Evaluation of the Snow Boiler Husqvarna ST 230P. Description, instructions, owner reviews

Evaluation of the Snow Boiler Husqvarna ST 230P. Description, instructions, owner reviews

Snowman Husqvarna ST 230P – created for use in small areas. It is ideal for people who have to clean the house territory.

Snowman Husqvarna St 230p

KHUSKVARNA ST 230P’s snow heroes are designed for irregular use in all weather conditions and the cleaning of the snow layer up to thirty centimeters.

The effectiveness of the machine is due to a combination of a hig h-performance engine and a designed design that offers additional stability. These factors make snow cleaning quickly and comfortably. A tw o-stage snow indentation system was installed in the snow ear. When entering a snack into a snow discriminator, the snow is crushed, penetrates into the impeller and thrown through the bell.

The Husqvarna ST 230P SNOW distance has tires with a deep pattern of profile and movement control system. Differential blocking is used in the walk behavior tractor, with the thrust increasing.

As in previous models, the Swedish company has not forgotten comfort. In Husqvarna ST 230P, loopy hoses with heated and adjustable height are installed, and LED lamps are useful when they work in the dark. One of the main advantages of this lin e-up is an electrical starter. The start of the car with a button is practical and helps to start the snow ear at low temperatures.


Type of cleaning system Tw o-stage
Working width 76 cm
The diameter of the screw 30.5 cm
The number of wheel blades 3
Engine manufacturer Husqvarna
The work volume of the cylinder 291 cm³
perfomance 9.6 PS / 7.2 kW
The volume of the fuel tank 2.7 l
Type of transmission Friction disc
The number of gears forwards forward 6
The number of transfers back 1
Wheel diameter 406 mm
Action setting in height 4 steps


  • A tw o-stage system, thanks to which the snow is crushed under the screw and thrown through the bell;
  • Comfortable, grinding grip with adjustable height and heating ensures comfortable work.
  • The deflector control lever creates a vertical snow emission angle;
  • The ability to switch on and separate the differential blocking to improve maneuverability and increase the traction;
  • The electric starter supports the constant heating of the engine and starts with a button.
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Video review

Reviews of the owners

Positive reviews in the forums. Therefore, there is no criticism of the Husqvarna S 230P model.

Vladislav, Moscow region:

“I got to know the snow of the Swedish company, I have a friend, I liked how easy he could finish with the snow. Despite the greater amount of snow that fell all day long, this was not a problem for the car. I decided to buy myself, chose for a long time. The selection stopped with this model because I liked the strength and almost 10 hp inspired trust. The ratio of the price and quality of the work is 100%justified. The maneuverability is at a high level, although it looks like the car is clumsy with this weight. There are a large number of advantages, it is worth a silencer. “


“I’ve always liked Husqvarna vehicles and this model is no exception. Compared to my previous snow blower, this is much better. Much quieter and makes the job better. Last winter he became an indispensable helper, and in no time I cleaned the entire area around the house. First he takes the upper layers of snow, but the lower ones can also be removed and at the same time they are not thrown closer. If you think about buying a snow blower, buy this model, do not regret that this model has chosen. ”

Snow mill Husqvarna ST 230 P. Overview, specifications, reviews

The snow plows of Husqvarna include both household and more powerful models. The snow blower Husqvarna ST 230 P is a powerful sem i-professional snow blower. The performance of the snow blower is 9.6-9.9 liters. With. The snow blower is characterized by high performance and a variety of additional functions.

Snowman Husqvarna St 230 P


The Husqvarna ST 230 P is based on a fou r-stroke engine with up to 9.9 hp. With. The manufacturer positions this model as one of the top models, this is documented by user ratings and the number of sales. The main difference between the Husqvarna ST 230 P and other devices of the ST series lies in performance and an extended area of ​​application.

Peony in a summer garden

Snowman Husqvarna St 230 P at work

The use of a snow blower is recommended:
  • to clean the territory of a suburban area (entrance, sidewalk around the house);
  • When cleaning the street, streets, alleys;
  • for snow spaces in parking spaces.

This snow blower is perfectly done with snow of every quality (melted, frozen, fresh). The working width is 76 cm, the maximum snow space up to 30 cm. In contrast to previous models, which are mainly produced in the USA, the Husqvarna ST 230 P has the original Swedish assembly.

Properties Husqvarna ST 230P:
  • rubberized snail (ensures the integrity of the surface after processing);
  • increased fuel tank (2.7 l);
  • System for adjusting the expansion width of 1 to 10 meters;
  • Supplementary protection;
  • The presence of headlights for work in the dark.

Husqvarna ST 230 P was developed to work on a variety of surfaces, including tiles and gravel. By presence a speed control system and heating the control button, you can achieve maximum ease of use.


Type of the engine petrol
Motor volume 291 cm3
Engine power 9.6 hp
Engine power 7200 W
begin Electrical starter
Number of gears 6 forward / 1 back
The volume of the fuel tank 2.7 l
Recording width 76 cm
Handle 58cm
The diameter of the screw 30.5 cm
Control of the outbreak There is
Setting the throwing distance There is
Dimensions 149*76*105cm
Weight (KG 96

User Guide

Despite the high performance of the device and the excellent technical properties, the manufacturer recommends the occasional use of the Husqvarna ST 230 P. This is due to the construction features of the technology. The snow blower Husqvarna ST 230 P is small compared to industrial devices. Therefore, this technology is an excellent option for use in a suburban area or a small company.

The snowman's device

Husqvarna St 230 P is equipped with an electric steamer, which allows you to work with the device even at minus temperatures. The snowman uses a two-tier snow processing system: loops and emissions. A toothed screw allows you to capture a large amount of snow along with the air, thanks to which grinding occurs more productively. If necessary, the operator can change the direction of the release. Large wheels with treads provide good ability and stability of crossings in melted snow.

It is recommended to use 92 octane gasoline in a ratio and oil. (The proportions are given in the operating instructions).

Fuel consumption is determined by engine power and intensity of operation. This model is equipped with a 9.9 hp with a power of 9.9 hp. In accordance with the fuel consumption not small, about 2.5-3 liters per hour.

Chainsaw Champion 256 18: Description, specifications and usage rules
Main recommendations for use:
  • Before using the device, you must familiarize yourself with it.
  • It is necessary to read the safety rules. The manufacturer recommends that the Snowpock motor be used only for its intended purpose. When working, there is a noise of more than 100 dB, which can affect the hearing organs. Protective headphones and glasses must be used.
  • Device settings. The operator must configure the snowman for himself: adjust the handles, snow off, headlights on.
  • Before use, it is worth preparing the surface (clean from foreign objects).
  • Before operation and at the end of the site, the Snowman engine should be idle for a few minutes.
  • In case of breakdowns, traumatic situations, the need to replace or clean parts, it is recommended to stop the engine. Repair or diagnostic work can only be carried out after the engine has cooled down.
  • Clean the screw, the snow will release a system for this device included in the kit.
  • In order to prolong the life of the snow boile r-Husqvarna St 230 P, it is necessary to carry out maintenance.

video ratings

Review of the snow boiler Husqvarna St 230 P

Review of the work of the Snowman Husqvarna St 230 P

Husqvarna St 230 P snowpet overview

Reviews of the owners

Kirill, Moscow:

“Husqvarna St 230 P bought the Snowmaker two years ago on the advice of friends. It also works well in low temperatures and high rainfall. I disregarded the manufacturer’s recommendations relative to the amount of snow (removed snow in the summer house after a long-term snowfall) – the unit was perfect with a layer of more than 40 cm. I use 10-12 times a season. I often remove snow from the nearest neighbors of the cottage complex. I recommend.”

Nikolai, Perm:

“If you choose a snowman for a small summer house, then Husqvarna St 230 P will be too powerful. I bought the unit a year ago for a 15 acre lot. It can perfectly clean this territory. Among the advantages I can highlight power, maneuverability and simplicity in operation. I didn’t find any flaws. “

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