Evaluation of the Snow Boiler Husqvarna ST 227P. Description, characteristics, instructions, reviews of the owner

Evaluation of the Snow Boiler Husqvarna ST 227P. Description, characteristics, instructions, reviews of the owner

The Snowmaker Husqvarna ST 227P was developed by the Swedish company to solve problems as an ordinary Liebhabergärter and for professional use.

The cleaning of a rather appropriate in the volume of the territory by the snow closure of the Husqvarna ST 227P can be carried out in a rather short time, neither snow blocks nor weather conditions prevent this.

Snow-Fiters Husqvarna St 227p

The device is very stable and strong efficiency.

The snow removal of Husqvarna ST 227P will be accessible with a snow cover of up to thirty centimeters.

As in other models of this series, a tw o-stage snow emission system is used here, which consists of a screw and a deflector. The uninterrupted operation of the machine was achieved by installing a variator and an electrical starter.

The developers mainly achieved increased comfort by installing an adjustable heated handle. An 8. 5-hp engine from LCT is installed on the ST 227p Snowbreaker ST 227P.

The capacity of the fuel tank is 2.7 liters.

It is worth paying attention to the peculiarity of the machine, the tax amplifier is installed here, which makes the car even more canonable.

Device, scheme

Elements of the Snow Blowler Husqvarna St 227 P

From the air damper G. The lever of the emission of the exclusion I. Channel I. Instrument for cleaning J. Reflekor K. The control lever L. The speed control lever M. The wheels loosen the wheels n. directional salads O. lighting P. Schaber Q. Oil level with the probe R. The fuel tank cover T. Primer U. Knopf Elektrische Start V. Stranter handle Y. The silencer dd. Grase groove sign


Snow emission area up to 12 meters
Engine type petrol
Engine manufacturer LCT
Work volume of the cylinder, cm3 254
Nominal capacity for operating speeds, KW 5.6 (3600 rpm)
Full torque 12.5 pounds*foot
The volume of the fuel tank, L 2,7
Type of cleaning system Tw o-stage
The working width of the housing of the screw, cm 68
The working height of the housing of the screw, cm 58.5
Screw diameter, cm 30.5
Number of wheel blades 3
Type of movement Rad, sel f-propelled
Type of transmission Friction disc
Tomposise for MEEVENT/base 6/1
Wheel diameter, mm 380
Action setting in height 4 provisions
Dimensions (DHSHHV), see 149.86×68.58×102.87
Weight (KG 96.16
Sound pressure near the operator’s ear, DB (a) 88.4
Guaranteed ton force, DB (A) 105
Vibration on the handle, m/s2 4.89
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  • Heat the handles
  • Electric start from the network 220V
  • Differential blocking to create a good traction and use both leading bikes
  • The bell controlled by the lever from the control panel
  • Controlled by the control panel from the leverage controlled by the lever
  • LED headlights 2 PCs
  • A tw o-stage system – falls under the housing is crushed and then it is thrown by the deflector.
  • The prostate of the speed setting – the speed change occurs on the steering wheel.
  • The control amplifier – the differential lock can be switched off and the drive wheels can be selected, which makes it easier to control the snow plug.
  • Plastic plates – The base plates are made of plastic, which protects the surface from damage during interaction with them;
  • Electric starter – helps the car start even with a lot of frost while you have to press a button
  • Speed ​​control – there is an automatic speed control, ie when working without loads is automatically switched into idle mode.

Video review

Owner reviews

As for the Snow Pflug Husqvarna ST 227P on the Internet, no obvious criticism of this model was noticed in the forums, for the most part, all reviews are positive, for example:

Valentin (Pensa, RF) writes:

“The Husqvarna ST227P is a reliable helper who never fails and is always ready for use. He saves me at every snowfall. There was a case in which a large piece of ice came into the car, but even he didn’t “kill” it. The snow blower simply stopped, the shear bolts did their work. Since they are made of soft material, only they were damaged, I replaced them and continued to work. ”

Anatoly (UFA, RF) writes:

“Great strong engine that easily cleans the snow. The snow is thrown away, which is very gratifying. The problem lies with the straps of the straps, which for some reason are constantly torn and have to be changed regularly. The car is very comfortable, the heated handles are very useful. “

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With your feedback on this snow mill model you can also help other readers on our site.

If you have a Husqvarna ST 227p snow blower, you can leave a rating in the comments at the bottom or ask questions about this model.

Snow mill Husqvarna ST-227P. Overview, properties, reviews

The snow blower Husqvarna ST-227P was developed for use under rough conditions. The model can be used for both private and professional purposes. The technical and structural properties of the Husqvarna 227 snow blower enable the device to be used to remove snow on large areas.

Snowman Husqvarna ST-227p


Compared to the ST 224, the Husqvarna ST-227P has improved performance and more power. The manufacturer positions the snow plow as a reliable and resistant device compared to environmental influences. Husqvarna ST-227P was developed for use in rough environments. The engine power is 8.5 liters. With. Shovel width – 68 cm, height – 58 cm The manufacturer recommends the use of the Husqvarna S T-227P snow blower with snow drifts up to a height of 30 cm. In the proximity of the control handle there are 2 LED headlights, which when working in the dark there is a good lighting Offer. There is an electric starter for easier start.

Snowman Husqvarna ST-227p at work

The grip heating ensures good maneuverability of the snow plows with minus degrees. If necessary, the operator can block the movement of the wheels and the rotation of the snail. These functions ensure a quick stop when foreign bodies penetrate the device or change the direction. To drive a curve, it is enough to drive a bike and the second – driven. The manufacturer has thus simplified the use and snow removal as much as possible.

Another feature of the model is the band snail. This detail enables a softer, more productive breaking and throwing snow.

The configuration of the Snowpock car with the friction disc offers the possibility of changing the speed of the engine depending on the load.

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Husqvarna ST-227p is used for:
  • snow cleaning in hard places (near the building, on uneven surfaces of gravel, expensive types of tiles);
  • snow from parking lots, streets;
  • cleaning the territory of parks, squares, playgrounds;
  • Cleaning of snow changes from industrial areas.

Husqvarna ST-227p can work on both fresh and lying snow.


Engine type petrol
engine volume 254cc
engine power 7.5 hp
engine power 5600 watts
begin electric starter
Summary of programs 6 forward/before 1 forward
The volume of the fuel tank 2.7L
The width of the capture 68 cm
record height 58 cm
The diameter of the screw 12″
administrative direction direction There is
Cessation of Release of Publication There is
Dimensions 149*69*103cm
Weight (KG 96

User Guide

Working with a powerful device may require special rules of operation. This also applies to the Husqvarna ST-227P Snow removal. This device is designed to work with a large volume of snow. Before starting work, the manufacturer recommends that you familiarize yourself with the operating instructions. This document indicates the main provisions: preparation for work, maintenance and storage, possible malfunctions, operational features and safety precautions.

The snowman's device

After purchasing the Snow Offer, Husqvarna ST-227p, there are parts to unpack and install. For the convenience of transportation, a pin, screw and bucket have been separated from the base. Factory equipment includes all necessary tools and parts required for installation. In addition to the installation work, it is necessary to configure the structural elements: the height of the handle, the direction of snow release, tire pressure.

To transport the tires of snow removal machines, it is pumped with high pressure than is necessary for work. In the snow bush, Husqvarna ST-227p, this pressure needs to be set at 14-17 psi.

During operation, it is necessary to monitor the vibration, heating of the engine and clogging of the parts of the device. The Husqvarna ST-227P machine included in the snow packing machine is additional shoulder blades for cleaning the bucket and ejector from snow debris.

A garden without weeds
When clogging the ejector, this is necessary:
  • stop the engine;
  • Wait for the complete stop of all details of the device.
  • clear the ejector;
  • Launch the snowman.

It is forbidden to clean the ejector or other parts of the car with your hands.

Video review

Review of the Snowman Husqvarna ST-227p

Owner reviews

Valentine, St. Petersburg:

“I have been using Husqvarna ST-227p snow removal for more than two years. It helps in a suburban area during snowfall in winter. In early spring – a find for homeowners. Technique is good with melting snow. I use more than 5 times more for the season. During use, only the mounting elements of the screw had to be replaced. I recommend.”

Kirill, Novomoskovsk:

“I’ve been using the Husqvarna ST-227P petrol snowman for the third year. Among the advantages: fuel tank capacity, tough wheels (stable when working on slippery surfaces), power and high quality. When working in the cold, it does not stall, it starts quickly without warming up with an electric steamer. More than enough for a suburban location. “

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