Energomash BP-45-3,5: description, characteristics, use and safety equipment

Gasoline saw BP-45 Energomash. Model description, characteristics, maintenance and reviews

Energomash BP-45 – domestic model of chainsaw from the famous Russian manufacturer – Energomash. The chainsaw is assembled in China. The cost of such a unit in Russia is on average 4.5 thousand rubles, in Ukraine the model costs 1.5 thousand UAH.

Description of the chainsaw Energomash BP-45

The engine power of this model is 3.2 hp.This indicator is significantly higher compared to other SAU in the same price category. Although BP-45 belongs to the category of chainsaws Energomash and household, it can also be used for more complex work, for example, for pruning trees. In terms of functionality, the BP-45 model of Energomash can be equated to the semi-professional chainsaws of this manufacturer with the power plant PT-99452b.

The chainsaw is equipped with an air cooling system and an adjustable oil pump. To work with the saw “Energomash” it is recommended to use 45.5 cm long bars.

This model has several modifications:
  • Energomash BP-45
  • Energomash BP-45-3.0
  • Energomash BP-45-3.5.

Technical specifications

Power, HP. 3.2
bus length, cm 45
engine volume, cu. 45
power, W 2350
bar length, inches 18
Number of links, PC 72
washer width, mm 1.5
chain pitch, inch 0.325
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Fuel tank capacity, l 0.55

basic configuration

The base complete set for the Energomash BP-45 chain saws includes:

  • Instructions;
  • plastic cover for the bars;
  • measuring cup;
  • sawing tools: file, screwdriver, key punch (socket and spark plug) and supraphile.

Differences between the original and the fake

Nowadays, you can often find fakes of famous brands. Chainsaws “Energomash” are no exception. To determine the authenticity of the unit, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • The original has a smudged inscription “Made in Russia” on the bottom in a troweled field, the fake claims it is applied with paint.
  • The original has the branding applied to the lid by tampoprinting, which makes it smooth. The fakes are applied with a stencil, so the inscription is very well palpable.
  • The original passport is made only typographically, and copies are supplemented with an unreasonable version.
  • If the cost of a new device is about 20% less than in the official store, in this case we are talking about a fake.
  • The original on the packaging itself should have a barcode.
  • If we are not talking about a copy, then the certificate of quality with the appropriate numbers, as well as the capacity of the company should be specified in the passport.
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Pros and cons of the model

The advantages of the chainsaw Energomash BP-45 include the following:

  • ease of operation;
  • affordable cost;
  • high power.

Disadvantages of the model Energomash BP-45:

  • strong vibration and noise;
  • the chain lying in a low-quality package;
  • the possibility of fuel spillage due to a loose fit of the tank lid;

Peculiarities of work with the Energomash chainsaw

safety rules

  1. Wear protective equipment (closed shoes, gloves, long sleeves and helmet) when working with the saw.
  2. Before each use, inspect the saw for damage and loose fasteners.
  3. Clean and protect the area where branches will fall before sawing.
  4. Use the chainsaw only for its intended purpose.
  5. Do work outdoors or use a face mask.

Maintaining your chain saw

Maintenance of your chainsaw is an essential part of its operation. To do so, you must:

  1. Clean the working parts of the chainsaw after use;
  2. Check and clean the spark plug;
  3. Sharpen the chain teeth in a timely manner;
  4. Check the level and quality of the fuel;
  5. Check your chainsaw for damage.

Sharpening chain saw teeth

The main signs that the chain needs sharpening are:

  • Fine (powdery) sawdust is required;
  • Uneven cutting at the end of the chain;
  • increased vibration;
  • higher gas consumption;
  • Difficult to sharpen (heavy duty).


To fuel the Energomash BP-45 you need to mix gasoline AI-92 or 95 with oil at a ratio of 1:40. The manufacturer recommends using oils marked SAE10W-30 and-40, in winter SAE10W-20 is acceptable. A full tank is enough for 3 hours of non-stop operation.

Important: When running in and using the saw for the first time, the oil to gasoline ratio should be 1:25.

The chainsaw Energomash BP-45 runs on chain oil Sturm and universal two-stroke engine oil of the same manufacturer. If it is necessary to replace parts of the chainsaw Energomash BP-45, it is recommended to use parts of your own manufacturer. Sturm company parts can serve as an analogue.

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Video review

Review of the Energomash chainsaw



Chainsaw in action



owner reviews


Perhaps I was so unlucky with the choice of the store, because before I bought the chainsaw Energomash BP-45, whose rating dictated 5 out of 5 points for it, seemed like a good decision. But literally after a week on aspen and alder with infrequent use, the chain that came with it failed. Approximately the chain is accompanied by a sprocket. The bulging cover shows that the chain limiter is not working properly. During use, noticed that there is a leak.


Decided to leave my review, bought a chainsaw Energomash BP-45 a few months ago. No complaints so far. Mainly needed for cutting trees with a diameter of 30-50 cm.Gas leak noticed under the gas tank lid, so all parts are native. The chain stretched a little, but that’s normal.

Pros: For my money chainsaw Energomash has excellent features.

Chainsaw Energomash BP-45. Review, characteristics, reviews

This model from the brand Energomash will become an indispensable tool for felling or pruning large masses of wood. The Energomash BP-45 chainsaw can be successfully used not only in private practice, but also in professional logging companies.

Chainsaw Energy BP-45

The main difference between a petrol chainsaw and an electric saw is the ability to work autonomously, which greatly increases productivity regardless of the location of the power source.

Advantages of the Energomash BP-45 chainsaw:
  • Inexpensive;
  • High efficiency;
  • Unpretentiousness to the fuel.
Disadvantages of the chainsaw Energomash BP-45:
  • Poor quality factory chain;
  • High vibration;
  • Leaky tank lid.


Energy saws are made by a Russian company, but the assembly of the equipment is carried out at Chinese enterprises, which means that the quality deteriorates. To avoid accidentally buying a fake, it is recommended to go for the purchase only to the branded business.

Energy BP-45

On the Russian market, the average cost of the chain from Energomash BP-45 5000 rubles, and in Ukraine it will cost about 2500 hryvnia.

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The equipment of the chainsaw Energomash BP-45:

Tank for mixing fuel protective cover set of basic tools


Characteristics Energomash BP-45
Power, hp/kW 3.13/2.3
Engine capacity, cc. 45
bus length, cm 45
Number of links 72
Link thickness, mm 1,5
Chain pitch 0.325 inch
Fuel tank capacity, L 0.55
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
Weight (kg 5,7

Owner’s Manual

In order to extend the life of the Energy BP-45, you need to know the rules of maintenance and upkeep.

Chainsaw device

Safety rules when working with the Energy BP-45:
  • Wear long-sleeved work clothes, sturdy gloves, closed shoes, safety helmets and signs;
  • Before starting work, make sure that the chain and chain saw as a whole are in good working order, there are no bystanders nearby, and the area is cleared;
  • Exercise extreme caution when cutting small bushes and tree saplings, whose branches can get under the chain and cause sharp movements of the chainsaw.
  • You must be careful when cutting under load, you can jump considerably and seriously injure your health.
  • Never place the chainsaw on the floor before the engine has come to a complete stop.


The main working element of the saw is the chain, so it is important to ensure that the cutters are sharp and intact.

Additional sharpening is necessary:
  • The need to maintain powder acid;
  • Keeping the saw uneven;
  • Increased outgoing vibration;
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • When the saw is at close range.

When sharpening, the file must be placed on the cutter and pressed forward, and the depth of sharpening must be monitored.

BP-45 Energyh is a mixture of fuel and oil. As fuel it is necessary to use hochoctanzasoline of АI-92 or АI-95 brand. It is recommended to use oil with the classification SAE 10W-30 or SAE 10W-40. In winter, SAE 10W-20 can be used.

SAE 10W-30 Sae 10W-40 Sae 10W-20 oil

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The first time you pour, you must mix fuel and oil in a 1:25 ratio. After the first tank used, the fuel mixture for the BP-45 powerplant can be made up to a 1:40 ratio. A full tank of fuel is enough for about three hours of continuous operation.

The main distortions and how to fix them

If the power saw is not expending the necessary effort, the following should be checked:

  • The correct fuel mixture and the absence of moisture in it;
  • The condition of the fuel and air filter and whether they are clogged;
  • Accuracy of carburetor operation.

If there are problems starting the engine, this can lead to:

  • Improper fuel mixture or water in it;
  • The engine is flooded with fuel;
  • Lack of ignition spark.

The most sore point of the chainsaw Energy BP-45 are considered the chain and tires, since the main load is on them. In case of damage, repair is impossible and in front of us only replacement.

Video review

Review of chain saws Energy BP-45

owner reviews


“For its cost is just a great model. I’ve been using it for more than half a year. Planted various trees with a diameter of 30 to 50 cm. Mostly it was a birch and one aspen. The chain has 72 teeth and withstood heavy loads with no problem, I didn’t even change the factory one. NAVALOTS less than the styling or Husqvarna, but those who need only one working tool, I definitely recommend “


“I live in the countryside and in the winter I heat with gas, just not really expensive. So I decided to switch to wood, thanks to the abundance of trees in the area. It is not an option to saw wood manually for a long time, so I needed a budget chain saw. I have stopped on Energy BP-45 and while is happy as an elephant. Starts up with one half turn, steadily holds revolutions, productivity is big, consumption is small. There is some vibration when sawing because of the chain, but not critical. Advantages: powerful, low fuel consumption. Disadvantages: vibration. “

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