Evaluation of the Champion Motobobes VC9713. Functions of work, video and reviews

Motblock champion BC 9713

The “Champion” company is a leader in the production of agricultural motor vehicles. The manufacturer produces motor blocks of the budget price category, and there is practically no analogues in this class. Cultivating and motor blocks “Champion” are reliable and effective and recognized in Russia, CIS and other countries. The company’s list consists of many different motoblock that differ in price and properties. The most interesting options are model 9713 that are discussed in this article.

Purpose and characteristics

The American Motoblock Champion 9713 produced in China can perform the work of different complexity. The equipment of the device includes hilling of beds, loosening, transportation of goods and roots of root plants. Despite the Chinese assembly, the motorized car is produced with American technologies.

Champion 9713 is structurally easy to use to use the device. The tractor for walk behavior is produced in a permanent case. As with other representatives of this technology, the main components of the tractor of the walk behavior are a motor, a gear, a gear and a tw o-wheeled layout with three positions in front of the stable.

The basic changes are equipped with a manual starter, a chain drive and a mult i-level gear. The traction is checked by special handles with an ergonomic handle. In addition, these handles can be adapted for greater convenience. In order to improve security, strong cranes are installed in the Walk behavio r-tractor that serve as protection from land, stones and soil. Champion 9713 is equipped with a clutch of two species – with a clutch or a belt drive. In this case, the clutch is combined with a worm or a chain gear. The power plants differ in the power supply and the torque. However, only a certain engine is provided for a certain modification. For example, a tractor for a walk is available in two versions – light and heavy. The simplest design, an engine with a low power engine and high economy are functions of a light version, while a difficult option is intended for universal tasks and is therefore very much in demand. In addition, such an option is more maneuverable, powerful and stressful, which makes it possible to use the most complex outside of the street. Due to the wel l-though t-out design, the developers managed to achieve a softer smoothness of the course. There is a special handle for the comfortable transport of devices in the front area of ​​the machine.


We emphasize the main advantages that the model has under Russian operating conditions. For example, a han d-led tractor is easy to control and has a simple design that makes it possible to repair it everywhere – as long as a set of necessary spare parts is available. There is often no special equipment required to repair a han d-led tractor. The han d-led tractor is so easy to use that even a person without experience with such devices will appreciate him. It is also a pleasure to cultivate land together with the Champion.


It is not surprising that branded devices also have disadvantages, such as cheaper models. The most important thing is, for example, a large number of plastic parts on the body, which are not highly strength, especially under heavy off-road conditions. With regard to reliability, the han d-led tractor is generally robust, but some components and assemblies cannot boast of a large resource because they are poorly adapted to the Russian climate. But the owners of “Champions” will certainly appreciate the extensive dealer network in the entire Russian Federation. Spare parts are absolutely everywhere, even in the supported market. The repair of a han d-led tractor does not take much time.


The functionality of the handled tractor Champion-9713 can be improved by additional options. Consider the most common of you:

  • Okuchniki – necessary for cutting and wrapping beds. The Okuchnik has several holes in the frame that you can use to adapt the depth depending on specific tasks. It is remarkable that the Hiller is treated with powder color, which extends the service life of the equipment.
  • Grouser – is an integral part of the han d-led tractor champio n-9713. It significantly improves the grip and enables you to carry out any complexity. The advantage of tunnels is obvious, because a on e-axle tractor with standard wheels would get stuck in the ground immediately.
  • A potato rotor is an indispensable option for working with large quantities of minced fruits. In addition, the design of many modifications provides for a clutch device with which you can set the work depth.
  • Plow – for planting or plowing the country. The device is able to edit floors with a maximum depth of 300 mm.
  • Pump – only installed in certain champion models and serves as a source for pumping water
  • Milling – mix the fertile layer ideal and are also used to loosen floors
  • A trolley is an additional tractor with which you can transport bulky construction goods or general goods. The unloading of a trailer is very easy – by tipping. The load capacity of the car can vary depending on the modification, weight and dimensions of the singl e-axle tractor.
  • Mower – Usually a rotary mower that was developed to clean areas of poison, bushes and various thickets. To a certain extent, an automatic mower can be seen as an alternative to manual mowing.
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First use

Driving in is an important element before the singl e-axle tractors are operated under full load. It is not difficult to carry out the brea k-in. The respective model supports the 92. Petrol, but it is not advisable to fill up car oil. You can select the oil that is based on the operating instructions. It is very important to control the oil level because a defect can have sad consequences.

We find an important feature of the first start. So the piston system is heavily loaded when switched on for the first time. In this regard, you shouldn’t press the gas much. Playing is usually carried out at medium speeds.

Another important rule is that the engine makes 0.5 hours working at medium speed, and then you can gradually increase the speed. As practice shows, this time is sufficient to test all the elements that are stored. The enema usually lasts 5-6 hours and is recommended to replace the oil after the end.

Of course, during operation, it is necessary to observe preventive interventions, e.g. B. control the pressure in the tire and check the condition of the engine operation, liability and the gearbox. In this model, information from a protective sleeve and a weakening of the tightened thread connections are often found.

The regulation of preventive maintenance depends on the operating conditions and can be determined by the owner of the tractor of the walk behavior if we talk about independent maintenance. In the guarantee period, it is better to seek help from specialists. And if nothing is done, this leads to a sharp wear of all parts, which is affected with overhaul.


The champion of the armed forces 9713 is a small class engine that is operated on land with an area of ​​up to 20 acres. There are pneumatic and mills in the kit with a walk tractor. The depth and width of the processed property can be changed in the kit using the desired amount of floor toilet.

The model is also equipped with a 3-speed gear with chain gears and oil bath. This design increases efficiency and offers a long service life. It is noteworthy that the handle has several settings and thanks to this it can be adapted to its growth.

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We determine the most important advantages of the examined model – the presence of pneumatic bikes, the adjustable steering wheel, the ability to install a variety of thigh modules, a compact housing and a power selection shaft.


The length of the champion 9713 model is 1390 mm, the width and height size reach 800 or 1070 mm. The processing depth reaches about 300 mm and the processing width 800 mm. The total mass of the device is 75 kg.

Motor and fuel consumption

The “Champion” uses a 4-stroke petrol engine developed by American experts. Nevertheless, the engine is produced in China, like the tractor of the walking behavior itself. The power plant provides for the upper installation of valves, a cast sleeve and air cooling. Please note that a 4-stroke engine is very reliable and perfect for operation under climatic conditions with a temperature difference. In addition, the technology with such an internal internal combustion engine feels perfect at minus temperature.

The engine with a volume of 0.2 liters develops 7 hp. The individual cylinder engine consumes only 1.8 liters per hour and the fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters.

Prices in Russia

The champion of the armed forces 9713 is a very strong motblock in terms of its specific advantages. For this reason, the model is expensive at least against the background of the rivals. Stylish design, universal skills, high maintenance and excellent service support are the most important advantages of American devices. Many are willing to pay about 30,000 rubles. The Champion-9713 costs so much without additional fastening devices, which significantly increases the initial costs of the model.

The competitors see the Champion-9713 Motoboblok, Patriot “Victory”, “Prost-GT719” and TSunami TG as patriot.

Motoblock “Champion BC 9713”: Reviews

Motoblock Champion BC9713 Reviews

The motoblock “Champion BC9713” is a small class model for working in small plots on earth with an area of ​​up to 20 acres. The BC9713 champion is the cheapest engine unit of all the known brand all over the CIS. Which of course influenced the popularity of this model. The view on these hiking facilities is also modern. The price is very attractive and with every dollar. But what is he in that case? Let’s try to find out.

About the “Champion” brand

Numerous publications on the Internet are caused by a good and condescending smile, in which the “Champion BC9713” is referred to as “American Motoboblock” or in any case “in China from American components under the control of specialists from the United Persons” This, which was once appeared and repeatedly reprinted, is not refuted by the merchants of small agricultural equipment. On the contrary, they will easily confirm the buyer that the champion technology has been developed and manufactured in the USA and only in China gathered.

In fact, the Champion brand belongs to the Russian commercial company Vald LLC (St. Petersburg City). It has headed its story since 1993, from the usual retail business for the sale of products from the Dzerzhinsky factory, the Biysk machine structure and the Incar Production Association, namely: Ural, Taiga, Taiga, Taiga, Taiga and Taiga and Taiga and Taiga and Taiga and Taiga and Electric pills. Parma ”and“ Incar ”.

With a change in the market conditions, the direction of the company’s activities also changed. Over time, the forest opened under the leadership of entrepreneurial owners opened its branches across the country, the dealer in Russia was well known to many wel l-known.

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“Strength and Power” – The Slogan of the St. Petersburg brand “Champion”.

Gradually, the absolute dominance of products made from Chinese produced products was gradually obvious in all areas of trade in electrical and gasoline equipment. At this point, the company’s management decided to create its own brand and bring it to the market in order to position yourself in the cheapest price segment, but to have decent quality indicators.

Since 2005 a variety of technologies, completely Chinese made, has been represented on the domestic market under the “Champion” brand: saws and trimmers, generators and motorcycles, lawnmowers and detergents with high pressure. And motoblocks – about twenty models, petrol and diesel. The inexpensive and universal option is the “Champion BC9713” motoblock.

Features of the design and the scope of “Champion BC9713”

All models of the Champion Motoblock are usually divided into light and heavily. The first. This is part of the Champion BC9713, has compact dimensions and the simplest design.

The general dimensions and the mass of walking behavior tractor:

  • Length – 1.390 m; Width – 0.8 m; Height – 1.070 m;
  • The mass is 75 kilograms.
  • The depth of soil processing is 15 to 30 centimeters.
  • The width of soil processing is 0.8 meters.
  • The speed of movement for wheels is up to 5-10 kilometers per hour.

The BC9713 engine block is supplied with pneumatic bikes and floor mills. The width of the land cultivation can be regulated by reducing or increasing the number of soil grinding of segments.

The BC9713 champion’s handle can be adjusted in height, and the degree of indentation can also be adjusted due to the presence of a coupon. The handles are rubberized on one of them – a competently and conveniently located “gas” handle. There is a wave of power choices and wide possibilities to use with a variety of hinges and trailer implements. To protect the engine and the operator of the engine block, a special casing is provided from the flying lumps of earth.

“BC9713 Champion” is constructive as easy to use to use the device. Completed this Wanderloss tractor in a persistent case. Like other representatives of this small agricultural machinery, the main components of the Champion BC9713 Motornote are an engine, transmission, gearbox and hinges. The two-erased layout of the Walk behavior’s tractor features three pre-stall positions for greater convenience.

Design features and scope of the champion BC971 3-01

The basic changes are equipped with a manual starter, a chain drive and a mult i-stage gearbox. Traction is controlled by special handles with an ergonomic grip. In addition, these handles can be adjusted

Motobo block engine and gearbox “Champion BC9713”

Motoblocks “Champion BC9713” are equipped with 4-stroke gasoline engines of the brand Meister G210-1HK. This is a compact single-cylinder gasoline OHV engine with the top position of the valves, a cast iron sleeve and air cooling. This power unit is considered the whole season and begins to begin and work steadily, and work steadily even with negative indicators of ambient temperature.

Characteristics of the engine “Champion G210-1HK”:
  • working volume – 212 cubic centimeters;
  • Rated power – 7 hp;
  • We volume of the oil crankcase – 0.60 liters;
  • Kolenchy – Shaft Orientation – Horizontal Crankshaft;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters with a comfortable spacious neck.
  • Fuel consumption – depending on the mode of operation from 1.8 to 3.5 liters per hour.

This tractor for walking injuries is equipped with a transmission with three gears (two forward and one rear) that allows you to choose the optimal speed of movement. A cog-acute gearbox in an oil bath, the design of which has been used repeatedly for many motblocks, is durable and offers a high useful act. The clutch system is belt.

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The ability to work with Ness equipment

As planned by manufacturers, the functionality of the VS9713 champion is possible to improve at the expense of a number of additional options and the widest range of additional devices. Among the most common of them:

  • BOOR E-RACES – is one of the most necessary additions to the VS9713 champion, considering its small mass. They are designed to greatly improve the clutch with the soil to become more complicated than loosening light soils.
  • Plugs are designed for deeper soil processing by the VS9713 Champion (30cm vs. 15cm after soil processing depths).
  • Hellets are additional tools required for cutting and surrounding the beds. The cigns are designed with multiple holes in the rack, allowing you to regulate the depth of processing depending on specific tasks.
  • Switch is a worthy alternative to ordinary hand dragging of weed.
  • Potato Representation Police – Devices for cleaning large volumes of potatoes and other root crops.
  • Pomp – To use the power of the engine block in the pump water.
  • A trolley is an additional towing device for transporting two or three hundredweight of any load.

Opportunities for working with assembly devices

Specific reviews of the owners of engine blocks “Champion VS9713”

Thanks to an attractive price and a modern design that inspires confidence, walk-behind tractors of this brand have gained great popularity and distribution in the vast expanses of the former Soviet Union. There are many reviews of Champion BC9713 walk-behind tractor owners on the Internet, which will allow you to get a fairly reliable impression of the quality and capabilities of this small agricultural machine.

The owners of small household plots unanimously call the “BC9713 Champion” a machine that is quite suitable for their household needs. The engine block differs in reliability, profitability in terms of gas consumption and ease of management. The design is simple and light, providing expanded possibilities when working with mounted and towed equipment. Traction is very good, the air wheels are large and have a deep tread.

The movement of the walk behind tractor is light and smooth thanks to the checked layout and the small mass of the equipment. An additional handle and a special folding handle are provided in the front area of ​​the two-wheel tractor, which make transporting the implement much easier. Compact dimensions are also a clear plus when transporting and storing the two-wheel tractor.

However, not all owners of Champion BC9713 walk-behind tractors speak positively about them. Even those who are generally satisfied with their purchase and have had successful experiences with it over several seasons, note a number of significant disadvantages that cannot be ignored.

First of all, this is the insufficient power and mass of the walk-behind tractor for processing hard and “virgin” soils. Here the previously dug beds and allotments “Champion BC9713” “Champion BC9713” loosens excellently and “with pleasure”. And when he tries his forces on the “virgin soils” – he does not provide an acceptable depth of tillage, “jumps like a goat”. According to the owners of the walk-behind tractor, one has to drive through the same difficult spot “twenty times”, spending an unreasonable amount of gasoline, time, effort and nerves on such a “reusable” treatment.

The installation of heavy cable lugs does not save in such a situation. In addition, one may encounter certain difficulties and delays during the installation. At the same time, according to the confessions of the owners, “half of the walk-behind tractor” will have to be disassembled, since the wings impede the installation of large-diameter studs.

The hand-guided Champion VS9713 tractor clearly does not achieve the declared maximum tillage depth of 30 centimeters – neither with tiller nor with plough. 15 centimeters – yes, he takes that calmly, especially on loose and light soil, but 30 – that’s not possible mechanically either: The two-wheel tractor rests on the ground with a chain drive housing.

Peony in a summer garden

The protective wings also proved to be insufficiently verified, in short: when working with soil cutters, the mooblock “regularly throws pieces of earth over itself” with cutters. Attention many people: Do not set the wheels of the two-wheel tractor to the lowest position! Because in this case they can be torn apart by tillers. With the wheels in this position, the two-wheel tractor can only be rolled to the work and storage areas. When working – only lift to the second or third position.

The abundance of plastic elements in the design of the master BC9713 Walk behavio r-tract cannot be attributed to its advantages. The reliability of individual metallic nodes of the Walk behavior also raises great doubts. Since not all customers were lucky and many received a technology from a fragile, loose, brittle and “raw” metal.

On the Internet you will find many angry reviews about the VS9713 champio n-Motoblocks, such as: “The weak body kit and the raw metal cut off and break completely in the places of the fastening elements, so that you do not can pull ”. About working with the plow: “He started plowing on unprocessed soil. The adjustment screw, in which it is inserted into the plow, flew out constantly, the plow turned out. From the failure, the heel came from virgin countries normally for an hour and was completely exhausted. “About the work with the CUN:“ The plow was replaced by a double hill, after a week he began to prepare the beds on a prepared hundredth. The cigarette bite flew out of the adjustment screw from the clutch, it was overrated that bent bolt itself. So that he does not jump out, I pressed it with a clamp. With grief in half he cut the beds and planted potatoes in 30-40 minutes. A month later, it came to spilling the ground, double cigns and a garden. Two beds passed and – cut the extension cable of the floor. “

There are no complaints about the work of the engine: it starts easily, for the first time, the first time, the even and stable operation, the sound of the engine is not very loud. But the vibration is very important and the belts whistle strongly because they do not regulate them.

According to the owners, the following conclusions can be drawn.

First, the Champion BC9713 is an inexpensive motoblock, but the possibilities of its performance are very limited. It is only suitable for small personal actions and gardens with light soil processing. For serious areas of the earth, heavy and “virgin” soils – there is definitely no.

Second, the quality of the assembly and the materials from which the motoblock “Champion BC9713” is produced is far from being on the right level. After recognizing the sellers of this technology, the purchase is a “lottery”: a strong, high and durable copy can or maybe the opposite.

The cost of the engine unit “Champion BC9713”

The price of the new “BC9713” motor block remains very affordable even after a significant increase in the dollar: within 22 to 26,000 rubles, they demand trade organizations in various regions of Russia for this equipment. In a wide range – troubled and looked up devices for it, under the same “champion”.

There are not many suggestions for the sale of used engine blocks of the AC9713 champions. The price varies from 8 to 15,000 rubles, depending on the technical state of every certain walking.

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