Energy chainsaw: Overview of the range with brief specifications

Overview of the creation of chainsaws Energomash. Technical characteristics and rules of operation

– Domestic manufacturer of garden and industrial equipment. The company has been producing in Russia for over 75 years. The production is part of the Commonwealth of the German company Sturm (Sturm). Chainsaws Energy is one of the major products manufactured by the company, the most popular products.

Energy chainsaws

The assortment of Energy includes chainsaws for use in many industries. The manufacturer produces chainsaws for use

  • for personal use;
  • in industry;
  • in the garden;
  • In private workshops.

Description of chainsaws

Energy chainsaws are high-quality devices that are used in many areas of human life. The company makes more than 15 chainsaw options for use by professionals and hobbyists.

The whole line has a high quality and excellent technical properties. This is due to the use of materials, plastics and high quality protective compounds that prevent structural damage. All energy devices are classified as professional and semi-professional.

The classification of line products depends on:

  • technical characteristics;
  • weight of the product;
  • Energy;
  • Quality and manufacturers of components.

A side note. Based on the fact that Energyh collaborates with the manufacturer Sturm, some of the models presented by the company are based on German components.


Production facilities of the brand Energyh are located in China. Production is established on the financing lines of the factories AEG, Ryobi, Sturm and Stiga. Continuous internal quality control has been introduced into the production system.

The energy brand chainsaws have all the necessary certificates of conformity. Thus, the end user can be confident in the reliability of purchased products.

Technical characteristics of energy chainsaws

The standard package includes an instruction manual, which displays the technical features of a particular model. Before buying a product, this information can be displayed on the company’s official website, in the online store or on our website. Countries of production: Russia, China.

Energy chainsaw in action

Energomash is a large company, which has several branches in BP China. On this basis, many products of this brand can be manufactured in China. Because of this, the quality of the product is reduced. To avoid buying more products, it is recommended to pay attention to the bar code and the price. Products made in China are always a little cheaper than the original.

about the company

Trade mark “Energy” is a well-known Russian manufacturer of tools and appliances. At present, the company’s assortment consists of more than 150 units of products. Especially popular with consumers are chainsaws of this brand.

The use of up-to-date equipment, foreign-made components and constant quality control of the products have enabled the “Energia” chain saws to win the trust of the customers.

Review of 6 best chainsaws Energomash BP-37, BP-45, BP-52, PT-9937B, PT-9945B, PT-9952B


  1. Energomash 9937B (small model for home use).
  2. Energomash 99458 (semi-professional model).
  3. Energomash 9945B (lightweight, compact model for gardening).
  4. Energomash 9952B (domestic model with BOSCH components).
  5. Energomash 99451B (semi-professional chainsaw, can be used for industrial logging).
  6. Energomash 99522B (professional chainsaw).
  7. Energomash BP-37 (domestic chainsaw).
  8. Energomash BP-45.
  9. Energomash BP-52 (semi-professional model with high output).
  10. Energomash PT-99468.
  11. Energomash PT-99416.
  12. Energomash PT-99418.
  13. Energomash PT-99466.
  14. Energomash PT-99468.

BP line chain saws are designed for home use, for use on private plots, in the garden and in small workshops for sawing parts of wooden structures.

reviews of owners


“I chose a chainsaw for my own use, so I approached the choice responsibly. I didn’t want to buy an imported one, as it was much more expensive. After consulting with the seller, I took the Energomash PT-99468. Its power is enough for me. A similar rest costs two and a half times as much. Now I use it intensively almost every day, as I prepare wood for the bath. Handles without problems, works relatively quietly, no vibrations, fuel consumption is not great. I definitely recommend it!”

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“I’ve been using an Energomash chainsaw for three years now. And I can say that for such a price, there are simply no analogues. It is a savvy representative of the common laborer, which is ready to work long and trouble-free. I have never had any problems with parts. The chain is still intact, even though it has been under a lot of stress at times. Had to sharpen the cutters a few times and that’s it. I like it a lot. Pros: Quality parts, reliable performance, inexpensive Cons: None.

Flagship models

Among the entire line of chainsaws “Energomash” top or flagship models are budget models, designed for use in the garden or at the cottage. As a rule, “Energomash” products are not bought for industrial use. According to the reviews of owners, professional and industrial chainsaws of the company are best used only in the home.

Now let’s take a closer look at the most popular models.

Energomash 99451 B.

This is a semi-professional model, its power is 2400 W or 3.2 liters. Such a chainsaw perfectly copes with different types of wood, including hardwoods.

Chainsaw Energomash PT-99521B

The model is equipped with a rugged, impact-resistant body, which allows you to work in a variety of conditions. The air-cooling system of the engine prevents overheating and loss of power during operation.

Tire length, cm45 Power (hp)3.9
Engine displacement,cm349.3 Power (kW)2.9
Sawing class semi-professional Tank capacity, l0,55
Oil tank capacity, l0,26 One-hand operation no
easy start Idle speed, rpm 3100

Energomash PT-99521B chain saw instruction manual

Energomash BP-52.

Energomash BP-52 – the flagship, which has become popular among dacha owners due to its high performance and 50 cm long bar. This model completes the BP series and is the latest modification.

Chainsaw Energomash BP-52

In this model, the engineers of the company tried to eliminate all the shortcomings that were found in previous developments.

Manufacturer Energia
Manufacturer BP-52
primer Check out
Automatic oil supply for the chain Да
Busbar length (cm) 50
Number of chain members 76
horsepower) 3.5
Power rating (kW) 2.6
Working volume (cm³) 52
Oil tank capacity (l) 0.26
Fuel tank capacity (l) 0.55
Chain brake Да
Noise level (dB) 114
Chain division (customs) 0.325
Package size (mm) 525 x 270 x 315
Tool total weight without packaging and accessories 5.7
Weight 6,9 kg

Energy 9945 B

This is a small garden saw that is also used for chopping firewood and sawing wood. The relatively low weight (6 kg) and excellent technical characteristics ensure the popularity of the model.

Energy Pt-9945b chainsaw

It should be noted that the cost of 9945b is much lower than similar models from other manufacturers.

perfomance 2.4 kW
stem length 40 cm
chain division 3/8 ″
Number of chain members 72
Engine capacity 45 cm3
primer Check out
Oil Tank Capacity 0.26 l
Fuel tank capacity 0.55 l
Automatic oil supply for the chain Check out
packaging cardboard box
Package dimensions 520 x 270 x 320 mm
pinion Saw, bars, body, chain, needle files, setting wrench, spark plug wrench, documents, barrels for fuel dilution

Operational features

The Energy chainsaws are identical in their basic characteristics to the best Sturm brand counterparts, but are considerably less expensive.

The advantages of the whole lineup:

  • Increased adaptation to work in cold climates;
  • Replacement of many spare parts and consumables;
  • High torque range of drive units and the whole construction.
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The whole model range is equipped with modern fuel supply systems and electronic ignition. If the chainsaw Energy does not start or does not enter the working mode, the cause of malfunction is usually the lack of competent maintenance or the use of replacement fuels and lubricants.

The confirmation is the availability of European certificates for each type of manufactured tool, numerous positive reviews of ordinary users.

Maintenance and Operation Manual

The instructions for maintenance and operation of the chainsaw Energy establishes the rules and peculiarities of work with the device. In order to ensure the reliability and durability of the chainsaw, it is recommended to adhere to these recommendations.

The most important recommendations include:

  1. Recommendations for working with the device. It is recommended that you operate the chainsaw only after checking it in a well-ventilated area wearing protective clothing and a mask.
  2. Recommendations for fuel mixture use. It is recommended that you buy the high-quality fuel and oil mixes specified by the manufacturer. It is recommended to change the fuel mixture every 3-4 weeks.
  3. Safety Precautions. It is forbidden to work with damaged or faulty device. If a malfunction is detected, it is recommended to replace the part. It is forbidden to work in poorly ventilated and illuminated rooms. It is recommended to keep the workplace clean when working in the workshop.
  4. Recommendations for maintenance. These recommendations are virtually identical to those for models of other brands.

The maintenance of Energomash chain saws consists of:

  • timely replacement of oil and fuel mixture;
  • Inspection before and after work;
  • Cleaning the chain limbs after work from sawdust;
  • Spare parts if necessary


These power tools are released against the Chinese competitors, quality and independence. The presence of primer, chrome plated cylinder and piston group allows it to work in air temperatures up to 30 ° C, primer makes it easy to start and chrome plating extends service life.

In addition, the correct wood weight and comfortable ergonomic handles reduce strain on the operator. The main advantages of the tool include:

  • long service life;
  • adaptability to work in difficult conditions;
  • chromed cylinder – piston group;
  • high productivity;
  • Low cost in comparison with competitors;
  • Inpretentiousness during operation.

Fuel, oil, parts

To work with chainsaws, the mass of energy is diluted in the standard ratio of fuel and oil. You should choose oil from Energomash or Ataka with 2T brand (for two-stroke engines). Gasoline AI-92 and 95 can be used as fuel.

Before operating the chainsaw, it is necessary to make its fueling. For this purpose, a fuel mixture is prepared (5 liters of gasoline, 0,1 liters for two-stroke engines). In the counter application it is recommended to increase the amount of oil. After assembling the saw, the bar is tensioned, the chain is stretched, the fuel mixture is filled. The oil tank is filled. The chainsaw is developed, the idle speed is checked and lubricated. Running-in continues until 4 to 8 tanks of ready mixture are out.

To replace worn parts, you can use components from companies: Sturm, Shampion, Energomash, Stihl.


There is stiff competition in the domestic market of hand-held gas saws. Each manufacturer is constantly improving the released models. Among the budget brands, the main competitors of chainsaws include the following companies:

  • Parma;
  • Grab;
  • Foresta;
  • fubag;
  • Hoper;
  • heads;
  • builder;
  • Forward;
  • McCullock.

The above saws have won the trust of consumers due to their performance and unpretentious maintenance.

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Energomash PT-9952B scope of application and equipment

Another worthy representative of the model range of saws Energomash performs almost all gardening work, pruning trees and harvesting wood for the upcoming construction.

One of the main advantages of this saw can be called ease of operation. Even a beginner with no experience with the tool will be able to quickly assemble and direct the saw. The design of the chainsaw includes several modified elements, among which stand out:

  • An improved forced-float fuel valve;
  • A cylinder coated with a chrome compound:
  • A primer that makes it easier to start the starter;
  • Availability of easy access to the air filter.

Among other things, the model stands out:

Base saw Energomash PT-9952b

  • Cylinder volume – 50.5 cc;
  • Power Pilage – 4 hp. C. or 2900 W;
  • Maximum rotation speed of the saw element – 7900 rpm;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 550 ml;
  • Oil tank capacity: 265 ml;
  • Weight of the ready to work form – 6,3 kg.

Good technical characteristics and reliable design allow the saw to withstand heavy loads even in hot weather.

Base and electric saws Energomash. Model range review, reviews

Energomash is a domestic manufacturer of high-quality saws. Their line includes a range of chainsaws, which are used both for professional and private purposes.

Power saws and chain saws Energomash

Energomash chainsaws are a shining representative of the production of quality products at low prices.

The company “Energomash” comes from Russia, but not so long ago was bought by the German concern Sturm. As a result, it combines not only durability for use in domestic conditions, but also high German quality.

The range of chainsaws

Energy Pt-9937b

This chainsaw model is designed for private use in rural or suburban areas. It will be indispensable for making firewood for the winter in a sauna or stove.

Base saw Energomash PT-9937B

Features Energy Pt-9937b
Performance, kW 2.45
Engine displacement, cc. 37.2
Tire length, cm 40.5
primer Да
Number of links 57
chain division 3/8 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.21
Tank contents L 0.31
Weight (kg 6.45

Energy Pt-99458

This chainsaw is a representative of the semi-professional series. It can be used both privately and in small woodworking enterprises.

Base saw Energomash PT-99458

Energy Pt-99458 has a 3.26 hp engine. The starting process is facilitated by a primer for fuel priming.

Features Energy Pt-99458
Performance, kW 3.26
Engine displacement, cc. 45
Tire length, cm 45.5
primer Да
Number of links 72
chain division 0.325 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Tank contents L 0.55
Weight (kg 8,0

Energy Pt-99451b

This one is more powerful than the previous model. It has a 3.4 hp motor. But it has no primer, so it may not start the first time in sub-zero temperatures.

Basawash Energomash PT-99451B

Features Energy Pt-99451b
Performance, kW 3.26
Engine displacement, cc. 45
Tire length, cm 45.5
primer no
Number of links 72
chain division 0.325 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Tank contents L 0.55
Weight (kg 6,9

Energy Pt-9945b and PT-99458

Energy PT-9945B chainsaw Energy Pt-99458

These two chainsaws have very similar specifications:

  • 3.26 PS engine;
  • 72 chain links;
  • Length of the bar – 45.5 cm;
  • The presence of a primer and an automatic chain oil system.

The main difference is the size. PT-99458 is a bit bigger, which affects its weight.

Features Energy Pt-99458
Performance, kW 3.26
Engine displacement, cc. 45
Tire length, cm 45.5
primer Check out
Number of links 72
chain division 0.325 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Tank contents L 0.55
Weight (kg 8,0

Energy Pt-99468

This chainsaw is equipped with a 3.4 hp engine. This is more than a semi-professional. It can independently fell trees 40-50 cm in diameter.

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Basilica Energomash PT-99468

Features Energy Pt-99468
Performance, kW 3.26
Engine displacement, cc. 45
Tire length, cm 45.5
primer no
Number of links 72
chain division 0.325 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Tank contents L 0.55
Weight (kg 8,0

Energy Pt-99522b

This model, undoubtedly, is the most powerful and the most expensive (the average price in Russia is 6,300 rubles).

Basilica Energomash PT-99522b

Its engine has a capacity of 4 hp. And even the hardest species of trees is sawed without much effort.

Features Energy Pt-99522b
Performance, kW 3.26
Engine displacement, cc. 45
Tire length, cm 45.5
primer no
Number of links 72
chain division 0.325 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Tank contents L 0.55
Weight (kg 7.25

Electric saw models

Energy PC-99220 and PC 99202

The Energy PC-99220 is equipped with a 2.2 kW motor. This is quite enough for regular work in the suburbs or household.

Motor see. Energy PC-99220 Motor saw Energy PC-99202

In addition, this model is often used in the care of gardens and park areas.

Features Energomash PC-99220
Performance, kW 2,2
Tire length, cm 40.5
Number of links 57
Link thickness, mm 1,3
chain division 3/8 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0,1
Weight (kg 7.05

Energomash PTS-99160

This is a simpler version of the electric saw. It has a 1.6 kW motor. For making firewood for the winter period it will be just right.

Wizard Energomash PC-99160

The only thing is that it does not have an automatic chain tightener, and it is necessary to monitor its tension and periodically tighten it with a wrench.

Features Energomash PTS-99160
Performance, kW 1,6
Tire length, cm 30.5
Number of links 46
Link thickness, mm 1,3
chain division 3/8 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.065
Weight (kg 3,7

Energomash PK-30

In terms of appearance and technical characteristics, this is a reduced electric chainsaw PC-99202. The difference is the length of its bar – only 30 cm, with 45 links.

Power Wizard Energomash PK-30

Features Energomash PK-30
Performance, kW 2,2
Tire length, cm 30.5
Number of links 45
Link thickness, mm 1,3
chain division 3/8 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.11
Weight (kg 4.09

Energomash PC-40

This model has the same overall dimensions as the PC-30, but has increased to 2.6 kW power. Thanks to this it can easily cope with the sawing of wood.

Electric saw Energomash PK-40

Features Energomash PC-40
Performance, kW 2,6
Tire length, cm 40.5
Number of links 59
Link thickness, mm 1,3
chain division 3/8 inch
Oil tank capacity, l 0.11
Weight (kg 4,9

best models

Recently chainsaws with less than 3 hp capacity have been considered irrelevant, as they are easily replaced by cheaper and easier-to-maintain models.

Energomash PT-99468 chain saws Energomash PT-99522b

The best and highest quality model is considered PT-99468. This is the golden mean, which is able to satisfy 90 buyers. Because it has great power, moderate fuel consumption, has a simple design and consists of reliable components.

To take 99522b for personal use does not make sense, because its fuel consumption is very high, and for this mainly you need such power. Such a chainsaw is suitable for professional companies.

User’s Manual

Chainsaws Energomash operate on a fuel mixture of oil and gasoline in a ratio of 1:25. The manufacturer recommends using only AI-92 gasoline and branded chainsaw oil.

Do not use Energomash chainsaws with a fuel mixture that has already worked more than 30 days. Moisture is formed in it, which leads to damage of engine parts.

Chainsaw device

Getting started with the Energomash chainsaws:
  • Setting out the spark plug;
  • Pour 5-10 grams of branded oil for 2-stroke engines into the syringe hole;
  • Pull the starter handle 5-10 times (This will smear the oil and the rest will flow out);
  • unscrew the plug;
  • begin operation.
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Fuel mixture ratio

Play the engine of the chainsaw Energomash:
  • Pour the fuel mixture prepared in the right proportion;
  • Start the chainsaw and let it idle for a few minutes.
  • It is not advisable to run the engine at maximum load for the first three tanks of fuel.

The operator working with the Energomash chainsaw must wear protective clothing: protective suit, closed-toe shoes and safety glasses.


In order to keep the Energomash chainsaw in working order, regular maintenance must be performed in accordance with the instruction manual. This applies especially to the chain and cutters, since they are the main charge accounts.

Saw blades should be checked and sharpened regularly.

The first signs that the saw is bored:
  • Generation of powdery sawdust;
  • Significant force must be exerted during sawing.
  • Uneven saws;
  • Excessive vibration during operation;
  • Excessive fuel consumption.

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When sharpening the cutters it is necessary to wear gloves to avoid accidental cutting. Also the chainsaw should be repaired safely, making sure to stop the engine use only a round file of the appropriate diameter.

Chainsaw chain sharpening

The guide bar should be turned over regularly to prevent excessive wear on one side. There should always be a gap between the guide bar and the outside of the cutter. This should be checked with a ruler, if it is there, everything is fine, otherwise it should be replaced or adjusted.

Main malfunctions and remedies

If your genset is not producing its full power:

  • Check the fuel mixture and that it is free of moisture;
  • Check fuel and air filter and clean if necessary;
  • Check carburetor settings are correct.

If the engine starts to stall, it may be caused by the following:

  • Improperly proportioned fuel mixture or the presence of moisture in it;
  • The engine is overheated;
  • Problems with the spark from the ignition.

If chain oil passage is obstructed or missing:

  • Check for compliance with required classification;
  • Make sure the filters are in good condition, if necessary.

The most vulnerable parts of the Energomash chainsaw are the chain and bar. They cannot be partially replaced or repaired, only a complete replacement is required.

Video review

Review of the chainsaw Energomash PT-9937b

Review of Energomash PT 99451b chainsaw operation

Performance review of chainsaw Energomash PTs 9952b

reviews of owners


“I chose a chainsaw for my own use, so I approached the choice responsibly. I didn’t want to buy an imported one, as it is much more expensive. I took the PowerMash PT-99468 on the advice of my salesman. Your power is enough for me. Similar rest costs two and a half times more expensive. Now I use it intensively almost every day, as I prepare wood for the bath. It works without any problems, relatively quiet, no vibration, fuel mixture is not large. Definitely recommend it! “


“I’ve been using the chainsaw powerhouse for the third year. And I can say that there is simply no counterpart for this price. This is a savvy representative of the average hard worker, ready to work long and trouble-free. In all the time of operation I have not had any problems with the parts. The chain is still native, although the loads revealed a lot. The front teeth have been torn out a few times and that’s it. I like it very much. Pros: quality parts, works reliably, cheap. Cons: yes there just aren’t any. “

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