Engine blocks Centaur MB 1070D. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Engine blocks Centaur MB 1070D. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

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Motoblock Centaur MB 1070D (7 hp) is a large universal unit developed on the basis of the well-known motoblock Zirka SH-61, which was previously discontinued.

Designed to carry out a wide range of agricultural work on land up to 2 hectares, transport various goods weighing up to 0.5 tons and cleaning the territory. Can be combined with a variety of attachments.

The average price on the market is 14-15 thousand rubles.

Motoblock Centaur MB 1070D Motoblock circa SH-61

Currently this version is not in production, a more productive Centaur MB 1080D machine with a capacity of 9 hp has been developed. An identical model with electric starter and battery Centaur MB 1071D is very popular.

Centaur MB 1071D Centaur MB 1080D

Technical characteristics

engine model Circa R175AN
type of engine 4-stroke, diesel
number of cylinders 1
engine power 7.0 HP
engine volume 353cc
fuel type diesel
fuel tank volume 6.0l
cooling type water
startup type Manual
transmission reduction gear
number of speeds 6 forward / 2 back
machining width 75cm
processing depth 15cm
The weight 190kg


The engine block is equipped with the professional, economical R 175 AN diesel engine with liquid cooling.

The presence of a forced lock differential and a solid weight of the machine (210 kg) ensure high maneuverability in hard-to-reach places on difficult terrain. Good maneuverability is made possible by the large dimensions of the transport wheels.

The presence of 2 PTO shafts: the front belt – for connecting active implements and the rear gearbox – for the soil cutter, makes the walk-behind tractor a multifunctional technique.

Stable work with hillers, mowers, potato diggers and potato planters, plows, pumps, trailers possible.

Video review of the operation of the Centaur MB 1070D with various attachments:

The continuous-contact, single-disc clutch keeps the Centaur running and braking smoothly. The machine is equipped with durable ring brakes with internal spreader pads.

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A wide range of speeds – 6 forward and 2 reverse – makes it possible to choose the optimal working rhythm depending on the mounted units. Cultivation parameters with an active soil cutter are: depth 80-140 mm, width – 700 mm.


As any equipment is used, wear and tear of components and mechanisms is inevitable. Due to the loss of consumer properties due to the development of the declared resource, individual parts no longer perform their direct functions. In such cases, repair or complete replacement of elements is required.

Malfunctions of the gearbox of the walk-behind tractor often occur:

  1. clutch slips
  2. doesn’t turn off completely
  3. Excessive noise appears in the gearbox.

The causes of dry multi-plate clutches slipping are often oily dirt on the plates, the destruction of their friction layer, the lack of the required play between the release bearing and the pressure piece, and the weakening of the compression spring.

Incomplete clutch disengagement occurs due to:

  • violation of cable tension from the control handle,
  • Slice deformations, the jams of which on the slots,
  • Wrong oil.

Foreign sounds in the gear are the result of wear on storage and gear wheels, oil deficiency, lack of quality or insufficient tightening of fastening elements. Warehouse wear is usually a harbinger of serious defects.

It is obvious that careful handling of the singl e-axle tractor, timely maintenance according to the operating instructions are the basis for its reliable operation and its durability.

The Motoblock model Centaur MB 1070D is still very popular and can turn into capable hands into a powerful technology that is in no way inferior to a full-fledged mini-tractor in its efficiency.

Unique mini tractor from the Motorblock Centaur MB 1070D:


Reviews about the Centaur MB 1070D are mostly positive. It is functional and powerful, suitable for every cultivation device.

Leonid, Odessa:

I use the MB Centaur 1070 Diesel mainly on the floor when growing and planting potatoes. There are many work in the household in large quantities: with a trailer, a shovel, a pump. I don’t regret it even though I suddenly paid a large amount, now you can find it cheaper.

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Nikolai, Sumi:

I was convinced that it is better to plow my country with distant bikes, I have attached tunnels, so it is much better. Centaur 1070d has been working on my farm for 4 years, I am satisfied, but is a bit difficult.

Motoblock Centaur MB 1070d. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Motoblock Centaur MB 1070D was developed by the famous Chinese manufacturer Centaur. This is one of the most difficult modifications that are designed for the professional processing of all types of floors on a property of up to two hectares. This model has low and high corridors. The halogen headlight is installed for the convenience of work at night.

Engine block Centaur 1070d

For more user comfort, it is recommended to use the han d-led Tractor Centaur MB 1070D together with an adapter. When transporting pieces and bulk goods, you should take the load capacity of the trailer into account – up to 500 kg. The cost of the Motoblock Centaur 1070D this year vary between 18 and 19500 thousand UAH. (9-10 thousand rubles)

Features of the engine block Centaur MB 1070D:
  • The mass of the sel f-driving singl e-axle truck Centaur MB 170D is 210 kg.
  • The device is equipped with a professional diesel power plant R175AN with a capacity of 7 liters. With. With radiator water cooling.
  • Start the engine with an inertia starter.
  • Mechanical gears with six forwards and two backward passages.
  • The focus is lowered, which increases the stability of the han d-led tractor.
  • Unlocking the wheel differential improved maneuverability.
  • The practical adjustable handle is most convenient for the operator. B
  • Large air tires with a chevron profile ensure a high flotation under different working conditions.
  • The maximum processing depth with milling is 19 cm, the width of the edited area in one round 75 cm.
engine model Circa R175AN
type of engine 4-stroke, diesel
number of cylinders 1
engine power 7.0 HP
engine volume 353cc
fuel type diesel
fuel tank volume 6.0l
cooling type water
startup type Manual
transmission reduction gear
number of speeds 6 forward / 2 back
machining width 75cm
processing depth 15cm
The weight 190kg
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A special feature of this professional han d-led tractor Centaur 1070D is an additional tap wave (the first is a strap, the second a gear). As with conventional Centaur motor blocks, the rotators are not plugged into the drive shaft, but are hooked in the form of essays on the pawn wave.

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Pflow separating grinder potato rotor hitch adapter potato mallet potato roll rotor segment mower Saber cutter shark shovel blade double head

The strap wave is used for the aggregation with a motorized device by active attachments such as mowers, snow blower, brushes, etc.

User Guide

Instructions – an document that makes the new owner of a heavy agricultural machine known with all the skills and properties of the device. It describes:

  • Motoblock device Centaur MB 1070D (diagrams and descriptions are attached).
  • Principles of secure work with it.
  • Properties of the MB 1070d model.
  • Guidelines for the first commissioning of the power plant with subsequent entry.
  • Maintenance of the unit.
  • List of errors.

Motoblock is a device that works with combustible liquids and has many rotating elements (milling cutters, straps, etc.) that are exposed to high temperatures.

Knowledge of the safe way of working with the device helps to avoid injuries and accidents from both the operator himself and his relatives.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the full version of the operating instructions for the han d-led Tractor Centaur 1070D: Operating instructions for the han d-led Tractor Centaur 2070D

First run and enema

The preparation for the (first) engine start includes:

  • Fill the tanks with work fluids (oil in the crankcase, diesel fuel into the tank and water into the cooler);
  • Check tire pressure;
  • Make sure that all fastening elements are tightened.
The main types and the timing of trim trim and bushes

After that, all actions that are specified in the instructions for the first start are carried out one after the other. The engine has started – we drive in (drive in). The procedure takes about 10 hours.

Motoblock enema includes:

  • Warm up the engine.
  • Then the device runs for 2 hours without load, for 15 minutes in each of the speeds.
  • The next 2 hours will be loaded with a quarter of the engine power (all gears are checked).
  • Another 2 hours with a load of half output and finally the last 2 hours with a load of three quarters of the performance.
  • A complete oil change is carried out at the end of the enema.


The instruction describes the necessary list of work that must be strictly carried out according to the deadlines specified in the table. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the work that the operator of the singl e-axle tractor has to do before and after each work layer.

The maximum oil and fuel level

Before starting work:

  • Checking the reliability of screw connections;
  • Oil and fuel control;
  • Cooling agent control;
  • Is the tire pressure right?

After field work:

  • Cleaning nodes and mechanisms from pollution;
  • Wash and dry the han d-led tractor;
  • Lubrication with special materials.

Basic problems and solutions

It is common for every technology to fail, and the han d-led Tractor Centaur MB 1070D is no exception. Let us describe some of the malfunctions, input the han d-led diesel tractors.

The gearbox makes sharp, uncharacteristic noises:

  • Power oil of poor quality;
  • The oil expires;
  • Warehouse wear;
  • The warehouse is incorrectly installed;
  • Gears are worn out or teeth are damaged;
  • There are ridges on the gears.
  • wear of the friction disc;
  • Dirt is crap on friction discs;
  • The clutch spring failed;
  • There is no gap between the bracket and the bearing.

The engine does not start:

  • The fuel ended or poor quality;
  • The fuel system clogged;
  • The pum p-fo r-head is clogged or failed;
  • The filter requires cleaning or replacement.
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The drive belt slips:

  • The belt is weakened or not adjusted;
  • Oily mud stuck at the belt;
  • belt clothing.

Video review

Checking the tillers by the Motor Block Centaur 1070d

Checking the work of the diesel engine block Centaur 1070d

Reviews of the owners

Sergey, 51 years old:

“The machine is excellent, self-propelling, stable, easily controlled and can be tasked with any soil. I bought a Centaur as an assistant for potatoes 4 years ago. I am satisfied with the result, all processes are mechanized, I put a net (spied on a video), cleaning became even more efficient and faster. “

Alexander, 44 years:

“The motoblock is excellent, nobody argues, and the assembly is decent. The only negative is the depth of processing 15-19 cm, and even then 19 in two approaches or with a very soft bottom. It starts out easy, albeit tolerated by a handbrake with proper care, just perfectly. “

Yuri, 48 years old:

“I’ve had this motblock since last year, he has shown himself well, driving more than 500 kg with the trailer, the speed, but he struggled with the tasks. It goes smoothly, stable, excellent manoeuvrability, although it was heavy I had to sweat during the first set. I’m waiting for the new season. “

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