Evaluation of the Hitachi chainsaw: description, characteristics and rules of use

Hitachi chainsaw: range of models. Advantages and disadvantages, test results and video reviews

Hitachi chainsaw: Japanese quality at an affordable price

In 1910, engineer Namihei Odaira (considered to be the inventor of the first Japanese electric motor) founded a small company for the production of electric motors. The new company was registered in the small town of Hitachi, its founder did not hesitate long and named his idea after the city – Hitachi. Throughout the 20th century, the company successfully developed and mastered the production of new types of products: from household appliances to heavy crawler excavators. Gardening and agricultural equipment occupies a worthy place in the company’s catalog, especially electric and gasoline-powered saws Hitachi.

For a long time Hitachi plants were located only in Japan, but due to the increasing demand for the company’s products and expanding production, several dozen new plants were founded in Europe, Asia and America. Hitachi chain saws are assembled in factories in Japan and China. In order to understand where was produced a particular tool, you need to look at the accompanying documentation and study the marking of individual nodes and parts. However, all products meet internal quality and safety standards and are manufactured at modern high-tech facilities using high quality materials.

Concern is trying to pursue a balanced pricing policy and not to overprice its devices. Today in domestic stores you can order a Hitachi chainsaw at a price of $ 220 to $ 630.

Features of Hitachi chainsaws:
  • Hitachi chainsaws are manufactured on high-tech units in a factory environment;
  • Long overhaul and high maintenance;
  • Large selection of models;
  • Availability of a large number of original spare parts;
  • Information and technical support from the manufacturer.

Series of chainsaws Hitachi

During its history, the company has released several dozen models of gasoline chainsaws. They differ in their purpose, technical and operational properties and price. Some of the models are obsolete and have been in use for a long time. They have been replaced by a new line of modern, safe and economical tools that are used both in the home and in industry. Our test report is dedicated to the most interesting and most popular chainsaw models from Hitachi.

Hitachi CS33EB-L2.

One of the most popular models. The chainsaw belongs to the professional class of tools and can be used universally. With the help of this device, you can perform construction and repair work in homes and households, to prepare and chop firewood. The tool is used by employees of local and emergency services, it is used in sawing wood. The device works from the engine capacity of 1.7 hp, which is equipped with a brand-name saw set (bar-400 mm, a chain for 66 limbs with a division of 3/8 inch). The chainsaw is equipped with all modern safety systems, a toothed stop, a double-action chain brake, and an effective anti-vibration system.

For all that, the Hitachi CS33EB-L2 chainsaw weighs only 3.8 kilograms, and the model is available on the manufacturer’s website for $220.

Hitachi CS33EA-NC

A more powerful professional chainsaw designed for a variety of jobs, including cutting and sawing firewood, clearing bushes and clearing dead wood in forests. The tool is equipped with a 2.0 hp two-stroke engine, has a high-quality sawing set and is equipped with all the systems that ensure the comfort and safety of the operator. The model is equipped with the New Pure Fire system, which reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, has a primer for fuel inflation, and the engine is designed for intensive operation. The chainsaw weighs only 4.3 kg, which avoids operator fatigue during prolonged use of the tool.

The Hitachi CS33EA-NC chainsaw is available today from the company’s official representative for $270.

Hitachi CS40EA-NG

Another chainsaw from the professional line of this manufacturer. The tool is equipped with a fairly powerful 2.5 hp engine complete with a Hitachi branded saw set, consisting of a 400 mm guide bar and 66 link chain. Piston group parts are made of corrosion-resistant alloys, can withstand heavy loads and have a long overhaul interval. Cold engine start is facilitated thanks to the primer and built-in S-Start function. In their reviews, owners of the model note its high reliability, efficiency, ergonomic housing and effective multi-point anti-vibration system. The saw can be used both for individual needs and by employees of various services.

The Hitachi CS40EA-NG is available today for $370.

Hitachi CS30EH

A compact, semi-professional model for universal use. The manufacturer emphasizes that this model is suitable for work in various climatic zones and can be used at both low and high temperatures. The device operates from a two-stroke engine with 1.8 hp and is equipped with a branded bar (300 mm) and a saw chain (45 links). Such technical characteristics allow the use of a chainsaw for all kinds of work, the tool is especially popular with builders, as the manufacturer has provided the possibility of working with one hand.

Herb garden - arrangement and care

The Hitachi CS 30 EH model is equipped with all modern systems, which ensure the safety and comfort of the operator. In their reviews, tool owners emphasize the reliability and durability of the engine, as well as the quality antivibration system on metal springs. The Hitachi CS 30 EH model is available in domestic stores for $320.

Hitachi CS51EA-NE

This professional model is manufactured in a factory in Japan and has a wide range of applications. The chainsaw can be used to cut wood lengthwise and crosswise, logging and sawing firewood. According to forest workers, they use this saw for non-professional felling of trees up to 70 centimeters in diameter. The device is powered by a proprietary 3.4 hp engine, equipped with a Hitachi saw headset and adapted to work in different climatic zones.

The model has a relatively low weight (5.1 kg), is equipped with a high-quality anti-vibration system and its body is made of high-strength, impact-resistant plastic.

You can buy the Chatechi CS51EA-NE-GASOPIL for between $430 and $460.

Advantages and disadvantages of a chain accounting net


  • Quality with high assembly;
  • High performance with low tool weight;
  • Reliable, brand-name motor with parts made of highly durable, corrosion-resistant materials;
  • Effective multi-point anti-vibration system on metal springs;
  • New clean fire system reduces emissions and saves fuel.
  • Conveniently located control tools;
  • Availability of a primer for fuel transfer;
  • Hitachi chainsaw body is made of high-quality, impact-resistant plastic.


  • Expensive original replacement parts;
  • Requires high-quality fuel and lubrication;
  • Some users complain about the inconvenient location of the chain tensioner.

Video review

Hitachi CS33EB chainsaw presentation:



A brief review of the Hitachi CS30H Hitachi chainsaw:



Hitachi CS 51 chainsaw versus Husqvarna 445:



What to write on forums: reviews of owners

Alexey Lovchev, 28, Leningrad region:

My Hitachi CS33EB is already seven years old. So far, the engine has not disassembled – it starts both cold and hot. As for the wood, the main thing is that the chain is well sharpened. Yes, in terms of electricity may not work for everyone, but for repair work, going on a picnic, combing the garden and a small amount of firewood is fine. In my opinion the vibration is very low, even if you work with one hand, it does not throw the saw and does not take it aside. For some reason I did not have a kit, although chain saws of this model are usually equipped with them.

Overview of Hitachi Saber surveys: description, characteristics and rules of use

Anton Ivlev, 52 years old, Pskov region:

I needed a powerful and durable chainsaw in the farm. After several weeks of searching, I chose the Hitachi CS40EL. First of all, I was attracted by the fact that the tool is made in Japan. For sawing I use logs, mainly birch and oak. The engine power is sufficient, it doesn’t use much fuel and doesn’t vibrate too much. As for the drawbacks, there are two, in my opinion. First, unfortunate chain tensioner (at least for me), and second, the air filter could be made better.

Advantages: reliable engine, economical, good starting, low vibration;

Disadvantages: annoying location of the chain tensioner, low quality air filter

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Hitachi chainsaws and electric saws: Checking the model range

In a relatively short time, gas and electric chainsaws of the brand “Hitachi” have become successful with similar products of such well-known manufacturers as “Makita”, “Stihl” and “Husqvarna”.

Hitachi chainsaw

  • Hitachi household and professional chainsaws are equipped with electric units with NewPureFire technology, which increases power by 20% and reduces toxic emissions by 50%.
  • The list of operational advantages includes the efficiency of the best in its class Valbro carburetor, the efficiency of the two-level air cleaning system in its class.
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The chainsaw brand is distinguished from the same-type developments by the quality and durability of materials, assembly with high precision, modern design, perfect safety in operation.

Design features

Compact and easy to operate chainsaws from Chitachi in various modifications are equipped with:

  • primer;
  • automatic sawmill lubrication system with adjustable oil pump;
  • Reliable emergency brake and saw chain stop.

The new generation of chains successfully implements original technical solutions. In particular, the horizontal position of the cylinder increases the focus and minimizes the gyroscopic moment. In the new models of the brand it is planned to increase the real service life by 500 mast.

Chainsaws – a brief rating

This section provides comparative characteristics of the most popular models.

Hitachi CS33EB

Hitachi CS33EB

Universal household saw of medium performance is equipped with a carburetor ice pick with a 32.2 cm3 cylinder and a power of 1.68 hp. The tool is designed for mechanization of household work for making firewood from dried wood with a diameter of up to 300 mm, logging and tree barking.

The length of the compact saw – 350 mm – determines the possibility of using the chainsaw on construction and forest sites.

The advantages of this model include:

  • optimal combination of performance and weight, operator comfort with high productivity;
  • easy access to the adaptation and tank capacity;
  • increased service life of units and assemblies;
  • availability of emergency stop inertia brake;
  • COFP for transportation and storage.

Hitachi CS38EK

Hitachi CS38EK

Hitachi carburetor saws of this series have semi-professional status, although they are identical to professional models in a number of operating parameters. The tool with its own weight of up to 4 kg is driven by a 38-cubic-inch 2.4 hp engine.

  • The skills of the sawmill with automatic chain lubrication system allows you to cut wood with a diameter of up to 300 mm.
  • The saw is capable of working for long periods of time, with short refueling breaks.
  • The work of the tool in an autonomous mode is ensured by a fuel and oil reserve in the tanks of 400 and 260 ml.
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The list of design features includes extensive use of durable and lightweight magnesium alloys, two levels of clean air purification and an extended range of motorblocks. The lack of an easy starting system is compensated for by the presence of a decompressor.

Hitachi CS40ea

Hitachi CS40ea

The technical basis of the predecessor model served as the basis for the CS40A series chainsaw. The list of improvements include a 40-cubic-inch battery, a 16-inch saw head, the S-Start-light starting system and a more effective vibration center.

In terms of technical and operational features, the new semi-professional saw is identical to the CS38EK.

Hitachi CS40el

Hitachi CS40el

A professional tool with no limit on the duration of continuous operation.

  • Ful l-Time, 43 cc engine, 2.86 hp It is characterized by stable traction parameters and sufficient torque delivery to compensate for additional loads.
  • Even with increased power, vibration and noise parameters are at a comfortable level.
  • The saw is equipped with a soft starter, 400 mm guide bar and Kear-resistant winter mode switch.

Hitachi CS51EA

Hitachi CS51EA

New to the brand’s lineup, the CS51EA series has semi-professional functionality for construction and logging applications.

The design of this model is ergonomically designed with a 50-cubic-inch engine, 2500 watts of power, state-of-the-art features with trouble-free starting, economical fuel equipment and a chain-oil lubrication system that can be set up with chain oil.

Operational features on the list include:

  • Reduced fuel mixture consumption by an average of 30 percent and toxic compounds in exhaust gases by nearly half;
  • Successful implementation of new design and decorative solutions;
  • Reduction of the overall dimensions of the tool due to the original layout of the performance drive and weight reduction to 5.1 kg.

Advantages of the electric line

The company’s regularly updated official website offers technical and performance parameters of the entire Säge n-Chitachi lineup, where there is a section with an overview of the properties of household representations.

The manufacturer focuses on improving the compact and reliable performance of the electric-powered household class.

  • Simple in design and reliable in daily use, Hitachi electric saw has no cold plugging, fuel setting, maintenance and repair, which is typical of chainsaws.
  • Compared with its carburetor counterpart, the electric saw has high efficiency of units and cost-effectiveness.
  • Low weight, compact size, low noise and vibration contribute to a more comfortable working environment.

The limited reach of an electric-driven tool is compensated for by the connection to a sufficiently powerful mobile electric generator.

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Working parameters of electric saw models in high demand

Hitachi CS35y

Hitachi CS35y

The electric saw with its own weight of 5.6 kg is powered by a 2000 watt electric motor. The 350 mm length of the headset is sufficient for domestic and construction work.

The pluses of this model include:

  • Efficient saw chain cooling and lubrication thanks to built-in automation and a variable capacity pump;
  • Tool-free saw chain tensioning;
  • RPM stability in case of power surges and full overload protection;
  • Soft start Soft start system.

Hitachi CS40Y

Hitachi CS40Y

The popular CS40Y Series electric chainsaw is identical in performance parameters to the CS35Y. Changes have been made to the tool in terms of improved performance and work safety. The measures are aimed at extending the working life and improving the reliability of overload protection.

advantages and disadvantages

Hitachi carburetor and electric bars have proven themselves positively in private farms, logging and woodworking operations of various levels of complexity.

  • Affordable price, high reliability and long service life of the complete equipment contribute to the popularity of the whole model range, which is facilitated by brand spare parts, motor and chain oils, available in the right assortment.
  • The instructions provided with the kit help users develop typical start-up, maintenance, troubleshooting, and troubleshooting instructions for chainsaw equipment.
  • Using the recommendations in the instructions, the tool owner can repair or replace a faulty part on his or her own.

Users have not voiced significant design flaws in all models of the brand. Critical reviews initiate the high cost of spare parts and post-warranty repair in service conditions. Before making a decision, compare the chainsaw of this manufacturer with a chainsaw from “Interskol”.

Owners reviews

Due to the imperfection of the Chinese assembly, many of my colleagues with confidence in the products of the lawmakers of chainsaws companies Moda-Shit and Husqvarna. Out of reasonable doubt, I settled on the Japanese Khitachi CS40EA chain. In the track record of the tool – two years of flawless work. The only drawback – the lack of branded tires and saw chains. Have to choose analogues, the quality and durability are not inferior components. Ruslan

Our stores are flooded with budget chains of Chinese assembly, so the result of a trip to the regional center was the purchase of a 3-power Japanese chainsaw chatchi. This is a really modern machine, economical, easy to maintain and easy to work with. The engine is enough for fast sawing poets and even frozen wood. For smooth operation of the chain lubrication system at low temperatures, I advise to water it with winter oil or dilute it with commercially available gasoline. Farid

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