Energomash BP-37: technical description, use and safety equipment

Babomash BP-37. Review, characteristics, reviews

This chainsaw model refers to household tools designed for home use. It is ideal for cutting firewood for the house or bath, building small wooden structures, getting a log from excess tree branches in the garden.

Babomash BP-37

Most often the chainsaw BP-37 Energomash is found in the owners of country cottages.

Advantages of the BP-37 chainsaw Energomash:
  • Budget;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Easy maintenance.
Disadvantages of chainsaws Energomash BP-37:
  • Low power;
  • Not the highest quality of assembly;
  • The presence of vibrations, even at low loads.


Energomash – a Russian company, which was rescued from the German concern Stihl, but carries out the assembly of its tools in Chinese enterprises. This step allows to significantly reduce the cost, but the quality will deteriorate.

Energy BP-37

The average price of the Energomash BP-37 chain on the Russian market is about 5,400 rubles.

Energomash BP-37 emergency power station:

Set of basic tools for the fuel mixture protective container


Characteristics Energomash BP-37
Power, HP/kW 2.7,/2.0
Engine capacity, cc. 45
bus length, cm 40.5
Number of links 64
Link thickness, mm 1,5
Chain pitch 0.325 inch
Fuel capacity, l 0.55
Oil tank capacity, l 0.26
weight (kg 6,9

Owner’s Manual

Gasoline saw Energomash BP-37 has only 1 speed and it cannot be adjusted. weight 5.7 kg. Ideal for long work without operator fatigue.

Chainsaw device

Safety rules at work Energomash BP-37:
  • The operator must wear protective work clothing and shoes.
  • Before starting work, make sure the chainsaw is in good working order.
  • While working, you must be careful not to injure yourself with branches.
  • The Energomash BP 37 chainsaw must not be placed on the ground until it has come to a complete standstill.


Chainsaws operate on a mixture of fuel and oil, they must be mixed in a 1:40 ratio. Branded oil with an SAE 10W-40 or SAE 10W-30 classification should be used as the lubricant. Gasoline should be used with an AI-92 or AI-95 octane rating.

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SAE 10W-30 SAE 10W-40 oil

The main load when working in the chainsaw Energomash BP-37 is on the chain blades, which need to be periodically retightened.

It is necessary to sharpen the saw when:
  • uneven cutting;
  • Excessive vibration;
  • High fuel consumption;
  • Applying great force to the saw.

Sharpen the chain of a chainsaw

Main malfunctions and troubleshooting

If power station BP-37 doesn’t give out full power:

  • Check the fuel mixture and that it is free of moisture;
  • Check the fuel and air filter and clean if necessary;
  • Check carburetor settings are correct.

If the engine starts to stall, it may be caused by the following:

  • Improperly proportioned fuel mixture or the presence of moisture in it;
  • The engine is overheated;
  • Problems with the spark from the ignition.

As with many similar chainsaws, the Energy BP-37 tires and chain regularly fail. Partially replacing or repairing them is not possible; only a complete replacement is required.

Video review

Review of the Energy chainsaw

Owners reviews


“Bought my dad’s house because I can’t always help myself as I just don’t have the time. He can’t be happy, because working with trees has become much faster and much less effort is spent.”


“I bought myself about six months ago. During that time I’ve cut a lot of tree trunks and boards. Not a single failure in the whole time. Starting is easy, the main thing is not to play with the components of the fuel mixture. Can hardly do for big trees, but it is perfect for home, I have never regretted the purchase. Advantages: great power, easy start, quality chain and gears. Disadvantages: For such a price they simply do not exist.

Top 3 representatives of the Energy chainsaw lineup

In many cases, a chainsaw is needed in a private household. Hand-held saws have been replaced by electric and gasoline-powered tools. The Energy chainsaw is one of the many helpers of the owner-owner. It works well in the garden, where it cuts branches and small trees. The tool has a compact size and many conveniences. The saw is equipped with an instant chain brake, easy to start, the chain is lubricated automatically. The model is recommended to have in every home.

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Energia chainsaw

Design features

There are many types of electric saws. They differ in the motor with different capacities. The other differences are insignificant. The main characteristics of the saw:

  • Engine power – 2.4-4 hp. С.
  • Working bar with a length of 40,5-45,5 cm.
  • Chains with a division of 1,3 mm;
  • Fuel tank 0,31-0,55 l.
  • Tool weight 4-6,85 kg

Two-stroke engine runs on gasoline-oil mixture. To ensure labor safety, there is a system of soft start and instant stop of the working group. The vibration damping system reduces the strain on the hands.

Practical and lightweight machine copes well with the work of pruning branches and logging tree trunks.

Its strength is enough for the construction of scales, bathtubs, and gazebos.

Air cooling ensures long working hours. The walls of the inside of the cylinder have a chrome surface. The piston has two compression rings. Some models are sold entirely with a Japanese carburetor, with a Bosch spark plug. This increases the life of the tool.

Properties of popular models

Energomash is a large production association, which is part of the company Sturm. German manufacturer Sturm produces high-quality products for various purposes. Energomash specializes in the production of gasoline and electric booms. High-quality materials and the latest technology are used in the work. Let’s get acquainted with the most common products.

Gasoline saw Energomash BP-37 – one of the tools of the household class. It develops power up to 2.7 hp. The boom length of 16″ allows you to cut wood with a diameter of 40 cm. The plastic parts are made of a durable alloy. The weight of the saw is 5.7 kg. Filling tanks: 550 ml for gasoline and 250 ml for oil. Oil is used for automatic lubrication of the saw chain.

BP-37 model

The advantages of the model include:

  • Easy and effortless starting of the chainsaw engine;
  • Configuration of the body – allows to use the tool safely;
  • Convenient location of controls;
  • Easy access to the carburetor, air filter and the controls to adjust the cycle voltage.
Furniture for any garden

The product can work on refueling for a long time.

This model is equipped with a more powerful engine. During operation, it develops power up to 3.2 hp. С. The saw performs work of any complexity without exceeding the rated output. The air cooling completely cools the mechanisms. The saw chain is lubricated automatically. For this purpose, the saw has a special oil pump, the capacity of which is adjustable. The 45.5 cm long guide bar can be replaced with an equivalent.

BP-45 model

The most powerful saw in this category. Its power is 3.5 liters. С. With a 50 cm long guide bar it is possible to work with a saw with a large diameter of trunks. All the features of the saw are close to half of the professional models. Vibration damping is reinforced, some of the defects that consumers encounter in other models, in this unit eliminated. The product is of high quality, has a long service life.

BP-52 model

Less common modifications

In addition to the common models, there are other products that are produced at Energomash.

PT-9937B-ENIGNAL version with a Japanese Walbro carburetor. The chain is set on a 40 cm long bar. The engine is 2.4 hp. С. This model uses a two-level air cleaning, easy access to refueling stations.

PC-40 chain saws from the category of budget products. In terms of reliability of components and durability it is not inferior to European models. It has been discontinued, but continues to work regularly in many farms. The engine power is 2600 W and the bus length is 40 cm. This model served as the basis for the creation of more advanced products.

PT-99456-SAW with high performance and quality. The engine has a power of 3.1 hp. С. Runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil. Chain lubrication is automatic from a 260 ml tank. The chain voltage can be adjusted by turning a special screw. The length of the bar is 40.5 cm. The weight of the device is 6.6 kg.

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High-performance saw

PC-99160-A is a common model of electric saw. It is the analogue of the attack CC9916. It is used for cutting firewood, making wooden ornaments. Advantages:

  • Insensitivity to mains voltage (compared to its changes);
  • The motor is higher;
  • Small weight (2.9 kg);
  • High class electrical insulation.

These advantages increase the service life of the product.

RS-99220-AN unit with a long-lasting drive. It differs from its analogues in that it has:

  • ultimate cooling and lubrication system;
  • Tool-free chain tensioning;
  • Improved ergonomics.

The listed parameters changed the model for the better.

advantages and disadvantages

The basic Energy Remove models are similar to the Striker products, they differ in their lower cost. Energy models have their own advantages:

  • Adaptation to cold climates;
  • Careful use of consumables and many parts;
  • Large margin of safety for the engine and product design.

Energomash chainsaw

All chainsaw and electric models are equipped with high-quality electronic ignition systems. The cause of poor engine starting can only be illiterate handling of the tool or the use of fuel and lubricants of poor quality. This is evidenced by consumer reviews and European quality certificates.

Energy electric SAWs are characterized by high reliability of design and drive, economic benefits of energy use and less repair work. These units can work not only in the household, but also in more difficult conditions. Chainsaws and gasoline saws are a good buy for agriculture/personal use for a business or organization that is involved in construction or timber harvesting.

Reviews and Prices

Leonid, Izhevsk: “The BP-45 chainsaw has been coming regularly to my personal household. There is nothing superfluous about it. It cuts well along and across fibers. Compression has decreased a little and gasoline consumption has increased. The piston needs to be replaced.” “

Fedor, Syzran: “I saw PT-9937B comfort and saw reliably. Its advantages: reliability, small weight, comfort when working. Disadvantages: Warming up the engine takes a little longer. “

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Dmitry, Dimitrovgrad: “About a year ago I bought PT-9937B manufactured by “Energomash”. For almost a year it has never failed, although there are comments to it. It is good that there is a case to protect the tire length of 40 cm. Convenient handles make the work easier. The chain stop system works well. Convenient approval of the carburetor and air filter. The tool is lightweight, weighing only 4 kg. I recommend the product to every consumer. “

It stays at the price of some manufacturing products for power devices. Make a small table.

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