Electric lawnmower “Stervinov” 340 speed: description, properties and rules of use

Sterwins 340 electric lawn mower-mower 1400 watts. Technical specifications and operating rules

Electric lawnmower Sterwins 340-D 1400 W is made in China, from where it is transported to Russia and is already assembled by components into a single mowing unit. Although the Sterwins brand has Chinese roots, the idea of the famous French production company Leroy Merlin, which was founded in France in the mid-1990s.

Sterwins 340-EP 1400 W electric lawnmower

At first, the company simply developed through the purchase of goods, then began to enter into contracts with well-known manufacturers and create their own devices for the garden: lawn mowers, tillers, cultivators and drivers, pumping devices, snow blowers – the list of products does not end there.

The Sterwins 340 electric lawn mower is a home-use appliance for small personal plots up to 3 acres. These electric mowers from Sterwins have a light weight and affordable price – about 4000 rubles.

Description of the Sterwins 340 will 1400 watt electric lawn mower

The Sterwins 340-up electric lawn mower is a non-self-propelled device that was designed for mowing lawns and front lawns. The unit weighs only 14 pounds and has a 1400 watt electric motor on the plastic housing. The wheels also consist of plastic, the movement of the lawnmower forward is made by the push of the operator himself.

Sterwins-340-up: Sterwins-340-AP mower blade: Sterwins-340-AP trade control: grass catcher box

Emergency brake available. Grass residue is deposited in a 35-litre cloth bag. Cutting height is from 2,5 cm to 7,5 cm. Handy rubber-coated handles are height-adjustable and can be folded if necessary.

Weight (kg: 14
Manufacturer: 15089992
Height (cm): 105
Depth (cm): 125
Grass tablet volume (l): 35
Cutting width (cm): 34
Engine type: Money
Cutting height (cm): 2.5 to 7.5 cm
Power, W): 1400
Drive system: Push-pull

Benefits of the 1400W Sterwins 340-EP-Ectric lawn mower

Let’s find the benefits for which our consumer prefers this special lawn mower model:

  • The device is very lightweight;
  • compactness, folding detachable handles;
  • economy – no exhaust systems;
  • works on pure electricity;
  • The body is made of impact-resistant plastic;
  • Convenient grass collection bags;
  • There is a handle for carrying the lawnmower from place to place;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Reduced noise level;
  • Easy operation and maintenance;
  • Low price.
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If we talk about the disadvantages of the Sterwin 340-AP lawnmower, there are several points to be highlighted:

  • Performance is lower than that of gasoline mowers;
  • Binding to the network;
  • The risk of damage to the mains cable.

User’s Manual

This garden unit is delivered to the future owner in an assembled form, so the lawn mower always comes with an instruction manual. The document contains complete information about the lawnmower, namely:

  1. The design of the lawnmower, its step-by-step assembly in pictures and descriptions.
  2. Technical data 340-EP 1400W.
  3. Gearbox.
  4. Safety requirements.
  5. Preparing the tool for operation.
  6. Manual for the first start-up of the electric motor.
  7. Maintenance of the electric lawnmower Sterwinow.
  8. Problems.

Getting the tool ready for work

Proper preparation of the tool for work is of paramount importance for every new Sterwins lawn mower owner:

  • First, the mains voltage is checked, and surges are eliminated if necessary;
  • The lawnmower is assembled, the cutting element and the grass collection basket are put on;
  • Check once again that all fasteners are securely fastened;
  • The device is first connected to the mains cable, then to the mains;
  • The cutting mode is selected;
  • The motor is started according to the initial commissioning instructions.


Maintenance helps the owner of the unit to extend its life and minimize possible breakdowns. Maintenance involves several steps:

  • daily maintenance;
  • Routine inspections;
  • Maintenance;
  • Inspection at the service center.

Daily maintenance of the lawnmower includes the following:

  • Checking fasteners for reliability;
  • Sharpening – replacement of blade;
  • Cleaning the air intake;
  • Cleaning of the body and the main organs of the electric mower;
  • Checking the condition of the cable;
  • Pay attention to tension.

Scheduled inspections are carried out in case of irregularities, disorders or at the end of the operating season.

The season is over – the lawnmower must be professionally prepared for a long period of non-use. To do this, the owner of the device must:

  • Loosen and fold the handle;
  • Remove, clean and lubricate the blade, wrap it in oiled paper;
  • Wash the appliance thoroughly;
  • Rotate parts, lubricate main components.
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Typical malfunctions

Like all appliances, electric smokers stervin occasionally malfunction. Let’s list some of the malfunctions that can affect the mood of the device owner.

The engine won’t start:

  • The lawnmower is not connected to the power grid;
  • The connecting cable is damaged;
  • There is no or very low voltage in the mains;
  • The motor is blocked;
  • Electric motor burned out;
  • Brushes need to be replaced (service center).
  • Mains voltage is missing;
  • Incorrect shearing mode, motor is overloaded;
  • Air intake holes are clogged.

Mower is buzzing, blade does not rotate:

  • Cutting element is blocked by vegetation or foreign body;
  • High grass, wrong mode;
  • Knife is blunt.

Mower vibrates heavily:

  • The blade is bent;
  • The blade is out of balance.
  • Resolved.

Mower cuts unevenly:

  • The blade is blunt;
  • Mowing mode set incorrectly.

Video review

Here is a video showing the Sterwins 340-EP 1400 W lawn mower:

Sterwins 340-EP 1400 W electric lawn mower, owner reviews

Sergey, 46 years old, Odessa

“Good machine – lightweight, maneuverable, productive. A little wobbly brackets on the rod, but mows everything hard. It’s okay that it’s not self-propelled, especially I try at work.” A year and a half in operation (without winter, of course).

Alexander, 29, Kherson

“Last year I bought a lawn mower, which I finally got-Chinese, albeit with a French postscript. But all my worries were in vain-the mower works, mows, the plug is not very comfortable. At first I was afraid for the cord, which every now and then went under the knife, now it has been adjusted – the instructions indicate how to move properly to avoid hitting the cord. “

Ilya, 32, Sevastopol

“Very handy, compact, with a portable handle, both at home and with my parents, easily fits in the trunk. Of course, there are limitations – as far as cable is concerned, but I have a spool of 50 m, so the coverage is solid. A small price. I am satisfied with the purchase.”

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Technical features of Sterwin gasoline and electric lawn mowers

The manoeuvrable lawnmower

The Sterwins 340-Eps 1400w electric lawn mower is designed to handle a small area. Electric units are powered by electricity. Advantages:

For lawn care

  • light weight;
  • inexpensive;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • The motor works quietly.

These designs are popular. Some models from Stervins weigh 6-8 kg, so even a child can handle them. The lightweight design is due to the use of a lightweight plastic body and the replacement of metal parts by plastic ones. The volume of the grass catcher box has also been reduced. When working, it is necessary to ensure that the branches do not fall into the cutter, because of this it can break down.

It is possible to set the mowing height: 2 cm, 4 cm and 6 cm. The disadvantage is the dependence of the work of the device on the length of the electric cable. It is possible to buy a cordless mower, then the electric cable is not used. Cordless devices are more expensive. However, if the battery charge is not enough to handle the entire lawn, you will have to wait for it to recharge.

The 340-ACC electric mower can handle hard-to-reach areas. The design has 3 wheels, so maneuverability is increased and the work is done faster.

For hard to reach places

Sterwins 340 AP Lawn Mower Specifications:

  • 240 Hz voltage;
  • noise level 96 dB;
  • The volume of the grass catcher box is 35 liters;
  • Price 4900 rubles.

The device makes noise when working, but the grass is excellent, does not leave any missed areas.

Sterwin 400 Ep is equipped with an electric motor. It can work in small areas. It comes with motor overload and short circuit protection. Technical specifications: The electric motor has a capacity of 1.7 kW. The electric cable length is 40 m. Grass catcher box capacity – 40 litres. Cutting element is a knife with 3 blades. Weight of the mower is 16 kg.

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Lawn mower with electric motor

The Stervins mower 320 is a fresh grass mower. The device has a small weight, good maneuverability.

Technical characteristics: The electric motor with capacity 1,2 kW is installed. Length of the electric cable – 32 m. The grass catcher box volume is 30 liters. Cutting element is a blade with 3 blades. Weight of the mower is 11 kg.

Sterwin’s BSP450 and other petrol models

The Sterwins BSP450 125cc self-propelled gasoline lawn mower is designed to handle large areas. There is a gasoline engine on the frame of the implement, which drives the cutting tool. The control system is in the handle. Since the petrol engine is installed, the trimmer does not depend on electricity. A full tank of gasoline is enough for 2 hours of work.

gasoline model

  • high productivity;
  • special width of 60 cm;
  • copes with a large mass;
  • mows dense grass.

Nowadays, a large number of benzocosmower designs are available. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the mowing width and the volume of the grass catcher. On heavy petrol designs, the front and rear wheels have different sizes, which increases the capacity and maneuverability of the device.

Gasoline mowers either collect the plants in the grass box or mulch the grass by spreading it around the garden. The disadvantage is the high weight of the device, due to which it shreds the grass. The motor does not allow you to handle an inclined surface of more than 25°, because the oil in the sump is drained and the bearings remain unlubricated. The controls are located on the handle.

The Sterwins BSP450 125CC petrol lawnmower has a lot of weight, so it lasts several hours of work. The handle is height adjustable. Gasoline designs can be self-propelled, they are equipped with a wheel drive.

Self propelled lawn mower

It has the same principle of operation, only it does not need to be pushed. It travels at a speed of 5 km/h. In turn, with a heavy gasoline model, you need to be careful not to damage the lawn. Since the wheels spin on their own, they will spin when turning. To avoid this, the Sterwins owner’s manual recommends turning the unit with a large turning radius.

  • 1.91 kW gasoline engine;
  • Briggs-Stratton engine built in;
  • displacement 125 cm³;
  • cutting width 40 cm;
  • cutting height 25-75 mm;
  • central height adjustment;
  • grass catcher box capacity 50 l;
  • weight 28.13 kg
  • noise level 96 dB;
  • lawn area 200-500 m²;
  • self-propelled version with rear-wheel drive.
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The Stervins QT 55 lawnmower can mow large areas of uneven ground. The body is made of metal, which increases the durability of the device.

Hardware with metal housing

Technical specifications: 4.07 hp diesel engine. The cylinder volume is 160 cm³. Fuel tank capacity is 750 ml. Grass catcher volume – 68 litres. Cutting element – a blade with 3 blades.

reviews and prices

Sterwin BSP450 125CC self-propelled gasoline lawnmower is made in China. Its price is 13,380 rubles. Reviews about the lawnmower Sterwins 340 and other models will help to make the right choice for a particular area of the site and working conditions.

Nikolay Alekseyevich, farmer

We use a gasoline mower Sterwins to work the field. It is an excellent model with good cross-country ability and maneuverability. The design is durable and reliable.

Sergey Nikolaevich, villager

I bought an electric mower Sterwins 340 for lawn care. The trimmer is lightweight and easy to use. The design is maneuverable, able to work on inclined surfaces. The convenient location of the grass catcher box and other elements increases productivity.

Olga Ivanovna, countryman

We bought an electric lawn mower Sterwins 340 for mowing the lawn. The design is lightweight, the length of the cord allows you to fully treat the entire area. There is a function of mulching the grass. This model is lightweight, so I can easily mow the lawn and tidy up the front porch lawn.

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