Electric saber saw “Makita” JR3050T: description, specifications and rules of operation

Overview of Makita saber saws – tech. Characteristics, description, reviews

Saber saw Makita: a reliable helper in the home and on the construction site

It is unlikely that today there is a home workshop or an industrial plant that does not use household and professional equipment from the Japanese company Makita. Few now know that the company took its first steps in a small garage where several young craftsmen were engaged in the manufacture and repair of lighting equipment and transformers.

One of these young men was Masaburo Makita, who soon after founded a company called Makita Electric Works. It happened way back in 1915. Since then, the small company has grown into a global manufacturer of garden equipment, industrial equipment and power tools. Jigsaws, chain and jigsaws, grinders, milling machines, punches are particularly popular.

The first Makita brand products were produced in the Japanese city of Nagoya. Now the company owns eight major factories in Japan, China, Germany and some other European countries. In order to understand where this or that model of a saber saw is made, you need to carefully read the accompanying documents and study the part markings.

Some electric saws are assembled in China, some models are made in Germany.

Wherever Makita products are manufactured, they are characterized by high quality workmanship and components. All of the Group’s devices are certified in Europe and comply with the latest quality and safety standards. We observe a reasonable pricing policy. The company forms a line of saber saws, taking into account different needs and different budgets of the buyer.

  • Quality components and assembly;
  • Large selection of Makita saber saw models;
  • Information support and an extensive network of service points;
  • Ability to process different types of materials: from wood to steel.

Model range of reciprocating saws Makita

Today, about three dozen models of Makita reciprocating saws are sold in the hand-held power tool market. There are both corded and cordless devices. Of course, we do not have the opportunity to talk about all saber saws, so we will focus only on the most popular models. The first part of our review is dedicated to the Makita network reciprocating saws.

Makita MT-M4501

The cheapest electric saber saw from a Japanese manufacturer today costs around $110. The electric hacksaw is equipped with a 1010 W motor, has a keyless drill chuck with a tool-free saw blade changing system. The motor power enables sawing of wood up to a depth of 130 millimeters at an angle of 90 degrees.

The electric motor is housed in an ergonomic, balanced, dust and moisture-proof housing. The Makita MT M4501 saber saw can be used in the home for repair and construction work, garden trimming, hedge trimming. This model is used in the furniture and carpentry industries.

Novaliyki in winter - a mini garden on the windowsill
Makita MT-M 4500K

Unlike the previous model, this Saber saw has a more durable canvas attachment, which is fixed with a screw. Another difference: Makita MT M 4500 K comes in a plastic case, which determines its popularity among builders working on various facilities. In terms of technical characteristics, the model is similar to the previous electronics. It is also equipped with a 1 kW motor and a 28 mm screen. work movement.

Sable Saw Makita MT M 4500 K is used to work with various materials, including sawing black steel. The cost of the tool today is $150.

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Makita jr 3050t

The popularity of this Saber saw is determined by rich equipment and excellent operating skills. The model comes in a plastic case and three Makita-branded screens. The tool is made of high quality materials, has an ergonomic case and a convenient control system. Sable Hacksaw Makita JR 3050 T is equipped with a fast-packing cartridge with a mischief system to not change the saw blade and guide adjustment.

It can be used in both home workshops and industrial tasks. The cost of the tool is $180.

Makita jr 3060t

This professional model has been designed to carry out complex tasks with intensive use. With a powerful (1,250 W) motor you can see wood to a depth of 255 mm. and pipes with a diameter of 130 millimeters. The saber saw is equipped with a three-stage pendulum system and an eccentric mechanism that increases the speed of the cutting wood.

The Makita Model JR 3060 T is used in the implementation of construction and repair work, in the furniture industry, as well as for the employees of the healing ministry. Today on the manufacturer’s website you can order this saw at a price of 220 US dollars.

Makita JR 3070ct

The most powerful network saw in the manufacturer’s lineup. The hacksaw is equipped with a motor of 1,500 watts, has a smooth starting system and electronic speed adjustment. AVT (anti-vibration technology) is used in the manufacture of this model, which provides dynamic protection against vibration. Optimum sawing speed and accuracy is provided by a triumphant pendulum passage system. Today, the JR 3070 CT Makita Professional Electric SAT Rail can be ordered on the company’s website, priced at $210.

Metr o-dramatic saber s-saw Makita.

In connection with the development of technology and the creation of light, powerful and reliable batteries, batteries are becoming more and more popular. Today, more than 100 models are represented in the Makita battery model section. We will consider the characteristics of the most popular of them below.

Daw Makita Jr 100 DZ

Affordable for the price ($95), light (1.2 kg), a productive and ergonomic Saber saw that will become a reliable assistant in the performance of various works. With its help you can cut wood or metal up to 50 mm thick, pipe in a hard meta or cut garden trees. Sabric Hacksaw is powered by 10.8V Li-ion battery.

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Daw Makita Jr 105 DZ

Lightweight (weight 1.3 kilograms), a compact model with an ergonomic case is characterized by high performance, reliability and maneuverability. With the help of this saber hacksaw you can see saws in hard sawing or television from sources of electric power. The battery hack saw is finished with sawing metal pipes (diameter up to 50 mm) or other materials to the same depth. The tool is equipped with LED backlight and button to turn on the motor. The Makit model JR 105 DZ can be ordered on the manufacturer’s website at a price of 105 US dollars.


This is an amateur model that surpasses the semi-professional tools in a number of its characteristics. The Saber saw Makita DJR 183 Z is powered by an 18 volt battery which greatly increases the battery life of a battery. However, thanks to the high-quality charger, you can charge the battery for an hour. The length of the saw’s workflow is 13 mm, and the depth of drinking in wood and other materials is 50 millimeters. The saw is equipped with a comfortable ergonomic handle, the LED backlight of the workplace and a special screw for adjusting the shoe. This model’s Saber Hacksow can be purchased for $127.


The semi-professional Saber hacksaw operates from an 18-volt battery. It is equipped with an improved mechanism that provides a larger course of sawin g-canvas up to 32 millimeters. Thanks to a powerful motor, you can cut wood to a depth of 255 mm. and cutting of metal pipes with a diameter of up to 130 mm. The Hacksaw has an ergonomic case assembled with XPT technology (prevents dust and moisture). The safety of the operator takes care of the electric brake of the instantaneous stop of the shift. And thanks to the non-pick technology for replacing the saw canvas, greater convenience is achieved. The Makita DJR 186 Z Sable Battery Saw is available on the manufacturer’s website for $175.

Daw Makita Jr 100 Dwe

Compact, very light (1.2 kilograms without batteries) Zobel hacksaw will become a reliable assistant when pruning garden trees, working with metal and plastic pipes (cutting depth to 50 mm), construction and repair work of various complexity. The saw is equipped with two speed speeds, has an LED backlight, the saw canvas is replaced without the help of tools. Today the manufacturer offers to buy a Saber. Makita Jr 100 Dwe priced at $190.

Daw Makita Jr 105 Dwae

A saber saw comes in a plastic case with a battery and charger. The tool has a standard sheath length (13mm) and can be used to cut metal pipe and wood to a depth of 50mm. To adjust the shoe, a special screw is provided, and the LED backlight will help to see the cutting line in the inaccessible places. The cost of the Saber saw Makita Jr 105 Dwae $230.

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This novelty of the manufacturer is presented as a sem i-professional saber nails with an expanded possibilities of possibilities. The electrical combustion is equipped with a bronnial engine, an improved structure that increases labor productivity and reduces electricity consumption. The reliability of the tool is also increased due to the improved crank mechanism. The cost of the DJR 360 Z Makita Sable saw, in a box and without a battery is $ 225.

DJR Makita DJR 187 RME

A new generation bronze engine does not require maintenance and is characterized by increased reliability and performance. The DJR 187 RME SABRE saw has a compact and light body with which you can work with one hand. The tool can be used for both budget requirements and industrial purposes. The cost of this professional Saubre saw (equipment: case + battery + charger) is 500 US dollars.

Typical malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Symptoms Probable malfunction A possible correction method
When pressing the “Start” button, the Saber Makita does not start Incorrect network cable or extension cable for the electrical outlet

The battery (battery model) was unloaded)

Malfunction of the start device

Low voltage in the network (network models)

Find a different power source, replace the cable or extension cable

Repair the starting device

Equipment wheels of the reducer worn

Makita saw the main advantages and disadvantages of the sore

Drunts from SAW:

  • Most models have a free fastening of a saw screen.
  • The presence of LED backlighting of the work area;
  • The use of new technologies in the production of the engine and gearbox of a Saber saw;
  • Ergonomic case and low weight;
  • Environmental friendliness and autonomy (battery models).


  • Expensive original spare parts;
  • There were counterfeits for the original Makita products on the market.

Video evaluation by Sabre Makita

Checking the Saber saw Makita JR3050T:



Saber saw Makita at a construction site:



Reviews of the owners about the Sabre’s Saw Makita

Grigory Aleksievich, 45 years old, Gomel region:

He built a house of foam blocks, on the advice of friends, Makitas bought Sabre Mt M4501. He cuts several block cubes, sawing without problems, does not trigger, does not lose the curves. My assembly is Chinese, but quite high quality. At first everything was installed, nothing dangled. At work I will say that it is the main thing to buy normal canvases for the material that you will cut. Then the performance will be high and nothing will break and the accuracy of normal drinking.

Denis Bigus, 37 years old, Moscow region:

Dilated the old devices and bought a Makita battery for working with metal pipes. The workshop is d e-Energized – how to cut off. I have to say immediately that I saw myself perfectly. With a battery, you can exclude up to 60 pipe cuts of 50 to 90 mm. Two batteries, we were enough for half a day. At lunch they were recharged in two hours and back to work. I was satisfied with the backlight, vibration is almost not felt. Now I use houses, I work with wood and metal.

Advantages: maneuverability, autonomy, lack of vibration, reliable engine;

Electric magic Makita JR3050T. Technical features, operating instructions and ratings

Electric Saber Saw Makita JR3050T – A tool for small gardening, for example, cutting thin branches from fruit trees and bushes and a dense and thick shrub. The saber saw of this model is used not only for working with wood, but also for cutting materials such as drywall, aerated concrete, metal, plastic and various plastic materials, chipboard.

“Sable Saw Makita is not a tool for everyone, if you don’t have a garden, such a saw is useless for you. I have a garden and a garden, this is my main work in the season, there are many different tools, but I respect Makita very much, except that there is also a practice exercises in this company. According to Makita 3050, I can say that she has no defects, it works well out of the network. To break such a device, you have to teach so much strength … in general I advise everyone, take it for centuries. I probably bought my Makita as soon as it appeared at the manufacturer, I didn’t remember safely. “” width=”600″ height=”600″ />

The saber saw has a high saw speed and minimal vibration. It comes complete with three types of saw paintings and a special case for storage and carrying.

The advantages of the Makita JR3050T Saber Saw:

  • The sawing canvas can be easily replaced without tools.
  • A large trim switch makes work easier;
  • Non-slip handle for convenient storage;
  • The instruction is carried out without tools and button.
  • The head of the saber saw is protected from dust and moisture;
  • A powerful engine allows you to work even in difficult conditions.
  • High reliability, performance, minimum percentage of errors.

Cons of the Makita 3050 Saber Saw:

  • the inability to work on objects that are removed from the stream;
  • When a breakdown occurs, repair is not cheap;
  • The cost is higher than that of Chinese or Polish analogues with the same performance.

Basic equipment, equipment and assembly

Basic Configuration of Electric Saber Saw Makita JR3050T:

  • three types of saw paintings (B-05038, B-05044, B-05153);
  • seen in the collected form;
  • Plastic case for transporting tools;
  • User Guide, Warranty Card.

The meeting country: Japan, China, USA (depending on the party).

Technical characteristics

  • The power of the electric saber saw is 1510 watts;
  • movements per minute – 2800;
  • The depth of cutting a metal pipe is 130 mm;
  • wood cutting depth – 255 mm;
  • Vibration – 8.5m/Si;
  • noise – 88 dB;
  • Sizes in the collected form (DSHV in MM): 485x99x181;
  • weight 4.6 kg;
  • Cable 2.5m.

User Guide

Rules for operating and maintaining the Makita JR3050T Electric Saber Saw:

  • Use the saw for its intended purpose;
  • Understand the assembly according to the instructions;
  • Do not disassemble the Saber’s Saw saws for repair if the tool is under warranty.
  • Work in line with safety precautions (protect your face with a plastic mask or goggles);
  • After turning off, allow the tool to cool, and then remove the sawing canvas if necessary.
  • After completing the work, check the saw for damage, remove the dust and remnants of the materials from the surface.

The main malfunctions are their elimination

Possible Makita malfunctions:

  1. The saber saw does not start. Reason: there is no voltage in the network, the cable is damaged. Elimination: Check the integrity of the cable and make sure the voltage is within the norm.
  2. There is a strong vibration when sawing. Reason: the sawing canvas is badly fixed. Elimination: Before switching on, make sure the tool is assembled correctly and all cutting parts are securely fixed.

Video review

Review and video from the owner of the Electric Saber Saw Makita JR3050T

Reviews of the owners

Eugene, 45 years old, Poltava region:

“I use Makita files to take care of the bush in the country, thin the raspberries and drink small twigs. The tool on the farm is very necessary and relatively inexpensive. For the price above the Chinese nameless saws, you get a quality tool that isn’t a shame to pay for. The saws seem stable, there are no complaints. Purchased in early 2017.

Pros: Makita is high quality, inexpensive.

Nikolai, 34 years old, book:

“Makitas Sabre Saw is not a tool for everyone, if you don’t have a garden, such a file is useless for you. I have a garden and a garden, this is my main work in the season, there are many different tools, but I respect Makita very much, except that there is also a practice exercises in this company. According to Makita 3050, I can say that she has no defects, it works well out of the network. To break such a device, you have to teach so much strength … in general I advise everyone, take it for centuries. I probably bought my Makita as soon as it appeared at the manufacturer, I didn’t remember safely. “

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