Electric jigsaw Karcher CS 330 bp: description, characteristics and rules of use

The article is now battery-powered saws as well! Karcher CS 330 BP cordless saw

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Mister. Preferential

For the first time in several years there was enough snow for snowmobiling in the Moscow region. At the same time, there was a snowfall at the end of the year and all the forest roads became heavily littered with trees. Having a saw again became an indispensable item when moving.

While the wives were choosing various gifts for their husbands for the New Year, there was a brand new useful toy for adults in every sense of the word – an electric battery karcher CS 330 bp in every sense of the word. What is not a gift for a beloved husband or a good friend for the New Year or a birthday, I thought!

Cordless saws – A fairly recent trend in this industry was wood sawing. And here is such a well-known company – Karcher! I was very interested in the product, and the rubble in the woods was in sight to check out the novelty.

I will say right away about the price – it is a very good gift)))). I saw with a chain saw, which costs 15-17 thousand rubles. To it you need to buy a battery. There are 3 kinds – for 2, 4 and 8 ampere/hours. The price tags are also beautiful – 6, 12 and almost 20 thousand rubles. For dessert, there is a quick charger for the battery which costs almost 6,000 rubles.

The dollar exchange rate has really revived its ugly business now, and the final price of the kit is +/- 30,000 rubles. Two years ago, the kit would have cost quite comfortable 15-17 thousand rubles. But let’s not talk about sad things, you’ll just have to get used to these prices and put up with high things on a regular basis for the next few years. In addition, analogues are very comparable in cost.

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Now for the positive. Karcher designers apparently worked for months on the modern Karcher CS 330 bp battery and saw accessories. The saw looks stylish and modern, the color scheme matches the company logo. The battery and charger look like a small nuclear reactor in a spaceship.

Plastic bezels, pins, buttons are made of quality material, pleasant to the touch. That case, when initially you want to admire and “wrap your head around” the purchase and periodically look into the box to find something interesting before using it for its intended purpose.

The assembly of the saw also evokes in children emotions comparable to the unpacking of another Lego construction set for children. Everything is so simple, clear and toy-like. But by “toy” I mean only an emotional component, nothing more.

It is worth noting that all body movements are created by installing the tire, chain, their tensioning, etc., without additional tools. The Pila service is extremely simple and intuitive.

Having such a device was also extremely practical. They completely forgot about such things as candles, suction parts, bottles with a mixture of gasoline and oil, a double-compression engine, vibrations and the ineffable aroma of exhaust fumes. And now there’s no problem starting in freezing temperatures. Just push the button and go! The only fluid the battery needs is chain oil.

The maximum noise limit is indicated on the body of the saw in big handwriting – 100 dB. Either I’m already deaf, or it’s not that much. But in sound, I would compare it to a good cordless screwdriver. With a 4×4 snowmobile engine running nearby and fuming, all I can hear from the saw is the fast running of the chain and the whistling of sawdust. Again, it feels like I’m playing some cool computer game from the lumberjack and I’m almost turned off by the speakers. It’s so unusual to hear birdsong and the rustling of overalls pants in between sawing. Well, and the smell is fire! The only thing that smells at this point is fresh pine, birch or aspen. I realized I wanted an electric snowmobile. )))

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Okay, I’ll leave the joy of the pig and a few words about an important legend – the duration of this number of devices. I had a medium sized battery in my kit – 4 amps/hour. After a preliminary measurement “by eye”, the duration of its operation is comparable to the fuel mixture of an average chainsaw. It is possible to cut quite a large amount of wood. But the battery will run out one way or another, and you can’t do anything with it in the woods if you don’t have a second one in stock.

The charger revives a 4x battery in just 25-30 minutes, and it consumes almost 600 watts. Of course, you can’t plug this device into the cigarette lighter or quadcopter on the spot. So after such a long but pleasant work in the woods, just make a selfie, restore the point on the map and return home to the outlet and warmth. Of course, you can come back with a freshly recharged battery in half an hour, but that’s another story.

In my opinion, the Karcher CS 330 BP cordless saw is superior to competitive models in its class; – An extremely practical device to take with you to small and medium-sized breakdowns. The saw quickly disassembles into several parts, folds into a case or pockets without excessive stink, and fits under the gas tank lid. – A great gift and a great addition to machinery of the same technology you already have in your garage or high pressure laundry.


In the near future I will try to make a video of the saw working directly in nature. Given my association of Karcher CS 330 BP with computer games, you can expect videos in the style of Doom II.

Disadvantages: – Costs as two Chinese chainsaws (or 3); – No way to charge the battery in the field (by the way, you can do with a car with a voltage converter). – Does not start the spaceship and nuclear reactor (although I have not tried);

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Advantages: + brand name product with high quality known manufacturer (the company, che!); + Convenient and understandable in operation and maintenance (girls dopilat, the main thing is the purpose); + Quiet and without unnecessary vibrations (you can cut a hole in the fence neighbor, he did not even hear); + No harmful smells (but if it does not press in the process); + I would buy (looking for sponsors or job openings for a sawmill Karcher).

Kercher CS-330 BP electric frame saw. Technical specifications and rules of operation

Recommended: 0%


Karcher was founded in 1935 by Alfred Karcher in Bad Kansstatt and specialized in the production of heating appliances. Four years later, the company moved to Winningen, where the headquarters are still located today. In 1950, the first sweeper was launched, making the company a real revolution.

Developing this business, the first branch office was opened in France in 1962, with subsidiaries also in Switzerland and Austria. Since then, Kercher cleaning technology has been conquering the European and world market. At this time there is a constant research and development aimed at improving the existing models and the production of new tools.


This is how the professional CS-330 BP battery is born. By its technical properties all chainsaws and many electric saws due to the latest production technology have a voltage of 50 V. Minimal noise and vibration levels, simplicity and uncomplicated design make the complete absence of harmful exhaust fumes not only a cordless saw in open areas, but also suitable for indoor use.

The tool is equated in the professional line to products that are designed for long-term and continuous work.

Professional model Kercher CS-330 BP

This electric chainsaw model is designed for longer active work due to its powerful motor and longer battery life. The versatile and most comfortable bar length makes it easy to maneuver through wood, smoothly and without extra effort. The Kercher CS-330 BP electric saw is economical because it requires no gasoline costs, and its maintenance is much cheaper than a chainsaw.

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Karcher-CS-330 BP chainsaw in action

Thanks to its low noise level, the Kercher CS-330 BP cordless chain saw is suitable for spaces with a high level of noise: living quarters, houses, apartments, and allows you to work at night. The absence of toxic exhaust fumes makes it possible to use the cordless chainsaw indoors.

Technical characteristics of the CS-330 BP Cordless Hand Saw

Manufacturer: Karcher
Homeland of the brand: Germany
Tire length (cm): 35
Weight (kg): 3.76
Warranty: 1 year

Maintenance of the Kercher Saw

Before using certain devices, it is necessary to carefully read the operating instructions and technical documentation which accompanies each tool. The company manual and a detailed description of safety precautions can be found at the following link.

Karcher-CS-330-BP: equipment

It is very important to use the saw in special protective clothing that also protects the operator: closed shoes, equipped but not clothing, gloves, headgear and mask with headphones. Before use, it is important to check the circuit voltage level, the presence and level of oil, and the battery charge.

You can only start working when you are sure that everything is in normal, working condition.

According to user estimates and specifications, three types of batteries are suitable for Kercher cordless saws, which are purchased separately from the saw itself. The life of each battery is slightly different:

  • The BP 200 ADV produces up to 108 hours;
  • BP 400 ADV – up to 216 hours;
  • BP 800 ADV – up to 405.

Based on your numbers, you can roughly estimate how long you’ll be able to work in areas away from power sources.

The Kercher cordless chainsaw is known for its reliability and durability, especially when properly and properly maintained. However, sometimes problems occur with the machine. For example, the motor does not work. The cause may be overheating or blockage of the chain with the brake or saw material.

To fix the problem, you need to cool the shoulder for a while or pull the bar out of the wood.

Kercher cordless saw inspection video

Owner reviews

All the reviews that can be found on websites or forums say that the Kercher cordless saw is the best helper for long-term work. Owners note the reliability and durability of the device, ease of use, smoothness and ease of cutting. There are almost no negative reviews.

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Eugene, 41 years old, Sumy

“I bought these cordless saws for the construction of the house. I decided not to save money and immediately bought a quality and durable tool. Kercher I know a very long time, with the dacha cleaning equipment, it is also at work, so I bought the electric saw, since I know about the quality of the company not by hearsay. I am very pleased with the work. The weight is not small, of course, I get tired quickly, but it is most likely due to the lack of habit. My guide bar is perfect for my weight. I recommend to anyone who appreciates quality. “

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