Excavator EO-3323A – description and properties

Excavator EO 3323, 3323A: Technical characteristics

Excavators EO 3323, 3323a: technical specifications

One of the most significant Russian “labels” in the segment of special equipment Earthstream is excavator EO-3323 A. This model is a modification of the classic EA-3323, which was put on the market in 1983. Employees of Tver Excavator and VNII Stroydormash took part in the development and creation of this equipment.

With the help of universal individual excavator EO-3323 graves, pits, trenches in the floors of groups I-IV, unloading and loading of frozen floors, dissolving rocky and calm materials with pieces of less than 200 mm and other works are developed. Excavator is full and Buchert, Singl e-Kov and belongs to the category of design excavator. EO-3323A has a telescopic design of working equipment.


You can use this technique, which is characterized by a variety of functions, on the open ground and in the city. Also, the model works in a large temperature range (from t-40 to +40 degrees).

The main and auxiliary equipment of the EO-3323A includes::

  • Hydraulics;
  • Equipment for demolition of concrete (concrete breaker);
  • Hydraulic shaft;
  • Reversible shovel with 0.65 cubic meter bucket;
  • Equipment for loosening and crushing the soil;
  • Special graphics.

The popularity of the model on the Russian market is due to its reliability, easy operation and uncomplicated maintenance, which have passed the serious test of time.

Technical Features

In contrast to the previous version EO-3322, the model EO-3323A is more productive due to the increased effort and volume bucket. Also the working pressure of the backhoe has been increased. At the maximum point it is 25 MPa.

The technique has large dimensions (length – 8350 mm, width – 2500 mm, height without beacon – 3180 mm). EO-3323A can move at speeds ranging from 0 to 20 km/h. Thus, you can quickly return to the same place in the working area at the end of the shift.

Other parameters of the excavator:

  • Weight – 12400 kg;
  • Power – 0.65 (0.4; 0.32) cubic meters;
  • The maximum radius of excavation – 8500 mm;
  • The maximum height of discharging – 4900 mm;
  • The maximum depth of the trench – 5400 mm.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption of the EO-3323A in standard conditions is 175 liters per 1,000 cubic meters. Charging. Excavator tank capacity is 310 liters.


In contrast to the classical version, the model EO-3323A is equipped with a more powerful unit. The excavator has got a 4-stroke 4-cylinder diesel engine of D-243 model.

Parameters of the power unit of EO-3323A:

  • displacement – 4.75 liters;
  • nominal power – 59,6 (81) kW (h.p.);
  • maximum torque – 258 Nm;
  • rpm – 2200 rpm.


On the rotary table of the EO-3323A a power plant is installed which includes a pump and a diesel unit connected by a friction clutch, which allows the engine to start even when the pump is off. The power plant is installed along the swivel frame, so it can be accessed from both sides. The platform turning mechanism is a 2-stage planetary gear driven by a hydraulic motor.

The pneumatic drive of the excavator has two hinged supports at the rear and one anti-tipping support at the front. Each tilt support is controlled by its own hydraulic cylinder. The support polygon serves as a working body and support element.

The equipment transmission is driven by a hydraulic motor through a 2-speed gearbox. The model’s axles include a bevel differential, hub planetary gears and a main bevel gear. The hydraulic pump installed on the excavator is equipped with a slip clutch, which allows to start the engine without engaging it directly.

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EO-3323A is equipped with brakes controlled by a pneumatic system.

The excavator cabin is heat- and sound-insulated. Large windows provide a good overview of the working area. There are two windshield wipers on the front window of the cab. A heater that draws air from the engine cooling system ensures a pleasant temperature in the cab during the cold season. For protection against damage the heater is mounted on rubber shock absorbers and covered with a special metal cover. The cabin of EO-3323A is equipped with special protections against shocks and a system of protection against rollover. Also there are high-strength safety belts. They block the movement of the driver by inertia.

Two types of mirrors are used on the excavator: inside the cab and outside. They help the operator to control the blind spots in the rear. There is a rotating flashing beacon on the cab of EO-3323A.

The basic equipment includes a half-cube bucket with a handle and a bucket attachment and a backhoe loader. EO-3323A is also equipped with a bucket of increased volume, which allows you to work on a layer of soil.

The excavator is optionally equipped with a hydraulic hammer, which includes a working mechanism of the boom with interchangeable tips and backhoe loader.

Price of new and used

Production of the excavator EO-3323A has been discontinued, so new versions of this equipment will not go on sale. However, there are very recent models (1999-2000) on the market. Their cost is 350-400 thousand rubles. The older versions (1992-1995) can be purchased for 150-200 thousand rubles.


The closest analogue of the model EO-3323A is an excavator EK-12.

The work of hydraulics of EO-3323 does not differ smoothly.

Excavator EO-3323

In 1983, Kalinin Dredging Plant mastered the production of a completely new machine – dredger EO-3323. This is a universal single-blade dredging machine on pneumatic wheels. Today the machine is produced by the Russian machine building giant TVEKS and is used in dozens of regions and business sectors.

Excavator EO-3323: technical characteristics

The device of the excavator EO-3323 was developed by the Kalinin plant together with the All-Russian Research Institute “Stroydormash”. At the time of launching into production, it was an innovative machine with unprecedented characteristics. For 30 years of technical improvement and new achievements in the field of mechanical engineering, the excavator Kalininets EO-3323 has become more productive and powerful, while maintaining its reliability and durability.

main characteristics

EO-3323 is a multipurpose earth-moving machine. The excavator is designed for operation within a wide temperature range of t-40 to +40 degrees Celsius. In compliance with the factory operating conditions, the device maintains its efficiency even in difficult conditions.

Specialists appreciate EO-3323 for its unsurpassed durability and reliability. All parts of the bearing structure and many assemblies are made of low-alloy steel. This makes the excavator resistant to wear and mechanical damage. The technique belongs to the group of three-dimensional.

The excavator EO-3323 is a one-bucket full-turn machine, which combines the characteristics of a bulldozer and excavator. The standard equipment of the model includes an excavator attachment. The equipment belongs to the second generation of excavators and meets the requirements of the world market for machines of this type.

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engine, transmission, hydraulics

The Kalinin excavator EO-3323 is equipped with not the most powerful D-243 engine. The diesel engine is equipped with an electric starter and starter and produces a working power of 75 hp/55.2 kW. Despite its low power, the engine accelerates the machine to a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

The development of second-generation excavators was based on the subsequent predictable improvement of all equipment systems. Thus, EO-3323 got higher productivity with lower specific material consumption, longer service life and more comfortable driver’s cabin.

With the increase in productivity of hydraulic equipment, it became possible to significantly improve the system. The entire hydraulic system of the excavator consists of:

  • hydraulic motors;
  • integrated pump;
  • hydraulic cylinders;
  • two hydraulic valves with four spools;
  • one-piece hydraulic control valve;
  • 25 micron line and fill filter system;
  • oil cooler;
  • Steering system with a hydraulic directional control valve;
  • hydraulic tank;
  • piping;
  • Safety and automation systems.

When the design of the excavator was revised, the capacity of the hydraulic system was increased. The maximum pressure has been increased to 28 MPa. The pump capacity is 60 l/min. These values are considered sufficient for a second-generation excavator. In addition to increasing productivity, the new approach to the design of the hydraulic system has reduced the operating weight of excavator EO-3323.

design and chassis

The excavator EO-3323 is mounted on a fully rotating platform with a pneumatic chassis. The platform is equipped with a retractable boom, the handle of which is connected to the working body. The platform rotates by means of a hydraulic drive with a two-stage planetary gear.

The excavator chassis is really a welded metal structure. The wheel formula is 4×4. The front axle of the excavator is steerable. Two rear boxes are installed on the chassis. A bulldozer can is installed at the front, which also serves as a third support. The design of the machine allows the excavator to tow at a speed of 50 km/h.

Operating characteristics and equipment

The list of standard working tools of the excavator includes a sheet blade back and L-type monobloc boom. Working mechanisms are made of low-alloy steel, resistant to wear and corrosion. Excavator EO-3323 in basic configuration has the following operating features:

Type of equipment – straight shovel
  • Floor cutting power (maximum) – 100 kN;
  • Grabenhöhe radius (maximum) – 6.78 m;
  • Grabenhöhe (maximum) – 7,66 m;
  • Removal height (maximum) – 4,2 m;
  • Bucket capacity – 0.63/1.2 cubic meters;
  • Cycle time (0.63 m3) – 15.9 s.
Type of equipment – backhoe
  • Floor cutting power (maximum) – 100 kN;
  • Digging depth (maximum) – 5.4 m;
  • Grave radius at the parking lot (maximum) – 8.5 m;
  • Extraction height (maximum) – 4.9 m;
  • Bucket capacity – 0.5/0.63/0.8 cubic meters;
  • Cycle time – 16,5 s.
Type of device – diagram
  • Trench depth without reaming (maximum) – 5.4 m;
  • Extraction height (maximum) – 3.89 m;
  • Bucket capacity – 0.5/0.63 cubic meters.

In addition to the listed working equipment, the excavator EO-3323 can be equipped, as one of the oldest machines, with an impressive list of additional working tools:

  • Boom with a length of 1.9 m, 2.2 m, 2.8 m, 3.4 m;
  • 1.2 m3 bucket with straight shovel for material with a density of 1.4 t/m3;
  • hydraulic shaft with interchangeable attachments (loose for frozen floors; ramming plate; teeth for crushing concrete, stones, street pavement);
  • Shawshaw devices;
  • lifting devices.
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Cab design plays an important role in modern machinery. The latest labor safety standards oblige manufacturers to produce devices that are comfortable for the operator. Excavator EO-3323 is equipped with a cab with a rigid frame. Increased torsional stability is provided through the use of two vertical frames.

The operator’s stool is set vertically and horizontally, which are equipped with shock absorbers and a safety belt. The cab has all modern controls. There are rear-view mirrors on the outside, and there are working mirrors for viewing blind spots.

For increased comfort, the cab is equipped with a heater, anti-submarine visor, and windshield wipers. The steering is hydraulic. Control of the main and auxiliary mechanisms is determined by two separate servo controllers.


  • Length – 7550 mm;
  • Width – 2500 mm;
  • Height in the cabin – 3700 mm;
  • Operational weight (standard) – 14 t with a rear blade with a capacity of 0.63 m3.

Using of excavator EO-3323

Excavator EO-3323 Kalininets is one of the universal earthmoving machines for various types of work. The technique can be used for:

  • Graben, excavation, development of floors of four categories;
  • Loading and unloading of bulk materials;
  • Development of quarries, rocky rocks;
  • Development of frozen floors and so on.

Excavator is used in construction, including transport and recovery, industry, agriculture and road sector, supply organizations.

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Hydraulic drive single-bucket excavator 1983.

Advantages and disadvantages of the universal excavator Kalininets EO-3323

In 1983, the Tver Excavator Plant in cooperation with the All-Russian Research Institute started the production of the model EO-3323. The excavator was produced until 2001 and now it is removed from production.

Excavator Tvex EO-3323 is a machine with an earthmoving channel and an excavation ruck, which can solve a variety of tasks. Most often for digging trenches, pits and fountains, loading and unloading bulk cargo, etc. An important feature is the ability of E O-3323 to operate in a wide temperature range from t-40 ° C to +40 ° C.

Despite the low capacity, the diesel engine D243 (75 hp) can accelerate excavator up to 20 km/h, which in turn allows him to quickly get to the place of construction works and back. Upgraded and improved model EO 3323A has a more powerful engine (81 hp).

EO 3323 is appreciated mainly for its temporary reliability, ease of operation and maintenance. The excavator equipment is made of low-alloy steel, which is characterized by high durability.

By default, the model is equipped with a backhoe with a protective capacity of 0.65 m 3. At customer’s request, the model can be insulated with gravel, loaf, hydraulic low powder, hydraulic plates and concrete.

Spare parts and repair of EO-3323

No matter how reliable an excavator may be, there may come a time when it also needs professional support. An experienced team of specialists with great experience in Tvermashopplekt is ready in the shortest possible time to carry out the necessary repair and maintenance of excavators EO-3323.

We have established a direct delivery from the manufacturer, so we can repair excavator or sell spare parts at minimum prices. If the excavator is no longer needed, we are ready to buy it back at a good price.

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Technical characteristics of excavator EO 3323a


Many excavator models are presented on the Russian market of construction equipment, some of them are brand new and surprise with their characteristics, others are also working and surprise with their service and productivity. Excavator EO 3323A has long been known to the Russian consumer. The modification has been created on the base of excavator EO 3323, which was released for the first time in the world in 1983. It is also worth noting that the manufacturer of the model for a long time was considered to be the Tver plant and Stroydormash.

Excavator EO 3323A Technical Specifications

The technical properties of the excavator are suitable for performing complex works. The technique is excellent for working in quarries, digging ditches, for processing trenches with the bottom, for carrying out processes of loading and unloading of soil. The big advantage of the model can be called the presence of a complete design, it has 1 bucket of standard equipment. The main working equipment is presented in a telescopic form. Despite the age of the excavator, it is still used for construction, the technique is powerful and unpretentious in service.

Important advantages of the model EO 3323A include:

  • Convenient simple operation;
  • Unpretentiousness in service, the excavator is easy to repair and to increase its operating resource.
  • The majority of units are very productive and reliable;
  • Unlike most excavators, it has a pneumatic cycle;
  • Works well in Russian conditions and can withstand temperatures from t-40 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Excavator EO 3323A properties

Despite its small size and simple design, the manufacturer managed to create a reliable and powerful excavator with an excellent engine. The basis is the famous D-243 engine, which gets 4 cylinders and works on diesel fuel. The claimed volume has 4.75 liters, the power was 59.6 kW or 81 hp. It works with a maximum speed of 2200 rpm. An interesting indicator of torque is 258 nm. When operated correctly, the excavator can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h.

Excavator EO 3323A Technical Specifications

The dimensions of the excavator are quite standard: the length is 8.35 meters, width – 2.5 meters, the height indicator without a beacon is 3.18 meters. The technique can dig a maximum radius of 8.5 meters, and the depth of the trench is 5, 4 meters. The total weight of the truck with standard equipment is 12,400 kg, so you can not call the EO 3323A light. Bucket EO 3323A is quite big – 0.65 cubic meters.

A detailed overview of the EO 3323A.

The above features greatly expand the range of applications of the excavator and can be used in urban areas on construction sites. It shows itself perfectly in open and confined spaces. The wheel base allows to move to the place of work and then return back. The excavator model EO 3323A can work with the following equipment:

  • Hydraulic shaft and hydraulic plates;
  • Concrete, demolition of concrete structures;
  • Excavator work schedule;
  • Large shovel with 0.65 cubic meter bucket;
  • Equipment for working with soil.

Such equipment allows you to quickly perform a variety of work without worrying about the lack of reliability. The excavator has been a great help for many years. And the good popularity of the model and a large number of faults makes it easy to find spare parts for repair.

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The excavator design

By design, the excavator EO 3323A is quite simple, and without much difficulty you can see the power plant in the front, which consists of a diesel engine and a pump. Even if the pump does not work, the manufacturer has provided the possibility to start the engine, because these parts are connected by a friction clutch. For adjustment and repair, the engine is positioned so that it is accessible from both sides.

Excavator EO 3323A Technical Specifications

An important detail is the backhoe swivel mechanism, which has been designed as a 2-stage planetary gear with hydraulic motor drive. Two high-speed gears are responsible for the steering. An important part is the hydraulic pump, which is equipped with a friction clutch. This makes starting the engine much easier, since direct engagement is no longer required. Safety during driving is ensured by simple Stolk brakes, which are actuated by a pneumatic system.

The presence of wheel drive provides different properties, the excavator becomes more maneuverable, which develops up to 20 km / h and can quickly work in open areas. For long-term work in the factory the model EO 3323A is equipped with a fuel tank of 310 liters. When properly operated, diesel consumption is 175 liters per 1,000 cubic meters. This is a good indicator, since the equipment was produced in the Soviet Union.

Unlike the basic model EO 3323, the new modification has got better characteristics. In addition to increasing the overall dimensions, the ice capacity was increased. The pressure of the excavator was also changed. At maximum work, it reached 25 MPa.

Operator’s cabin

The very design of the excavator EO 3323A is quite complex, in Soviet times they did not care much about the comfort of the operator during work. Everything was done at a quite sufficient level so that the operator could cope with the work in a few hours. The rigid design is compensated by a shock-absorbing armchair, and the operator can also adjust vertically and horizontally for comfort. When using the excavator in winter, an operator’s cabin is available.

For more comfortable work, each excavator is equipped with a sun visor, two non-failure wipers, and a rear-view mirror. The operator’s cabin is noise-insulated, and for the neatest work, there is a large glazing in the cabin. For additional safety of the driver, safety belts are installed, special systems protect against tipping over of the excavator and damage to the operator, so the risk of injury is minimal.

The price of excavator EO 3323a

Standard equipment of construction equipment is already enough for a wide range of works, for example, in the basic configuration has a half-cube bucket with a special handle. If you wish, you can order a bucket with a larger volume. The aforementioned equipment is also available at an additional cost.

Excavator EO 3323A Technical Specifications

For many years, the production of excavator EO 3323A has been closed, and new copies are not sold for a long time. The maximum that can be found are models of 1999-2000 years, the price for them in good condition is about 350-400 thousand rubles. The older excavators are cheaper – up to 200,000 rubles. If we compare technical specifications and prices, the closest competitor is an excavator ЕK-12.

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