Electrical lawnmower MTD-42 E Optimum. Parameters, technical properties, assignment of the device

MTD Optima 42 E

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Before buying MTD Optima 42 E at the lowest price, examine the characteristics, video reviews, advantages and disadvantages of the model, customer reviews.

Video reviews MTD Optima 42 E

Properties MTD Optima 42 E

General properties *

Special width 42 cm
Type of mowing machine
Recommended mowing area 500 m²
Grass collector There are soft volume 47 liters
Noise 96 dB

Functionality *

Mulch no
The ability to install Mulching nozzle
The height of the mow 25-85 mm
Set mowing height There are a central number of levels – 11
Grass output back to the grass collector

Engine *

Engine type electrical
Work out of the battery no
power consumption 1800 watts
perfomance 1800 watts

Draft *

Building material plastic
Cycling material plastic
Handle Wrinkles with adjustable height
The diameter of the front wheels 16 cm
The number of bikes Fou r-wheeler
Decy material plastic
The diameter of the rear wheels 21 cm

Further information *

gear Grass collector, disc/knife

Dimensions *

The weight 15.7 kg

* Clarify the exact properties with the seller.

The first lawnmower on the farm. While using it, I got used to mowing only in mulching mode. The engine is very powerful, even in thick grass you cannot worry about its overheating.

The impeller can be ordered on websites that sell spare parts and can be delivered with 100% payment after 60 days. According to reviews, you can confuse and send another. The MTD Service Center does not answer any letters, i.e. H. There is no MTD support in Russia.

There is a cheaper version of this mower of another brand DDE LME4318, a complete analogue, probably in a factory, it is cheaper

Using Viking Me 443. MTD exceeds in all parameters.

In principle, he showed all the advantages and disadvantages. I can only add a comparison that there was a little Bosch 32 in the past (a usable one with a summer house, two seasons) and MTD surpasses it in almost everything. The only thing is that Bosch Korob was easier to play/dressed, but this is a little thing because it was low, narro w-gauge, and a small grass collector was rated with gras s-the five performance was worse than Bosch (I can’t with big comparisons, I didn’t have it). MTD bought in May 2019 for 10051 rubles from a wel l-known network of finishing materials. The device justifies its price and my expectations of 101%. Kosha is a little barbaric because the garden in the bought house was repaired, the garden was left for later and it was overgrown like boys. Mtd mowed everything that falls under the knife: thin grass up to the waist, thick sowing, load spaces, binders, crawling out of fruit trees. Of course, I don’t climb back and forth with small raids, and all narrow. After work I checked the knife – no Zabrinka, only the color was peeled. I can also recommend lubricating the bushes of the bikes. The covers lash properly with a screwdriver (they stop plastic clips) and I drip/twisted with machine oil. T.K. There are no camps, this will significantly improve the roles and resistance to abrasion from sockets.

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Before that, I used the 1300W Viking (I took my friends with me to try it), the MTD Optima 42e wins in everything that the speed of mowing the grass rose all five! You write the mulching of the option, but the nozzle for mulch is included.

Electrical lawnmower MTD-42 E Optimum. Parameters, technical properties, assignment of the device

Recommendation: 100%



The optimal electric lawn mower MTD-42 E is a medium-sized or small lawn mower that can be used in densely populated areas because it is equipped with a low-noise electric motor. The engine cooling system is designed to cool down quickly during long periods of operation.

The engine power is 1800 watts. The body of the lawnmower is protected from moisture, dirt, dust and grass debris. The outer design of the lawn mower is recognizable, the 42 e partly resembles the representatives of the smart model series from the manufacturer mtd. In terms of performance, it is in no way inferior to the petrol models, but in terms of environmental friendliness it is clearly superior to petrol lawn mowers.

MTD OPTIMA 42 E electric lawn mower

Small front wheels and a larger diameter of the rear wheels allow driving without damaging vegetation even on lawns where flowers, not just grass, grow. The grass collection of this model is very spacious, despite the mower’s modest size and weight. A special indicator signals the filling of the compartment – so the owner can see when cleaning is required.

basic equipment

The basic configuration of the mtd-42 eoptimal includes the following components:

  • Rear and front wheels (rear – increased diameter);
  • mower body (body material: plastic);
  • Plastic grass catcher box with perforations on the side edges;
  • wire for connecting to the network;
  • User Guide;
  • Devices for assembling the machine.

Technical characteristics

Technical data mtd-42 e:

  • plastic containers;
  • cutting height adjustment;
  • rear wheels with a diameter of 210 mm;
  • front wheel diameter – 160 mm;
  • five cutting modes, height adjustment from 25 mm to 85 mm;
  • cutting width 42 cm;
  • mulch option;
  • grass catcher capacity – 47 liters;
  • mower weight 15.4 kg;
  • 12 months manufacturer’s guarantee;
  • Mower power 1800 W.
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Features of operation and maintenance

Rules for safe use of the MTD-42 Optimum lawn mower:

  • Straighten the wire before turning on the mower on the network.
  • keep the device clean, in a dry room with positive temperature;
  • Do not work with unstable voltage in the network, this can cause the device to overheat.
  • when working for more than 30 minutes without a break, breaks should be taken to allow the engine to cool down;
  • at the end of work, switch off the engine and disconnect the mower from the mains;
  • Clean grass and dust from the body, air intakes and sides of the machine.

advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the MTD-42 e Optimum:
  • optimal ratio of price, performance and range of functions;
  • simple controls;
  • lightweight lawn mower;
  • Sufficiently spacious compartment for collecting mowed grass;
  • a large number of cutting modes;
  • positive feedback from the owners – mowers of this series rarely break down.
Disadvantages of MTD-42 e optimal:
  • lack of self-propulsion function;
  • small coverage area;
  • the need to be near a source of electrical power.

Video review


Stepan Nikolaevich, Alexandria:

“Budget technology. I bought for a summer residence, I did not have any special hopes. I have heard various things about mtd mowers saying they work perfectly and someone complains that they break easily. Devices must be treated with care, in our country house this mower is used only by me and my wife. Carefully, slowly, unhurriedly. I bought an electric because there’s a lot more fuss with gas, plus expenses for fuel. I recommend using it for small areas, I hope my review will be useful to others.

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