Excavator cat 320DL – description and properties

Caterpillar 320dl Caterpillar Bagger Excavator

The Caterpillar 320D Pursued Drive Excavator is a modern special construction machine. It features high reliability and high control system, powerful engine and durable hydraulic system.

Caterpillar 320dl Caterpillar Bagger Excavator

Caterpillar 320dl Caterpillar Bagger Excavator

Due to the possibility of installing additional devices, the versatility and productivity of devices is achieved. For maximum effect, there is a system of quick exchange of work tools. As the auxiliary devices are used chart, summit “backhoe”, hydraulic hammer, etc.

Features and Benefits

The main area of application of excavator CAT 320 – the development of trenches, pits and other rivets. It is used for planning technical networks, areas, construction of embankments and dumps.

The range of operating temperatures is t-50/+50 degrees, which allows to work at any time of year. The advantages of the machine include efficiency in terms of fuel consumption as well as maintenance costs. Developers have provided technical solutions that reduce the cost of repair, operation and supply of devices. At the end of the shift, the operator can monitor operating time.

CAT produces models with compact, standard and reduced turning radius. Consumers can choose the machine with the parameters they need.

The CAT 320DL control systems include a product communication system that monitors the excavator’s position, shift duration, and operating status. It also guarantees safety.

The onboard computer data can be accessed without a direct connection to the unit. Thanks to the installation of the Connec t-Link communication system, information can be read from a distance. This has a positive effect on the performance of the work, allowing you to monitor the process and determine the time of the job.

Technical features and dimensions

The technical features of the CAT 320 include:

weight 22.1 T;
on turntable 62 KNM;
trench depth 7.58 m;
Trench radius 10.68 m;
Height 1.31-7.02 m;
Cutting height 9.87 m;
Working organ power 0.8-1.2 m 3;
Power at hook 206 kN;
Width of cutting edge 1m.

In this case, the excavator is characterized by the dimensions:

Length 8.96 m;
width 2.98 m;
Height 3.12 m;
Scope 0.45 m;
Path width 2.38 m;
Horizontal outreach 9.83 m;
Track length 4.45 m;
Rear radius of swivel platform 2.75 m.

Fuel consumption

The machine consumes about 10-14 l/h of diesel fuel in light duty, 17-20 l/h, and 20-23 l/h in heavy duty. Fuel tank capacity is 290 liters.


The Cateller 320 is powered by a six-cylinder four-stroke unit with 103 kW or 140 hp. The C6.4 Acert meets Tier 2 and Tier 2 emission standards and has a 6.4-litre displacement. Reliable components and proven systems are installed to ensure engine durability. The engine is reliable, fuel efficient and fuel efficient.

engine Cat C6.4 Acert
output 103/140 kWhp.
Cooling liquid
fuel diesel
cylinder 6
power 6.4 l
Tank capacity 290 l

Diameter of each cylinder 102 mm.


The machine is used for a variety of construction tasks. It is equipped with a large capacity and can be supplemented with additional attachments.

Various parts are attached to the case, including radiator grills, ceiling cladding, etc. It can be rotated by a considerable angle, which guarantees comfort and high speed of work. Counterweight plates are equipped with the ability to mount and dismount. Control levers and boom equipment of Caterpillar 320DL excavator are equipped with hydraulic cycles and lines. A state-of-the-art quenching process is used to produce the arm and mechanism mechanism. It eliminates residual stresses from welding. The rivets are made in neutral colors so that they are not conspicuous.

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The arm has a complex kinematics and can move in different directions, and the spoon has a large angle of inclination.

To increase durability and reliability, almost all plastic elements are replaced by metal ones. Painting is done using a specially designed technology that eliminates defects and irregularities.

The Caterpillar 320 rotary table is equipped with camps with plenty of storage space. They guarantee stability and reduce sway when moving and working.


When designing the excavator, special attention was paid to the frame, which is strong, reliable and long-lasting. Rigidity allows to operate the equipment in difficult conditions, and a cushioning system is responsible for absorbing dynamic shocks. As standard, the special equipment is widely used when working in cramped conditions with frequent movements even on uneven ground.

Caterpillar 320 tracks

Pursuing the Caterpillar 320

Chains Raupen excavator CAT 320 are made of steel with high strength and wear resistance. Stocks ensure that the webbing is permanently taut.

Hydraulic System

The CAT 320DL excavator hydraulic system has a pressure of 35 MPa. It consists of a pumping pair, which provides the transfer of liquid at a rate of 428 l/min. This guarantees high efficiency and productivity.

The advantages of the hydraulic system elements include rigidity, productivity and long service life, which increase the technical performance of the machine.

The return-to-dig system positively affects the reduction of power consumption, cycle time and pressure loss in the system, and increases efficiency and productivity.

Operator’s cabin

The Caterpillar 320dl excavator is equipped with a modern cab with panoramic views. Regardless of the weather, air conditioning provides a pleasant temperature mode in the cabin. Plastic flywheels and rear-view mirrors, cameras and radio are fitted as standard. Operating comfort is also guaranteed by the rational layout of the controls. Safety systems prevent the instruments from toppling over and the metal cab from being damaged by falling objects.

A large viewing angle is created by attaching the windows to the cab without window frames. The windshield can be raised in the cab at the touch of a button.

Vibration and noise are reduced in the CAT 320 by installing rubber-metal bearings. No thick-walled steel tube is installed in the lower part of the cab.

Control System

The joystick control system has been designed to reduce driver hand fatigue.

The main switches are on the right console. The HAVC panel is on the left. There is a monitor in the cab, which displays basic information about the status of the machine. There are light and tone indicators as well as a keypad. Data can be displayed in 42 languages.

Easy operation and maintenance

The advantages of the technology include easy and convenient servicing. Service points are located in the access area at ground level, which guarantees high speed and efficiency of inspection and repair of Bagger CAT 320.

The air purification system includes the installation of two filters, which, when dirty, are indicated by a light on the monitor. The basic assembly includes the installation of maintenance-free batteries and ground switches.

The filter unit for the hydraulic and fuel systems, as well as the hydraulic pumps, are in the right-hand compartment. On the left are the radiator, oil and charge air cooler, and climate compressor. These are accessed at ground level. The cooler has a compensating container and an indexing valve.

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The boom equipment lubrication unit itself is under construction, ensuring thorough lubrication of machine parts. Energy and lubricant changes are made as easy as possible.


A quick-change system for work tools comes standard. The price of CAT 320 depends on the modification and configuration of the machine. Some replacement devices are installed with an adapter. The variety of excavator is based on the possibility of installing the following:

  • A drill, which is used with floors of every category. This allows the machine to work on both construction and mining sites. An adapter is required for installation;
  • Hydraulic shears, which are used when stopping construction sites. They are characterized by great force, through which the structures on the concrete base and rails are destroyed. Mounting the rotator provides the highest accuracy and the ability to set the angle of the working body. Mounting is done with the help of an adapter;
  • Hydraulic hammer, which is used in the dismantling of buildings and materials based on concrete and asphalt concrete. Mounting takes place with the help of an adapter;
  • Excavation spoons, included in the basic equipment of CAT 320. These spoons vary in volume, size, purpose and number of teeth. No adapter is required for installation;
  • Shovel for land leveling, it can carry out processes of loading and unloading with loose goods. The unit is not equipped with teeth, has a slightly larger width than the standard work tool. No adapter is required for installation;
  • Front range, which is used for cleaning and site planning, subject to the availability of free floors. Several modifications are included as standard, which can be installed optionally.

Cost of new and used

A new machine costs from 7.5 to 9 million rubles. A used CAT 320 can be bought for 5.2 – 7.2 million rubles, depending on the year of manufacture. (14/13 year), 3.5-4.8 million rubles (07/08).

Caterpillar 320dl: technical specifications

Caterpillar 320DL: technical specifications

Hydraulic tracked excavator CAT 320DL has the size of class 4. Machines of this model are used for excavation of floors of categories I-IV and screed-rock of categories V-VI. The Caterpillar 320DL excavator model was produced from 2007 to 2013.

There are such common variants of practical use of excavator equipment of this model:

  • For digging excavations and foundations;
  • For laying pipes;
  • For digging trenches in drainage systems;
  • For the development of various quarries and mines;
  • For arrangement and leveling of construction sites of all kinds;
  • For moving materials in production;
  • For the construction of various embankments and dams;
  • For demolition of constructions which have become unnecessary.

Caterpillar tracked excavators are not designed for independent movement on the streets within populated areas. CAT 320 DL excavators must be taken to a construction site, where they are gauged on frozen drags. As a rule, such an excavator remains on the construction site until the completion of excavation work and sometimes takes over the functions of other construction machines.

Caterpillar 320dl Excavator Engine

The excavators of this model are equipped with 103 kW / 140 hp CAT C6.4 Acert diesel engine. The engine has a displacement of 6.4 liters and has six cylinders. Cooling is liquid. Crankshaft speed – 2200 rpm.

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Cylinder diameter – 102 mm, stroke – 130 mm. Volume of the fuel tank is 290 liters. Average fuel consumption is 17-20 liters per hour.

In Russia the Caterpillar 320DL excavator was delivered with CAT C6.4 Acert engine, which meets environmental standards “Animal 3”. This engine is located across the longitudinal axis. The fuel equipment is Common Rail.

Engine of a Caterpillar 320DL excavator

In general, the drive design of Caterpillar 320dl excavator is classic and conservative. The engine is equipped with a cylinder block with replaceable stroke sockets. Lower and lateral agent camshaft drive is on the toe side of the crankshaft. Each cylinder has an exhaust valve and two intake valves.

Instead of the usual mechanically driven fan, the manufacturer has introduced a different technical solution for the new generation devices. The engine cooling system of this excavator model is controlled by a regulator. Three electric fans can rotate in the opposite direction and simultaneously clean the coolers.


The design of the Caterpillar tracked chassis of excavator was aimed to improve the performance of this special equipment. Frame of the CAT 320 excavator is a rugged, high-performance frame, specifically designed for long-term operation in harsh conditions. Efficiently working shock absorbers contribute to damping of dynamic impacts during movement.


The excavator chains move effortlessly and have a large contact area with the surface. The belts consist of high-strength, wear-resistant steel. Stocks always ensure stable tension of the metal network of the crawler chains.

Technical characteristics of CAT 320DL in numbers

  • Overall dimensions: length – 8960 mm, width – 2980 mm, height (depending on the level of the cabin) – 3120 mm.
  • Floor clearance of stabilizers is 450 mm.
  • Track width – 2380 mm.
  • Horizontal range – 9830 mm.
  • Rail length – 4455 mm.
  • Control track length – 3650 mm.
  • Width of spiked shoes – 500-800 mm.
  • Spacing between rollers – 3650 mm.
  • Rear turning radius of the platform – 2750 mm.
  • Excavator operating weight – 22,000 kg.
  • Force on the turntable – 62 kNm.
  • Speed of rotation – 11.5 rpm.
  • Digging depth – 7.58 m.
  • Radius of the grave – 10.68 m.
  • Discharge height – 1.31-7.02 meters.
  • Cutting height – 9.87 meters.
  • Backhoe bucket volume – 0.8-1.2 cubic meters.
  • Bucket width – 1 meter.
  • Excavation depth – 7.44 meters.
  • The force on hook – 206 kN.
  • Speed of movement is 5.5 km/h.


The standard excavator bucket has a capacity of 1.2 cubic meters. The large tilt angle increases productivity. The sophisticated kinematics console easily moves in different directions. To control the bucket of excavator Caterpillar 320DL uses hydraulic system with a pressure of 35 MPa. The working environment is pumped at a speed of 428 liters per minute.

The basic equipment of this excavator model includes a 5.7-meter long boom with a 2.9-meter long stick. As additional options, Caterpillar produces other sizes of equipment, which can be purchased through the company’s dealer network. By installing an extended backhoe bucket kit, you can greatly expand the range of tasks of this equipment, while increasing the efficiency of its use.

Operating equipment

Since the appearance of this model on the market (2007) there have been produced versions with different characteristics, pre-installed equipment and additional equipment. In the Russian market you can find used excavators Caterpillar 320DL with a front blade or extended boom. Also available are modifications with a reduced turning radius.

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The basic equipment of the Caterpillar 320DL crawler excavator includes a standard bucket and quick coupler for changing attachments. An adapter is also required for installation of some auxiliary implements.

Design features of the Caterpillar 320DL

Excavator body of this model, on which functional elements are fixed, can be twisted and turned at large angles. Plates of counterweight of excavator Cat 320 DL are equipped with mounting tabs. The arm housing and a set of booms, made of hardened special steel, are equipped with hydraulic lines and cylinders for power supply and distribution.

The pivoting platform runs on bearings. The support provides stability and minimal sway when the excavator moves and performs its tasks. The new design reduces vibration in the cab by almost fifty percent, increasing the excavator operator’s comfort and safety during work.

Structural proposals of Caterpillar 320dl

There are practically no plastic parts in the excavator’s design, so the excavator’s construction is more reliable. The manufacturing process of metal parts eliminates residual stresses. Caterpillar uses a patented technology for painting construction equipment. The protective layer is resistant to all kinds of corrosive factors.

Cat 320DL Excavator Cab and Workstation

In this line of excavator equipment, introducing its improvement, they also influenced the working area, which is designed for the operator’s work. For the CAT 320DL excavators, the manufacturer offered a choice of comfort or luxury cabs. The differences were in the equipment of the control chair trailer. The Premium version also included heating and pneumatic systems.

The basic package of the Caterpillar 320dl cab included a climate control system. In a fully sealed cab, it provides an optimal temperature and comfortable humidity in any weather. The operator’s workplace is equipped with audio equipment as standard. Panoramic bar view with a significant tilt angle is provided by unbreakable glazing of windows and rear view mirrors. The windshield can be set to the upper position simply by pressing a button on the field in the excavator cab.

Vibration and noise are reduced in the CAT 320 DL cab by installing rubber-metal mounts. Disturbing stresses do not arise due to the installation of a steel tube with thick walls in the lower part of the cab.

Excavator cabin and operator's workplace of CAT 320DL

The electronic control of the working equipment of the excavator is carried out with the help of special joysticks. The main switches are located on consoles on the right and left of the HAVC panel. All the necessary information is displayed on a screen with a keyboard and an indication system. The language can be selected. Both light and sound warnings are provided. The joystick control system is designed to prevent fatigue of the driver’s hand.

Modern audio devices with USB-connectors and support for Bluetooth technology provide hands-free communication with the ability to connect various electronic devices using third-party devices. The operator’s cabin has cheap compartments for working equipment, a rack for work clothes, a holder for bottles and glasses, a special place for storing documents and free space.

Reviews about the excavator of this model

As a manufacturer of special equipment, the company Caterpillar has a rather high status and high reputation. The excavator Caterpillar 320DL, of course, can be called one of the most successful developments of the last generation. The main advantages of this crawler excavator are operators efficiency, productivity and versatility in natural and climatic conditions.

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The advantages of this special equipment are defined by well-thought-out design characteristics, durability of its units and parts, decent characteristics of hydraulic equipment, maneuverability and increased cross-country ability with minimal pressure on the floor. Excavator Caterpillar 320DL is productive, easy and comfortable to operate and manage.

Reviews of excavators of this model

CAT 320 DL also works equally effectively with a variety of gosts:

  • Drilling systems for floors of varying density;
  • Hydraulic shears and hydraulic breakdown centers;
  • Rakes and relaxers for action and site orientation;
  • Special buckets for loose material operations;
  • Blades for site orientation and site cleanup;
  • Vibration accumulator for street work.

Excavator operation and maintenance

The manufacturer is releasing patented advanced solutions to the international market. CAT technology is extremely sophisticated in development, but extremely easy to use. During the development of this track model, various electronic automation devices have been introduced to make excavator operation easier. Especially:

  • Cat degree. Depth and slope control technology helps speed up the profiler’s position. If desired, 2D grade can be changed to 3D to increase accuracy. The system allows you to work without geodetic support. Grade Assist feature automates control of the excavator boom and bucket.
  • Katznutz Load. Automatic mode uses real-time control over the load on the boom of self-propelled devices. CA T-Nutzlasttechnology excavator equipment organizes efficient project management while minimizing the budget.
  • Cat Product Link. This is the name of the remote monitoring technology, which was developed based on wireless communication. The Caterpillar 320dl excavator is equipped with a screen with digital product link equipment and vision link software to collect data on specified properties.

Excavator Operation and Maintenance

New systems are regularly released for Catatics machinery to improve performance, functionality and reliable protection. Service is also improving. Thanks to modern design improvements, preventive maintenance of the excavator takes a minimum of time. Downtime is reduced by extending service intervals.

In this model, the manufacturer offers unimpeded access from the floor to all components that need to be serviced regularly. The air filtration system alerts you to the need to replace consumable components with an indicator light. The mass breakers and batteries of the cat 320dl crawler excavator require no preventive maintenance.

Pumps, hydraulic and fuel filters are concentrated on the right side. The cooler, climate system condenser, oil and supercharged air cooling system are located in the left compartment. The lubrication unit is mounted directly in the arrow. Changing technical fluids of the Caterpillar 320dl crawler loader is as easy as possible.

In general, the Caterpillar 320D crawler excavator is a modern, reliable and highly efficient construction machine. It features durable and high quality control system, a powerful engine and a strong hydraulic system.

With the ability to install additional devices, high versatility and stable operation is achieved. For maximum effect, there is a system of quick replacement of work tools – backhoe bucket, hydraulic hammer, etc.

Caterpillar 320dl

There are many offers for used Caterpillar 320dl model excavators on the aftermarket. At the end of 2021 the price of a used CAT 320DL excavator ranges from four to ten million rubles.

As an analogue of this special machine, you can recall the excavator of the Hitachi ZX 200 model.

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