Electric lawn mower Viking in 360. Model properties, instructions, reviews

Electric Viking lawnmowers: Checking models, prices and reviews

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The Viking brand (VIKING) belongs to Stihl (Stihl) and produces products of the highest quality, so the cost of electric lawn mowers Viking is noticeably higher than most European counterparts.

Each device consists of high quality materials, and the assembly never causes any complaints, so that the lawnmowers last for many years even in relatively difficult conditions.

If you use them to mow exactly lawn grass, then do not try to replace them with a trimmer or haymower, and then their service life is often more than 10 years.

Why choose an electric Viking lawn mower?

The main reasons for choosing this brand of lawn mowers are:

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  • Sophisticated ergonomics, providing maximum comfort when working with them;
  • Reliability – due to this, even if they are used in relatively difficult conditions, quickly kill the models of other brands, Viking lawn mowers work for many years.
  • Maintenance – although in this parameter you are inferior to inexpensive Chinese devices, but clearly superior to the available MWLE from Bosch and analogues;
  • The housing of each unit consists of a non-removable, impact-resistant and stable UV-colored plastic;
  • In each model, you can adjust the length of the handle to fit the operator’s height.

At the same time, those who choose Viking electric lawn mowers should understand that it is quite difficult to find spare parts for them due to the poor development of Shtil service.

Most of the negative reviews about these devices are precisely related to poor service and the difficulty of finding spare parts, including the flow meter.

Therefore, Viking mower owners are often forced to identify n e original and not too high quality parts, as the waiting time for original components of decent quality can be several months.

All lawn mowers are equipped with reliable asynchronous motors, which tolerate minor short-term overloads and are so much more stubborn than their synchronous counterparts. One advantage of the asynchronous motor is that the blade is attached directly to the shaft without a belt or gear transmission. This design is more reliable when working in areas without stones.

The most popular models

All Viking brand lawnmowers are a must (although they are inferior in this parameter to cheap Chinese analogues, as not everyone can make such an expensive purchase), but some models are more popular.

In order to determine the most popular devices, we studied the published reviews:

  • Yandex Market;
  • Various lifting sites;
  • Pages with models on online shopping sites.

I 235

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This is a small lawn mower, which is designed for mowing lawns, the area of which does not exceed 300 m 2. The device is equipped with a 1.2 kW motor, and the width of the cut grass is 33 cm.

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The comfortable handle makes it easy to carry, and the plastic housing does not weigh much, which allows you to use this mower even for people who do not have a lot of muscle strength.

A distinctive feature of this model is its low noise level. It is impossible to make it completely silent because of the hum created by the rotating blade, but it works noticeably quieter than most analogues of the same power.

Due to sufficiently high motor power, the ME 235 is suitable for cutting quite neglected lawns with grass height of 10-20 cm, which is confirmed by customers’ reviews in various forums.

They can also be used for mowing lawns with woodland or meadow vegetation of the same height. The main thing is to move the device forward slowly to reduce the load on the engine and increase its life.

However, it is undesirable to constantly use it for such work, as this is a task for trimmers or gasoline lawnmowers of sufficient power.

Here are the advantages of this device:

  • Even women or the elderly can independently use or transport the lawnmower on a car thanks to its low weight and convenient carrying handle.
  • The motor power is enough to mow even relatively tall meadow vegetation.

Here are its disadvantages:

  • Insufficient power due to low mane;
  • lack of wheel drive – although the unit does not weigh much, just steering on the floor is easier than pushing.

I 340

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This discontinued model is one of the weakest, its motor power is 900 watts.

Therefore, it is only suitable for mowing well-kept lawns, it cannot be used for mowing meadow or other wild vegetation.

It is also the simplest, its weight is only 11 kg, but because it is not as comfortable as I 235 pins, it is much more difficult to carry this model.

Here are its advantages:

  • Small price, so it can afford to buy even not too well-off families.
  • Works very quietly, this is due to both the small motor power and the special shape of the blade.

And here are the disadvantages:

  • It is discontinued, so it is quite difficult to find.
  • There is no handle for carrying;
  • Due to the low motor power, it is not suitable for mowing relatively tall or meadow vegetation.

I 360

Another discontinued but still very popular model. This unit is equipped with a more powerful motor (1.1 kW).

It requires a more powerful electric mower or other device, such as a B. trimmer or haymaker.

Like the previous model, the I 360 does not have a carrying handle, so you have to carry it under your arm or hand.

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Here are its perks:

  • It can handle even relatively tall meadow grass, thanks to its increased motor power.
  • It works very quietly.

The main disadvantage is the lack of a carrying handle, so carrying the device by hand is quite difficult, especially if a person does not have good stamina and great physical strength.

I 443

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This model with an increased mowing width is equipped with a 1.5 kW motor and is well suited for mowing well-kept and easily neglected lawns or other green spaces.

The increased choice of mowing height as well as the ability to install a mulching kit makes this Mitch mower more versatile than other models.

If you increase the blade to the maximum height, you can mow tall grass with less stress on the engine, and the mulching kit comes in handy if women or the elderly have to mow on the property, as the weight of grass in the grass basket is 15-20 kg.

A grass bin with so much vegetation is difficult to transport to the compost heap. Therefore, it is easier to turn the grass clippings into mulch. This not only eliminates the need to carry weights, but also saturates the soil with nutrients.

More convenient than previous models, the lever-operated mowing height adjustment makes it easier to select the appropriate mode of operation of the unit.

The handle makes it easier to transport the rather heavy mower and is especially useful if you have to transport it by car, as it makes it easier to load the unit into the car.

Here are the advantages:

  • Good performance due to the increased mowing width;
  • The comfortable handle makes it easy to carry;
  • The mulching function eliminates the need to carry a heavy grass catcher box to the Grasanort.
  • Increased mowing height area makes it easier to cut tall or dense vegetation;
  • Convenient height-of-cutting adjustment with a lever.

And here are the disadvantages:

  • Insufficient motor power, so dense or tall grass has to be mowed very slowly.
  • It is not self-propelled, so you have to push it over the area because of its strength, and given the weight of the device, this can only be done by physically strong people.

I 450

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The lawn mower, which is still available in some stores, has gained popularity due to its large mowing width, high output and a powerful engine that can handle relatively tall grass.

The increased height of the mower and the adjustment of this parameter with a lever increases the efficiency of using the mower, especially if you have to mow tall grass.

The lack of a handle makes it difficult to transport the device, and some users think that the pivoting pads of the engine are made impractically, and the handle is made too thin.

However, this key spot is standard on all electric wick mowers, and the thickness of the handle is about the same.

Here are the advantages of the model:

  • The large grip width allows for quick mowing of lawns.
  • The powerful motor also copes with relatively tall grass;
  • Increased cutting height area reduces the load on the engine when mowing tall grass.
  • The mulching function (albeit as an option) makes the unit versatile.
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Here are their drawbacks:

  • Comes from manufacturing, so it is quite difficult to find in stores.
  • Not very comfortable to use because of the thin handle and unfortunate location of the engine start button;
  • There is no footrest for the wheels, so a heavy unit has to be pushed by hand.

I 545

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This model has an efficient engine with a very reliable cooling system, so the engine does not overheat even when working long hours or in relatively high grass.

The handle at the front of the unit makes it easy to carry, and the adjustable grip angle allows it to be adapted to the operator’s height over a wider range.

The unique multifunction blade not only cuts but also shreds the grass to fit an additional cutting element to insert a wedge to block the grass exit hole.

The central cutting height setting makes it easy to select the appropriate mode, and the enlarged area of this setting allows you to cut tall or dense vegetation more efficiently.

Here are the advantages:

  • The optimal ratio of output to mowing width provides fast lawn mowing and mowing of relatively tall grass;
  • The reliable motor tolerates minor short-term overloads and can therefore run for decades if carefully tuned.
  • The multifunctional gauges not only cut but also shred the vegetation;
  • With the central cutting height adjustment, you can quickly change this parameter by bringing the lever to the desired position.
  • The greater cutting height allows you to mow tall grass more efficiently.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • Due to its heavy weight, the mower is difficult for women or the elderly to maintain because they don’t have enough strength to handle such a heavy machine.
  • The lack of wheel drive forces you to lift a lot of force to move the mower around the construction site.

Me 545V.

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This mower is a self-driving version of the ME 545, so the main difference is the variator, which not only turns the rear wheels, but also allows them to adapt the speed of the mower to the operator’s stride.

Due to the drive on the rear wheels, this model is much more convenient to drive, as it does not need to be pushed around the construction site by muscle power, and when mowing tall or dense grass, the speed is significantly reduced and the engine works without overloading.

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A handle on the front of the body makes it easy to carry and load the rather heavy machine, and replaceable deck plates protect the mower from scratches in small collisions with obstacles.

The multi-purpose cutter effectively cuts and shreds grass, and the special design of the mower’s outlet and grass catcher box provides a denser grass shelf, which noticeably increases the amount of grass mowed.

Here are the advantages:

  • Rear-wheel drive relieves the driver from having to push the heavy machine around the construction site himself;
  • Variator provides a smooth change in speed so that the mower’s movement can be adapted to the operator’s stride or the situation on the construction site;
  • Grass collection basket holds more grass due to more efficient airflow;
  • Changing the angle of the handle provides a larger height setting area, making it easier to adapt to the operator’s body size.

And here are the disadvantages:

  • Because of its heavy weight, the mower is difficult to carry and to load and unload for transportation;
  • The installation of a variator significantly increases the cost of the device, so not every family can afford such a purchase.

Comparison of specifications

We have summarized all the important characteristics of individual lawnmowers in a table, as this allows a more objective comparison of different models with each other:

model Engine type and power kW Cm Weight (kg) Wheel drive Basket volume L Cover for leaves. Price ths.
I 235 From 1,2 33 13 no 30 no 10
I 340 A 0.9 33 11 no 26 no 8
I 360 A 1.1 33 12 no 26 no 11
I 443 С 1.5 41 21 no 60 Yes (optional) 12
I 450 С 1.6 43 25 no 60 Yes (optional) 20
I 545 A 1.6 43 26 no 60 Yes 30
I 545B A 1.6 43 31 Yes 60 Yes 45

Links to rating forums

In order to form a more objective opinion about this or that model of electric lawnmowers Viking, owners of such devices should consider the ratings published on the Internet.

Viking Me-360 lawnmower. Operational characteristics, maintenance. Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Viking MA-360 electric lawnmower – non-self-propelled small-sized model with 1.1 hp, optimal for mowing lawns up to 3 acres, trimming surfaces near flowerbeds, paths with a detection width of 33 cm. The maneuverable garden tool is equipped with everything you need for simple lawn care.

Electric lawn mower Viking ME-360

Technical features

Cutting height, mm: 25/41/57
Power supply From mains
Frame Efficient, heat and UV resistant polymer
Power output, kW: 1,1
Mulch: no
Grass catcher bag capacity, L 26
Moving area, M.C. 300
Type of motor electric
Noise level, dB 85
Grass width, mm: 330
Physical properties
Weight (kg 12
Warranty: 12 months
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Viking Mushiel ME-360 mower description

  • The required height of the grass section is not set centrally, as in other electric modifications, but for each wheel. You have to set them anew – to twist to a certain height mowing parameters are set in three positions in the range of 25/41/57 mm.
  • A special cable length limiter ensures safe operation of the unit.
  • Thanks to the rotary turbo system (RVS), the grass is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the lawn. In addition, the electric motor is cooled by the flow of moving air, so that it always has the right power.
  • Rigid grass catcher box of 26 liters. It is characterised by a comfortable design with a filling indicator.
  • Thanks to the folding handle, the Viking ME-360 lawnmower is easy to transport and store.

Operational features, maintenance

The Viking ME-360 electric lawnmower is easy to maintain and very maneuverable. The safety rules and operation of the device are not more complicated than any other electric tool. The peculiarity of the model is the manual setting of the grass mowing height, which has no mulching option.

Viking Moder MA-360 is one of the first developments of the Viking electric lawnmower. Nowadays the manufacturer has stopped production of this version, it has been replaced by improved, more productive modifications, which were created on the basis of modern technologies. Due to its reliability, mobility and efficiency, this compact model can be found on the market.

The approximate price is about 9,000 rubles.

Viking Ligshelki MA-360 operations

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Like any electric model, the Viking Ligshelki MA-360 model is characterized by a number of positive qualities:

  • Environmental friendliness and safety in operation.
  • Easy economical maintenance – no need for gasoline, oil, candles and other consumables.
  • Low weight and modest overall dimensions.
  • The body of the lamp is made of plastic with a high line, which are resistant to various external influences.

From the negative points, users highlight the small size of the grass box and the impossibility of installing a system for mulching the grass.

Video review of the Viking MA-360 model

Reviews of owners


“I was introduced to the Viking 360 lawnmower by my children. I really like to work with it, I don’t get tired, the area in the countryside is well maintained, everything is mowed as it should be. The cable holds well when I suddenly move a long distance away. The height of the grass can be set with a mower that spins the wheels. “

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