Electric lawnmower Greenworks GLM1240: description, characteristics and rules of use

Geneifree GreenWorks GLM1240 1200W. Technical characteristics and rules of use

The GreenWorks GLM1240 1200W lawnmower is manufactured by the famous Greenworks Tools™ World brand, created by a group of companies united under the World Globe Tools Group. The Globe Tools Group plants are located in the following states:

GreenWorks brand products include more than 1,000 items of garden equipment and hand tools, including:

  • screwdrivers;
  • saws; ;
  • drill;
  • rechargeable batteries;
  • snow blower; ;
  • loading device;
  • bishops;
  • power tillers, etc.

Electric lawn mower GreenWorks GLM1240 1200W is a non-self-propelled device and is used for mowing lawns and lawns on small household territories up to 6 acres, which directly depend on the power source. The movement of the mower is carried out by the motor forces of the operator, due to the lightweight design and ergonomic design the operator does not feel discomfort at work. The lawnmower is priced at about 7,000 rubles.

This is the top model, which is loved by consumers for its excellent performance characteristics.

Description of the electric non-self-propelled lawn mower Greenworks GLM1240 1200W

The lawnmower works from 220 V mains with the help of a connection cable. The body and deck of the GreenWorks GLM 1240 are made of impact-resistant plastic, front and rear wheels have a diameter of 15 and 17 cm (material plastic).

Folding rubberized handle, height-adjustable to the operator’s height. The manche grass cover has a pre-designed construction, consisting of a fabric cover and a steel frame. The design is complemented by a plastic cover with a fill indicator. The capacity of the grass catcher box is increased to 50 liters. The manufacturer provides two cutting modes:

  • with rear discharge into the grass catcher box;
  • With rear discharge directly on the lawn with installed mulching nozzle.

Lawn mower Greenworks glm1240 1200w

Power of the electric motor 1200 W. Motor protection against accidental start and an emergency brake.

The Greenworks lawnmower weighs 15 kg. The reach is 40 cm. There are five cutting heights (from 3,5 cm to 8,5 cm), which are centrally adjustable. The device is multifunctional and can work on flat and relief areas, also performs delicate mowing – on curbs, fences, etc.

Features of GreenWorks GLM1240 1200W.

device type Pendular lawnmower
motor brush
tension, in 220
output 1200W
Interconnects vde
warranty 24 months
special width 40 cm
Minimum mowing height 35 mm
Maximum height 85 mm
Grass catcher bag APOIL 50
mulching да
Grass side discharge no
safety key no
number of shaft rotations, rpm 3500
self-masking no
Width (packing), cm 73.5
Length (packing), cm 51.5
Height (packing), cm 43.5
weight (kg 18.2
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Pros and cons of the lawnmower

This modification of the mower brand GreenWorks is among the best mowers because of:

  • high power of the electric motor;
  • environmentally friendly, no harmful emissions;
  • quiet operation;
  • enlarged grass catcher box;
  • the ability to mulch;
  • Protection against accidental starts;
  • emergency brake;
  • lightness and maneuverability;
  • easy operation;
  • No maintenance recommendations;
  • Business;
  • ergonomic design;
  • Impact-resistant plastic enclosures;
  • Quality with high assembly;
  • Affordable cost.

The disadvantages can also include:

  • Binding to the power supply;
  • The need to monitor the condition and location of the mains cable to avoid collisions and damage.

User’s Manual

The user manual is contained in Grinork’s Lawnie document. This document contains the following information:

  1. Conditions for safe operation and maintenance of the Greenworks GLM1240 1200W lawn mower.
  2. Lawn mower design, assembly.
  3. Table of specifications for the GreenWorks GLM1240 1240 1200W lawn mower.
  4. Getting ready to work.
  5. Service.
  6. Malfunctions during work.


Getting ready to work the GreenWorks GLM1240 1240 1200W lawnmower

Preparing for work consists of the following simple steps:

  • The mains voltage is checked, the causes of the difference are eliminated.
  • GreenWorks lawnmowers are assembled together, the blade, grass catcher box (or mulching attachment) is installed;
  • The degree of tension of the fasteners is checked again;
  • The mower is connected to the connecting cable, and then to the electric network.
  • The desired cutting mode is locked (depending on the height of the grass);
  • The Greenworks Lawnmower starts up and runs.


The GreenWorks GLM1240 1200W lawn mower should be serviced regularly in several steps:

  1. Daily maintenance during mowing hours.
  2. Scheduled inspections.
  3. Keeping the lawn mower in storage;
  4. Service center inspections.

To ensure that all parts and systems of the GreenWorks GLM1240 1200W lawn mower function properly, the owner of the equipment is required to create the following before and after use of the lawn mower.

  • check the voltage in the mains, troubleshooting;
  • check the attachment of the rides;
  • Checking the condition of the connecting cable (tightness, damage, tears).
  • Cleaning the Greenvors lawnmower from dust, dirt, grass residue;
  • Clean air intake (during and after operation);
  • Checking the sharpness of the cutting element, sharpening or replacing it (during and after operation).
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If the Greenworks GLM1240 1200W is found to be malfunctioning or seriously damaged, a routine inspection is performed and all malfunctions are corrected. If the routine inspection is unsuccessful, contact a service center.

Servicing of the spitfire is performed as follows:

  • The handle of the spittoon mower is detached and folded up;
  • The blade is removed, lubricated and soaked in motor oil in storage paper.
  • The lawnmower is cleaned of all types of dirt, the components and mechanisms are lubricated.

Typical malfunctions

A complete table of malfunctions is provided in the lawnmower manual. We suggest familiarizing yourself with some of the malfunctions.

The electric motor does not turn on:

  • The motor has failed;
  • No connection to mains;
  • Cable is broken;
  • There is no or very low voltage in the mains.

Overheating of the electric motor occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Low mains voltage;
  • Air intake holes are clogged with grass debris, air for cooling the electric motor is not supplied;
  • Engine overload due to incorrectly selected high grass cutting mode.

Mower hums loudly and blade does not move:

  • Blunt blade;
  • Motor overloaded due to incorrect mowing mode;
  • Blade blocked by grass.

Vibration during mowing:

  • Screws need to be tightened.
  • Blade deformed or out of balance.
  • Blunt blade;
  • Incorrect cutting mode selected.

Video review

This video shows the GreenWorks glm1240 1200w lawn mower in action:

Electric lawnmower GreenWorks glm1240 1200w, owner reviews

Nicholas, 28 years, Astana

“Very successful modification, solid power, leaves a nearly perfect cut. It is easy to handle, unpretentious. I got used to the power cord right away”.

Sergey, 34, Ryazan

“Sergey, 34, has been using the mower for 1.5 years. Handles easily, no problems: plug and play. It effortlessly cuts through the space, as long as the cord is enough, so think about how many you need to mow and how long the cord should buy. I am very satisfied with the purchase.”

Dmitry, 41, Rostov

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“I bought a lawn mower at the end of last summer. Mowed and cleaned the lawn three or four times. Since this year it works flawlessly, very convenient mowing height adjustment, no annoying wizardry over each wheel, everything is simple – pressed the button and pulled. Inexpensive, good device.

Lawn mower greenworks 25147 GLM1240 1200W 40cm 3 in 1

Photo of greenworks 25147 GLM1240 1200w lawn mower 1200w 40cm 3-in-1Photo 2 - Lawnmower Greenworks 25147 GLM1240 1200W 40cm 3-in-1

The color in the picture may differ from the actual design.

Photo 2 - Lawnmower Greenworks 25147 GLM1240 1200W 40cm 3-in-1

Rating is based on the opinions of 4 customers

Manufacturer greenworks
motor electric
output 1200W
battery operation no
number of wheels four wheels

Average retail price: 9,990 ₽

Specifications greenworks 25147 GLM1240 1200W 40cm 3-in-1 lawnmower

general properties

Full information about the product, manufacturer, equipment, technical characteristics and functions can be found in the technical documentation.

product description

4 Reviews on lawn mower Greenworks 25147 GLM1240 1200W 40cm 3 in 1

Experience: a few months

The advantages are: easy to handle in every way: – Easy grass edging height adjustment. – Spacious and easy to transport grass catcher box. – Not very noisy. – For its weight of 17 kg it is pretty easy to move. I would like to note especially the construction of the blade. It operates as a real fan and/or a pump, completely clearing the space under the mower from the cuttings. Then the grass catcher box is inflated. And the result after mowing is a clean and even lawn. The mower was purchased to replace the Bosch Rotak 32. Yes, I forgot, a stone in the garden of Bosch: Once a month, I changed the bearings in the motor. AND “GLORY”. To the German engineers who installed the belt tensioner on a plastic rod the thickness of a matchstick. The result was that this rod broke off and while the belt burned through, it ate all the splines on the engine shaft.

No defects found yet.

Commentary Best value in its price segment.

Experience: Less than a month

Advantages low price

Disadvantages: Does not mow. It gets stuck in the grass at 15 cm. It burns down after repeated use.

Comment I have 20 acres of flat, grassy area. The grass height is 10-15 cm. Turns out that the lawnmower immediately gets clogged with grass and stalls. This lawn was perfectly mowed by models of other brands. The result is predictable. The second time (after 2 weeks), the lawnmower burned out.

Buying a lawn mower - what to pay attention to?

Experience: Less than a month

The pros are hard to say, I just bought a T-K, but the plastic is resilient, sturdy, everything rises well and doesn’t splinter. The only thing to fix is the handles. The grass box is very light, the grass clippings do not stick to the holes. Its volume is 50 liters. It is easy to clean with a brush. The appearance is nice, the plastic is good and solid, the grass is shredded.

Disadvantages when folding the handles – it is very difficult to remove the lower handle from the slot where the quick-release fasteners are, while I do not understand why they dangle alone (or am I doing something wrong?) And the upper should be a little weaker. When you push the start button and lift you up to turn the pole on.

Comment The company took a long time to choose. The battery grades were good, she thought China should be good. Time will tell. Weight (this was important to me) on some sites 15-17 kg and only one says 11 kg without packaging (the box says 15.7 kg). This is closer to the truth, I lift Mitch, although with effort. Many sites write 40 cm width, 41 cm stand on the mower and not all sites say on the right photo, but there may be a new modification. The mower is assembled, everything is screwed tight, fix the handle (2 positions) and go. The extension cord is the most common Plug in the socket at home and the output part of the extension cord to the plug of the mower. Yes, the mulching device is already plugged in. So don’t forget to take it out. Set the mowing height to 6 (although I want less), T-K lawn is uneven (moles and ants are sleeping). Seems to mow evenly, but had nothing to compare with many years. Grass turns out thick, lawn about 7*5 for 2 passes on the long side and the grass bin is more shallow with grass. Poured into a wheelbarrow – practically a full wheelbarrow with no top. 2 Volumes of grass catcher went to mulch beds 3*1 layer of 5 cm. The grass is shredded perfectly, very well, a comfortable burst. Frankly speaking, I’m glad that it is not plastic. There is no fill sensor on the grass catcher box, but you can figure it out by yourself: the back part either starts along the grass catcher box, which has gone through the top. The grass catcher is entered very easily. I may not know how to mow properly yet, but in places where the bikes passed over the grass and for some reason only dandelion was not mowed (individual leaves), it is possible that I will not in the opposite direction Although when I was moving, they blinked. Now I’m having a hard time pushing it into a rough patch. So it’s premature to talk about maneuverability, and the grass was low for 25. Cleans quickly, no special grooves. The handles are foldable and removable.

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Experience: more than a year

Advantages Design, quality plastic, easy to store.

Disadvantages Diffuses the grass and badly throws it in the collector. As a result it gets wound up on the knife – you have to stop it, the cuttings are spread all over the area, the height of the cuttings is from 10 cm up to the 2nd height. After a year there was rust in the hinges of the folding handle.

Commentary 2 years warranty, I give 45 days for repair (probably have to check in the snow). Bought a proven Makita.

Number of reviews: 4

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Greenworks lawn mower 25147 GLM1240 1200W 40cm 3-in-1

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