Electric mower Sterwins 400: description, characteristics and rules of operation

Lawn mower Sterwins (Strewins)

Sterwin’s lawn mowers are in demand due to many advantages: they are reliable, maneuverable, lightweight and significantly cheaper than competing companies’ counterparts. Let’s understand the features of lawn mowers of this brand, looking at the technical characteristics of the most popular models.

Advantages of Sterwins lawnmowers

Sterwins produces thousands of lawn mowers every year for customers around the world. The high demand for the products of this well-known brand is due to the merits of the models offered. Among them should be highlighted:

  • High reliability – each Sterwins lawnmower has a long working life, it is not fastidious in operation and very rarely breaks down.
  • Excellent quality of units and assemblies – in the manufacture of units durable materials are used that do not shy away from corrosion and do not crack from minor mechanical impacts.
  • Low noise and vibration – Sterwins has developed and actively uses innovative systems to overcome engine noise and high levels of vibration from the engine to the handles.
  • Low cost – most lawn mower models are considerably cheaper than their counterparts in their price category.

These and many other advantages make the Stravins lawn mower one of the most popular machines both at home and in the world market.

Model range of lawn mowers Sterins

The range of this well-known brand includes both gasoline and electric lawn mowers. We offer to consider the technical characteristics of the most famous models, consider their advantages and disadvantages.

Sterwin QT 55 lawn mower

Sterwin QT 55 lawn mower

This lawnmower Sterwin successfully copes with mowing the grass on large areas in places where there are irregularities in the landscape. The body of the unit is made entirely of high-strength steel, which greatly increases its durability and reliability.

Cylinder displacement 160 cm3
output 4.07l. s.
fuel tank capacity 750 ml
Container capacity for vegetation 68L
cutting element Three-blade knife
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Table 1 – Technical specifications of the Sterwins QT 55 lawnmower

This self-propelled model has enough power for regular work on house plots up to 10 acres. It is very maneuverable, easy to operate and low fuel consumption.

Sterwin BP450

Sterwin's BP450 lawn mower

The Sterwin petrol lawnmower in this model is equipped with a high quality, durable engine from the famous Briggs & Stratton brand. It can easily withstand considerable strain and can work practically without interruption.

Cylinder displacement 125 cm3
output 2,3 л
Fill tank capacity 600 ml
vegetation tank volume 50L
cutting element Three-blade knife

Table 2 – Technical specifications of the Sterwins BP450 lawn mower

This gasoline-powered lawn mower is designed to work on small to medium lawns of up to 500m2. The mounting blade is made of a robust steel alloy and with a special anti-corrosion composition. This makes the lawnmower suitable for wet grass mowing.

Sterwin’s 400 XP

Sterwin's 400 XP lawn mower

Electric lawnmowers in this configuration are equipped with a reliable 1700W motor. It is ideal for small areas. The model is equipped with high motor protection against short circuit and overload.

output 1.7 kW
cable length 40 m
Grass collection container capacity 40 l
cutting element Three-blade knife
Weight 16 kg

Table 3 – Technical specifications of the Sterwin 400 EP lawn mower

The electric lawn mower used to mow the lawn in this modification has excellent maneuverability, control and low noise level during operation.

Sterwins 320 Lawn Mower

Sterwin's 320 lawn mower

This model helps to quickly and efficiently remove fresh grass and young weeds. The merits of the mower should include low weight, high maneuverability and low cost.

output 1,2 kW
cable length 32 m
Grass collection container capacity 30 l
cutting element Three-blade knife
Weight 11 kg

Table 4 – Technical specifications of the Sterwin 320 lawn mower

This lawn mower is unpretentious and easy to use. It has a sturdy plastic housing and multi-stage motor protection against power surges and short circuits.

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Sterwins 340 Lawnmowers

Sterwin's 340 Lawn Mower

This model is the best option for regular maintenance of a small yard, flowerbed and garden. It has a reliable 1400W electric motor and a sturdy plastic housing that can withstand minor shocks, doesn’t crack and won’t start in cold temperatures.

output 1,4 kW
cable length 32 m
Grass collection container capacity 35 l
cutting element Three-blade knife
Weight 14 kg

Table 5 – Technical specifications of the Sterwing 340 lawnmower

This lawn mower is capable of mowing grass with a height of 75 mm. It has excellent maneuverability, low noise level during operation and small dimensions.

Sterwins 400 electric gas lawnmower. Technical features and rules of operation

Lawn mower “Strawins” – the idea of the famous industrial and manufacturing companies from France Leroy Merlin. The company was founded in the mid-20th century. Over a long century of existence, it has expanded and created many brands, one of which is the production of garden equipment Sterwin Sterwin:

  • Power tillers;
  • Snow removal equipment (for private use);
  • Pumping equipment and machinery;
  • Trimmers (electric and gasoline);
  • Lawn mowers (electric and gasoline).

The Sterwins 400 electric lawn mower is a household mower designed for mowing lawns and lawns in home areas of up to 5 acres.

Description of the Sterwins 400 electric lawn mower

Model 400 lawnmower “Sterwin” is not self-centered, but this does not affect the quality of mowing and ergonomics of the device itself. Low weight of the mower (16 kg.) makes it easy to move it with the help of the operator himself to move the place. The body and four wheels are made of lightweight, durable plastic. In this case, an electric motor of 1700 W is defined.

Sterwins 400 Ed

The electric motor is protected from short circuits and overloads. There is an emergency lever. In order to mow as well as possible, the manufacturer has provided the Sterwins 400 lawn mowers with five cutting modes with a cutting height of 2.5 cm to 7.5 cm.

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The cutting mode is manually retractable with a centralized lever. The grass frame is 40 cm wide. Specially shaped body

Thanks to the design of the removable rubberized handles, you can adjust the desired handle height to the height of the operator and, if necessary (transport to the car, storage), simply fold up and reduce the space required. A portable handle is also available.

The grass catcher box has a capacity of 40 liters.

The grass catcher box consists of two materials:

  • Plastic wrapping;
  • Synthetic cloth (Masa bag).

Sterwins-400 EP lawnmower with synthetic cloth grass catcher box Sterwins-400 EP with plastic wrap.

Technical features of the 400 Sterwins lawnmower model:

Weight (kg: 16.5
Manufacturer: 15089976
Height (cm): 97
Depth (cm): 129
Grass tablet volume (l): 40
Cutting width (cm): 40
Engine type: Money
Cutting height (cm): 2.5 to 7.5 cm
Power, W): 1700
Drive system: Push-pull

Benefits of the Sterwin 400

Consider the benefits of the Stepwin 400 lawn mower powered by electricity:

  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Low weight;
  • Maneuverability;
  • Slow moving;
  • Five cutting modes;
  • affordable price;
  • easy operation;
  • feed with care;
  • Compactness;
  • Garden vacuum cleaner functionality;
  • Removable adjustable folding handles;
  • portable handle;
  • Roomy grass collection bag.


  • Dependence on the availability of a power source;
  • Less performance than gasoline lawnmowers;
  • Risk of cutting the power cord with a knife.

User manual

The Stervins 400 lawn mower comes complete with an instruction manual, along with a grass catcher box and a number of tools, which provides comprehensive information about the model itself. as well as its features, maintenance, etc.

  1. The construction of the Stervins lawnmower, its step-by-step assembly.
  2. Technical data 400.
  3. Safe operating conditions.
  4. Preparation of lawnmower for work.
  5. Instructions for starting up the electric motor.
  6. Maintenance of the electric mower.
  7. Typical malfunctions of the model 400.

Getting your lawnmower ready for work

To ensure the long service life of the electric lawnmower “Sterwins”, 400 it is necessary to prepare it properly for work:

  • Assemble the garden tool, following the instructions in the manual;
  • Securely determine the cutting element;
  • Once again, check the tightness of the tightening.
  • Depending on the height of the grass, the cutting mode is selected.
  • The mains voltage is checked.
  • The lawnmower is connected to an extension cord;
  • The mains cable is connected to 220 V.
  • The electric motor is started.
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Retracting the lawnmower

Servicing the lawn mower in Stirvin Garden comes down to three steps:

  1. Daily maintenance.
  2. Scheduled maintenance.
  3. Preservation for storage.

The owner of this garden equipment should do the following daily (every day of operation):

  • Check the tightening of the screws before starting the process (and during prolonged operation).
  • Keep an eye on the sharpness of the blade in order to hide it in time, to replace it;
  • Check the cleanliness of the absorbed air;
  • Check the mains voltage.
  • After work, clean the lawnmower of dirt;
  • Watch the integrity of the mains cable.

If the mower malfunctions during operation, carry out a routine inspection for troubleshooting and preventative purposes.

At the end of the working season, the Sterwins 400 lawnmower must be properly prepared for long-term storage. This process is called preservation. Preservation includes:

  • Removing and folding the handle;
  • The blade is removed, cleaned, sharpened, lubricated and stored in paper soaked in machine oil.
  • The lawnmower is thoroughly cleaned, washed and dried;
  • Existing mechanisms are treated with oil.

Charging the lawnmower Sterwinow 400

We note some malfunctions inherent in lawn mowers “Sterwins” electric 400.

The electric motor does not start:

  • No voltage in the mains;
  • The unit is not connected to the mains cable or to the mains.
  • Mains cable is damaged;
  • Problems with electric motor.

The motor is overheating:

  • The air intakes are clogged with plant debris;
  • The mains voltage is very low;
  • Mower is overloaded – Incorrect cutting mode selected.

Strong vibrations during operation:

  • The fasteners are loose;
  • The blade is deformed;
  • Cutting element is out of balance.

Blade stops turning and mower buzzes:

  • Blunt blade;
  • Grass is too high; wrong cutting mode.
  • Grass or foreign objects (string, cloths, wires, etc.) are cutting the blade.
  • Cutting element is blunt:
  • Wrong dressing mode is set.

Video review

We offer the work of the electric lawnmower model “Sterwins” 400 on video:

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Electric lawnmower “Sterwins” 400, reviews of owners

Victor, 41 years old, Kharkov

“The lawnmower is very successful, and the grass is mowed, and garbage accumulates, all this is easy to take out and the grass catcher is set in place. The model is very light, the cutting adjustment is fixed in one movement, everything is provided, nothing unnecessary. A little short on cable trunks, but for now the main thing is that it moves normally. “

Sergey, 33, Moscow

“The tool is not bad, cuts smoothly, easy to handle, mows both in areas and uneven. Pins though convenient, but not very high quality, cracked in the second month of operation. Got used to the cable quickly, doesn’t strain it. “

Ivan, 38 years old, Peter

“Bought a month ago. Used it twice already, first climbed into the tall grass – I got behind the blade and then moved the regulator to the maximum, as soon as the second move went with the minimum height – the lawn sharpened in front of the house! Now sharpness is regular, I do not bring it to a critical level. Satisfied with the purchase. “

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