Electric lawnmower Stiga Combi 48E: characteristics, description and rules of use

Electric lawn mower Stiga Combi 48e. Technical specifications and rules of operation

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The Stiga Combi 48E electric lawnmower is a versatile, mains-powered garden mower. Due to its smooth operation and high quality mowing, the lawn mower is very popular among farmers and gardeners. The purpose of this device is to work on small and medium-sized lawns. The total working surface area is about 800 square meters.

Stiga Combi 48 e

For the smallest lawns, the trimmer of the same manufacturer can be used.

The lawnmower is equipped with an electric motor of 1600 watts. It has a good weight balance and a well-placed stop, it is manoeuvrable, easy to turn and is equipped with a roomy collision box for cuttings. The grass catcher box has a capacity of 60 liters.

With a relatively low weight, the machine steers very well.

The analogue of this model is the slightly more powerful lawnmower stig station wagon 48 es. Also electric, with a motor power of 1800 watts. The 48 It differs from the Stiga Combi 48E by its own drive and greater weight. Stig Kombi 48 SB lawnmower can be analogous to petrol models. The power of the 48 SB is 3000 watts and the weight is the same as the Stig Combi 48 ES. The device is self-propelled.

Stiga combi 48 es

Basic configuration

The basic equipment of the Stiga Combi 48E lawnmower model includes the following parts:

  • Winter wheels, front wheels (different diameters, rear wheels enlarged – 240 mm, front wheels – 180 mm);
  • Tax handle;
  • Power switch;
  • Extension cable (connecting cable and power supply);
  • 60-liter basket for collecting grass;
  • Steel case with motor;
  • Documentation (warranty card, instruction manual).

The lawnmower can be supplied for sale fully or partially. Before using the device, place it on a flat surface, read the instructions and complete the assembly.

Technical data

Technical characteristics of the stiga combi 48e:

  • not self-propelled;
  • bigger rear wheels;
  • five cutting positions (27 mm to 80 mm);
  • Cutting width 46 cm;
  • Folding and adjustable handle;
  • Steel body;
  • Grass catcher basket in a combination material: plastic/fabric;
  • Possibility to mulch;
  • Grass catcher box capacity of 60 liters;
  • The lawnmower weighs 28.8kg.
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You can read the instruction manual for the lawnmower here.

Particulars of operation and maintenance

When using and maintaining the lawn mower, pay attention to the following rules:

  • Do not tilt the mower more than 20 degrees;
  • Do not use the machine without excessive load to make the mower easier to operate and turn;
  • Do not work in the rain;
  • Pay attention to the location of the cable – it should be on the side of the grass discharge.
  • Clean grass and dirt from the ground and lawnmower body each time after use.
  • Perform a technical check each time the unit is unplugged.

Stiga Combi 48e in operation

Pros and cons of the Stiga Combi 48E

Advantages of this model according to the reviews of owners:

  • Powerful, there is a mulching function;
  • Practical and spacious grass bag;
  • Folding handle with adjustment function;
  • relatively low weight;
  • reasonable price for the features;
  • high level of maneuverability;
  • Quality with high build.

Minus Reviews:

  • No rubber padding on the control handle;
  • No possibility of unlimited movement around the site, as the radius of operation is limited by the length of the cable or the location of the power source.

Video review of the Stiga Combi 48E electric lawnmower

Electric lawnmower Stiga Combi 48 ES overview

Styga Combi 48 SB (petrol lawnmower) overview


Nikita, 56, Rosum:

“I have the Stiga 48 recently, just since the beginning of this summer. During the operation only positive impressions, I am very satisfied with the purchase. The manufacturer’s description is fully consistent with its actual features and capabilities. Especially pleased with the lack of gasoline! Electric appliances are a salvation for both ears and lungs, no need to breathe those exhausts. The power is definitely enough. I can’t imagine how I would mow everything on a 6 acre plot with one trimmer. “

Stiga Combi 48 E Lawnmower (2017)

Photo Stiga Combi 48 E lawnmower (2017)

The color in the photo may differ from the actual sample.

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Rating based on the opinions of 2 customers

Manufacturer Stiga
engine electric
performance 1600 watt
Battery operation no
Number of wheels four-wheeled

The average price in stores has not been determined.

Technical characteristics of the Stiga Combi 48 E (2017)

General properties

Full information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical characteristics and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

product description

2 Reviews about the lawnmower e-Stig a-Combi 48 E (2017)

Experience: less than a month

Advantages compared to MTD 48E: The engine is sealed with a blade. Air for cooling the engine does not come from the bottom deflector, but from the side under the body. This ensures that the grass cuttings are not sucked into the engine. The cutter bar gets hardly any heat. The wheels are on ball bearings. Large-diameter rear wheels roll easily. The blade is securely fastened not only by a central bolt, but also by two side bolts. The tests on the overgrown area were successful – it mows everything under it cleanly and evenly, the engine does not brake. Even small rocks survived normally. Conclusions: Took out the Zamimen quite decently with the PR-VA MTD 48E.

Disadvantages compared to MTD 48E: It is 3 kg heavier (26 kg). Slightly longer. Rear wheels are further away from the engine than MTD. Shifts the center of gravity more to the front. Handle has a larger lift angle. As a result, it takes more force to tilt the front wheels to maneuver, it takes more force to lift the front wheels to maneuver than the MTD 48E. Not critical, but MTD had it more thought out.

Have used MTD 48E for over 6 years comment, would have bought one but it was discontinued. Stiga 48e decided to replace it, tests showed that I was not mistaken.

Experience: less than a month

Advantages of the cooling of the engine on the deck. wheels available.

Tira T 15 bulldozer - description and properties

Disadvantages 1. Very tight power handles, if the area of work is up to 600 m2, the hand gets tired to hold the mower when it contains. Add an alternative to the two-handed swivel arm. 2. Filling the grass catcher box quickly due to its small volume. When you remove the guides that hold the grass catcher box, the contents of the latter, due to the fact that the grass catcher box is sewn from a soft material, does not hold its shape. Alternative plastic grass catcher box. 3. The motor for this mower is weak, when the grass catcher is full, 1/3 begins to rumble and emit signs of a faulty winding cycle for the first circuit. The alternative is to grass without the grass catcher, then grass catcher and collects what is already in place. 4. Lack in front of grip for mower transfer.

Ergonomic comment the product is average. Experience with MTD 48EM 8 years, Al-Ko Silver 46.4 E Comfort 3 years, Bolens BL 135/96 T

Number of reviews: 2

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Stiga Combi 48 E (2017) Lawn Mower: worth, buy, description, photos, features, customer reviews, instructions and accessories, assembly of the unit, check.

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