Electric lawnmower Stiga Collector 40e: description, characteristics and rules of use

Electric lawn mower Stiga Collector 40e. Technical specifications and rules of operation

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Electric lawnmower Stiga Collector 40e (Stiga Collector) is a compact model of garden equipment, the main function of which is to mow lawns, mow high garden grass and care for areas near residential buildings. The mower can be used for both private and municipal purposes.

The electric motor power of the Stiga Collector 40e mower is 1400 watts. The model is non-self-propelled, equipped with a steel blade and a 40-litre grass catcher box.

The model is oriented to the treatment of areas up to 500 sq. m.

The analogue of this lawnmower among the representatives of the model range can be called Stig Combi (Combi) 40e. This device is designed for slightly larger lawns (up to 800 sq. m.), the engine power of the Combi model is 1600 watts. Stiga Combi has the same bag volume and number of parts as the Stig Collector, but it weighs almost twice as much.

Stiga collector 40-e

basic configuration

Stiga Collector basic configuration:

  • Chassis;
  • Engine;
  • Double-edged steel blade;
  • grass collection bag;
  • stone and grass debris guard;
  • switch;
  • control handle;
  • documentation (warranty, manual);
  • fastener for electric cable.

Technical characteristics

The technical specifications of the Stig Collector 40e are as follows:

  • power of 1400 watts;
  • the diameter of the front and rear wheels is the same and is 140 mm;
  • Grass catcher bag capacity of 40 litres;
  • plastic containers;
  • six cutting modes (from 25 to 65 mm);
  • grass ejection from the rear;
  • the maximum cutting width is 40 cm;
  • plastic body (ABS plastic);
  • weight 8,7 kg;
  • The warranty period – 60 months.

The lawnmower manual can be found here.

Particulars of operation and maintenance

Rules of maintenance, operation of Stiga Collector 40e lawnmower:

  • Observe safety rules – do not drive the mower on the cord, pay attention to the position of the cord, the cord should be on the side of the mowed vegetation;
  • Do not pull the cord to turn off the mower, always remove the cord by holding the plug.
  • After each use, clean dirt from the housing and the bottom of the unit.
  • During installation (if the mower was not purchased assembled), place the unit on a level surface.
  • Adjust the cutting height when the engine is off.
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advantages and disadvantages

Feedback on the advantages of the model:

  • good capture of mowed vegetation;
  • low noise level compared to petrol mowers and even compared to other electric mowers;
  • high quality of assembling;
  • high cutting ability of the blade
  • long warranty period;
  • Lightness.

Reviews about the disadvantages of the Stiga 40e lawn mower model:

  • Lack of rubber pads on the control handle;
  • fast filling of the grass catcher.

Video review of the model of electric lawnmower Stiga 40e


Miroslav, 22 years old, Zhytomyr region:

“Advantages: high-quality design, direct-drive knife, light weight, collects grass well, not as sharp as other models and quite affordable price.

Disadvantages: The handle is thin and not covered with anything, the floor “collects” dirt, as I have seen on my own experience, and despite the name of the manufacturer, this mower is assembled, for example. The same Bosch is assembled in England.

In general, the lawn mower Stiga 40e is not bad, I bought it for about two and a half thousand hryvnia or more, I do not remember exactly. What surprised me was not quite standard, as for such a model, the electric barrier. I bought it already assembled, I did not have to assemble anything myself. No super features, but it works great.

I liked the quality of plastic and fastening, well assembled, well done. It is definitely better than the trimmer. I do not understand the sense of trimmer and not to mow, which means that it is electric and it is much more convenient to work as a mower. The sound of the engine is quieter than the unit I had before. My main complaint and wish is a more comfortable and thicker handle. It would be cool if they added rubber bands to the handle. “

Stiga collector 40 E


Before you buy Stiga collector 40 E at the lowest price, study the features, video reviews, pros and cons of the model, customer reviews.

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Video reviews stiga collector 40 e

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Characteristics of the Stiga collector 40 E

General properties *
Noise 88 dB
Grass box Rigid grass catcher box 40 l
Special width 38 cm
Type mower
Setting the mowing height There is a manual number of levels – 3
Mowing height 25-65 mm
Mulch no
Grass output Into the grass box
Engine *
Engine type electric
output 1400 watt
Battery operation no
Bicycle material plastic
Handle Bicycle with adjustable height
Number of bikes Four-wheeled
Rear wheel diameter 14 cm
Construction material plastic
Diameter of front wheels 14 cm
Additional information *
pinion Grass catcher, disc/blade

* Check with seller for exact specifications.

Overgrowth was mowed to half height. Raised the front wheels, cut through the thicket in the back and lowered the mower. The grass container filled up very quickly. If there was a lot of grass and the blade didn’t twist with a sharp thrilling blade, he threw out the excess grass and mowed. It became a habit – the knife wouldn’t turn, the engine would run, the belt would slip, and the knife would shake. After chopping wood and blocking the knife, the woman was shaking the mower without turning off the engine – the belt finally broke. What’s wrong with the engine, I don’t know, I’ll take it to repair, we’ll see. In any case, the mower is good, parents bought the same, 2 years earlier, still works.

I bought a 4 acre clearing to cut. The grass was above the knee dandelion. Bear grass, peas. I was surprised that the mower could handle such thick grass. I only have to empty the container more often. When driving over such grass, the advantage of the easily adjustable wheels (the axle on the feathers moves through the grooves, three positions) is a disadvantage. The rear axle jumps smoothly to the shortest grass position. For this reason, the grass comes out much shorter, almost ground. The knife is strong, cuts everything – roots, old stumps of bushes. There was only a little nick. It practically does not overheat because. The container is quite small and you have to stop often. The cable connection is just very convenient and correct (no matter what they say). Everyone has an extension cord, an extra cable on the handle is not needed at all, and pulling the pitchfork across the lawn is not exactly harmless.

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Bought exactly for 4000r. By Bosch Rotak 1000 with a torn strap and worn plastic strap (replacement would have cost at least 2.5 thousand costs according to the mechanics). There is no normal electrical input – the plug is just installed in the actuator (the box with the yellow knob). then. The device could not even be tested at the time of purchase. As far as I know, Stiga has a direct blade drive without belts – which protects the motor less. from the blade hitting obstacles, but is more reliable with T.Z. Wear parts. The product is well tolerated. And nothing outstanding. Plastic is smooth, assembly is smooth, all reinforcements lock in place. Mows fine, gets along with any grass, dried flowers and weeds with stems. Sound, as it seemed to me, is nicer and a little quieter. In my opinion, the operation of the grass catcher is more efficient. Apparently, aerodynamics. A funnel under the blade for throwing out the grass. But the mush of grass and earth is unfortunate. Here is the only noteworthy complaint – thin, unpleasant and uncomfortable handle without rubber bands / foam.

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