used excavator EO-4321 is from 250 000 to 500 000 rubles.

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