Eurolux gasoline trimmer: description, characteristics and rules of use

Gasoline trimmer Eurolux TR-2500T

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Reviews on petrol trimmer Eurolux TR-2500T

Cons: Not improved

Comment: I took this miracle of technology and a very negative opinion. Mowed 100 square meters of grass and this miracle stopped and never started again. The handles are weak and the screws are not tightened. I do not recommend to take this device. Don’t throw me in the arms, I’m on you with the tech.

Comment: Used it for a few days. After pouring the gasoline mixture (10g / 0.5l) into the gas tank, worked well for literally ten minutes. Then started having performance problems: strong engine heat, dirty exhaust and dull heating after warming up at idle. After digging through a bunch of videos and how-to’s, I found the golden mean between mixture concentration, carburetor screw and idle screw (experienced should understand me). Oh, and I forgot, no power wire from the spark plug at all, lots of insulation, but a thin copper wire inside, the stub was obviously ripped off when I first tried to check the soot on the spark plug, screwed it back on. The spark plug was sooty and sooty, at least what was pulling with it. That’s the story. I didn’t and won’t write myself down as a handyman because. I have a lot of “dachshund” gear and everything is fine, but this engineering marvel really made me sweat.

I’m adding after a few jobs: I was able to get it tuned just right, both at idle and in the carburetor. So far everything is working flawlessly, which is certainly a joy. I want to check the spark plug soot and warm up rate. I will add after a few tanks of fuel.

Electric lawnmower Stiga Combi 48E: characteristics, description and rules of use

Advantages: powerful, comfortable.

Disadvantages: Not detected

Comments: Mows everything in the way: small trees, currants, cherries, raspberries, old grass, a piece of fence ripped off, in general, fire!

Pros: Inexpensive, powerful, simple.

Cons: handles come loose over time, screws can vibrate, noisy

Comments: I am basically satisfied, costs pennies, works for 2 years, mowed a small area of a few hundred square meters for my mom and 8 acres for myself. When I bought the plot, everything was growing on it, lilacs, any bushes, small trees. put an auger, everything has decreased significantly. Recently started doing the brains and recently stopped working the trigger, does not grab the starter leaves, I suspect that stupidly gobbled up the plastic. Since the repair queue for 3 weeks in advance, I ordered the same in Leroy for a three-ruble bill, if it will last a couple of years, then fine, even if it is a year, the price is still reasonable, after all, China and for such money from it a lot is not expected.

Pros: only electricity

Disadvantages: 1 rod is aluminum, aluminum is thin and if you grow a gear from the braid and actara, it all deforms the tube and reducer to engage and tighten the rod. There is no way to tighten them. 2 sockets in the rod initially installed flat on the rod and there is no vibration and temperature (on the rod is not affected) 3 when working (two fuel tanks), the carburetor was fixed and the seal was under the carburetor 4 pressed. Immediately the starter failed, most likely from the temperature, as the plastic is soft and everything melted and does not lock into place. The experience of using the Two Day is sad when you have the material, hands, desire and information that this builder can come to mind.

Comment: Everything needs to be updated and expanded, greased and re-positioned and reinforced to put the socket locks in the bar.

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Eurolux fire cutter. Specifications and operating rules

Brand Eurolux (Eurolux) belongs to a German company with production facilities in China. Eurolux equipment is used for the care of personal actions, areas of private homes and public facilities. It is successfully used by Gärtner, the owner of greenhouses. The whole range of products is made on powerful devices.

Eurolux trimmers in action

All equipment Euroluks passes the quality test, and branded products are sold at the best price, which is not high for domestic consumers. Geography of the brand is also wide: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus and the Baltic countries.

The purpose of the produced garden equipment is for domestic use. Eurolux Benzocosa is especially popular due to its simple design, easy operation and optimal price. Its main purpose is maintenance of ornamental lawns, hedge trimming, orienting grass under trees, mowing weeds.

However, the task of gasoline generators from Euroluks is to facilitate construction and repair work on an industrial scale.

The cooling system in the gasoline cutter is air. Trimmer starting is provided by electronic ignition. Therefore, it is easy to start after a break in the work of the power tiller and can work with the declared force.

Advantages of Euroluks machinery:

  • recognizable design;
  • Simple design (including a convenient handle, which does not interfere during work);
  • Reliable pneumatic motors;
  • Two types of cutting elements;
  • affordable price;
  • Easy assembly and maintenance;
  • Large selection of models.

Process sector conspiracy from Euroluks

The manufacturer’s range includes the following products:

  • Chainsaws, chain saws;
  • Power generators;
  • Gasoline generators;
  • Power Plants.

Benzor cutter Eurolux

  • Europe TR-800T (Power 1.09 hp);
  • Europe TR-1000T (Power 1,36 hp);
  • Europe TR-1300T (power 1.77 hp);
  • Europe TR-1500T (2.04 hp power);
  • Europe TR-1900T (power 2.58 hp);
  • Europe TR-2500T (power 3.4 hp).

Europe TR-1900T Euro-Tr-800T Euro-Tr-100luch-Tr-1300T Euro-Tr-2500T

Cordless and electric trimmers are not represented in the lineup today.

The best trimmer models from the brand Eurolux

The most popular model of gasoline trimmer among all representatives of the lineup is the portable Europa TR-1300T. It is equipped with a two-stroke engine with air cooling. Electronic ignition, the fuel tank holds 700 ml of fuel mixture. The mowing width is 25.5 cm, the boom is one-piece, the weight of the device is only 7 kg.

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Eurolux TR-1300T

This model is appreciated by owners for its ease of operation, low weight and power. Of course, there are more powerful trimmers available, but they are heavier and more expensive than this power tiller. The Eurolux TR 1300T is optimal for plots up to 600 m².

Instruction and maintenance for the petrol garden trimmer

To ensure that the trimmer serves for many years and is in good condition, follow these rules of operation of the device:

  • Always start the outdoor unit, avoid being in an enclosed area with the trimmer running.
  • Make sure all connections are secure and the unit is ready for operation before starting.
  • Clean the lawn area of large and small solid objects, such as debris, branches, and glass – when the blade rotates, objects may fly off at high speed and pose a hazard to both the machine and the operator.
  • Hold the tiller with the cutting attachment at an angle of about 60 degrees to the lawn surface.
  • Incorrect oil to gasoline ratios can damage the engine, read the unit’s instruction manual carefully.
  • Mix combustibles in a separate container specially designed for this purpose;
  • Wear protective equipment (mask or goggles, earplugs or ear muffs, gloves, closed shoes) when operating the power tiller.

Oil and fuel

The working mixture for trimmers with two-stroke engines must consist of AI-92 gasoline and mineral oil specially formulated for two-stroke engines. Flammable substances should be mixed with 25 grams of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. This proportion is suitable for all machines in the Eurolux range.

The fuel mixture should be changed every month. If the bike is used constantly, one refill should be enough for about forty minutes. After the first pass of 5 mats check the condition of the trimmer, make sure that all major components are working properly and are well secured.

The universal oil suitable for any 2-stroke engine is SAE10W-30.

Chevron SAE 10W-30 Supreme engine oil

Possible malfunctions

malfunction because solution
1. Unit loses power or engine stops during operation The fuel, air filter, or muffler may be dirty. If fuel is the cause, use the correct brand of fuel. Clean the fuel filter and remove carbon deposits from the muffler
2. Poor mowing practices. Too dense vegetation.

Grass has wrapped around the nozzle.

Work out a spot for multiple visits.

Stop trimmer, clean grass nozzle.

Video review of the Eurolex gasoline trimmer

Review of the dachshund trimmer, similar in characteristics to the Euro-1300T motoblock. If you own one of the Eurolux trimmer models, leave a link to your video review in the comments to the article.

Reviews of owners of the European technique Evrolux

Eugene, 45, Chernivtsi:

“I work gasoline trimmer Eurolux, tr-800 t, which I honestly bought because I really needed a lawn mower, I did not particularly choose, as they say, took what they saw. Surprisingly, it was a quality product, though until the purchase, I had not even heard of this manufacturer.

Advantages: for a small lawn in front of the house its power is enough. Gasoline consumption is moderate, I can not say that it is very economical, but I use it very rarely, for example, once every couple of weeks. Very convenient and lightweight.

Cons: Modest performance, and in my opinion it is only a budget model.

Nikolay, 36 years old, Krasnodar:

“It was interesting to read the review, I have not worked with trimmers of this manufacturer. Now I use a gasoline lawnmower “Energomash”, it is approximately similar in description and characteristics to the model described in the video review. Now I know what equipment I should pay attention to.

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