Evaluation of razz lawn mowers. Technical characteristics. Application and operating characteristics

Evaluation of razz lawn mowers. Technical characteristics. Application and operating characteristics

The home of this brand is Denmark. Razzer devices are characterized by high-quality components, long lifespan, excellent technical properties and an affordable price. In order to reduce the costs for cars, your production is carried out in Chinese works.

Lawn mowers of this brand were only delivered to our country relatively short time ago, but now many owners opt for this special brand. Razzer trimmers and lawnmowers are not presented today, so we draw their attention to an overview of lawnmowers.

Razz lawnmower

With these machines, an area with an area of ​​up to 30 hectares is maintained. For comparison: trimmer and lawnmowers can only work with plots of up to 10 hectares.

Thanks to the high performance of the raid lawnmowers, it is possible to edit any type of area, and the design, which is well thought out to the smallest detail, ensures maximum ease of use.

Raid lawnmowers can be operated in three modes: collecting the vegetation in the grass catch basket, side outlet and mulching. The latter option is particularly good because it does not require cleaning of the grass catcher and no further cleaning of the vegetation. It is simply crushed and thrown to the side to fertilize the surface.

Sel f-driving lawnmowers from Razzer do not have to be pushed. It is enough to only steer them in the right direction, which means high productivity at minimal physical costs. The power of the engine is not only distributed on the rotation of the deck, but also on the wheels.


Razzer S511 Vhy-X

This lawnmower is equipped with a 5.9 hp four-stroke petrol engine.

Lawn mower petrol razzer S511 Vhy-X

  • The fuel tank has a volume of 1.5 liters and can guarantee long autonomy of the machine.
  • The diameter of the mower is 51 cm and the capacity of the grass catch bag is 60 liters.
  • The Razzer S 511 weighs 35 kg, which cannot be felt in operation thanks to the rear wheel drive.
Razzer S530 Vhy-X

This model has a petrol engine with an output of 5.9 hp. It is cooled with the help of the air flow.

The Razzer S530 Vhy-X is a self-driving lawn mower with a larger rear wheel diameter that makes it easier to move the machine over the lawn.

Lawn mower Razer S530VHY-X

In contrast to most Chinese lawn mowers, this is not a plastic housing, but a steel case. It protects the engine from external influences.


Recently, buyers of lawnmowers have preferred electrical models. It is very simple: they cost less than gasoline, are more economical, more maintenanc e-friendly, quieter and do not release any harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Electric raid lawnmowers are most commonly used near medical or educational institutions, where the noise level must be kept on a minimum.

Lawn mower Razzer RZ5107

This is a typical representative of a light lawnmower that is ideal for the comfortable processing of a site with an area of ​​up to 15 hectares.

Win your favorite electromaker LM C3302!

The Razzer RZ5107 weighs only 10 kg, which makes transport as easy as possible.

Electrical lawnmower Razzer RZ5107

  • The power of the electric motor of the model RZ5107 achieves 1 kW.
  • The volume of the grass collector of 25 liters is enough for continuous processing of the site for 1 hour.

How do I choose the right Razzer brand lawn mower?

When choosing a lawn mower, you need to answer two questions. How often will you use the device and with what type of vegetation?

If you plan to work on a small lawn near a private house or a private house, then a motorcycle or a trimmer is most suitable for such owners, but they will have to be carried on their shoulders. And they can easily replace the RZ5107 Electric Lawn Mower.

If you work for a long time with high rough vegetation in intensive loads, it is better to choose a petrol model. Such machines are most often used in community or landscape enterprises.

User Guide


In order to maintain the performance of Razzzer lawn mowers, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance according to the schedule presented in the operating instructions.

  • Gasoline models must be seasoned with AI-92 or AI-95 brand high octane clocks.
  • For a crankcase, it is recommended to use company oil for 4-stroke engines or its analogue with the SAE 30 classification.
  • At the end of the work, put the lawn mower away from the residue of dirt and dust. This is done to prevent corrosion.
  • Every 25 hours of operation need to clean fuel and air filters and change the engine oil.

Experience in using electric models

In leading European countries, electric models have long been used, but in our state it is a novelty. But there is nothing wrong with them and they can do a similar job with gasoline.

The only negative is the presence of a cable. The standard length is not large, and you can’t go without wearing it. When working, he should always be behind the device to prevent accidental collision.

Before starting operation, it is necessary to check the cable for the absence of cracks and depressurization.

You cannot use Razzer Electric gas mowers on wet ground after watering or rain, and mud cleaning should occur with a damp rag.

First start instructions

Before starting work on Legislators or Razzer trimmers, the user manual should be examined. It will help to understand the principle of correct and safe operation of a particular model.

First of all, you need to assemble yourself according to the recommendations of the instruction manual, and then pour fuel and oil into the appropriate compartments. Think of the engine and let the machine work within 2-3 hours with a minimal load. During this time, the engine parts carefully lubricate and work as a whole.

After completing this mode, turn off the engine oil.

When operating on the Razzer lawn mower, it is recommended to use protective overalls: a tight-fitting suit, gloves, glasses and closed-toe shoes.

Sign: August 6th to 15th

The main disturbances

Every Razzer lawnmower owner must recognize the ways to correct the most common mistakes. In most cases it is enough to have a basic set of tools and minimal knowledge of the structure of the machine.

When the engine is not powered:
  1. Empty tank with fuel (season);
  2. Contact with the spark plug stretches (fix the clamps);
  3. Excess fuel in the combustion chamber (remove the candle and wipe the electrode);
  4. The gap in the spark plugs increased (set the gap according to the operating instructions);
  5. Low fuel quality (drain and pour again).
The engine does not develop maximum revolutions:
  1. Dirty spark plug (clean or replace);
  2. Fuel is low or of poor quality (share or replace).
  3. The fuel or air filter was contaminated (clean);
  4. Incorrect tuning of the carburetor (contact the service center).

Video review

Tips for choosing a lawn mower will be presented in the next video reviews:

Reviews of the owners

Below are the reviews of Razzer lawn mower owners that they left on Thematic forums:


“I initially wanted a self-propelled model. I have a lawn about 10-12 acres. There used to be a motorcycle, but manually mow these hemorrhoids. The grass constantly grows up to half a meter. This model is without problems with this vegetation. The starter is certainly set, and sometimes you have to twitch 5-7 times. During operation, it behaves stably and keeps the turns. Fuel consumption is not great. I am satisfied with the general exploitation and I can certainly recommend.

Advantages: high performance, steel case, reliability, ease of maintenance.

Evaluation of razz lawn mowers. Technical characteristics. Application and operating characteristics

The 3RZ-Fe engine has high technical characteristics. The engine has a large volume, which was achieved due to the 95 mm diameter of the cylinders. There is a forged crankshaft in the block. Two balancer shafts were installed in the crankcase.

Wendel 3RZ-FE

Toyota Helix with a 3RZ-Fe engine

There is a head with two distribution shafts on the block. 4 valves are provided for each cylinder. Valves (cold engine): inlets 0.15-0.25 mm, exhaust gases 0.25-0.35 mm. The diameter of the intake valves is 37.5 mm, exhaust 30.5 mm.

Every 30,000 km, the valves have to be adjusted, since there are no hydraulic compensators.

Consider the main technical characteristics of 3R Z-FE:

Surname Characteristics
Manufacturer Kamigo plant
engine brand 3r z-fe
volume 2693 cm cube)
perfomance 150 hp
The diameter of the cylinder 95mm
The number of cylinders 4
The number of valves 16
fuel consumption 12.0 liters per 100 km mileage in mixed mode
oil for the engine 0W-30 5W-30 5W-40 10W-30 10W-40 1W-50 15W-50
resource 200+ thousand km
applicability Toyota 4Runner Toyota Hiace Regius Toyota Hilux Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Tuyota T100 Toyota Tacoma

Features and Benefits of Engine vs. Swap

The 1PZ unit is very simple, its design does not lead to significant problems in operation. The only problem is that most of these motors were equipped with 24V electrical elements. When swapping, you need to redo either the car system or the engine electronics. However, there are practically no complex sensors and systems in the unit, so the change is not difficult.

Step-by-step self-checking of the snowblower

The advantages of this power plant model are as follows:

  1. Very big resource. Failing up to 300,000 km is practically impossible, followed by major repairs, and the same amount can be used without problems.
  2. Business. In urban conditions, in the old Prado 10 liters of fuel you can drive 100 km without difficulty.
  3. Good reviews from the owners. There are no problems with adjustments, breakdowns and even spare parts are easy, since there were a lot of copies in Japan.
  4. Easy valve adjustment. Traditional methods without compensators and other unreliable technologies – you only need to fix the gaps every 10-15 thousand km.
  5. Missing disgust before Russian diesel. The engine has no digestive problems, it has practically digested every diesel fuel without any problems.

Does 1PZ have problems?

Too little performance can be a problem for the buyer. The engine is quite large, so it will not be easy to incorporate it into another car. They also notice vibrations during operation – this is a normal factory parameter that depends on an unpaired number of cylinders.

Original parts are quite expensive. It is difficult to replace them with analogue and the costs for analogue are quite high.


The maintenance of 3RZ-FE engines does not differ from standard units in this class. The engines are maintained at intervals of 15,000 km. Some drivers recommend shortening the maintenance interval to 10,000 km.

Pour new motor oil into the engine

However, this has no sense because the engine has high technical properties. So take into account a detailed technical service card:

TO-1: Oil change, oil filter change. Is carried out after the first 1000-1500 km mileage. This phase is also called in, as the elements of the engine are tapped.

TO-2: The second maintenance is carried out after 10,000 km mileage. So the engine oil and the filter are changed again, as well as the air filter element. At this point, the pressure on the engine is also measured.

TO-3: In this phase that is carried out after 20,000 km, a standard oil change, a fuel filter change and a diagnosis of all engine systems are carried out.

To-4: The fourth maintenance may be the easiest. After 30,000 km, only the oil and the oil filter element are changed. Setting the valves.

To-5: fifth to for the engine, like a second wind.

Motors of the series JZ, MZ and RZ from Toyota


To be honest, you can say that this is the most excellent and popular series of the nineties. In some cases, the engines of this series were installed in passenger cars with the rea r-wheel drive of the worl d-famous Toyota, the largest Japanese automotive group.

Snowpflug Patriot Pro 650. Description, video and reviews of the model

A bit of history: originally specialized in the production of looms, a workshop for the assembly of cars was only opened in 1933. To this day, Toyota is the largest company that produces more than a dozen car models and delivers products in almost all corners of the world. The company’s headquarters are located in the city of the same name.

1JZ-GE- Your creators have put on the Crown and Mark II families.

2J Z-GE – with a large volume.

1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-Gte-those who have a turbocharger with an output of three hundred to three hundred and twenty horsepower.

There are usually no weaknesses or disadvantages for the motors listed. Simply use them carefully and carefully, carry out the necessary care. It doesn’t hurt to tell you that the JZ series is susceptible to moisture. The DIS-3 versions in particular do not tolerate moisture. And it turns out that it is not desirable to wash them.

Due to the modernization from 1995-1996, the engines were equipped with a VVT-I system and additionally a distributed ignition. This makes these parts more powerful and a little more economical. You may think that this is a very rare case in which the improved engine of a world-famous Toyota car became less reliable. Unfortunately there are certain defects.

“MZ” (V6, belt)

1Mz-fe, 2mz-fe-in theory, this series should change the VZ series. In fact, the same VZ remained only with liquidated problems.

The first models had a conventional gas distributor, after which the creators discontinued the VVT-I system. Of course, you can be dissatisfied with the presence of an aluminum structure. Car owners are well aware that such engines are almost not suitable for restoration. Also, they are prone to overheating, very, very sensitive to low temperatures. For example, in our winter it can calmly burst. Unfortunately, this list can go on and on. There is a risk of an oil coke, raised halter …

3Mz-fe-The creators produced it mainly for export (America) than for the Russian market.

“Rz” (R4, chain) – are the basic engines that work on gasoline and are produced for jeeps of brands (H.Surf 185 / LC90) and minibuses (HIACE).

3rz-fe-this series is the largest inline four in the entire range. In general, there are no negative reviews about the engines described. However, it is worth considering a very complicated timing drive. A similar engine is most often used as a full-fledged power unit for local Uaz and Gaz. We believe that for a jeep from the Hilux Surf 185 / LC90 family, which will not participate in serious off-road, ie off-road, the engine will be an excellent alternative to turbodiesel. In addition, it becomes more arrogant and less costly with it. It can also be petrol V6 (value only).

  • Don’t sleep behind the wheel. Kia Ceed Test Drive with the powertrain complex
Exotic inner plants - how to take care of them?

Смотреть все фото новости >>

malfunctions and repairs

Like any other engine, Toyota 3RZ has a number of shortcomings that have been exceeded by its senior fellow. Basically, the problems and disadvantages are the same as methods, their solutions. Consider the main malfunctions and elimination of problems:

  • knocking in the engine. When this happens, this is often a stretched timing circuit that needs to be replaced. Valves can also knock – the lack of hydraulic compensators can affect.
  • Vibration. First you should check the motor pads. If the matter is not in them, then you should not pay attention, these are design features of the engine.
  • Increased oil consumption. It’s time to throw the rings. In addition, it is worth checking the oil caps.
  • To swim. It’s worth checking the PXX sensor and throttle.

TNVD 1DZ-II for loader Toyota 62-7fd15

Rusparts deals with supplying full range of spare parts for warehouse cargo equipment (forks) such as Toyota, Komatsu, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Linde, BT, TCM, Caterpillar, JAC, Hyster, Still, Yale, Dawoo-Doosan, Hyundai, Junghein.

Spare parts of original and non-original performance, high quality from the Moscow warehouse and to order. These engines are installed not only on warehouse loaders, but also on excavators, front loaders, bulldozers, graders, mini loaders, etc. Caterpillar, Bomag, Kobelco, Kubota.

A carburetor engine is one of the types of combustion engines with external gasification and autonomous ignition. Carburetor engines are divided into atmospheric engines, in which air or flammable mixture is only embedded due to the vacuum in the cylinder during the suction hub of the piston, and charged motors in which air or a flammable mixture is embedded under generated pressure in the cylinder Compressor to increase the workload with the same work volume and get an increased engine output.

Petrol pump – ensures fuel supply in all engine types. Even a minor malfunction of the fuel pump can take the ability to move independently to the car.

The nozzle is a controlled solenoid valve that is used to spray fuel (petrol, diesel, heating oil) due to the high fuel pressure (several atmospheres for petrol and hundreds to thousands of atmospheres for diesel).

We also offer piston groups, running sockets, piston rings, sealing rates, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, main and connecting rod bearings, inlet and outlet valves, tilt axles, water pumps, cooler, oil pumps, hydraulic pumps, starter and generators, high pressure fuel pump 22100-78229-71, fuel pumps , Injection nozzles, injection nozzles, pairs of plungers, filters and much more. We work with all the regions of Russia.

The delivery to the regions is carried out by a transport company. We invite both specialized companies and end consumers to cooperate. High quality of the delivered spare parts, affordable prices, individual approach to the customer, which distinguishes us from other companies. We look forward to a cooperation with you.

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