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Eurolux GS-4516 gasoline chainsaw

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Reviews of the Eurolux GS-4516 chain saw

Advantages: Great saw in terms of tank capacity and oil supply. It lasted me 4 days with no end in sight.

Comments: For me a very good product I am shocked. I have had this neighbor for two years now. I regret returning it.

Pros: Starts great after running a few gasoline armor at medium rpm. Adjusted to the rpm and totally suited to building yeast billets.

Disadvantages: The starter rear was replaced under warranty with a soft starter.

Cons: Great chainsaw for the second year, everything is easy to drink, highly recommended to buy

Weaknesses: Couldn’t find it yet.

Comment: very handy you could easily see the good chain

Advantages: good surfactant recommend to all

Advantages: price. Bought on Bure as one of the cheapest for rare jobs. Did not expect much from it. Picked it up easy right off the bat, but had a hard time starting it up. In the future, laid down a cold one. When hot, the saw starts with no problem. Also sucks well.

Disadvantages: After two dozen times of use, the starter broke. Took it under warranty from the service center. After a week of diagnostics, was told that the judgment is not a warranty.

Comment: can someone tell me? Is breaking the starter not a warranty? Is the starter a consumable item?

Comment: I haven’t noticed a bad thing. I’ve only had it a week, but I like the design and the design not so much like my partner’s, but I recommend adjusting the idle speed or it will jump when warming up.

Advantages: Didn’t have enough juice for three packs.

Comments: Wanted to order this saw for outdoor use. Ordered it, but then happened to see it in the store, checked it out and found I had to cancel the order. It is hard to call it a tool, cracks everywhere, the assembly is disgusting, the start button is uncomfortable, the repair will break very quickly. Do not even think about it.

Disadvantages: The plastic is not available in castings

Comments: Time will tell.

Advantages: Image – consistent with the advertising.

Disadvantages: The saw is assembled without bars, and in order not to assemble the saw with the bar and chain, the instructions do not include a detailed description and picture of the junction of the tensioner and cover with the body.

Comment: The G S-4516 Passport Power 2.3kW on the website -. I bought the saw on 11/11/19. My address is, Victor.

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Advantages: price, the saw is good, fast.

Disadvantages: What are the disadvantages for this price?

Comments: I read different reviews on this saw, but still made the order, fit the saw without difficulty, everything is satisfactory. Fires up quickly and runs smoothly. I am completely satisfied with the purchase so far and even 1.8kW in the description, but the docks said 2.3kW. No one knows what to believe.

Advantages: not complicated, not noisy.

Disadvantages: The plastic is brittle.

Comment: Great chainsaw, saws well, it does not smell of plastic, but the battery plastic, it is fragile. But I advise a great thing.

Comment: great value for money.

Pros: price, in the winter as the cheapest.

Disadvantages: The system requires adjustment of the carburetor and the oil pump

Comment: I took it for the winter, it’s enough for my home.

The cons: It is a great saw for the money. It starts up with half a turn.

Disadvantages: I haven’t found any serious shortcomings yet, for a saw for 3700 rubles, it’s really something that is not quiet and not Husqvarna.

Comment: it’s a great saw for such small money. It is suitable even for working at home. At home I saw wood. 12 cubic meters, 6 meters of decent thickness. Saws great. Of course, I did not force it, loaded moderately, but I have already paid for himself, we have a bunch of wood sawed probably for 300-400 rubles per cubic meter. I bought the saw for 3700, that’s how you count. Of course, the chain sharpened more than once. I bought a chain Oregon Oregon 91P057E 16 “3/8” 1.3 mm 57 and Makskut. Cheap chains. Oregon saw, low performance Chain is low. Next time I will take the Oregon 91 VXL 057. Overall, I am quite happy with the saw. It is certainly cheap, but if you look at the availability of parts online and their low price, I have not regretted taking on this file. It starts up in half a turn, I like it. I had an experience with a reputable company, and I myself had a bad experience with engines, she drank my brains out with her hands. And for home use, I repeat that the saw is not bad, of course, with the appropriate treatment of the tool. In general, I recommend it.

Disadvantages: Not set suction, you have to hold with your hand when you start.

Comment: in general the test looked. Got it together without any problems. Started with the starter 10 times. I adapted the idle speed. Filled up with the full amount of oil. I think I need to change the original, but first I will buy the factory)) very pleased with the price, I recommend it. There is also the first saw, works well. China Shchida started to produce well.

Advantages: It’s a great saw and gets a good start. Hasn’t let me down once yet.

Disadvantages: Not yet presented.

Comments: Can’t really compare, but I’m very happy with my purchase. I recommend it to everyone for home use.

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The advantages: it’s cheap.

Disadvantages: the quality is very poor. China. Can not stand overheating and stupid chains.

Comment: it is possible to take. Great. Works in the house for a while until the RTI is petrified. Exactly power loss, unstable RPMs and other problems to check filters. .

Eurolux chainsaw. Overview of the list. Chainsaw. advantages and disadvantages

The transnational company Eurolux is of German origin and was founded in the mid-20th century. In its early years, the company was engaged in the production of household appliances, then the products produced were greatly expanded to include the production of chain electrics and chainsaws Eurolux.

In the early 2000s, the company moved its main production base to China, where several modern factories were built. Here, Eurolux chainsaws are manufactured and assembled under the supervision of German engineers and technologists. Most of the manufacturing processes are automated, which has a positive impact on product quality. It is noteworthy that many of the components and assemblies come from the European and Japanese manufacturers of the devices. The company’s products are certified in dozens of countries around the world and meet all quality and safety requirements, which is confirmed by appropriate documents. Shareholders of “Eurolux GmbH&Co. KG” in the former Soviet Union is the company Huter.

Management of industrial group “Eurolux GmbH&Co. KG” has a balanced pricing policy and does not overprice its products. Today the Eurolux chainsaw can be bought at a price of 4,300 to 4,700 rubles.

Features of Eurolux chainsaws:
  • factory assembly on high-tech equipment;
  • High maintainability and availability of original spare parts;
  • Information and technical support of the manufacturer;
  • Absence of fakes on the market.

Eurolux chainsaw range

Production of chainsaws is not a priority for the company. Therefore, in the Eurolux model range, you can find only two gasoline chainsaws, the characteristics and operational features of which are devoted to our review.

Eurolux GS-4516

Domestic universal saw, designed for home works. The tool is successfully used for the preparation and sawing of a small amount of firewood, during the construction and repair of residential and household buildings, pruning of trees, hedge trimming. The chainsaw is equipped with a 2.3-hp (1800-watt) two-stroke single-cylinder engine and comes with a saw kit that includes a 12-inch guide bar and a 52-link chain.

In their reviews, tool owners note the saw’s ergonomic, well-balanced body and comfortable rubberized grips. The fuel economy of this model is noteworthy in comparison with its counterparts – the fuel savings are achieved through the use of an upgraded air purification system. Cold engine start is facilitated by the primer, which pumps fuel into the carburetor.

Eurolux GS-4516 chainsaw is equipped with all modern systems, providing comfort and safety of the operator. A metal tooth limiter is provided in the basic package for a reliable fixation of the wood, and the built-in double-drake brake stops the chain instantly in unexpected situations. The device has a rather impressive weight (7 kg), which is compensated by the ergonomic housing and effective action of the anti-vibration system.

High technical and performance characteristics of the Eurolux GS-4516 model are combined with an affordable price. Today this chainsaw can be purchased at a price of 4,300 rubles.

Eurolux GS-5220.

Another household saw for universal use from Eurolux. It is equipped with a 3.3-hp 2-stroke engine with air cooling function, a 500-mm-diameter guide bar and a 76-link chain. This configuration allows you to use the saw for a variety of jobs, including non-industrial felling of trees up to 70 centimeters in diameter. The use of a more powerful engine and saw headset resulted in an increased weight of up to 7.5 kg in working condition.

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For operator safety, the chainsaw is equipped with a locking system against accidental start-up, a metal tooth stop and a reliable double-action inertia brake. When starting the engine in cold weather, it is recommended to use a primer to pump fuel into the carburetor (2-5 button presses are sufficient). The model is equipped with an easy-to-access improved air filter and a tool-less saw chain tensioner.

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According to owners, the device has an ergonomic design and convenient location of the control tools. Also note the effective work of the multi-point anti-vibration system.

With such serious characteristics, the chainsaw Eurolux GS-5220 is offered at a very affordable price – 4700 rubles.

Unpacking and assembling the Eurolux chainsaw

  • Before buying a Eurolux chainsaw, check the body for visible defects, ask the seller to fix the problems or replace the saw with a similar one.
  • Ask your dealer to check the engine to make sure it is in working order.

Important: According to national law, the buyer has 14 days to contact the seller and request a refund, replacement of the product, or correction of the defect. However, we believe that it is best to solve all problems directly when you buy your Eurolux chainsaw.

  • Read the manual carefully, familiarize yourself with the construction of your chainsaw, its technical and operating characteristics, recommendations for operation and maintenance, and safety requirements;
  • Install the saw set according to the instructions in the manual;
  • Carry out a thorough visual and tactile inspection of all assemblies and parts, make sure they are securely fastened, if necessary retighten the fastening screws and nuts;
  • Prepare fuel mixture, fill the automatic lubrication system of the saw set;
  • Inspect the Eurolux chain saw body for oil or gasoline stains. If you find any, look for the cause of the leak and repair the leak.

Important: Do not operate the saw if fuel or oil is spilled – this could ignite the tool and cause serious injury or property damage to the operator.

  • Engage the chain stop brake, fasten the Eurolux chain saw securely and start the engine following the engine start recommendations;
  • Check the automatic lubrication system of the chainsaw.

Important: To check if the automatic lubrication system is working, take a clean piece of paper and hold the bar over the sheet and press the gas pedal button to accelerate the chain. The appearance of many drops of oil on the sheet indicates the condition of the oil pump and the entire system.

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Fuels and lubricants for Eurolux chain saws

The Eurolux chainsaw has an air-cooled, single-cylinder, two-stroke engine. These engines are lubricated with oil, which is added to the gasoline during fuel preparation. The fuel mixture for the 2-stroke engine is made from two ingredients: high octane AI 92-95 gasoline and special engine oil.

  • Pour about 800 ml into a clean container. Gasoline;
  • Add oil using a medical syringe in the ratio of 1/25;
  • Stir the fuel.

The Eurolux chainsaw is entered with the saw system assembled – this is a prerequisite. During the first start-up phase it is necessary to idle the tank 1-2 times with normal fuel for 25-35 seconds. It is forbidden only to run the engine at idle, this leads to a decrease in performance and shortens the life of the parts of the piston group.

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Now we prepare the fuel mixture in a ratio of 1/50. These are the proportions recommended by the manufacturer for continuous operation of the Eurolux chainsaw. It is recommended to spend 7-9 filling the tank in a gentle mode (not overheating and not overloading the engine), before you start full operation of the tool.

Recommended engine oils for Eurolux chain saws
  • Stihl HP
  • Husqvarna-HP
  • Oleo-Mac prosint
  • Master Jaso FD
  • Vitals semi-synthetic

The Eurolux chainsaw is equipped with a modern automatic lubrication system, which also needs high-quality detention oil from reliable manufacturers:

  • Husqvarna chain oil
  • Oleo-Mac chain oil
  • Mannol chain oil
  • Liqui Moly Suge chain oil
  • Stihl Wald Plus

Diesel and transformer oil are not recommended as lubricants, it is strictly forbidden to use hemp, waste oil and other substitutes.

Starting a chain saw with a cold Eurolux engine

Starting a hot Eurolux chainsaw engine does not hide any secrets and does not require any special skills – the main thing here is not to “pour” the engine. To avoid this, you should not use a primer when starting the engine.

It is quite another matter to start the engine after a long idle time or in cold weather. To avoid wasting too much time and effort, we recommend that you use some simple guidelines:

  • Place your Eurolux chainsaw on the floor with your foot on the rear handle bracket;
  • Move the ignition lever to the “one” position;
  • Pull the choke out of the housing and block the air supply to the carburetor.
  • Pump hand pump (primer) fuel into carburetor (2-5 clicks are sufficient);
  • Rotate the crankshaft with the starter until it stops and then pull the cable vigorously;
  • Start the engine, let it run at high speed for 15-20 seconds, then push the gas lever into the housing and let the engine idle.

pros and cons


  • Reliable high-speed engine;
  • Easy-start starter with automatic cable return;
  • Improved, easily accessible air filter;
  • Pump for manual priming of fuel into carburetor (primer);
  • Reliable instant-stop chain brake;
  • Ergonomic housing and conveniently located controls;
  • Business protection and high-quality vibration damping system.
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  • Weak tire and chain;
  • Unfortunate design of the chain tensioner;
  • Requires high quality power and lubricant.

Eurolux chainsaw: Watch online video reviews

There are still no videos on the Internet about the TASOSOMOTOR chainsaws from Europa chain. This manufacturer’s chainsaws are not much different from most Chinese mid-priced saws in their construction, operation, repair and maintenance features.

How to choose a quality Chinese factory-assembled Eurolux chain:



How to properly start the engine of a budget Euroluks chainsaw:



What they write on forums: Reviews of Kettenshaw Eurolux owners

Arkady Semshov, 51, Nizhny Novgorod region:

For a villager, a chainsaw, the first assistant on the farm, without logging or firewood, you can’t make repairs in the house or bathroom. I had no money for expensive brand-name tools, so I decided to limit myself to the budget Eurolux GS-520. In principle, not a bad unit. Sufficiently powerful and reliable motor, good assembly, well-balanced body. Of course, there are also disadvantages. Immediately I had to change the chain, and after a few months and the tire. At that time I had already noticed that the 20-inch tire was too long for such a motor, so I changed to 18 inches and have no regrets, the Eurolux performance has only increased.

Victor Komaritskiy, 37, Primorsky Krai:

I did not buy the Eurolux GS-5220 chainsaw – gave it to my wife, she says that my father recommended it. In principle, it is an ordinary Chinese with its own advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage is the price. For such money you can not buy a brand tool. I also find the engine reliable, although the claimed characteristics do not correspond to the real parameters, primers are very helpful when starting the engine. The quality of Euroluks chainsaw assembly leaves much to be desired. The saw chain does not stand up – the teeth sit down very quickly, apparently on the metal. The tensioner did not fall – the chain constantly floats, no matter how it holds the washer.

Advantages: price, reliable engine, availability of primer, high fuel system;

Disadvantages: the low quality of the saw headset, unfortunate design of the chain tensioner.

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